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tv   Howard Dean Concession Speech  CSPAN  January 31, 2016 4:50pm-5:06pm EST

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rewind" brings you archival coverage of the presidential races. up next, look at the 2004 campaign and concession speech from howard dean. a month earlier the former vermont governor was widely considered the front runner the nomination, but his lead dwindled as the caucuses approached and he finished third behind john kerry and john edwards. he eventually dropped out of the race while senator kerry went on to win the party's nomination. deanarkin introduces mr. at this 15 minute event. you ready?kin: are are you ready to take on this fight? are you ready not to give up? are you ready to change america? then you are ready for howard dean, the next president of the
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united states. cheers and applause[]
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audience: [chanting "dean"] [applause] mr. dean: well, you guys, you have already got the picture here. i was about to say, you know, i'm sure there are some disappointed people here. you know what, you know something, you know something,
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if you had told us one year ago that we were going to come in third in iowa, we would have given anything for that. and, you know something, not only are we going to new hampshire, tom harkin, we're going to south carolina, and oklahoma, and arizona, and north dakota, and new mexico. we're going to california, and texas, and new york. and we're going to south dakota, and oregon, and washington, and michigan. and then we're going to washington, d.c., to take back the white house. yeeaaahhhh! [applause] we will not give up. audience: no. we will not give up in new hampshire. we will not give up in south carolina. we will not give up in arizona, or new mexico, oklahoma, north dakota, delaware, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan. we will not quit now or ever. we want our country back for ordinary americans. [applause] i -- and we're going to win in
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massachusetts, and north carolina, and missouri, and arkansas, and connecticut, and new york, and ohio. let me -- wait a minute.
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wait a minute. wait. there are some polite things we have to do here. and the first is to thank some people. i want to thank jeani murray and her extraordinary iowa people. she has worked so hard. come on up here, jeannie, come on up. jeannie murray. [applause] let me thank jeannie and all her people in iowa. you worked hard, you got our ticket punched to new hampshire, and i appreciate it. you should be so proud of you, our hard working iowa staff. let me thank tom harkin. you are so lucky. [applause] you are so lucky. you are so lucky to have a united states senator who understands what it is to stand
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up for ordinary americans, and he is the leader in the united states senate to take our country back for ordinary americans again. [applause] let me thank berkeley beddel and dave nagel, two former congressmen from iowa who have been all over iowa for us, helping us. i don't know where dave is tonight, but i want to thank him. let me thank the international union of painters and allied trades for standing up. [applause] let me thank the american
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federation of state and county and municipal employees for all the help they've been. the service employees international union, the seiu, thank you so much. but, most of all, let me thank you, from all over america, coming to change this country. we haven't seen this in 30 years. now, in my generation was the last time i saw all this stuff going on, with people your all age, under 30 years old. and we were a little more -- we were -- what? when i was your age -- when i was your age we did change two presidents and changed the foreign policy of the united states of america. now the only difference is it took six years, and we've got six months to go before we're going to do it here. [applause] this is the changing of the generations, the passing of the torch to the new generation, it is your generation, and it's your generation that's fueled this campaign, because you know that the half trillion dollar deficits this president is piling up are going to be billed to you and your children,
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because of the terrible damage this president is doing to the environment are going to be things that you're going to have to live with, and we're going to change that. and you have the power to change that, and we are starting right tonight. [applause] we have just begun to fight. we have just begun to fight. and we're going to fight, and fight, and fight until the country becomes a place where we'll put more money into small children and their families than we will into prisons. [applause] where instead of giving $16
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billion worth of tax breaks to oil companies and gas companies we'll put it into renewable energy, and ethanol, and bio diesel. [applause] where instead of giving $200 billion to the hmos and insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies, we'll give seniors a real prescription benefit. [applause] i would have liked to come in first tonight, and so would you, but you know what? i want to thank the people of iowa. i do. i have spent two years here, i've gone to all 99 counties, this is a wonderful, wonderful state, with wonderful, wonderful people, and i appreciate it very, very much. [applause] i have called senator kerry and senator edwards and congratulated them, and told them we would see them around the corner, on the other side of the block starting tomorrow morning. [applause] i have called representative gephardt and thanked him for a courageous run. i worked for him in 1988, i still feel some loyalty to him. he did the best he could, and i appreciate his long career of service for the united states of america. [applause] and now, i want every single one of you who can do it to go to new hampshire. and if you can't go to new
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hampshire, i want you to go to arizona, or new mexico, or oklahoma, or delaware, or south carolina, or north dakota. >> you know, i will never single one of you who can to go to new hampshire. and if you can't go to new hampshire, i want you to go to arizona or new mexico or oklahoma or delaware or south carolina or north dakota. [applause] >> viva new mexico! peude! si, se peude! si, se peude!
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i'm just going to close the way i always close. [applause] >> we have to get on a plane and fly to new hampshire, because we are going to have a big rally at 3:00 in the morning when we land. [cheers and applause] you have the power to take back this party, to stand up for 1948, party's platform health care for everyone. you have the power to take back the flight of the united states of america so it no longer along's solely to jerry fell well and rush limbaugh and dick cheney and john ashcroft. and together, we have the power to take back a white house that in 2004, and that is exactly
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what we are going to do. thank you very much . [cheers and applause] ♪
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campaign 2016 is
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taking you on the road to the white house for the iowa caucuses. monday, february 1 live coverage begins on c-span and c-span2. we will bring you live pre-caucus coverage, taking your phone calls, tweets, and texts. we will then take it to a democratic and republican caucus. to stay with c-span and join in on the conversation. act of congress created the united states world war i centennial commission, one of several directives for the 12 member commission was to create a national world war i memorial in washington, d up next, commissioned representatives announce the winning design and explain the process that led to the decision. this national press club event is almost an hour.


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