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tv   1968 Presidential Campaign  CSPAN  May 7, 2016 4:40am-4:43am EDT

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everybody's talked about and there are no simple solutions to. and that's our involvement in southeast asia. and we could talk all night here in this auditorium about the 3459er of the 17th parallel and old french indo-china and the geneva accord. but suffice it to say we are in vietnam, whether you think we ought to be there or not. and 500,000 american servicemen are totally committed at this moment between life and death. and some of them are being killed at this very moment. in fact, i just left a motel where the daughter of the motel owner came by to shake my hand and eight months ago her husband was killed in vietnam and she had two children and they'd been killed on this night. and one of the first things that we ought to do is reappraise our attitude toward western europe and our attitude toward some of our non-communist asian nations. and by the way, they are doing so much better than are some of those in western europe.
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but western europe was rehabilitated after world war ii by the money of the people of california and alabama, including those nations that we fought. and i'm glad that we do have a stable rehabilitated europe insofar as our economy is concerned. because that has been a barrier to further communist encroachment in that part of the world. even though we sold out the eastern european nations at yalta we still have a strong viable western europe. and they need us and we need them. and i'm not talking about kicking our allies out. i'm just talking about having some eyeball to eyeball talk with them above the table and make them respect us more and tell them that it's as much your interest to be in southeast asia as it is for us and if you don't go and help us and you don't stop trading those of you who do with the north vietnamese, our enemies, we're going to cut foreign aid off and ask you to pay back that which you've gotten in the past because the average man --
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[ applause ] the average man in our country doesn't understand the paying of his money continuously to nations who not only won't help us but even trade with the north vietnamese. and we have defended europe twice. and mr. du gaul in europe wants to devalue our dollar by taking gold out which would devalue the system of money in the free world. and it's been devalued enough because of inflationary processes in our cone urnt and we know what happened to the pound over in england. because of socialistic overspending. money that brought no return to the english people. and we've got to get our house in order or we're going to face that same problem here in these united states. and we ought to tell mr. dugaulle you're not going to impair the dollar concerted by a concerted effort you're making by taking gold out of our country and if you continue to impair the dollar when you don't


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