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tv   British Youth Parliament Debate on Living Wage  CSPAN  January 28, 2016 3:24am-4:01am EST

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what he says is that this is not just an issue for the nhs, it's all of those big society bodies that also want to campaign and act on helping cancer sufferers that have such a big role to play. >> in the summer of 2014, i wrote to the prime minister asking him to join the scottish government and counsel in taking forward a city. the high land counsel submitted a detailed plan on the theme region for young people. will the prime minister no commit to giving us the green light in the coming weeks? >> we are committed to examining the city as we made very good progress and i think these bring together the best of what the scottish government can put on n the table but also the best of e what the u.k. government can puh on the table because i don't pe want to be too political, the two governments working together can do more. the >> speaker, could i -- could i thank the prime minister for y. meeting the deposed president
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and his legal team in number ted so saturday. will the prime minister commit to work towards an internationar consensus on targeted sanctionsc so that the more regime may consider the appalling record on democracy. >> i'm very grateful to my honorable friend for raising this. it was an honor to meet with the former president that did an excellent job for his country in cutting out corruption and turning that important country around. he suffered terribly by being in prison and good he's able to get out to seek medical treatment but we want to see it change in behavior from the more deviant government and we are prepared to consider targeted action against individuals if further progress isn't made. let us hope that the diplomatic efforts including by the commonwealth will lead to the changes we want to see but britain and our allies are
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watching the situation very closely. >> judith comings. >> thank you, mr. speaker. 4 to 6% 5-year-old children suffer from dental decay compared to 28% across england and half of then children have i seen a dentist in the last two years. given the cost of treating tooth decay far exceed the cost of prevention, would the prime look at the lack of ability of dentists in bradford urgency. . atter ofof to if you take a view across the country before eue2010 we had hv k queues around the block when a dentist turned up -- they may eb shake theirer heads but that ise what happened. some of us can remember that.fu we seen a big increase in nhs dentistry but i'll look carefully. >> the task force deliver a y rg
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report on a resilient and would my friend beth willing to meet u colleagues to ensure the task force and and the reduction of d times a necessary to do this. a >>sk meeting with the southwest rail task force working very cls closely and make sure that we're continuing to be closely with them. make i clearly, we need to find an e hp answer to this and theen fundin to make it work. we can't have happen what t happened in the past where a t problem on our rail ways led to mee peninsula being cut off. we can't see that happen again. >> thank you, mr. speaker.r. would the prime minister join mewant on the birth of their daughter alice. like every parent they want ve their daughter to have better e opportunities than they but with average london house e prices increasing by 40,000
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pounds in 2014 alone and the ndh average house in london being worth over half a million pounds, does he understand that alice will never had the chance they had to buy her own home in the area she was born in?ladder wanted to help alice get on the ladder which is why we're introducing ownership and peopl is why we got help and the resto of the country. it's why we're selling off the most expensive rebuilding more r affordable and drive of zack to make an excellent. -- to have a and working together. >> mental health to any needs
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prompt specialist help. can i welcome my honorable w frien friendsi get recognition and 24t psychiatrical liaison is important. >> we are seeing more mental wr health and psychiatric liaison. we're seeing it in some. p we need over time to see it in t all because so often we got people arriving not in the righe setting where they should be pl being looked after. so whether it's getting people e with mental health c conditions out of police cells or making ly sure they are treated properly e in prisons, all crucially when they arrive making sure they gec this treatment is part of the hs life chances plan. >> thank you, mr.out speaker.? can i commend the prime ministee for remarks about holocaust memorial day and honoring the memory of those murdered by thee nazis, we provide the best an in
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this case -- the predicted 3 million rough few gees that flee into our continent in 2016 many of whom will die along the w. does he agree thegnitud only wa challenge a crisis of that magnitude is starting working o with our european colleagues at the heart ofof a united europe e will he take this final opportunity to welcome in and provide a home for the 3,000 unaccompanied children as recommended by save the children? >> first of all, what i'd say t whereof i agree with the gentle is the importance of taking en r action to help with hise refuge crisis and no country in europe is more generous in pretbritain whether in syria, whether inrd turkey, whether in lebanon or whether they are in jordan. where i don't agree with the honorable gentleman is thinkingo the right answer is for britainm to opten in to the eu relocatiol
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and dresettlement schemes and lt me tell him as for why.. we said we would resettle 20,00m and le in our country. we promised 1,000 by christmas. and because the hard work of myi honorable friend, the honorabled member, we achieved that. now, if you add up all that esel europe has done under the me relocation scheme and less t resettlement schemes of all 27 other member states, they have . done less than we've done here in the uk because of that. so yes, we should take part in european schemes when it's in our interest and interest, help externalashtun european bordere keep our own borders and under this government, that's the way it will stay. coming up on c-span 3, two discussions from the uk youth parliament. first a debate on the living wage and then a discussion on the importance of the magma car that. the refugee resettlement programs.
