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tv   Lectures in History  CSPAN  April 2, 2016 8:48pm-9:01pm EDT

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midnight eastern as we join students and college classrooms to hear lectures on topics ranging from the american revolution to 9/11. lectures and history also available as podcasts. download website or our podcasts from itunes. >> american history tv on c-span3. this weekend tonight at 10:00 eastern on real america. jobs arech farm referred to as understandably, this is the only area in which the american farm labor supply falls short and is supplemented by mexican citizens, sometimes called nationals or mexican nationals. the term most commonly used is broseros.
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this means a man who works with his arms and hands. the big question is why b roseros? promoted0 minute film the program, a guest worker agreement between the u.s. and mexico between 1940 two and 1964. sunday morning 10:00 eastern. the soviets are aggressive, they have overstated bitten off more than they should be allowed to digest and i think that the best answer to it is for them to know that the united states is going to keep its commitment. >> i agree completely. where people want to be free from soviets or cuban domination where the proxy groups are used, the u.s. should be willing to provide weapons to any men that want to fight for their freedom against those forces. [laughter]
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>> the 1980 texas republican primary debate between ronald reagan and george h w bush. at 6:00 on american artifacts. it is the least of the classical buildings. the russo building is very neoclassical. the dirksen building is sort of a mirrored image of a neoclassical building. the heart of building is very modern. some people compare it to a large ice cube tray. ritchiee historian don takes us inside the newest of the three senate office the 1983 heart senate office building to learn about its construction and place in congressional history. smithsonian national portrait gallery senior historian david ward chronicles abraham lincoln's life through photographs and portraits.
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>> a rather exasperated lincoln takes time out from writing the inaugural address to sit for this last photograph. the eyese again disappear. his presence which in the public is suffering. >> for a schedule, go to all weekend, american history tv is featuring long beach california located on california's southern coast about 20 miles south of los angeles. c-span cities tour staff recently visited many sites, showcasing the city's history. learn more about long beach weekend here on american history tv. >> we are at the port of long beach here in california within the city of long beach. we are sitting right in the middle of the port complex. this port complex is approximately 3200 acres in
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size. we are the most modern and andest seaport in the u.s. we are a department of the city of long beach. we consider ourselves part of the community here. this is the largest economic engine for the city, for the region, for the state. 180 billion dollars worth of cargo comes through this port supplies the region, the state, the nation. regionally, this port supports about 315,000 jobs within the region and 1.2 million jobs throughout the u.s.. our cargo touches every congressional district in the united states. the port of long beach was established as a former harvard apartment. we are a little over 104 years old and through that time, this port actually started on a wooden wharf and was a lumber
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terminal that used to come up from the northwest for the growing city of long beach and the region. today, 104 years later, sitting on the most modern, sustainable marine container terminal in the world. marinest successful terminal the had was a lumber terminal that sits in our and are harbor. -- inner harbor. we have done over 100 years really built out our facilities. , we builthat you see a lot of this land. that has once again made us successful for being able to ofdle a lot of the demand cargo coming through. the reason why the port of long beach is so successful is because of our location within the state, the weather,
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geographic features, the infrastructure. we have deep water. other ports have to do a lot of dredging. we are very fortunate that we have a lot of those natural features that allow us to continue to modernize our franklyn and be able to handle the largest vessels in the world whether it's container vessels. we celebrated the arrival of 18,000 container vessels. very few ports around the world can handle that size of vessel. are very proud with the infrastructure we have within the port that we do as well as the rails and the highway system that help support moving cargo outside the port in the region. everyrgo touches congressional district in the
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united states. we are very proud of that. cargo comes through this port complex. a major national asset when it comes to continuing to have the efficiencies to move cargo. the only did we do containers, we are a full-service port. we move cars, we have mercedes and toyota, major customers. we move lumber and crude imports and other types of commodities. some of the challenges that go along with the growth in the history of the port, probably the environment. it's the physical environment and the environment of the impact that our operations create on our local communities. over the years, the port of long
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beach and the city of long beach had been very successful in being proactive whether it comes to water quality and ensuring that we have the proper facilities and we don't have the pollutants that enter the harper -- harbor. dredging and cleaning up the legacy pollutants in the harbor is important for the habitat. we have a very clean water quality report. we do monitoring. we have a great habitat. we do surveys of the entire bay. this harbor complex, even though we have grown and developed, we have been able to maintain and have some sustainability in the port without having a major impact on habitat. our biggest success and the biggest challenge at the same time is really reducing the operations from air quality. because of the nature of what we do in the port, there are a lot of mobile sources.
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whether it's the vessels that are very large with huge engines . at one point, they were burning dirty bunker fuel that had a lot of toxins in it. we have been very successful in coming up with strategies in the program to reduce the overall admissions from those sources. right nowre sitting today, we are on the long beach container terminal. -- when it opens up, the phase one portion of it will be opening up in the middle of april. it will be the most modern and cleanest marine container terminal in the world. everything from the time the whenl reaches the birth to the cargo reaches the fence line
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is fully electrified. there are no admissions. one of the amazing things about is what we call an automated guided vehicle. it's completely 100% zero admissions. it's electric. everything from the stacking trains to the short trains, they are the most modern and most efficient when it comes to moving cargo. that is important for not only the environment but also where we need to be for efficiency in moving cargo. this terminal will really be state of the art. we have a lot of people really focused on this most modern terminal and when it goes live, there are a lot of people who are thinking about doing similar types of renovations and coming up with new types of operations on their terminals as well.
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we are a port town and we are proud of that. our city is proud of the port. over the years, we have maybe hit some bumps in the road. but i think we have come a long way. we are on the right track. that will make us even more successful in the future. >> our city staff travel to long beach to learn more about its rich history. you are watching american history tv all weekend every weekend on c-span3. each week leading up to the 2016 presidential election american
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history tv brings you archival coverage of presidential races. next a 1980 debate between governor ronald reagan and former cia director george h.w. in houstontook place before the texas primary. governor reagan went on to win the primary. bush asicked mr. his running mate. they won 44 states in the 1980 general election defeating jimmy carter and walter mondale. our coverage is courtesy of the league of women voters. >> good evening. i'm the national president of the league of women voters. ,elcome to the houston forum the third event in


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