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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  June 25, 2016 9:45pm-10:01pm EDT

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more energy paid to women and this agricultural programming provision. enoughdn't have done that women could qualify in the same way. >> i am taken with that marvelous quote of ronald reagan. can you tell the context and from the theme of the quote is reagan continued to espouse an open immigration policy. champion of irca in 1986. and continue to talk about it up until the time he left office.
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i find it interesting. when people talk about what reagan meant. what were its long-term events -- fx? championship of it. he was proud of having signs the provision. wasn't that statement consistent with his speech before the berlin wall. politicians are not always consistent. >> there not? [laughter] they wanted to cross the
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border from doing so. if we had to have walls, make sure they are big enough. those never thought about two coup. >> since you are talking about immigration of women, can you comment on the current numbers of women and children crossing the border from the northern triangle. my most recent article is coming out now. it talks about women and children and how the government put them in jail.
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this is this perspective of women. what i talk about specifically is how our rhetoric of immigration has changed so profoundly in the last 30 years. we have the most formidable of violence. are fleeing it is the way in which we respond to them. the retest the way they are supposed to be reaching us. that is what asylum law is all about. it is interesting to note how this gender perspective doesn't favor the person here. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> on july 1, 1976. the national air and space museum opened its doors to the public. friday marks the 40th anniversary of the museum. seeill tour the museum and one-of-a-kind aviation and space artifacts. plus live events at the front of the building. you can join the conversation as we will be taking your phone calls and 20. , lifeth anniversary friday evening.
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next on american history tv, talks about the life and career of patsy takemoto mink. colors the first woman of to be elected in this way. they interviewed her at this .nnual meeting this is 10 minutes. who was patsy takemoto mink? judy wu: she was the first elected colored member of congress. she served for 24 years.
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she is best known for protecting title ix. she died in 2002. that had the vaccinations a lot of people tend to have nowadays. i think they found the >>ckenpox were needles -- how old was she? my math. how did you get involved in politics in the first lace? she took part in the democratic revolution in hawaii. eventually it was native her ryan's -- hawaiians.
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they dominated the social life. they try to organize democrats and really reached out to the people who were the have-nots. they doubled the democratic party. that is still the dominant political force in hawaii. she was a recently graduate and was the mother of a young child. she went knocking at all of these law firms. back,, she ended up and herup her shingles
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science was actually poor. she tried to make a place for herself as a professional woman. she also got involved into politics. then host: she ran for office. did she have any qualities that made her successful as a candidate? judy wu: he seems to have been a very charismatic speaker. she participated in debate in college and high school. she has that ability to move people. also committed to liberal values. she wanted to make sure they had equal access and he will writes. -- equal rights. to grow -- grew up under fdr. i think she really took that to
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long with her experience about being a ration allies woman. she becomes a celebrity. she from hawaii, a relatively young age. as likedescribe her humor. fromas this exotic women -- white. she is able to form some of that. she was stylish. that.nted to go beyond host: how did she end up working on behalf of title ix. before even going to , she wasffice
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advocating for equal pay for women area advocating for child the and realizing ways state and federal government could report this initiative. she is part of the labor committee assignment and title ix comes out of those committees. sure women areke not discriminated against. she is really part of that generation. what would you describe her other compliments? she was critical about going into vietnam.
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i think her issue about antiwar had no do with her being from hawaii. i think she was very aware of the impact of that type of militarization. that was one of her key initiatives to try to copy against military initiatives in the amount. i can see her being concerned about the land and the water. she tries to pass legislation against redlining. she tries to pass legislation against nuclear testing.
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that was also a key issue for her. she is also very supportive of civil rights and then when she first gets to congress, it is being debated. she is a part of these liberal initiatives that we have now said to be defining elements of the party. --is also a stretch interesting best prospective in 1990's and a lot of these .rograms are subject to attack .he's trying to defend welfare she is at the height of liberal they were at aso point where they were on the road to decline. the two of you are working on a book about this woman.
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judy wu: everyone says you have to talk to wendy. the assertion started conversation but patsy wanted this. she was unsure about how to proceed with that. it's fantastic to be able to get access to someone like her. she grew up around the house of representatives. she would just roam the halls of congress.
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they were very political families so they would sit and talk about vietnam and welfare and the environment. at your research influenced all how you study women's politics? i'm going to be talking about though one of what's making it for me is i tend to look at grassroots politics. a lot of this is focused on these grassroots organizations. i think that is a very important story to tell. this is now shifting our gaze to the capital. had to be summit and ideas shape policies?
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host: thank you very much. judy wu: thank you for the opportunity. >> interested in american history to be? visit our website. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] smithsonian's national air and space museum is open to the public on the national mall were years ago. next, president gerald for remarks.urth's was provided by the gerald r ford presidential library. >>


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