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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  February 14, 2016 3:50pm-4:01pm EST

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any other final questions? thank you very much for being with us today and thank you to the panel for excellent and insightful commentary. [no audio] -- [applause] >> you are watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. to join the conversation, like us on facebook at c-span history. "reel america" brings you films that provides context for today's issues. >> in the cities, and the towns together.ies, we work we are many races, religions and
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nationalities. we are the men and women of america. we are also the children of america. children of the city and the country. like hair, light eyes, dark hairs, dark eyes, the children of america. the children of america. theinfants, the use -- youth, the old and the young, that is us. her ancestors came over on the mayflower while he came himself from italy. both are people of america. american farmer, american farmer. that people of america. businessman, weaver, blacksmith, american.
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doctor, a swedish mailman, a polish firemen, and irish cop, american. we are the people of america, a mixture of the people of the world. america was discovered by the people of the world, explorers of many nations charted the land and open it to their people. balboa, anditaly, ponce de leon of spain. sir walter raleigh of england, henry hudson and other brave exploring men who sailed their ships into unknown waters and found the land of america. settled and the spain,of the world from
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holland, fromrom england. england, many settled on the east coast, where they grew in numbers and came to consider america their home. but styles change in a hundred years and ideas change. the children of the settlers became dissatisfied and came to talk of freedom and to talk of winning freedom peacefully. people of the world fought with them. polaski, lafayette, frenchman, washington, american. a battle one, a nation one. to join the other nations of the
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world who have given us explorers, settlers, the patriots, the founders of our nation. before the nation had been formed, people of england and holland settled in the east and southeast and brought from s, and negroes as slave settled mainly in the south. people in the friends settled in the south and midwest and people of spain settled in the southwest. after the nation was formed, more people came. centralrom north and europe, especially from ireland, germany, and scandinavian in thees came to america early 1800s to the midwest. people immigrating to america, becoming americans.
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, many from asia china and japan in the late 1800s and early 1900s to the far west. but there was movement and shifting of people and intermixing. so the south became not just the home of the english and the negroes and the french, but the home of these and other americans. the midwest was not a land for only northern europeans to cultivate, and only for the french to farm, but a home for all americans. moving andple were mixing. railroads spanned the nations, helping to move and makes the people. industry grew and our great cities with it. people were needed to work in
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the cities and build them. so many more people came from europe, from eastern and southern europe. from poland, from russia, from the balkans, and central europe. , millions of people by the early 1900s from many countries to our country, to our cities, to work. from the other nations north of us and south of us, more people
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have come, the people of the americas, the people of the world. as the people of the world have filled our nation, they have contributed to it. the people of china and japan have brought their architecture. spain and mexico across their styles and we use the styles of the french. much of that which is american is of the world. in sports, we have rugby and baseball, both in the games. tennis from central europeans, ice skating's -- ice-skating from northern europe union. spaghetti from the italians, corn from the american indians.
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then, there is our language. they close we wear, the books we that these and many more along to the world are part of the life of our nation. from all of these come we have developed things that are uniquely american. forms ofarchitecture, steel, concrete and glass. american forms of dancing, american things, the movies, the jew box and ice cream cones. july,s, the fourth of thanksgiving day. .other's day are some of the things we share as americans, for we have become americans through this prospect of sharing. newmericans are something
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and new generations are developing, playing together, growing together, learning together. races,e our many religions and nationalities and we come out the people of america. work grow older, we together as americans and relax together. we share the things the people of the world come here to find. cherish, our form of government, our justice, our elected systems, the abundance of food from the fertile soil, the opportunities for jobs and is this. freedom of speech, to say what we believe in many ways. want,m to hear what we
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freedom to worship as we choose. these freedoms we share as americans. we have cultivated the land and raised the food to feed the people and we have built the city's for the people. the whole world has contributed its people and its people have become americans. america is a land whose people share what they knew and worked together. america has benefited and we have benefited. we are the people of america. >> next on american history tv on c-span3, a look back 50 years to the


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