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tv   George W. Bush Campaign Event  CSPAN  December 31, 2015 8:35pm-9:01pm EST

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you going to the game? >> no, i'm going to be fishing. >> is that part of your responsibility? keep a clear head. >> i'll go for you if anybody has any questions.xo;f >> michele. >> we're going to the pumpkin festival. >> thank you. >> is that a good likeness? what do you think? >> looks just like me.<
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you're looking great. we're doing good. >> thank you very much. you have my vote. >> thank you, sir. where is the other 20? >> i have a great book. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> three gold medals in the winter games this year. i went up and did the golf this year. i did -- what do they call that
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when you have a partner? what do they call that? >> i'm holding the gold medal if that's all right. thank you, sir. >> we need a good man. >> john? >> i know your family very well. >> when they dedicated that portrait. >> yes, sir, that's exactly right. >> look out, i'm coming through. i'm going to show you how to cook a bird. loga -- hamburger.
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you like it lean? >> yes. >> that doesn't have anything to do with whether it's cooked or rare. she doesn't know what she's i8qabout. >> we're over here, too. >> good. >> come on in. >> this is for your pancakes. i'm cooking cynthia a hamburger. john, you take it from here.nfáñ
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>> say hello to your mother. >> thanks, i will. >> tell her we all love her. >> nice to see you. thanks. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you again. >> thanks. nice to see you again. >> hey, governor? can i get your autograph? >> what's your name. >> alfonso? same as my dad. he's a democrat, i'm a
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republican. >> what's the name of your school? >> dublin school. about 30 miles that way. >> great.  school is that? >> it's a boarding school. >> fabulous. where do you call home? >> new york. >> you're a long way from home. what city are you from? >> new haven. >> great. good to meet you. good luck to you. >> how you doing? >> doing well, thanks. surviving. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, sir. good luck to you. >> thanks a lot. i'm honored. 55th reunion. 55th reunion. >> see, i'm a southern guy. i'm out here with a civilized civilization.
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i need to get up there sometime. >> you got to get up to that skiing, it's unbelievable. d >> is it safe for me to be in the middle of the road? >> no. >> my running mate! >> i like your costume, too. >> thank you. dressed up as a governor. >> good luck to you, sir. >> get in front, please.
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>> this is good. >> thank you, sir. how are you? i'm going to say hello to you. >> thank you. >> don't lose your sense of humor, okay? >> it's my mother in me. i got to keep it, otherwise i'll go nuts. too late. sorry. >> real lit pumpkins, real carved pumpkins. tonight is a mini thing for the district and community. this is national attention. >> it's fabulous. over here. >> under the hoop. >> the scoreboard. she invented this whole event. >> hi, nancy.
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>> this is karen wilson. one of our producers. >> nice to meet you. >> thanks for your hospitality. >> thank you for coming. enjoy. do you have a pumpkin? >> do we have a lighter or match? would you like to light that? >> bring that over here. >> oh, my gosh, i'll never forget. i thought you were from maine. >> here, guys.#o >> be sure you get a look at the towers.
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>> i saw it walking in. it is spectacular. you'll have them at this end of the street and that end of the street. >> and we light them all. >> we'll be in east texas. is tomorrow night when you light it or sunday? >> tomorrow night. we're hoping to break a world record. we have 17,693 jack-o-lanterns last year. >> so you're hoping for 20,000? >> that's right. and that's one of them. >> thanks. >> congratulations. >> we're going to get you a t-shirt. >> logan? do you mind holding the pumpkin?
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do i have a chance to say hello to you? >> yeah. >> that's what i'm going to do. >> i'm doing great. it's a beautiful day, too. >> i hope you do something for health care. >> i will. i've done a lot in texas. >> what would you implement for a program? >> that's a broad question. for who, the elderly? the unemployed? >> i guess i would have to ask about my set of circumstances. i'm self-employed, i spend a lot of money on hmo care for the family -- >> deductability for starters. that would help keep you employed. >> i looked into that, and the way they have them set up now -- to be free of reform so you're able to invest.
