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tv   Port of Long Beach  CSPAN  April 10, 2016 9:20pm-9:31pm EDT

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wheeler of the federal communications commission. he talks about issues facing the fcc. including that neutrality. regulation of the internet and privacy. the spectrum incentive auction that is just beginning. how he views the future of telecom and the internet. he is joined by the technology reporter for the washington post. wheeler: i was able to be involved as they were bringing great change to the american economy and the way people live their lives. and that is what we're dealing with it the fcc. -- middlethe bidding of one of the great revolutions of all time. had we deal with the problems
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all around us in the communications industry. this year c-span is touring cities across the country exploring american history. next a look at our recent visit to long beach california. you are watching american history tv. >> we're at the port of long beach. sitting in the middle of the port complex. approximately 3200 acres in size. seaporthe most modern in the united states. we are a department of the city of long beach. we consider ourselves part of the community. economiche largest engine for the city.
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billion worth of cargo that comes through here. it supports about 15,000 jobs in the region. the port of long beach was established in 1911. through that time this port entry start on the wooden wharf. it used to come up from the northwest to supply lumber here. we're sitting on the most modern sustainable container terminal in the world.
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over 100 years we've really builds out the facility. we would be sitting in the middle of the harbor. we've built a lot of this land and once again made a successful the reason this port is so successful is because of our location. and theh the state geographic features. the infrastructure with deep water. we're very fortunate that we have a lot of those natural features that allow us to continue to modernize our operations. handle the to
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largest vessels in the world. we are very proud of the infrastructure we have within the port. as well as the rail. our cargo touches every congressional district. in the united states. we're very proud of that. 40% of the u.s. containerized cargo comes through this port complex. we are a major natural asset.
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we are a full-service porch. we move cars. we move crude imports. as well as other types of commodities. the environment has been a big issue. the physical environment and then the environment of the impact that our operations have on the local communities. port of longs the beach and the city of long has been very successful in being proactive whether it comes to water quality and ensuring that we have the proper facilities and we don't have to pollute the water. cleaning up a lot of the legacy pollutants. very important for the habitat
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of this harvard. very clean water area in this port. we have great habitats. we do surveys of the entire day. we have been able to maintain and have sustainability within the port that having a major impact on habitat are biggest really reducing the impact of port operations from air quality. because the nature of what we do here in the port lots of global sources of combustion. whether it is the vessels that are very large. earningoint they were dirty fuel. that was very black and had a lot of toxins. we've been successful in coming up with strategies to reduce the overall emissions from those
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sources. isre we're sitting right now the long beach container terminal we call it the middle harbor project. when it opens up phase one. will be opening up in the middle of april. cleanestmodern and marine container terminal in the world. the time theom to onereaches the birth cargo leads to gate whether by truck or train. everything within that is fully electrified. no admissions. emissions. the types of systems that will be in place here. for moving cargo around within the terminal and moving things around. automated guided vehicles. zero emissions.
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it is electric. everything from the stacking cranes to the shore craze. they are among the most modern of the most efficient when it comes to moving cargo that is the most important thing when it comes to the environment but also for where our industry needs to be for efficiency in moving cargo. this terminal is really going to be state-of-the-art. we have a lot of people that are really focused on this most modern terminal and when he goes live a lot of people looking who also are thinking about doing similar types of renovations and coming up with new types of operations on their own terminals as well. we are important town. we're proud of that. our city is proud of the port. over the years we've had some bumps in the road. not listening to our community. not thinking about how to integrate the port with our city. but i think we've come a long way. we're on the right track. as going to make us even more successful in the future.
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>> our cities tour staff recently traveled to long beach california. to learn more about long beach was you are watching american history tv. on c-span three. monday on the communicators. federal communications commission chair tom wheeler. he talks about issues facing the fcc. including neutrality. the internet and privacy.
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and the spectrum incentive auction that is just beginning. he also discusses how he views the future of telecom and the internet. >> what i was fortunate enough to do in the cable industry was to be involved with bringing great change to american economies. that is what we are dealing with at the fcc. we're in the middle of a great revolution. the fcc has to say, how do we deal with the changes are happening all around? >> watch the communicators on monday night. >> on march 22, the house of representatives passed a bill to allow world war ii women airforce service pilots, also known as


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