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tv   Road to the White House Rewind  CSPAN  May 15, 2016 10:00am-10:41am EDT

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the tennessee republican primary over for mark california governor ronald reagan by less than 1%. the rac president ford secured the nomination on the first rollcall. he lost the presidency to jimmy carter. this three-minute event is courtesy of the gerald r ford presidential library and museum. [applause]
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president ford: thank you very much. americans, at the outset let me congratulate and thank the east tennessee state university marching band and the other fine bands and organizations here. i am deeply grateful for your attendance and the wonderful music. [applause] i am likewise most grateful that governor winfield dunn is here. he was an outstanding governor for you in the state of tennessee. [applause]
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he was one of the most outstanding governor's in the whole united states during the time he served do in tennessee. it was my privilege and honor as the minority leader to work with him on many projects involving your state and involving governors throughout the country and i thank you very, very much. [applause] i am deeply grateful to my very good an old friend howard aker for his endorsement. you have an howard one of the outstanding members of the united states senate. knows more than howard involving the problems of energy, nuclear power. he was tall and strong in the difficult days in 1972 and 73 and again in 1975 and 76 involving the problems of the
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intelligence community. i thank you from the bottom of my heart, howard, for your endorsement and your support. [applause] obviously, it's a great honor and privilege for me to be in johnson city again. i was here in 1972. i had a delightful opportunity to meet many of you from johnson city. generous andthe strong support. i have worked with him in the congress all the time that we served concurrently. we are close personal friends. he and i have worked together for the medical school project of this community. [applause]
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with this great crowd, it's just great to be in johnson city, home of the tennessee buccaneers. [applause] the hilltop or's. [applause] the constitution hall bandits. [applause] independence hall rebels. [applause] message today to the people of tennessee can be summed up in just a very few words. as much as i believe a strong and prosperous american automobile industry, this year there is absolutely no reason
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whatsoever to trade in your ford on another model. [applause] i've had the great honor and privilege to serve as your president for more than 21 months. 1974, took office in america was faced with some of the most serious problems in its 200 year history. our economy had gone haywire with prices going up at a rate of more than 12% grid with america on the brink of the worst recession in 40 years. to meetonal resolve international commitments had been called into question by our allies and adversaries alike. there was great danger to peace in many areas throughout the world.
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underlying the serious problems was a crisis of confidence in our government. especially in the white house. there was a crisis of spirit among the american people. many began to question whether our best days were already behind us. later, the american scene has dramatically improved. that inflation rate has been cut more than half. it's down to less than 3% in the first three months of 1976. that's a 75% reduction of good record. [applause] after seeing unemployment rise ago -- 12 months ago, we recovered more than 3 million jobs in the last 12
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months alone. 400,000, that is more than ever before in history of the united states. that's a pretty good come back from where we were a year ago. [applause] internationally, america is it these with every nation on earth. not one american is serving in combat anywhere today anyplace throughout the world. i intend to keep it that way. [applause] the day that i took feel for of office as resident of the united states i said truth is the glue that holds government together.
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21 months later, the record of my administration is one of candor, integrity, and openness. it restored the confidence and trust in the white house. it's a record that i am very proud of. [applause] the american people today are looking into the future with faith instead of fear. that future can be as bright as successful as you want to make it. a courselly, we are on of steady growth and rising prosperity. we have done battle with the worst recession in 40 years. it's the worst inflation in more than 50 years. we won. our next battle is with deficit spending by the federal government. i have already begun that battle
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with 49 vetoes as my ammunition. [applause] despite a supposedly the pro--- we got 42 ofgress, those vetoes sustained. they will save the american people $13 billion. if the congress keeps sending me budget testing bills down to the vetooffice, i will use my again and again and again. [applause] i will not peace satisfied until we have that wants the federal budget and the sooner the better. [applause]
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my plan is to combine spending to reducetax cuts and the growth of government across the board. we cut your taxes last year. that led to a major increase in consumer spending. factorcrease was a major in our economic recovery. i asked the congress for another tax cut of $10 billion starting july 1. instead it looks like the majority of the congress want to spend $17 billion more than i proposed, eliminating the tax cuts and increasing the national debt to $713 billion. we've got to fight for my program. [applause]
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may i mention among the tax cuts that i recommended to the congress, there was an increase in the personal exemption from $1000 and i can't understand why the congress don't understand the people in the middle income area need that tax cut. [applause] with the new budget that i propose, we could cut the rate of growth in federal spending by 50%. we can achieve a balanced budget by 1979. if we can get a few more howard in the congress of the united states, we can cut government spending, alice the
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budget, we can win the battle and i hope you will help us across the board. [applause] the sound of real battle is only faintly heard in the world after so many years of war. proudited states can be of the role it has played in bringing peace to the world and promoting the cause of freedom, human dignity throughout this grove -- globe. commandtrong enough to the confidence of our allies and -- the respect of our adversaries. we have reversed that dangerous trend. i have proposed in the last two the two largest defense
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budgets in american history. convinceat we finally a majority in the congress that it can't shortchange our national defense any longer. titlegoing to win that against the congress like we're winning the battle in the economy and for peace throughout the world. [applause] the purpose of america's mighty arsenal is not to terrify the week or provoke armed confrontation or lay claim to that which is not ours. our purpose is to defend freedom and to maintain a foundation of strength on which to build a better and safer world. on strength does not rest our military power alone.