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>> i have a nephew who is going to graduate from college in a couple years. great young man, but he was diagnosed withupg diabetes as a young xb"dñfoellow. i'm concerned with the circumstance he's in with a preexisting condition -- >> thatãlaw is already passed that a preexisting condition can't be counted. >> that's great. >> that happened before i came along. what is your business? >> i'm a lawyer. >> everybody needs a good lawyer. >> i agree. >> yes, you do. nice to meet you. >> good luck to you. >> i appreciate your questions. >> from california. >> i've been spending a lot of time in your state. i need to. good to meet you all. thanks. what grade are we in? >> sixth. >> let me ask you a question. how many of you are going to go to college?
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>> me! >> me! >> me! >> how many of you read more than you watch tv? tell the truth. >> me! >> how many of you practice math more than watching tv? >> me. >> do you know bill hickey? >> that's my you thiuncle. >> yes, i do. hickey built the first house i ever purchased. give them all my love. >> i will. >> i'm not sure who looks scarier, me or her. >> i know. >> you know, huh? >> you look great. >> thank you. so do you.
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manyn.1$ñ . >> am i signing this? >> you're signing this. >> we need a match. >> we can simulate a lighter. >> i heard you. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> okay. you listen to your math teacher. >> we will, she's awesome. >> that's the worst-looking
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stuff i've ever seen. >> thank you!úz >> could have been the bush pumpkin. >> your name? >> joanna. >> mr. bush? mr. bush? enthusiasm as now with you here. never. and i've been in politics a long time. >> tell him thanks. >> oh,i4v my god. >> i'm not signing your shirt
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until your mother says yes. no, she didn't say yes. >> thank you very much. >> need you to have a mentor. >> thank you.úqie
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>> good luck. >> where is your mom. boy, your mom has a lot of children. you've got a lot of children. i'm blaming it on you.20év >> that's great.è5éñ
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>> that will be the envy of everybody. >> it's intentional.r%4v >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having us. >> you're welcome. you're very welcome. >> we didn't qualify because we were ahead of the game. we made our movie theater over here to revitalize downtown. >> this is a great community. thanks for having me, too.
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>> yeah, i know him well. yeah, he's a good man. >> he married your niece? >> yeah. >> good. he's a good fella. >> yeah, nice man.
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on the next washington journal, look at the year ahead. we'll talk about the challenges and priorities for congress. in 2016, the november elections, domestic and international issues. you can join the conversation by phone, facebook or twitter. washington journal, live, every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on >> this new year's weekend, american history has three days of featured programming. beginning friday afternoon at 3:10 eastern, pam la smith hill, discusses the life of laura engles wilder, comparing and
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contrasting the tv book show to the real life of laura engles. >> laura chose to write about people, places and memory that is were not only important to her personally, but that would resonate with adult readers in the early 1930s. so, as it was pointed out, pioneer girl indeed contains sta >> then, on saturday evening at y>ñ historian james watson compares the assassinations of abraham lincoln and john f. kennedy, high lighting the similarities and differences between both tragedies. and, at 10:00, the 1965 "meet the press" interview who authored a report on the contents of black poverty in the united states. >> i believe that -- i believe that president johnson said in his university speech, you cannot keep a man in chains for
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three centuries and take the chains off of them and say okay, you're free to run the ranks of life with anybody else. people have to be given the opportunity to compete with effective resources. and i believe that we should make a special effort.zpmberet . a visit to pershing park to washington, d.c. to hear about proposed designs for a new national world war iu memorial for its up congresswomaning anniversary. for our complete holiday schedule, go to each week until to 2016 presidential election, american history tv brings you article kooifl coverage of past presidential races, next; on road to the white house rewind, we look back to the 20 campaign and democrat al gore in new havrp shir. vice president gore went onto win the democratic nomination,
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but lost to texas governor george w. bush in the general election. the race was among the most highly contested in u.s. history and not decided until five weeks after voters went to the polls when the u.s. supreme court stopped a recount in florida. this ultimately awarded the state's electoral votes. this is about 90 minutes. the first meeting on his
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schedule was a meeting to discuss long term health care r [ applause ] today, i'm announcing the older american's act with improvements recommended in that act. and it's been a great law. i'm sure it was begun by somebody who knows that this center is a part of the good things that have come from the older americans act.
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citizens. my father who i lost inw,z decer was one of the authors of the first medicare bill back in '64. and then in '65, it became the law of the land and passed the senate and the house. security and medicare along with the older americans act. s÷ embody our nation's commitment. we slow down and lose the same strength and ability to take care of our selves. so, naturally, we have developed ways to express the compassion and love for those who brought us into the world and raised us and nurtured us. and i do want


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