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tv   Barry Goldwater Speaks Out  CSPAN  February 18, 2016 8:25pm-8:41pm EST

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from the start. paid for by the tsongas committee. some candidates want to give you a tax cut of 97 cents a day, will that create jobs? one candidate knows it's gimmicks and bigger deficits that got us into this mess. paul tsongas offers straight answers. he'll declare an economic emergency immediately to get america moving. rebuild industry and make our workers the most skilled and productive in the world. paul tsongas won't short change our future. he'll lead america back, paid for by the tsongas committee. this weekend, the c-span cities tour, hosted by our charter communications cable partners, takes you to greenville, south carolina, to explore the city's history and lit rarry culture. in 1939, september of 1939, when europe went to war. our allies primarily england and france looked to washington, d.c., for goods and materials that they needed.
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so washington, d.c., looked down to the textile capital of the world and all of a sudden government contracts came funneling into this area ask the mills here to begin producing for the war effort initially for our allies and then, of course, for the united states as well. >> and on american history tv -- >> we're standing right here. and this really was a pretty nasty spot. it's hard to believe now, looking at it, one of the best parks in the country. this was a very depressed nasty place. and it's a great story of how a community can get behind a park and start to appreciate and cherish it's waterfall again. >> watch the c-span cities tour saturday at noon eastern on c-span 2's book tv. sunday afternoon on american
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history tv on c-span 3. the c-span cities tour, working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. each week until the 2016 election, road to the white house rewind brings you archival coverage of presidential races. next, a 1964 campaign film of republican barry goldwater's targeting new hampshire voters. it shows the arizona senator on the campaign trail, and excerpts from his speeches on communism, foreign aid and social security. he finished second in the 1964 new hampshire gop primary behind former massachusetts senator henry cabot lodge jr. a write-in candidate. senator goldwater went on to win the party nomination, lost the general election to incumbent lyndon johnson. 52-486 in electoral votes. this film is just under 15
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minutes. ♪ the election campaign's in full swing in new hampshire, bellwether state of the nation, it goes to the polls march 10th to cast its vote. there are parades and rallies in the granite state, and lots of excitement. as the candidates carry their campaigns to the people. the following specially recorded program is sponsored by the goldwater for president committee. it brings you barry goldwater's campaign in new hampshire. here he speaks out on the issues as he sees them. >> i've never seen so many frustrated people as we have around washington. they're frustrated because they haven't any faith in the american system. they've lost confidence in the constitution. in the fact that a strong nation
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has to be strong. has to show its strength, has to let its enemies know what they're going to do. the question in my mind is how can you prevent war with policies, that are making communist countries content with communism or foreign aid policies that are making them even more content. and at the same time nuclear policies which alienate our nato allies. you cannot stop a man who has vowed to bury you by sending him shovels. by feeding and clothing his friends, while denying your friends the means to help protect you. you can't stop him by letting him edge up closer and closer to you as he's doing right now. i firmly believe that the only way to secure the peace without war is to pile on the economic pressures that will disrupt the ene
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enemy. confront him with a united and determined nato and a very firm and understandable foreign policy this leads me up to the subject of peace since president eisenhower left office our foreign policy has deteriorated until we watch almost daily the slippage around the world as more and more and more countries begin to disbelieve us, begin to disgust us and begin to look elsewhere for the leadership that must be portrayed if peace is to be obtained and maintained in this world. >> here again on the same subject, foreign policy. >> fwoern policy is far and away the greatest interest. i would say that it ranks probably 8 to 10 times above the
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next issue. you would normally expect more interest on the eastern seaboard i find on the west coast and the rocky mountains and the middle west the same concern for what's happening to america around the world and i find a great and growing desire to see a change that will result in a foreign policy that can guarantee peace in this world for our lifetime and the lifetime of our children and grandchildren. peggy and i have four children. and we have four grandchildren. i don't want to see this country reach the point that the only escape other than surrender to slavery is a war. i think with proper guide answer, i think with sensible guidance, with courage, not cowardice, with firmness not weakness, we can contribute to the peace that will keep these
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children and grandchildren at peace and comfort during their lives. it's just a short hop by a plane from washington to new hampshire. barry goldwater's made the trip many times in the last month. he puts the flying time to good use, keeping up with national affairs and his many responsibilities in the senate. a familiar sight and more familiar sights to the veteran campaigner. brother was it cold in february. but a touch of cold can't stop a campaign. can't stop a new hampshire crowd. they came out in droves to hear what this candidate had to say. he spoke out on foreign policy social security, communism, foreign aid, the united nations, cuba. wherever he went he faced the same issues, the same questions and he answered them the same way. he told the people he supported