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that's followed by a panel on this month's elections in taiwan. >> the iowa caucuses are four days away. former pennsylvania senator rick stan tor rum holds a town hall meeting in the lead-up to the state's first in the nation presidential caucus ps live coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. and later, kentucky senator rand paul speaks to voters at a rally in des moines, iowa. afterwards, he takes calls from c-span viewers. that's live at 4:00 p.m. eastern, also on c-span. >> c-span's campaign 2016 is taking you on the road to the white house for the iowa kau kpups monday february 1, our live coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and c-span 2.
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we'll take your phone call, tweets and texts. and we'll take you to our republican kau cause on c-span and democratic caucus on c-span 2. stay with c-span and joan in on the con ver situation on c-span radio and on last november, more than 300 members of the uk youth parliament gathered in the british house of commons for their annual debate. next the students debate increasing the minimum wage and making it applicable to youths. this is 35 minutes. we now come to the fifth and final debate over the motion that everyone should be paid at least the living wage. to move that motion, i welcome from scotland, ewen mccall.
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>> over 13 million people live in poverty. hopes, dreams and aspirations ago a. this is the chance today to break the cycle of poverty, to correct injustice an discrimination, to finally tengsd the living wage to all. there's a huge hole in the plans for the minimum wage. at the exclusion of 7.5 million 16 to 24-year-olds. that's the same age group in october the quality and human rights commission identified most likely toive willing in poverty, so long with rising fees, poverty, rising youth unemployment.
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and now tax credit cuts. we are left the most disadvantaged generation ever, and it is beyond question we deserve included in this national pay raise. financially, the living wage also presents important opportunities. already poverty costs the uk 29 billion pounds a year. even if we saved a fraction of this figure, we would have enough to responsibly tax breaks a i louing them to keep young people employable. it's also the case that if you go to university now, you're leaving with on average 44,000 pounds of debt. with higher wage, we can ensure this is reduced dramatically. and education never becomes a luxury of the elite. for those who go into work, the same work deserves the same pay regardless of age. damaging discrimination is what we as an organization exist to stand up to. in contrast to other campaigns
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debated today, this one is both a practical and achievable issue. 8 pounds 35 per hour, which already has backing of employers and the scottish government. additionally, this has no age limit whatsoever, something we must ensure the new national living wage reflects. in the end, we must also remember the campaign in all regions and all nations of the uk by a landslide and with lead a legacy that i think chas the value of youth, providing us and generations to come the opportunity to start life in confidence and clarity we want b to live in a land where no one lives in poverty. where food banks are a mere
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symbol on a steer past long gone. we can live in a time where the university place doesn't come with a shackle and where honest work is repaid with one fair wage. let's make this year count. let's give this campaign that fatal push. let's get out there and achieve the living wage for all. >> thank you for addressing us with a crisp and wonderful eloquence in proposing that notion. i think it was hugely appreciated by the house as a whole. hal meekan from the northwest of england will speak in opposition to the motion. and i hope you will give hal a similarly warm welcome. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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8.25 per hour. that is the basic cost of living in the uk at this moment in time and is also the living wage as set by the living wage foundation and calculated for the center for research on social policy. on the other hand, the national living wage, 7.20 an hour. this is the one being introduced in april by the government, and as you can see is nowhere near the basic cost of living in the uk at this moment in time. the difference between the two, the real living wage and the national living wage is 1.05. and this is a problem for us as a youth parliament. the uk living wage campaign was launched 14 years ago. 14 years of lobbying mps and lobbying local businesses, and all they got was a national living wage that is short by 2,600 pounds every year.
