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tv   The Presidency  CSPAN  May 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we will see three archival films. first a film highlighting president johnson's activities in november 1967. this video was divided by the nearly 25 minutes.ibrary in for president johnson, the month of november came with the arrival of the king of nepal. reigning over real life shangri-la, lost for centuries in a remote mountain vastness on the roof of the himalayas, the king of nepal only recently opened his doors to the rest of the world. he is equally thrown wide the doors of opportunity for all of
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his people. that he seesepal as he seeks to build. we americans share his vision and his hopes. we know it is hard for our nation to be torn in the cocoon of the past to be catapulted forward almost overnight into the 20th century. what we also know from 15 years of partnership in progress that the people of nepal will triumph in their struggles. advanced is not and by your own borders. end at advance does not your own borders. no alterations to advance by making clear what you cherish the most and want most to see. >> if america shares nepal's hopes and visions, it is because she herself was once locked behind closed doors, denied her freedom, isolated in remote vastness.
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like nepal, the america of today finds that her advances do not end at her home borders. having thrown wide the doors of opportunity to her own people, she now carries her influence and example into the great forums of the world. throughout november, president johnson would remind his countrymen how far america has come during a brief moment in history. at the same time, he would caution that these accomplishments were things of the past, to be accepted and the important problems lie ahead. america's unprecedented strides in health and education to be truly meaningful, must be shared with nations less fortunate. in so doing, arrive at a true international partnership for the common betterment of the world community. one of his emissaries, dr. james
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killian, return from latin america to report on the use of science and technology to speed social development. he is serving at the request of president johnson with a group of experts convened by the presidents of the american states in april. dr. killian figured prominently in another milestone of progress in november. as chairman of the carnegie commission, he had for pose that the airways along to the people, a proposal that now becomes law with presidents johnson's signature on the public broadcasting act. it establishes a new institution that will assist stations and producers who aim for the best broadcasting, who seek through television, to enlighten their audience. president johnson applied america's academic and technological resources to a host of specific problems around the world.
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to directors of the universities of south vietnam, he expressed hope that the best of the vietnamese teachers could reach all of the countries students through the modern miracle of public television. this seeing of internet shop partnership was in evidence with the arrival of the crown prince of laos. in extending america's hand of friendship, the president spoke of the achievements that would be possible if nations could only work together. >> i spoke to the blessings that would flow to millions if we could, together, harness this mighty waterway, longer then the mississippi river, is the real life stream of southeast asia. its waters have the power to build peaceful and prosperous
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nations in that area of the world. >> with the arrival of the prime minister of japan, dues were -- frank views were exchanged on the gamut of international concerns, to both countries. they sought ways to reverse the trend of between world population and food supply. by hastening the day when developing nations could stand on their own feet. they pledged close cooperation in the expansion of world trade. they saw peace and security in the far east. recognizing that this goal depends not only upon military strength, but political stability and economic development. >> i think the objective of the american people and the japanese people are very much the same. first of all, we want peace in all the world, and particularly in that troubled part of the world where we do not have it
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now. we want education for our children, health for our people, a small amount of recreation that can make us enjoy the good things of life. together, by working closely together, we have moved in that direction. >> few gestures have more solid substance than the transfer of territory. during their talks, the president initiated and arrangement for the return of the bonin islands to japan. this gesture not only strengthen the ties of friendship, but reinforced the conviction of the japanese people that the administrative rights of a new islands may one day be solved within a similar framework of mutual trust. influenced to be effective on an international scale must be backed up for example at home. creating a new city government
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for the nation's capital, a government responsive to people's needs have been a dream of president johnson. much of that dream turned into reality. the swearing in of the district's newly appointed city council. >> i want to say to the congressman and the house and senate as i said last night, let's don't treat the nation's capital as a stepchild. let's try to make it a model let's try to let it be the city that every other city in the world would like to date. -- would like to copy. let's get out on the streets and talk to the people in their homes and in their businesses, and see what is in their hearts and had and what they need and how we can best apply it. let's try to unite the city into a drive that will ultimately
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give us a national capital, of which we can be proud. thank you. [applause] >> in another ceremony in the east room, president johnson honored to men for bravery and outstanding service in vietnam, honored two women in uniform. for bravery, outstanding service in vietnam. two air force nurse colonel and full hopefully, the legion of merit. two army nurse major marie rogers, the bronze star. the president took this occasion to end a long-standing inequity in the armed forces. and signing the equal promotion opportunity bill, he gave to women the same chance for military achievement additionally enjoyed by only the men.
