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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  February 12, 2016 10:15am-10:31am EST

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revolution does not belong to a certain group or party. it belongs to the iranian nation and all freedom seekers around the world. our revolution is a revolution which encourages civility and ethics, it is a revolution which encourages us to -- well actually the next year when we will, we're going to mark 38th anniversary we should be on the scene even next year see 30 years, to see how we have been able to with stand all problems over the past 38 years because we have returned to our islamic iran identity, because the late imam defined, really defined the real dignity. iran managed to, under the actual through unity managed to
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pass through all problems. islam actually is where iranians can take refuge and offers refuge and protection to all people. islam is a protection for all. today it is a duty of every single one of us to safeguard this revolution and its ideals. between revolution and moderation, between revoluntary lug and islam there's no distance, real reform is a real principle, real moderate person, all the modern revolutionaries, so the language of revolution should be modernized.
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we favor talk, logic negotiations and understanding. revolution, a revolutionary person is somebody who contributes, a revolutionary is a person who likes moderation, revolutionary means somebody who puts up resistance, somebody who can on the world market actually compete. revolutionary person is somebody who is hopeful, somebody who is dynamic, somebody who likes reconstruction. a revolutionary is a person who wants to reconstruct iran and build iran. it's one who wants to give iran more dignity, a revolutionary wants to show the kind, to introduce the real and kind
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feature and image of islam. a revolutionary person wants to tell the whole world that all of those who are in the region are killing people under the name of islam, they are not muslims, neither are they revolutionaries, anybody who today removes a danger from the country, wards off danger that person is a revolutionary. any person who goes towards international progress is a revolutionary. any person who works towards unity of iran that experience a revolutionary. today we should have a national joint national plan of action in order to further unity, nsa move through revolutionary will power and through the guidelines of the leader of the islamic
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revolution. we should move forward through that. the forthcoming elections are the manifestation of national dialogue. our revolution actually will be manifested in the polling stations. the late imam for seven days after february 11th, 1979, the late imam asked and invited all of us to go to vote and we voted for the islamic republic of iran. our power, our might is manifested through our contribution participation. nobody should turn his back on ballot boxes. everybody should go to ballot boxes as the leader has asked us, has invited to us.
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if anybody actually, even if somebody has criticism of the government, he should not turn his back on the ballot boxes. this is the right of the people, everybody should respect ballot boxes. our national asset actually ballot boxes are our national asset. if today, if somebody has a complaint, if there's a citizen or a political current and group actually if has seen some bad behavior in all that, but those should turn out in droves and cast their votes. today we should know that the votes of you, that it will have the final say, your votes are the final say.
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both in iran and both in the region and also in the whole world. citizens vote including the votes of men and women, girls and boys, different ethnic groups, those votes can show the way, can solve problems. not only for our country but for the whole region and the whole world. your votes on the 7th will be a vote for hope. vote for logic. will be a vote for law. and will be a vote to safeguard and stand up for your rights. that vote on election day means that people are interested in rebuilding a country, rebuilding the country based on dialogue. our votes do not go -- is not
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for those who want to turn their back on the law. we're not voting for those who go for bickering and wrangling and extremism. we vote for hope. we vote for a modern and free iran. we will build iran. the grandeur of the iranian nation, our national grandeur, we will bring that grandeur to the max and to a place where it deserves through unity and with god's grace. may god bless you all. i would also -- i would also like to thank all foreign guests attending this ceremony.
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>> defendant department officials are on capitol hill this morning to update members on congress on afghanistan national security forces. we'll have live coverage at 10:30 eastern as they testify before a house armed services subcommittee. until then we're going to show you a portion of this week's defense department briefing updating us on war efforts in the middle east. operation inherent results spokesman briefed pentagon reporters via individual grow baghdad, iraq. he discussed russia's role in the fight against isis. >> circle number three we have seen syrian opposition force remaining in their defensive position.
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aleppo which is further south not, i didn't identify it on the m map. we're concerned with the reduced humanitarian access and strikes by the russians and syrians thousands of civilians are suffering. the situation in and around aleppo has become in our view increasingly dire. yesterday's u.n. report accused the syrian regime of quote inhumane actions. against sir ran civilians on a scale the u.n.'s words amount to exeter my nation. with the destruction of two main hospitals in aleppo by russia and regime attacks over 50,000 syrians are now without any access to life-saving assistance. humanitarian organizations are responding but ongoing military
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actions by russia and the syrian regime as well as pro regime forces are making access to populations in need increasingly difficult. isil is virtually non-exist jents. russia can no longer claim its air strikes there are doing anything other than supporting regime forces. as they mount what the united nations has called a systematic and widespread attack on civilians. they forced tens of thousands of innocent syrians to flee for their lives. with that i'll take questions. >> we'll start here. >> since there's a map on aleppo, what is being done to help the rebels near that area that are fighting daesh. there's a big long solid line i can see with the red rebels and purple daesh could be using some
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help. >> all right. so, i talk about that. what you see this is the moral line. we've been supporting partner force there's along the moral line really for months. we continue to conduct strikes, take strikes as the opportunities present themselves. and we are continue network very closely with the vetted syrian opposition along that moral line, and the enemy which, of course is there in the purple. it's important to note too that some of the forces that we trained in the original syria train and equip operation about a year ago are continuing to fight along that moral line there. neighboring with them probably the most powerful weapon on the battlefield which is communications. those forces that we trained,
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the new syrian army we started calling them, are participating in that fight along the moral line. they are continuing to use the skills and the equipment and the ammunition we provided them to hold that line against the enemy and then in some cases even attack and seize villages. >> you can see from the map the government forces have split the rebels. what is the united states and coalition doing because that's clearly affecting the fight against daesh or islamic state. does the coalition plan on doing anything to help reunite those rebels that have been split by the russian strikes and by government troops? >> well, i'm not sure i agree that it's clearly affecting the fight against isil there. you know, in aleppo, north of aheo, the area where the regime was able to create some space in
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between the opposition forces in aleppo and other opposition forces, north and what we call the apron pocket there the brown area on your map, because those forces are isolated in aleppo is not exacting the ability of force along the moral line to be able to fight against isil. >> on the humanitarian aid, any talks of efforts to, by the coalition to get humanitarian aid into aleppo or try to establish a safe zone for people who are trying to escape? >> well, you know, the united nations and other humanitarian organizations really have the lead for moving humanitarian relief into areas where it's required. i'll tell you, you know, the united states government has recently announced hundreds of millions of additional dollars
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in humanitarian assistance, targeted specifically to syria. so the u.s. government is continuing to focus on that. operation resolve here our focus is really is to defeat isil. so that's where our focus remains. >> okay. my last question goes back to your video. what's the update on how much of the oil production has been destroyed and is it still cost effective with the decreasing price of oil? is it costing the u.s. and coalition more to strike these oil wells than they are actually producing? >> well, we have not run the numbers cost of bomb versus barrel of oil reduced. what i'll tell you is our focus is to reduce or eliminate this enemy's ability to generate
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revenue to fund its terror activities, to fund its war fighting activities. in iraq and syria and around the world. that's what we're focused on and that's exactly what we're doing. we don't have fresh numbers, so we'll stick with the old numbers that we briefed about a month or so ago, reduction of approximately 30% of this enemy's ability to generate revenue from oil. we'll don't keep an eye out for new numbers to come out but right now we're sticking with those. >> you can see the entire defense department briefing online at we're live on capitol hill for an update on afghanistan national security forces. several defense department officials will be testifying before the house armed services subcommittee on oversight and investigations.


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