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14 years and workers are still being denied a decent standard of living. we don't have 14 years. how can we convince mps to pledge even more money for 16 to 24-year-olds in one year when there clearly isn't enough year to fund a proper living wage in the first place. and what about the local corner shop? even with the government's attempts to address the living wage with a 7.20 an hour in april, businesses are already planning to raise their prices. if the federation of small businesses are saying that it's a third of small employers expect it to negatively impact their business, how are they going to respond to us when we come lobbying them? this cannot be the right time to start trying to convince businesses to invest in young people when they themselves are just struggling to get by.
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although under 25s whoent benefit from the national living wage, it took 14 years of hard work to get to this point. 14 years to see a national living wage that will still fall short when it tries to support a family with the cost of living. if you look around, it's not because we don't care or not because we're afraid to try, but because in one year this campaign will realistically not achieve what it wants to. that is why we should focus our efforts on other more achievable campaigns. >> thank you. this time around we're going to take a speaker from london. >> young woman here. >> thank you. i support this motion because i
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believe in equality and justice. that's what i've been taught the ten years i've been in school, yet the government that owns the school refuses to acknowledge this. opposing this motion says you agree with the oppression of young people. today we must rise up against this oppression. thank you. >> thank you. yet again can we hear a voice from scotland. young woman here. thank you. let's hear from you. at the moment, we have a national living wage. people can survive but they can't live on this wage. and it means they face social inequalities that richer peers don't. the scottish youth parliament
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have campaigned on introducing living wage, and scotland now has a recognition scheme that acknowledges companies that pay a living wage to employees. the living wage is also higher in england and london than it is in other parts of england and scotland. what about place edinborough or where living wages are higher. the living wage will mean that people can afford higher costs. i support this motion.
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what about northern ireland? who have we got from northern ireland? he's practicing for the high jump in the next olympics. we look forward to hearing from you, sir. . >> i represent framalah in the uk. quite a place. sure lly fellow mps, it is now more than ever vital to fight for a living wage for 16 to 24-year-olds. as you pointed out are adversely affected by tax kpupts this government seems in my eyes anyway from the far west to have contempt for young people to not hold them as value. because if it's not student loans, it will be housing benefit. if it's not housing benefit, it will be tax credit cuts.
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they are going to take away thousands of pounds. these young people are trying to get a start in life. okay, maybe i don't have the grades to get a higher pay scale, but hey, i'm out here troying. they won't get a national minimum kwaj, which isn't a minimum wage anyway. i think it's northerlily ir reprehensible to give tax cuts to the rich, tax cuts to corporations, tax cuts to the most healthy in society.
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it's vital to tax the most wealthy in the economy. >> thank you. thank you for that speech and all the passion that it embodied. let's hear a speaker from yo yorkshire. what about the young lad here with the red tie. yes. >> mr. speaker, we are living in the sixth largest country on earth. when the national minimum wage was introduced, its critics have said that economy will collapse and that businesses will leave the country. but the economy didn't collapse and businesses didn't leave.
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mr. speaker, we need to take an evolutionary and progressive step. let's take that step now. let's turn sur vooiing into living. let's move forward. thank you. >> wales. let's hear a voice of wales. who have we got from wales? can we take the young woman in the middle with the white top. indeed. just waeing iwaving at me like. >> i represent wales. i work on saturday afternoons and my hourly rate of pay is 3.79. that means that my dad pays more in petrol to drive me to that job than i actually earn. and i think that we cannot ignore the fact that far from it just being a personal ant dote that i've come here to tell that it's actually the issue that gained the most votes from the people we are here to represent.