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he commended the female leaders as he headed out the customer -- customary pen to his distinguished yes, he discovered that he had one left over. he soon remedied that when he suddenly spotted a well-known leader and doer on the sidelines. on the eighth of november, vice president humphrey reported on the president on his tour of malaysia, indonesia, and vietnam. the president asked mr. humphrey to brief a joint meeting of the cabinet and the national security council. also invited, a congressional leadership on both sides of the aisle. >> the one outstanding thing and the most important of all was his observation that the military leaders in that area
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the best men we have been a will -- able to produce. we feel we have never had a better trained or equipped fighting force and never had better morale found anywhere in the uniform of the united states than those men and women who are in vietnam today. ♪ >> it was veterans day weekend, in fort benning, georgia, the president carried the admiration of his people to the men and women of the armed forces. >> for these americans, vietnam is no academic question. it is not a subject at cocktail parties or debate from a comfort of some distant sideline. these americans here do not live on the sidelines.
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their lives are tied by flesh and blood to vietnam. talk does not come cheap for them. the cost of beauty is too cruel. the price of patriotism comes too high. ♪ >> the cost through the land, -- across the breadth of the land racing the sun across the , sky. by noon he was in company with the marine corps at camp pendleton. >> freedom has never come to any people as a gift. it has never been held by any people who were not able and willing to defend it. the marine corps does defend it.
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the core was born as a commitment to freedom, and it has honored that commitment every single hour of its existence. it honors it today. and thank god. ♪
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>> even as the president watched the planes of the enterprise demonstrate fighting proficiency, he stressed the search for peace -- seeking out a neutral corner in the world where men might reason together. >> the united states follows the dream of peace, so we include even the seas in our search. for us, the boardroom could be a conference room. a neutral ship on a neutral sea would be as good a meeting place as any. so long as who would come to
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the meeting, so long as both met halfway. so long as one did not insist that the other walk on water and work a miracle alone. ♪ >> after spending a night at sea, the president worked his way back across the country. saluting the men of the air force at both mcconnell and langley. >> our spirit is sharp. our cause is just. and it is backed by strength. your strength. our cause will succeed. ♪ >> the president ended his journey in yorktown, virginia. it was here in 1781, out of the
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fires of last crucial battle the young nation asserted her independence once and for all. and now, almost 200 years later, the same spirit prevails, as american men in uniform help another young republic assert her independence half a world away. ♪ after a two day cross-country tour explaining the policies and it now and assigning america's responsibilities abroad, the president relaxed for a few moments in williamsburg, virginia. the president and his family have attended church regularly, visiting throughout the land many houses of worship. the big and the small. however, no service had ever been so publicized as this one
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on november in williamsburg. seeking spiritual solace, the president instead received a sermon on vietnam, questioning america's purpose in southeast asia. if there were moments in this -- of discomfort they were not , in evidence. the president and mrs. johnson complimented the choir. the rest of the day was spent with family and friends against a backdrop of autumn color in the historic countryside town of williamsburg. ♪
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>> perhaps he found spiritual solace after all. here in this tidewater area, as far back as the early 20th -- 17th century, planted the seeds of self-government, the respect for human dignity, the belief in individual rights. america's future leaders learn how to make and to enforce the law. when freedom was threatened, they learned how to preserve it. ♪
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>> with his weekend of rest with family and friends behind him, the president again went into the ring and took on the big events. first on schedule, a six-month report from ambassador bunker, returning from vietnam for a constellation visit, the ambassador -- consultation visit, the ambassador gave president johnson and overall view of the situation in vietnam. >> not only have a national elections been significant, but the elections also for the village and hamlet level. this marks the beginning of the reinstitution of local
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government, which was wiped out by the french occupation. this can have an extremely important effect in the country and in the countryside, involving the people in their own development. their own, well-being. ♪ >> more briefings from vietnam. arriving for a stay at the white house, general westmoreland reported to the president. ,f the myriad war charts reports, and meticulously gathered statistics, commercial pattern of progress. slow, to be sure, but steady, tangible and promising.
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>> in view of your talks this week with general west moreland and others, what is your assessment of our progress? >> i think every american heart should swell with pride at our leadership in vietnam. i believe, and our allied people believe that we have a superior leadership. i think it is the best that the united states can produce in experience, judgment and training and general competence. i have had three meetings with ambassador bunker and three with general westmoreland. i had coffee with him at length before i came here. our american people, when we get into a contest of any kind, war or an election or a football game or what it is, they want it decided quickly, get in or out.
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the likes of the curve to rise like this, and the like for the opposition to go down like this. that's not the kind of war we are fighting in vietnam. we made our statement to the world, what we would do if we had communist aggression in that part of the world in 1954. we said we would stand with those people in the face of common danger. the time came when we had to put up or shut up and we put up and we were there. we don't march out and have a big battle each day. it is a new kind of war for us. it doesn't move that fast. i think we are moving more like this. i think they are moving more like this, instead of straight up and straight down.
