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tv   U.S.- Vietnam Relations in the 21st Century  CSPAN  June 1, 2016 10:05pm-10:31pm EDT

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thursday american history tv on c-span 3 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the church committee's final report on federal intelligence activities. the senate select committee to study governmental operations held hearings on intelligence activities by the cia, fbi, irs and nsa. that's at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span 3.
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american history tv on c-span 3. saturday night at 10:00 eastern on "real america." >> more than 110,000 cubans flee cuba. they come the 140 kilometers from the port of mural to key west, florida in nearly 2,000 boats. why did they come? why are there so many? >> during the spring through fall of 1980 approximately 125,000 cuban refugees arrived in florida from the port of mariel, cuba. hear interviews from these new arrivals to america and find out why they left. sunday morning at 10:00 on road to the white house rewind, the 1992 democratic and republican conventions. bill clinton accepts his party's presidential nomination in new york city. >> in the name of the hard-working americans who make up our forgotten middle class, i proudly accept your nomination for president of the united states.
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[ applause ] >> and incumbent president george h.w. bush accepts his party's nomination in houston. >> and i am proud to receive, and i'm honored to accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> at 4:45 architectural historian barry lewis on the creation sxefgs of new york city's greenwich village. >> when the elop opened on 6th avenue it gave us visually what we understood. east was washington square west of 6th avenue was the lower west side. nobody ever crossed that line. the people from western 6th avenue might cross the line to work as a servant in washington square. but believe me, the people in washington square never went on the other side of 6th avenue. >> and at 8:00 p.m. on the presidency -- >> every time i look at washington it's unanimous. unanimously commander in chief. unanimously president of the constitutional convention. unanimously president of the
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united states. unanimously re-elected president of the united states. unanimously appointed as the lieutenant general and commander in chief of all the armies raised or to be raised for the service in the united states. what a record. >> george washington scholar peter enriquez explores that even though washington was officially retired he continued to meet with political figures from the new capital and was often called upon to craft policy. for the complete american history tv weekend schedule go to the independent women's forum holds its annual polts summit in washington, d.c. topics include the economy, political leadership, women voters, the future of the supreme court, and college campus culture. that's live at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span 2. thursday a discussion on combating al qaeda and isis. the group gafta hosts a
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discussion with a political adviser to syrian president bashar al assad via skype. we're live from the national press club at 8:30 a.m. eastern here on c-span 3. >> i think today we in effect sort of catch up to the 20th century. we've been the invisible half of the congress the past seven years. we've watched our house colleagues with interest. at least i have with interest. and the tv coverage of members of our colleagues in the house. >> today is the day the u.s. senate comes out of the communications dark ages. we create another historic moment in the relationship between congress and technological advancements in communications through radio and television. >> 50 years ago our executive branch began appearing on
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televisi television. today marks the first time when our legislative branch in its entirety will appear on that medium of communication through which most americans get their information about what our government and our country does. >> they're televising our senate chamber proceedings, also represents a wise and warranted policy. broadcast media coverage recognizes the basic right and need of the citizens of our nation to know the business of their government. >> thursday c-span marks the 30th anniversary of our live gavel to gavel senate floor coverage on c-span 2. our special coverage features keep moments from the senate floor from the past 30 years. >> i would show to you the body of evidence from this question. do you trust william jefferson clinton? >> we have just witnessed something that has never before happened in senate history. the change of power during a session of congress.
