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tv   Utah Governor Gary Herbert State of the State Address  CSPAN  February 10, 2016 8:00pm-8:04pm EST

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anything less. [ applause ] for all the challenges utah faces, it is important to remember that there are 49 other states out there that would love to trade places with us. political gridlock is everywhere in this country. but here in utah we know how to come together. and in spite of our differences get things done. i believe there's never been a better time to live, to work, and to raise a family in this state. so to answer the question i posed earlier, the state of our state is strong. it's outstanding. but it's much more than that. the events of last week's tragedy with officer barney impacted all of us profoundly but equally important was the outpouring of public spirit we all witnessed.
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we will never forget the 50-mile-long motorcade. the streets lined with children holding flags, and neighbors and friends on overpasses saluting one of their own. i've never been more proud to call utah home. yes. [ applause ] [ applause ] yes, the state of our state has never been stronger. as i watched utahans mourn together, i realized something more important.
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i realized the state of our state is strong because the state of our people has never been stronger. as utahans you are united, you are compassionate, you are inspiring, you are extraordinary. i am proud to be a part of this great state. i'm proud to be a utahan. it is indeed an honor for all of us to serve. may god bless our great country in this difficult time. may god continue to bless the great state of utah and her people. thank you for your service. thank you very much. [ applause ]
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tonight on c-span3, treasury secretary jack lew on the president's 2017 budget proposal. pennsylvania's governor tom wolf delivers his annual combbudget address. prime minister david cameron answers questions. later, a discussion about puerto rico's debt crisis. treasury secretary jack lew appeared before the senate finance committee today to talk about the president's 2017 budget. he answered questions about puerto rico's debt crisis, tax code reform and a proposal for a new tax on oil. this is two hours, ten minutes.


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