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we are making progress. we are pleased with the results we are getting. we are inflicting greater losses than we are getting. we are pleased admits the horror war andt the horrors of , more people have been killed trying to vote in south it now then have been killed by bombs in north vietnam according to , north vietnam's own figures. it the midst of all of the fighting in south vietnam, we have had five elections in a. of of months. 14 in the midst of war when the grenades are popping like you,rackers all around that two thirds or three fourths of the people would register and go vote and have five elections in months. through the democratic process, select people at the local
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level, the constituent assembly, a house of representatives, the senate, president, and vice president. that is encouraging. we have a lot to do yet, a great many mistakes have been made. we take two steps forward and we slipped back one. it is not all perfect by any means. there are a good many days when we get a c minus instead of an a plus. but we are satisfied with the progress. our allies are pleased with the progress, and every country that i know in that area that is familiar with what is happening thinks it is essential that uncle sam keep her word and stay there until we can find an honorable peace. if they have any doubts about it, mr. ho chi minh, who listens to our radio and reads our papers, if he has any doubts about it and want to disillusion him this morning.
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we keep our commitments, our people will support the men that are there, and the men there are going to bring us an honorable peace. >> one of those men, staff staff sergeant charles morris, was awarded the medal of honor in a ceremony. it was a double honor. for his field commander was also present. >> i recall, mr. president, when you honored us by coming to cameron bay to see the troops on the battlefield in south vietnam. i told you that never in all history had a commander in chief commanded finer folks, and are now commanded by president johnson. around the world but particularly in accordance with my personal knowledge on the battlefield in south vietnam.
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this american fighting man is represented today by sergeant moss. >> as the final days of november icked off, he faced an array of major problems, tackling each with an endless reservoir of decisiveness, energy and strength. on november 18, grim news from great britain, having worked hard over number of years to correct its trade deficits, the government of the united kingdom announced its decision to devalue the par value of the pound. determined to keep the monetary system strong, the president reaffirmed the american commitment to buy and sell gold at the existing price of $35 an ounce. from the eastern mediterranean, new tension, this time focused on the island of cyprus. the president would once more call upon his international
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troubleshooter, cyrus vance, to act as america's man on the scene. on november 22, vance would fly to athens to help remove the danger of war from that part of the world. to our nations surprise, his valued secretary of defense, robert mcnamara, would seek a new post, having been nominated by the director of the world bank. mcnamara was unique among defense secretaries, having held the secretary longer than any predecessor. able to see military issues in a broad context. above all, even as keeper of the nations sabres, he remained a humanist. in november, president signed into law the national commission on product safety. although a major bill in its own right, it signaled more than protection for the consumer. for lyndon johnson, it marked
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the end of his first or years in office. with the nation, it meant another milestone in a long line of impressive legislative achievement that meet the urgent priorities of the 1960's. in translating legislation into a program of action for the american people, no president could match his record. >> we need to crack down on the conmen who prey on the age and the defenseless. some of our parents save up all their lives to buy little homes for retirement. then some swindler comes along and gets a hold of them and they wind up in a useless swamp. with a piece of no good land or they wind up in a worthless shack. >> no administration work more -- ever worked harder or more aggressively in using federal machinery to help its people, particularly in those areas where human needs were the strongest. as president johnson wound up his first four years of office,
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the nation saw the completion of 80 months of economic expansion and prosperity. the gnp for the first time in history topped the $8 billion mark. and to cap it off, the 200 millionth american was born. all in all november have been a milestone month. but the true meaning of the month would not be found in america's power nor prosperity. it would be revealed in how she used her success in helping others. >> we see a nation begin its own climb up the mountain. as neither forgotten, nor has it for sake in the evil threat -- those people throughout the world that want to prosper in their own ways. we see a nation that has catapulted to world leadership, a nation that has exercised leadership without total
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conquest or without thought of enrichment, but with only the fund to establish a free and stable world for ourselves and for other human beings that live in that world. to put it in a sentence, we have success in america beyond all of our wildest dreams. we only to ourselves, i think to , note and to remember, as we welcome this 200 millionth american into our midst on the eve of our third century as a nation, if we only congratulate ourselves on what we have done, we will really miss its meaning. people years, our constantly said make this nation better, don't quit until the doors are open to everybody. ♪
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now we continue with our look back at president johnson on the vietnam war. up next, a process -- a press conference. it is just over 20 minutes. chairman, i am glad to take your questions. do you think at this point our force levers in vietnam will begin to level off if we authorize strength or do you think more troops may be needed in the future? consideredpreviously and approved the recommendation the joint chiefs of staff are the force level. the generals discussed in this at some length with me just last night and this morning. he anticipates no increase in the level. >> top to the bottom is worth yi


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