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our major source of strength is the productivity and success of the american farmer who in the last three years has enjoyed his highest net income in our nations history and whose exports of hit high records. those exports of helped put america back on the road to prosperity print the farmer deserves the thanks of every american. that doesn't mean the big farm operator, it means the small family farmer right here in east tennessee and i thank you all. [applause] to preserve that family farm and other family enterprises, i have proposed raising the estate tax $60,000 torom $150,000. [applause]
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addition, i have thought about stretching out those payments over a 25 year span [applause]ing i want to see the family enterprises stay in the family rather than be sacrificed to pay the federal tax her. -- collector. [applause] the family tradition like the american tradition is one of ,ecurity, one of rich heritage of pride and hope for the future. there have been eight generations of independent americans working, planning, and
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praying that life would be even better for the next generation than for theirs. in a special sense, i want to continue as president because i want this generation of --ricans to live a better leave a better america to the next generation. policies, responsible are right for america. they have been proven right over the past 21 months. maintain the peace we now enjoy, to secure that easter certain, and to make that the legacy of peace continues for our children as well is our grandchildren. the policiestinue of reliance on the private economy, of cutting taxes and bureaucracies and removing
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useless regulation and wasteful spending. these policies have got us back from the depths of recession to a sustained recovery. they could help to ensure that runaway insurance -- inflation never robs us or our loved ones of the rewards of honest work and lifetime a savings. finally, i want to finish the most important job that i have begun. the restoration of faith and trust in the presidency itself. the great institutions of government crafted with such great care by our founding fathers have their foundations in the people's trust. the foundation has been strengthened rather than shaken. we will strengthen it more in the next four years. presidency,ek this
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but i will not shirk its responsibilities. [applause] telling the truth is the secret to success in government. administration we have faced many of the unpleasant facts of american life. we have dealt with them in a forthright and effective way. we have avoided making fancy promises and raising false hope. promise no more than i can deliver and deliver everything but i promise. [applause] peace, prosperity, and trust are
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the sum of my nearly two years since i became your president. they are a prescription for progress in america today. they can be the greatest legacy any generation of americans has ever left to its children. i ask for your 2,port on may 25, november and for challenging years ahead. thank you very, very much. [applause]
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>> each week leading up to the election, we bring you archival coverage of races. "jimmyup, a film called who? " theas used to introduce governor to voters during the primaries. campaigndated as the progressed.
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jimmy carter went on to defeat gerald ford in a close general election. this is courtesy of the jimmy carter presidential library and museum. >> there was a major headline on the atlanta constitution that said jimmy carter is running for what? i am running for president. jimmy carter entered the race a political unknown. outside of georgia, hardly anyone record dies his name. that would change. >> jimmy who?
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>> i don't know who he is. >> he looks to me like he's all right. >> he is the people's man. that? do you mean by thatople would say more gerald ford was sexy because he was a football player. i think he has a nice smile. he has bushy hair flying all around. >> he is a peanut farmer. >> i don't think it makes any difference if he is a peanut farmer or not. >> i picture him like one of us. one of the working people. >> it gives me a great deal of pleasure to present to you the
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next president of the united states, jimmy carter. [applause] carter: when i was running whogovernor, a young man introduced me have done a great deal of work in my background. he said we have with us tonight senator jimmy carter from planes, georgia. he went to georgia southwestern car -- college where he studied chemistry. he studied engineering at georgia tech. he point out that i had gone to the naval academy and see the degree in naval science. he said i went to union college in new york ended graduate work in nuclear physics. now he grows peanuts for living. >> jimmy carter's roots go to
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deep into the dark red soil of southwest georgia. small born near the farming town. he decided against continuing the family tradition. career aslly ended a a naval officer to return to the land. he resumed the work of his parents and their parents before them. : my children will be the sixth generation on the same land. i was able to get a good education, nobody before me had a chance to graduate from high school. we know what it means to work for a living. >> the determination and self discipline and exertion that helped him build a successful farming business were also seen him throw punishing campaign. it was marked by loneliness.