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>> what the american people still don't understand in this bill is there's three areas in this bill that in the next five years will put the government in charge of everybody's health care. >> plus an interview with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> and i'm sure i've made a number of mistakes in my political career, but voting against having c-span televise the senate was one of them. >> and remarks by senate historian emeritus donald richie and parliamentarian emeritus robert freeman. watch with 30 years of the u.s. senate on television beginning thursday on c-span expect to see more of our 30 years of coverage on c-span 2, go to in 1995, two decades after the fall of saigon, the united states normalized diplomatic relations with vietnam. and president obama recently spent three days visiting the country. next on "american history tv," vietnamese ambassador to the united states pham quang vihn
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talks about the history of diplomatic relations between the u.s. and vietnam and how the relationship has changed since the end of the war. this 20-minute program is part of a three-day conference at the lbj library in austin, texas titled "the vietnam war summit." >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome lyndon b. johnson centennial chair in national policy at the lbj school of public affairs, admiral bobby r. inman. [ applause ] >> thank you. in july of 1967 i arrived in hawaii from a tour in sweden to be head of current intelligence for the pacific fleet. once a quarter i would go in country. most often saigon da nang. and then in may of '69 i went
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out to be the 7th fleet intelligence officer. for the following 27 months i was in country in the combat zone every month. and by the end of that time i had grown pretty pessimistic about how this event was going to play out. when the agreement was signed for the withdrawal i was not serving in the intelligence world. and then when saigon fell in '75 i was the director of naval intelligence. at that point i was very pessimistic about what our relationships with that part of the world were going to be over the ensuing years. and never on the rare occasions when i was optimist ic did i conceive a vietnam that would become a significant trading partner and that we would in
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fact have a substantial number of common interests. so i was pleased with the opportunity to address and particularly to introduce to you the current vietnamese ambassador to the united states. pham quuchlt uang vihn started college the year that saigon fell. graduated in 1980. went down to australia to brush up his english. came back and much of his career subsequent to that has been focusing on international organizations. he's done two tours in the vietnam embassy representing to the united nations. he is the highest-ranking career diplomat that's still a very young man. so it's a great honor for me to introduce to you ambassador pham
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quang vihn. [ applause ] >> i thank you very much. and i feel privileged to be invited to this event. i thank you for the invitation, hospitality, and arrangements. especially from the lbj presidential library and the lbj foundation. earlier today i had a chance to talk with mark updegrove, director of the presidential library, larry tambel, chairman, vice chairman, executive director of the lbj foundation. i did take a brief tour of the library and had a working lunch with the chamber of commerce here in austin. and i'm so much honored to meet and talk briefly with presideth
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luci baines johnson, it seems i have already had history from two decades ago to this event. i've been briefed on the subject of this summit and its panels which should reflect a wide range of perspectives and experiences including those from the veterans of their war experience as well as turmoil that followed. the anti-war, or give peace a chance movements, the media and the youth. i knew since the end of the war there have been numerous discussion on this war including those between vietnam and america. all this add to the depth of our studies and reflections. in this panel i've been invited to share with you on the theme america and vietnam in the 21st
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centu century, a new beginning. i share the belief that this panel will give us a chance to discuss how far our countries have come since the end of the war and what we can do more to further this constructive and comprehensive partnership of our two countries. i wanted to share with you a little bit of history. vietnam and the u.s. has a long history of contacts. nearly 230 years ago thomas jefferson, one of the drafters of the u.s. declaration of independence, and would later become the third u.s. president, had been trying to get the right seed from vietnam to grow in his home town in the state of virginia propp and he wrote at that point in time "this dry rice from vietnam has the reputation of being the whitest
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to the eye, best flavor to the taste, and more productive." and more than 100 years ago, back in 1911, 1912, president ho chi minh came to boston, the cradle of american revolution, of independence, to find ways for the liberation of his country, vietnam. at that point in time under the french rule. and as early as 1941 during world war ii the vietnamese people stood -- and extended struggle by the national patriotism and by the promises made by the allies at yalta, san francisco, and potsdam conferences. and in september 1945 vietnam got independence from the french colonial and the new vietnam
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declaration of independence included the ideals of jefferson, and i quote. all men are created equal. the creator has given us certain inviolable rights. the right to life, the right to be free, the right to achieve happiness. between 1945 and 1946 president ho chi minh wrote several letters to president truman to seek full cooperation with the u.s. however, the relationship was missed 70 years ago. -- it was painful for everyone. for us vietnam we were forced to defend our national independence and freedom with untold sufferings. and the painful legacies of war persisted until today. during the war 3 million dead, 4 million injured and handicapped, 4.8 million exposed to dioxin
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and the agent orange. hundreds of thousands -- president clinton called it a horrible and painful war and secretary kerry called it most profound failure of diplomatic spirit insight and political vision. but we are happy to have a new chapter, a chapter from foes to friends. in 1995 president clinton announced the normalization of diplomatic relations with vietnam. and as we look back today we thank all those who have played a part in ending the war and thank the american people from all walks of life who had voiced opposition to the war and supported the vietnamese people. in this regard we pay tribute to all those who have helped and to the personalities such as martin luther king. we also thank those on both
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sides who have been working hard for the normalization and promotion of relations between our two countries. on our part from the policy of set aside the past and look to the future and from the humanitarian spirit vietnam has been and continue to do? cooperating fully and effectively with the american side on the war legacy, especially on the m.i.a. issue. and we will continue to be working together for a new future about to -- of our relations. president clinton, when he announced the normalization of diplomatic relations with vietnam, on july 11, 1995 made a special note of those who have helped make this difficult decision happen that includes senators john mccain, john kerry, chuck croft, and representative peterson among others. and we have many others,
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americans and vietnamese, who were working hard to help in the efforts of healing and reconciliation, especially the veterans from both sides. as our relationship grew since 2013, the two countries have established a comprehensive partnership. our aligning while arranging yashz of cooperation on such efforts of two countries. general secretary min fu chong on his visit in july last year has observed 20 years ago few people could imagine how vietnam and the u.s. could overcome the pains of the war and build a relationship, of positive and regards development that we have today. and now when you hear the word vietnam it is no longer a conflict but a country.