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and as a result of that, we have a democratic mandate to support this issue. and i think that's why we should support this issue and make it the issue we need to campaign on. thank you. >> how about the east of england? the gentleman here wearing the tie and the poppy. leads of england. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we've all heard some very good arguments for living wage. i'm sorry to disappoint, but i am against this motion. i am against the motion for one basic principle, it will have a reverse effect on young people. businesses cannot afford to pay people living wage, especially at 16. businesses are just recovering from the biggest economic crash in a generation, possibly a century. and we now expect them to pay huge amounts of money when they are not able to. people will lose jobs and be worse off from it.
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60,000 jobs were lost as a result of the new living wage as it is. never mind instituting a living wage that's recommended to us. further more, we must also consider at 16, do we need to earn 8.20 an hour? we all are in education, most of us live at home. do we need to support a household which is why we have a living wage? i really think we can think about this issue greatly before we waste our votes on this, when we could be focusing on something that affects every single young person we represent, like mental health or curriculum for life. thank you very much. >> forgive me, it's now the turn of the west midlands. there's a woman shaking a scarf at me. it's time we heard from you. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i'm from dudley west midland. the idea behind a living wage is very simple, that a person
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should be paid enough to live decently and to adequately provide for their family. i think two issues being discussed today go hand in hand. these two being mental health and living wage. according to the mental health network, nh con federation stat, men in the lowest economic group were three times more common to have a mental disorder than the highest income households. what now.? we need to make sure this motion of living wage goes forward so we can help both those working long hours and multiple jobs and yet still live in poverty and those who have suffered a mental illness and are currently trying to change their lives by looking for jobs. thank you. >> southeast. who's a voice from the southeast. this gentleman here. >> i think we should have a living wage that is paid for
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those over 16 because we're actually behind many other nations when it comes to paying a living wage for these people. leaving aside problems that some teenage parents face tried to adequately feed and clothe their family, there are also many workers who are now forced to hold down multiple jobs in order to support their families. think of the impact on our young people nationwide. thank you, mr. speaker. what about the southwest? who's trying from the southwest? take the fellow here in the red or tara cota top. >> someone asked whether 16-year-olds really need a living wage. and i just think that is frankly ridiculous. i know people and i know of
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people by no fault of their own, by no choice of their own live independently of their parents, renting, living off benefits because their work doesn't pay enough. i think that's appalling. i think this that it's just nonsensical and cruel to single out the most vulnerable people in society by denying them a wage that lets them simply live and that's why i support this motion. >> what about east midlands? who have we got from east midlands? we have a woman jumping up and down in a mustard colored dress. let's hear from you. >> i'm florence orchard. so despite being an amazing and enthusiastic group of young people, there's only so much we can do.
