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tv   A New Spirit for 76  CSPAN  April 2, 2016 10:20am-10:31am EDT

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admission fee. we encourage you to come by for a tour and to learn more about alexandria and the history of medicine, and just more about life as an early business person here in alexandria. can watch this and other american artifacts programs by visiting our website at american history tv on c-span3. --s weekend, tonight, >> all such farm jobs are generally referred to as stoop labor. this is the only area in which the supply labor falls short and is supplemented by mexican citizens. the term most commonly used is b
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razeros. this means a man who works with his arms and hands. the question is, why brazeros? >> this film promoted the braceros program. 10:00, on roadat to the white house rewind. the soviets are aggressive, they have overstated in afghanistan, they have bitten off more than they should be allowed to digest, and i think the best answer to it is for them to know that the united states is going to keep its commitment. where people want to be free from soviet or cuban domination, the united states should be willing to provide reference to any men who want to fight for
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their rate him against hostile forces. >> the 1980 texas republican primary debate between ronald bush. and george h w at 6:00 on american. >> the heart building is the least of the classical building. the russell building is very neoclassical. it is sort of a merrill image of the neoclassical building. the hart building is very modern, some people compared it to a large ice cube tray. a very different looking building. >> don ritchie takes us inside the newest of the three senate office buildings. the 1983 hart senate office building to learn about its construction. portraitan national gallery, david ward chronicles
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abraham lincoln's life through photographs and portraits. takes time out from writing the and all real addressed to sit for this last photograph which he does kinds of -- kind of peevish. the eyes disappear in which his present to the public -- >> for the complete weekend schedule, go to all week long, american history tv is joining our cable partners to showcase the history of long beach, california. to learn more, visit long beach has always been proud of its aviation history.
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in january of 1910 the first united states air meet was held here in the mingus field which is adjacent to long beach. people came from all over southern california. it was amazing. a lot of people were inspired to become aviators. they caught what i call aviation fever. it was the goal of the city of long beach to make long beach as important to aviation as detroit was to the auto world. long beach always had a vision for an airport. the first airfield opened in 1920 and it was one of the first municipal airports in the united states. one of the people there was amelia erhardt. it was where she was inspired to learn how to fly. she was about 23 years old then and decided she would get a job as a telephone operator. she earned money enough to learn how to fly and she learned from
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one long beach aviator by the manteo. it was another long beach aviator who took her up on her first flight. they moved the airport here to its present location. today, we are in one of the most 10 beautiful airports in the world, according to the bbc. the long beach municipal airport. the airport terminal was built following the announcement of douglas aircraft moving in next door because long beach and new there would be a lot of important dignitaries and people from other countries flying into the long beach airport to visit the douglas the silly. they wanted to have a state of the art, facility. in the 1940's he decided to buy land adjacent to the airport from the montana land company.
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this is after 1939 and world war ii was still going on. he decided it would be wise to make a state-of-the-art facility. it was the first lack belt plan -- blackout air plan. it was more or less a city unto itself. there were 11 separate buildings that were camouflaged from the air. there was an underground railway system that would transport parts from one area of the plant to another. it was virtually a city within a city. i think at one time there were 170 thousand people working here at one time or another during the war. the douglas payroll was $113 million. the airport started to become more of a military field with
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the onslaught of world war ii. six fairingto the command. we also had a woman contingent here, they were called wasps. chargeck london was in -- she was very anxious to have the woman -- the women fly more. they knew they were needed, she was willing to fly them overseas. after the war in europe ended, were told we do not need you anymore because pilots were coming from europe. she offered to stay here free of charge with her women to continue flying. her offer was not accepted. our cities tour staff
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recently traveled to long beach california to learn about its rich history. learn more about long beach and other stops on our tour at the media teaches us that democrats and republicans are supposed to be at odds with each other. i think people need to recognize respectfulto be toward each other and understand that senators are respectful toward each other and that will be more conducive to getting real policy done instead. >> these people we see on television are real people. when we saw president obama, the had stood out to me that he bags under his eyes. he is a real person dealing with real things.
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a, highy night on q and school students from around the country attending the u.s. senate youth program talk about their experiences, plus their plans for the future. the students met with members of the executive, judicial, and legislative ranges of the government. >> mr. jonathan came to talk to us and i loved the insight he gave us about being the outside source. reporting back to us and the electorate about what is going on in our government. ruth bader ginsburg was the most inspirational person we met this week. she has been one of my idols for a long time. i either want to be in the legal press -- profession or possibly a senator. >> i understand the need for bipartisanship that i think it is important politicians go to washington or their state capitals with their eyes on a
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roll and determined to meet that goal and set of sacrificing it in the light of money. >> we need to get back to having a dish -- constructivewe need tl americans. and, when he to make this country and more respectful place for people can give their opinion. >> sunday night at :00 p.m. eastern time. -- 8:00 p.m. 2016, wrote to the white house relied brings us the coverage of presidential races. and 1968 campaign film created for richard nixon, showing the former vice president meeting voters in new hampshire and wisconsin. he would go on twin primaries in both of these states on his way to securing the gop nomination. he defeated george wallace in a general winning 32 states.


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