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tv   Ross Perot Petition Rally  CSPAN  May 7, 2016 1:48am-2:03am EDT

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but statistics are merely reflections of hard facts, not the whole human story. one part of the real story can be found in the areas dissected statistically. areas in which the working men live swing easily to wallace. bell gardens within the county of los angeles. population, 30,000. democrat 4 to 1. by the end of the campaign, wallace claims more registered voters than the totals in the democratic and republican parties. huntington park, a residential section bordering an industrial area. wallace workers open an office, and the area swings to wallace. but response is two-sided. both democrat and republican go for wallace. for example, in the city of maywood, december 1966, there are over 4,000 democrats. nearly 2,000 republicans.
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by the end of the campaign democrats lose nearly 2,000 of the faithful while republicans lose nearly 1,000. the reasons to change appear much alike. >> i hereby give my support to governor george c. wallace. i feel that governor wallace really means what he says when he says that he will keep government in the hands of the individual states, thereby helping each state decide for itself its role in local government. >> i am in favor of the nomination of george c. wallace for the presidential candidate in 1968 because i believe that he is the only man in the political arena today who will stand up for the men in vietnam to win the war by letting the joint chiefs of staff handle the
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situation there instead of the political intellectuals in washington. >> i'm from romania. i lost my country -- >> then the minority groups, from refugees to first and second generations. >> the people to make troubles all over. and i support governor wallace because i think he's a good man to save this country from the communists. >> reregistration continues. strategy from the main office keeps the names coming in constantly. what the strategy boils down to is canvass an area, set up, get as many registrations as possible, then move to the next area. according to some workers, it is very close to trying to be in two places at the same time. there remains one basic problem.
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there is only one george wallace. and the physical problems of distance and traffic precludes fewer rallies than wallace wants. where wallace does appear returns gather momentum, tripling and often quadrupling. each day becomes a race within itself to cover as much ground as possible. and all the while there are problems in established areas. new areas, phone calls, meetings. business from alabama. all important. and each taking valuable time. morale, enthusiasm. a constant problem in any campaign. and california was no different. high or low, it can ignite anywhere in the campaign organization, spreading quickly from staff to workers. two primary factors boosted wallace workers in the golden state -- the realization that the 1968 presidential race is going to be a close one and the ever-increasing waves of support for governor wallace.
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california law, aimed at keeping new parties out of california, proved not enough to stop the wallace grassroots movement. victory in california clearly pointed the way to new successes in other parts of the nation. all right some political experts were willing to openly state that governor george c. wallace could indeed be elected president in 1968. mathematically speaking, the recognized wallace strength in the southern and border states added up to some 150 electoral votes. a giant stepping stone toward the 270 electoral votes needed to put george wallace in the white house. and the strong grassroots wallace support in states outside the south coupled with the simple fact that only slightly more than 1/3 of the popular veet is needed in a three-way race to give a
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candidate a state's electoral votes dramatically propelled governor wallace to the forefront of the 1968 presidential race. with working organizations and already demonstrated voter appeal in states such as wisconsin, california, ohio, pennsylvania, indiana, and maryland, the number of electoral votes needed to elect george c. wallace president in 1968 was clearly within reach. some so-called experts still remained to be convinced. but one lerns learned by the wallace campaigners in california was that they shouldn't mind being underestimated. not when you consider the results. george wallace is in touch with the people. he knows the depth and sincerity of their convictions, that there must be a change in our national government's foreign and domestic policies. george wallace doesn't take time
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to convince the experts. he's too people talking with the people. he's running. and a new national political movement by the people goes with him. step by step. growing stronger every day. >> we are naturally most happy with the results of our california campaign and with the developments in other parts of the country also. the great groundswell of individual citizen interest that we tapped in 1964 in our campaigns in indiana, maryland, and wisconsin has continued to rise, and the registration victory in california here in 1968 dramatically illustrates that this is a national movement which can no longer be denied or brushed under the rug. given the facts that people will speak and with your help we intend to continue to carry on the fight for local government,
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and for the free enterprise and private property systems. to do so, however, requires money. and i hope that you will join with us in this great effort. any amount that you can afford will help. the wallace campaign headquarters in alabama handles all contributions. but for quick processing, your contribution should be sent to po box 1968, montgomery, alabama, 36103. this is up with way that you can make sure that your voice is heard and that you have a candidate and platform that you can yousupport in the candidate race in november. today there's not a dime's worth of difference in the national republican party, in national democratic party and their problems that confront the people of our nation. this is not a personal campaign for george wallace, or a campaign against anyone. it is a true grass roots
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determination by millions of americans and every one of the 50 states who, like you, are tired of false promises and the evergrowing centralization of governmental powers in washington. now is the time that you can stand up for america. together we will carry this fight forward with renewed energy and dedication. ♪ ♪ ♪ each week until the 2016
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election, road to the white house presidential rewind. next, 1968 presidential campaign ads from richard nixon, hubert humphrey and george wallace. also two ads from democratic primary candidate robert f. kennedy who was assassinated in june 1968. richard mixon went on to win with less than 1% of the popular vote over hubert humphrey. wallace finished third but won five states. this is just over 10 minutes. never has so much military, economic and diplomatic power been use sewed ineffectively as in vietnam.d sewed ineffectivels in vietnam. sewed ineffectively as in vietnam.s sewed ineffecti as in vietnam.o sewed ineffectiy as in vietnam.sewed ineffective as in vietnam.ewed ineffectivel as in ineffectivelys in vietnam.ed ineffectively as in vietnam.d ineffectively as
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in vietnam. ineffectively as in vietnam. you factor all of this time, sacrific sacrifice, support and there is no end in support. american people need to turn to new leadership. not tied to the policies and mistakes of the past. i pledge to you, we shall have an honorable end to the war in vietnam. this time, vote like your whole world depended on it. think about it, when the decision of one man can affect your family for generations to come, what kind of man do you want making those decisions?
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think about it. who is the one man who has the experience and qualifications to lead america in these troubled dangerous times? nixon's the one. america has strangers but that's part of the greatness of our country. i have great faith in american youth. the youth of today can change the world and they understand
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that. i think that we're going to go forward to a great age, not just for americans, but for peace and progress for all the people in the world. in a party itself can unite the nation. how can a party that can't keep order in its own backyard hope to keep order in our a states? how can a party that labelled the results of its program in a great society ever find any real
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solutions. how can a party that lets a party get bogged down in an endless war on fourth party power get into conflict. how in the light of all this account american people fail it see that united states urgently needs new leadership. by now it's clear. the american people do see the ne need. >> what has richard nixon ever done for you? >> what has richard nixon ever done for me? medicare. no, but nixon, nixon. the nuclear bomb. no, that was humphrey's idea to test the bomb. but nixon?
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what has richard mixon ever done for me? oh, let's see. working people. i'm a worker. no. the democrats got social security. but nixon. education. >> the preceding has been a paid announcement for citizens for humphrey muske. >> there must be something nixon's done. >> do you want castro to have the bomb? now? do you want any country that doesn't have the bomb to be able to get it? of course you don't. where does richard nixon stand on the u.n. treaty to stop the spread of nuclear


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