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tv   Ross Perot Petition Rally  CSPAN  May 6, 2016 10:54pm-11:08pm EDT

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think about it. who is the one man who has the experience and qualifications to lead america in these troubled dangerous times? nixon's the one.
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america has strangers but that's part of the greatness of our country. i have great faith in american youth. the youth of today can change the world and they understand that. i think that we're going to go forward to a great age, not just for americans, but for peace and progress for all the people in the world. in a party itself can unite the nation. how can a party that can't keep order in its own backyard hope
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to keep order in our a states? how can a party that labelled the results of its program in a great society ever find any real solutions. how can a party that lets a party get bogged down in an endless war on fourth party power get into conflict. how in the light of all this account american people fail it see that united states urgently needs new leadership. by now it's clear. the american people do see the ne need. >> what has richard nixon ever done for you? >> what has richard nixon ever done for me? medicare.
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no, but nixon, nixon. the nuclear bomb. no, that was humphrey's idea to test the bomb. but nixon? what has richard mixon ever done for me? oh, let's see. working people. i'm a worker. no. the democrats got social security. but nixon. education. >> the preceding has been a paid announcement for citizens for humphrey muske. >> there must be something nixon's done. >> do you want castro to have the bomb? now? do you want any country that doesn't have the bomb to be able
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to get it? of course you don't. where does richard nixon stand on the u.n. treaty to stop the spread of nuclear weapons? he says he's in no hurry to pass it. hubert humphrey wants to stop the spread of nuclear weapons now. before it mushrooms. hubert humphrey supports the u.n. treaty now. as do the 80 countries who have already signed it. let's stop the spread of the bomb now. humphrey. and there's no alternative. paid for my citizens for humphrey muske.
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mr. mixon silence on the issue of vietnam has become an issue in itself. he talks of an honorable peace. but says nothing about how he would attain it. he says the war must be waged more effectively. but says nothing about how he would wage it. even the man who second is the nomination of rhard nixon, mark hat field has said, the peace talk should not become the skirt for timid men to hide behind. made promises for quote an honorable peace unquote. voters should not be forced to go to the polls with their fingers crossed. [ laughing ]
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why are more and more millions of americans voting for wallace? >> as president i shall within the law turn back the absolute control of the public school systems to the people of the respective states. >> why are more and more millions turning to governor wall as? take a walk in your street or park tonight. as president i shall help make it possible for you and your families to walk the streets of our cities in safety. >> more and more millions are returning to governor wallace. watch your hard-earned tax dollars sail away it anti-american countries. >> as president i will help the give away of your american dollars and products to those nations that aid our enemyes. >> wallace has the courage to stand up for america. give him your support.
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governor george c. wallace. >> today we are involved in southeast asia. 500,000 servicemen who are totally committed at this very moment between life and death. i sincerely hope and pray that political and diplomatic negotiations in paris are successful and that an honorable peace can be achieved in negotiations and the american servicemen brought home. at this time, there's some doubt about the success of our political and diplomatic negotiations in paris. and if they fail, and as your president, i shall call upon the joint chiefs of staff to bring a military conclusion to the war with conventional weapons and bring the american servicemen home and turn the security of south vietnam over strictly to the south vietnamese armed forces. >> wall as has the courage to stand up for america. give him your support.a as has
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stand up for america. give him your support.c as has stand up for america. give him your support.e as has o stand up for america. give him your has th stand up for america. give him your support.s has the stand up for america. give him your support. has the stand up for america. give him your support. >> all robert kennedy knows of farms he has known of conviction. never milked a could you in his life but he has sponsored legislation it help the family farmer. a man of the city in the suburbs. he can sense the common interest of all-americans. >> some of that money for education. problems faced in the local communities. >> he is a man of the city who reached his own conclusions about the importance of our farmers. >> this stuff happens to you as farmers is important to those of us who live elsewhere in the country and that you can have an adequate income.
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>> kennedy, can make the difference. robert kennedy and some people who aren't registered this year. in ten years, these americans will inherit the problems we don't solve today. >> it is suggested that in the next several decades that people will start having it wear gas masks in new york city because of the air is becoming so polluted. 750 pounds of ref use that you breath every year. and the same thing is true in a lesser degrees in cities across the united states. that will spread it the rural areaes as well if we don't stop it. things we can do about automobiles. laws to pass about dumping and throwing refuse into streams and lakes and into the air. and then the demand and interest
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that all of you might take in it. and i think that's what's going to make the difference in this country. >> nebraska can make the difference. tonight you've been watching some of our american history tv programming in prime time. you'll find us here every weekend on c-span 3. we'll take you live to conferences, symposiums and historical sites. on american artifacts behind the scenes with us to museums and archives. and travel with us to the nation's classrooms. where you'll hear from college and university professors on lectures and history. and for 2016 campaign continues. watch past presidential campaigns on road to the white house rewind. and journey with us through the 20th century and real america which showcases documentaries and other archival films. over the next few weeks, watch for our areas of portions from the 1975 church committee hearings. investigating the intelligence
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activity of the cia, fbi, irs, and nsa. look for all of our programming every weekend on c-span 3. >> you're watching american history tv in prime time. each week until the 2016 election road to the white house rewind brings us archival coverage of presidential races. up next, a look at 1992 campaign of independent candidate ross perot. he finished third in the general election with 19% of the vote. democrat bill clinton won the presidency that year defeating a republican incoumbent president george h.w bush. we begin in texas in may of 1992. earlier in the year he said he would run for president if reporters got his name on the ballot in all 50 states. at this rally he announced he exceeded the number of signatures needed to place his name on the ballot in his home state. this is about 10 minutes.
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chaups chaus [ cheers and applause ]s [ cheers and applause ][ cheers] >> thank you. thank you. you are so enthusiastic. it's wonderful. we had a momento here from texas that we would like to present to mr. pe row now on behalf of all of you who have worked so hard. and let me read the inscription to him and to you who have not had the chance it see this. we, the people of texas, join
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the millions of fellow americans who brought our volunteers efforts to secure an overwhelming number of signatures to pledge the name ross perot on the presidential ballot of the great state of texas. we congratulate you and wish you the best of luck in your bid for the presidency of the united states, and we will do our utmost to continue our efforts to achieve that goal. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] [ crowd chanting ] >> thank you very much. thank you.


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