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social security. but he was concerned that inflation would devalue their social security dollars, only a strong america can guarantee freedom. appeasement and accommodation cannot assure peace. he called for personal responsibility in government at the local level. because barry goldwater wants to give the government back to the people. he called for a reexamination of the u.n. charter. listen now as he speaks out on the u.n. >> you send us a charter by which you're going to live in an organization, particularly an organization like the united nations devoted to peace. and you violate what i believe to be two of the important covenants, namely you're not going to believe in the nation. and we would not have done this in my opinion had we not been
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imposed upon to do it by the other nations in the united nations who see no wrong in violating the charter. this is the same position when we argue about red china coming in the united nations. the charlotter very clearly says no aggressor shall belong to the united nations, we already have russia and to me it's an academic argument. we say they can't come in, so if we say that, red china can't be admitted, you and i know the chances are pretty good for their being admitted. this is one of the reasons i have repeatedly suggested that the united nations meet for a charter revision. >> and now the people of new hampshire speak out for barry goldwater. >> well, i just had to tell you i'm shaking hands with the next president. i like his plan and i like his way of speaking. and i think he's going to keep his promises, his campaign promises. i know one thing, he won't be a
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yes man. >> i don't think of him so much really as a politician, but just as a man. i'm very impressed with him. >> i'm extremely proud we have an american with guts enough to put america back where it belongs. >> i'm opposed to foreign aid, economic aid, i've never voted for it since i've been in the senate. and i wouldn't even if they divided into the three components foreign aid is made up of as we mention it. we have military assistance for some years to come, i could vote for this. we have technical assistance which is the best program we have. this is teaching other people how to do things with their hands that we can do, but foreign economic aid since the marshall plan has not in my opinion bought us any friends, and i don't think you can buy friendship. i can't buy yours and you can't buy mine. you show me how to do something you know how to do, i'm going to
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be your friend. and that's the way i think we should be proceeding. if we have to have foreign aid. in we can't live without it, i think we can, why not try a multilateral approach, where some other countries get in the act. we may be the richest country in the world, we can't afford to support the rest of the world much longer. >> in the course of barry's complain. he's traveling the length and breadth of the country. wherever they can, his family are joining in his campaign. he's meeting the people face to face. here's his younger daughter peggy, they call him little peggy, and his younger son mike. it's because he's a devoted family man that barry goldwater entered the presidential race. he believes so strongly in a free america, because he's dedicated to preserving the
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peace for all american families. wherever he goes he speaks out clearly and forcefully on the issues, explains where he stands on domestic and foreign policy everywhere he goes he's responding with this enthusiasm. barry goldwater has been constantly on the go. it's a grueling schedule. and whenever he can, he catches a quick nap here with his daughter peggy. and with his wife peggy. soon it's back to the campaign where barry goldwater is calling for courage and integrity. he's calling for an end to do nothing policies. for progress based on the dynamic principles of the republic. he's calling for rebirth of individual freedom. >> we put our reliance upon freedom, upon the free enterprise system. we reject, therefore the ideas of the economic planners in
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washington that a group of people sitting in washington can plan what the country's going to make, where it's to be made, the quality of the product, the price of the product. the wages to be paid, the profit to be made, et cetera, et cetera. >> we know that this system which in simpler terms is called socialism, has never worked in the history of the earth, and is not working today, in countries where it's been tried. >> thank you very much. >> i hope you make it. >> thank you, thank you sir. >> how do you do? >> hi, how are you. >> i think mr. goldwater is the man that we need. i think this country has gone away from the principles on which it was founded. and i think he's a man that will bring us back to the days of
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free enterprise and the vigor and youth that this country had, and the enthusiasm that the people had. >> as far as i'm concerned he's the only man that should be president, he's the only man that stands for something. >> i think he's the first man to run for president that i've seen in the past 30 years that will stand on the principles of the founding fathers who wrote the federal constitution. >> social security is a contract between the federal government and you. when i say you, it's all -- we american people who pay social security. i don't believe in breaking contracts and neither does the government. and i have never at any time advocated doing away with social security. what i am concerned about, though, and i wish there were more of us in the senate like norris and myself who worry about this, is the fact that you -- all of us, paying our money in, paying our dollars into social security, when we get to the age to get it back,
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we're not going to get our dollar back. the dollar today has reduced in value over 50% from what it was a mere 20 years ago, we're going to see a greater decrease with more and more inflation. i don't believe in inflation, i don't think we need to have unusual inflation in this country. but to invite inflation by the constant deficit spending we're doing, this is what i'm trying to talk about in social security. i'm trying to get the older people and the younger people to realize that if this kind of wasteful expenditure continues in our government, when it comes time for them to get their social security they're not going to do to well. i don't think you have to go further than ask the recipient today if they're living very high off the hog. they're not. i remember when i first went to work. i read an ad in a magazine that's long since out of business. retire on $125 a month. they had a picture of a man and hi


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