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and i wish to -- a country of dynamic development and active integration. we have worked hard to overcome the consequences of the war. and undertook three decades of innovation and reform to build our country in all areas. as a result, today we have reduced the level of of poverty from 50% three decades ago to now und your 5% and achieved an average growth rate of 6% to 7% for many years. vietnam has been -- coffee, textile, and other agriculture product and seafoods. we'll continue to strengthen further economic development. we also expect that the income per capita will be raised to
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3,200 to 3,500 u.s. dollars in the next five years. and we have a dynamic and industrial population with more than 50% under 30 years of age. 50% access to the internet. 38% using social media and 42% have mobile subscriptions. peace, friendship and cooperation by mutual respect and benefit. and we have now had diplomatic relations with more than 190 countries in the world and have been active members of many regional and international organizations including the united nations, the wto, apeck
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and asean. and we have been in many arrangements such as the tpp and the fta. you will find vietnam a reliable partner and a good place for visitors. now, on u.s. and vietnam relations i think we have foundations for stronger partnership. last year, 2015, we commemorated 20 years of our diplomatic relatio relations. the general secretary and president oma met at the oval office and issued a statement on partnership. on these two decades we recognize the astounding achievements recorded so far in many areas of our cooperation
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including particular economic and trade relations, cooperation in addressing the war legacy issues. as there was in science and technology, education, health care, environment, climate change, security and defense and in issues of mutual concern. we have been able to talk also on issue of defenses such as human rights. and this year, 2016, president obama will be soon visiting vietnam. also his first visit to vietnam. next month in may. the two sides are making efforts of preparations to ensure the visit a success. which will further deepen and strengthen our two countries' relations. today vietnam and the u.s. have solid foundations for stronger partnership. as we look to the future of our relations and build a
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comprehensive partnership. and i wish to highlight the following key areas. political ties. we agree to continue to deepen relationship on the basis of mutual respect and benefit. including the respect of each other political system. and sovereignty. and to advance further cooperation in both bilateral and multilateral levels for the benefit of both peoples contributing to peace, stability, cooperation and prosperity in asia as well as the world. in this regard we will increase as a priority exchange at high levels and expand consultations to build trust and cooperation in all areas. trade and investment cooperation has always been a key pillar in our relationship. for the past two decades our trade volume has increased. 90 times. and i think secretary kerry last
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night mentioned these figures. from half a billion u.s. dollars to now over 45 billion u.s. dollars. u.s. ranks number 7 among the largest investor in vietnam with about 11 billion u.s. dollars. but more can still be done and potentials remain to be tapped especially in the context of the tpp. we believe the tpp high quality and balance agreement will help enhance economic growth and expansion for all participating countries and give -- to the asiawide regional cooperation as a member of tpp vietnam is committed to the tpp and its implementation. we also request that the u.s. recognize vietnam as a market economy and do away with technical barriers in our trade relations. on defense and security we will
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continue our bilateral cooperation in these areas as -- statement on defense relations that was adopted june last year, 2015, and the defense cooperation m.o.u. of 2011. including in the areas of maritime security, search and rescue, disaster relief and peace keeping. we will further our cooperation as a priority -- and we expect the u.s. to give more assistance to vietnam in terms of both funding and technology in the clearance of -- dioxin medication including new projects such as the vietnam p airport. vietnam calls on the u.s. to totally lift the arms embargo on
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vietnam and believe that this element or barrier of the past should be removed to reflect our first normalization of relations starting to decay in our comprehensive partnership. we have a lot of other areas such as education, science and technology, people to people exchan exchange. we can further advance our cooperation in these areas. vietnam appreciates the u.s. continual assistance to vietnam in all these areas. including in the area of innovation and startup. since the achievements of the 1, 2, 3 agreement we are looking to further promote cooperation in the area of civil nuclear energy. vietnam expect that the u.s. will further assistance in dealing with climate change and sea level rise in the mekong delta as well. vietnam has now more than


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