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the reporters, no cameras, no secret service nearby when he introduced himself to voters. this was unheard of for a presidential hopeful. there was no other way. bemy carter: i want to president in the most severe way. days outside of georgia. i want the people to know my character, my strengths and weaknesses. if i can measure up to what the people want our government to be, i will be elected. i hope to be your next president. >> and so he traveled to the towns and cities and the meeting halls and factories, the supermarkets and sidewalks
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talking to his many people as he could meet in as many states as he could visit. he began to close the gap between jimmy carter unknown and jimmy carter candidate to be considered. new hampshire, the first primary. the first day which voters would make their choice. traditionally, nope canada who lost new hampshire ever won the presidency. in the final days, group supporters often referred to as carter's peanut brigade go to new hampshire. i am a volunteer from georgia. groundad snow on the like this we would be paralyzed for weeks. >> her schedule was grueling, almost as much as her husband.
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she was a gracious campaigner. >> people say how can you stand for your husband to be in politics. i just tell them that we were born and raised in georgia. everybody has always known everything i do. there has never been any hint of scandal in his personal life. --hink he can retort is restore the confidence in government we need in our country today. i think he would be a great president. >> the last vote was cast in the polls were closed. as darkness fell over new england, candidates met once again with their supporters and anxiously awaited the first returns of the primary season. >> jimmy carter took a long lead
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in the race for the presidential nomination. he won the new hampshire primary handily. >> jimmy carter had 130% of the total popular vote. jimmy carter: being from the south was not a handicap the people thought it would. >> other victory celebrations would follow. few would be is gratifying to the dark horse candidate from georgia. carter: i remember when we couldn't find a microphone. rephe primaries came and succession like firecrackers on the fourth of july.
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[applause] jimmy carter: we've had 30 state primaries. possible to stake are campaign directly to the people of america. centers, and shopping the colleges, the beauty parlors, the barbershops.
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to farmers markets and union halls. this has been a long and personal campaign. a kind of humbling experience. not -- doesfluence not rest with the powerbrokers, but with the people. >> the people listened to the simple way jimmy carter voice the high ideals of the democratic party. they showed their approval with excitement, a far cry from the polite and solitary handshakes months before, and the smile they create those early voters had become familiar as the morning paper. ♪
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♪ >> it is a long way from plains, georgia to washington d.c. the strength of a person can be measured by the path he takes to travel there. for jimmy carter, that road was one of hard determination. the same road that has been traveled for more than 200 years in this country for old who foresee freedom and opportunity. those men and women literally built this nation from the land, nurturing the dream with dedication and the sweat of their brow heard the seasons
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seasons -- into centuries now, but -- jimmy carter: we could all see a greater nation. i have a vision of america. a vision that has grown and ripened as i have traveled, talked, and listened and learned and have gotten to know the people of this country. poised, notamerica only at the beginning of a new century, but at the brink of a of a competent government. -- i and away american have seen an american turning away from corruption. is not president who isolated from our people, but a president who feels your pain and who shares your dreams.
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i see an america on the move again, united come its wounds healed, entering its third citrate with confidence and competence and compassion. lives up to the majesty of the constitution and the simple decency of its people. this is my vision of america. i hope you share it. and i hope you will help me fight for it. ♪ ♪ i heard a young man speaking out, just the other day. listen,pped to take a to what he had to say. he spoke straight and sample. that, i was impressed.
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he said, once and for all, why not the best? he said his name was jimmy carter. and he was running for president. then he laid out a plan of action. it made a lot of sense. he talked about the government and how good it could be for you and me. that's the way it ought to be right now. once and for all, why not the best? usmy carter: i want to see once again as a nation that is good, honest, decent, and truthful and competent and compassionate, and filled with love. ♪ he spoke straight and simple, and i began to understand.
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oh i was listening to quite a man talking to me, and i began to see. we need jimmy carter. why settle for less? once and for all, why not the best? can'td jimmy carter, we afford to settle for less. all, why not the best? ♪
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, we probablyetary give 72 of our delegate to the next president of the united states. [applause]
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-- >> madam secretary, we proudly give 72 of our delegates to the next president of the united states. [applause] >> monday on the communicators, love visiting a technology fair on capitol hill, we spoke with billessman fred upton and shuster from pennsylvania, chair of the department and infrastructure committee. we also enervate -- we also -- rviewed in termse we are today of communication, job creation. we are working on a major bill
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and legislation we already passed. we will see the fcc bring up more spectrum, which will enable these devices to be used. we are on the run. putting in a legislation and encouraging and making people look at how do we make a road to the future? what do you need for your technology to be working and better. >> we launched a decade ago. our focus has been on making your device as useful as possible in a way that lets you -- iyour eyes on the will some of road and hands on the wheel. >> fort understands there is great demand for more spectrum. we are working with our colleagues to come up with a solution. we are working with our colleagues in the department of transportation. watch the communicators
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monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. coming up next on american history tv, a panel discussion with university and nonprofit presidents who are historians by training. they talk about their transitions to leadership positions and how their history backgrounds helped them in their roles as executives. this panel was part of the 2016 organization of american meeting heldnnual in providence, rhode island. it is about an hour and 50 minutes. >> i am john butler. i am the president of american historians. we are here to discuss historians. the theme is very appropriate, and part because the conferences on


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