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perhaps this campaign is too much unrealistic and achievable. we've worked on it for a year and i haven't seen much difference, so maybe it's time to focus on something new. furthermore, if 16 and 17-year-olds were paid a living wage, then they would lose a competitive edge and they probably wouldn't be employed as much. why would an employer employ a 616 or 17-year-old with no experience against a much older person who has lots of experience in that field. lastly, this campaign only focuses on 16 and 17-year-olds and 18-year-olds. but there are a lot of other young people that we represent and we can only represent them through other things such as the curriculum of life, because that goes for all people age 11 to 18. >> now a contributor, please, from the northwest of england. the northwest of england. >> yes. there's a woman waving at me
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with both arms whom i saw before anybody else in the dark dress. >> thank you so much. my name is laura curran. as you may already a living wage was announced earlier this year. however, it has numerous problems. anyone under 25 can't receive this living wage. it's easy to claim people in power aren't productive enough to end this living wage. how dpid they choose the age of 25 in the first place. picture this, a 24-year-old asleep one night and then waking up on their 25th birthday who the magical power of wanting to work their socks off. it's this ridiculous that preventing young people from a wage that they deserve. it is time to wake the decision makers up, take them out of this fantasy and bring them back to
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reality. age does not define productivity. and this is why everyone receivreceivshould receive a real living wage, please. >> what about the northeast of england. you've been jumping up and down for some hours. you'll probably sleep very well tonight. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i'm from the feeft of england. when talking to my constituents in the wonderful city of newcastle, they are angered by this age pay gap. now the media is constantly talking about the gender pay gap and how ridiculous this is and this is unjust. but we as members of youth parliament need to be recognizing the injustice in the age pay gap. we have a duty to the people that we represent to ensure that same pay gets same price. we need to ensure that they are represented. because i believe that a
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stronger more motivated, more efficient work force creates a stronger more efficient economy. thank you. >> i didn't know this was emily dormer. i know your dad. your dad and i were at university together. your dad is a very clever bloke. >> anyway, we're going to take somebody now from london, from london. this chap has been waiting for a considerable amount of time. >> in harrough once again just like last year, the living wage came out on top. and that for me is a message that the uk youth parliament has to wake up and do its job. clearly whatever we did last year was not enough and the young people are disappointed enough. the government has put the living wage on the political map through whatever you think of
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their new policy, they put it there. and now it's up to us to make sure it's on the youth politics map. we clearly didn't do it last year, that's why it's won again. that's why we've got to go again to make sure the young people finally get what they want out of a youth parliament they deserve. >> thank you very much indeed. who wants to contribute from the west midlands. who have we got s? what about the guy at the end wearing the red rose. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. my name is r.j. bower and i come from royal lefington from the west mid lands. the three benefits to the minimum wage will be business, family and society. in business, a study examining the benefits of implementing the living wage policy in the uk found that more than 80% of employees believe that the
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living wage have enhanced the quality of work of their staff while absenteeism had fallen by approximately 25%. it's also benefitting the family. the living wage helps people give the opportunity to provide for themselves and for others. 75% of employees reported an increase in the work of quality as a result of the living wage. it's also good in society. the living wage was a campaign launched in 2001 by parentings in east london who were frustrated that working to minimum wage jobs left no time for their family time. i urge you that the living wage can be a part of the solution. thank you. what about the northwest? we need to haef hear from the northwest. the young woman at the end there. you're just looking around now in the second row. yes, indeed.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. i am the nyp in lan shire. mr. speaker, i want to ask you a question. bhie are we here today? i believe we're here to improve the lives of young people, not as size them. that's what i believe the living wage would do. why do businesses hire young people when they have no or little skills experience. i'll tell you why. because we're cheaper to employ. if we raise the wage to the living wage, we could be doing more harm than good. yes, it would really benefit people in financial difficulties. i know what it's like not to be able to afford to travel to college or put food on the table, but i believe the living wage would push more young people out of jobs.
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yes, the living wage got more votes but do you understand the consequences that could happen? or were they just thinking about their own bank accounts. we need to remember who we're here for and what we want to achieve. a better life for young people and our constituents. and living wage is not the answer. >> thank you very much indeed. the east midlands. who is still trying to speak from the east midlands? of. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> if we raise the minimum wage, eventually they're going to get rid of us. if they raise the living wage, they're going to raise prices of food, rent and mortgages. if we do all of this, then eventually we'll be back to square one and eventually we're going to be in this whole
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process again, which i think is completely wasting our time and we can focus on something which is more important to all of us. thank you. >> we'll take a speaker from london. this young woman. >> unemployment rates are less than they've ever been. more people have started their own businesses and become self-employed. with the rise of small business owner, such as my dad, it has become increasingly difficult for them to pay a national living wage, especially in london which enkunchs them to grow and support them, the small earners who nay not be able to pay the minimum wage. they're ben fidget the economy and helping unemployment levels. so we should help them.


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