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tv   1958 Pan Am Film 6 12 Magic Hours  CSPAN  July 1, 2016 3:30pm-3:46pm EDT

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new day for america and a new dawn for peace and freedom in the world. >> former vice president richard nixon accepted the gop presidential nomination in miami beach and vice president hubert humfry accepted the democratic nomination in chicago. monday evening supreme court justices share stories about the current supreme court's food traditions. >> whenever the justice has a birthday the chief brings in some wine and we toast the birthday boy or girl and sing happy birthday. and we are missing our chorus leader because most of them can't carry a tune. >> supreme court cure ator talk about culinary customs. for complete holiday schedule go to c
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next on reel america, jet passenger service began in late 1950s in the united states and pan american airlines started transatlantic flights with boeing 707 in october 1958. pan am's 12 minute film promotes the concept of trans atlantic jet passenger service by documenting a flight from new york to london. >> sky over the atlantic. the vast air ocean when he saled from europe to america a few hundred years ago in over two long months. the same air ocean over the atlantic probably did not seem as endless to charles lindbergh when he flew from new york to paris 30 years ago. still it took over 33 lonely hours.
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♪ today that same atlantic air ocean leaving columbus two months and lindbergh's 33 hours in its wake zooms by in a dramatic break through. ♪ ♪ the year 1954 marked an historic event in the history of aviation. a new flight was inaugurated called flight 1,000. there was nothing unusual about airport operations before flight
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1,000's takeoff. it was duly announced and passengers checked in. flight 1,000's destination, london. luggage was prepared for loading and all other routine preflight activities were taking place. 1,000 seemed to be just another flight to london. in all respects that its passenger list was twice as large as on ordinary trips. flight 1,000 was air borne but no plane was used. this was the first of so-called airline paper flights, complete
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simulation of an actual flight repeated more than 2,000 times since. the reason to prepare for revolution and transportation that is now here, the advent of commercial flying by jet clipper. in the early days weather information and all other paper jet flights was gathered as carefully as if real jets were to cross the atlantic. for example, it is now known that at the altitudes at which jets cruise generally 30,000 to 40,000 feet flying will be above the weather. after years of paper flights like number 1,000 and many hundreds of real flights with prototypes the jet age is now here. the jet age begins before takeoff at the airline's new terminal now under construction in new york. jets are parked around it as in this model.
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ground transportation delivers. along with its unique with speed of service and convenience and service. this is it, the first american commercial jet capable of economical transatlantic service. the boeing 707 jet clipper first to go aboard. cargo shipments will reach in 6 1/2 hours. a letter posted after the close of business may arrive in new york the same night and be waiting for the addressee at his breakfast table or office the next morning.
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since some arrangements more than 150 passengers can be accommodated. there is an entrance at the back and the front while plane servicing facilities are on the far side. one indication of the staggering impact of jet travel, everyone of the airlines dozens of jet planes can carry as many people in a year's time as biggest ocean liner. last item aboard, the person's briefcase containing log, manifest and other necessary documents. for the crew ready to taxi to the run way, fewer instruments than on propeller driven craft, instruments easier to handle and maintain. the magnificent new jet with wing spread different than distance of the first flight.
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>> takeoff without need for engine warmup, without side noise reduced to that of propeller driven planes. capable of traveling 575 miles per hour or more, much higher and faster than you have ever flown before. the first passenger jet clipper to fly the atlantic. because of its greater size and speed it will do the job of several of the biggest propeller driven planes. welcome aboard, welcome aboard the spacious cabin attractively decorated, air conditioned and draft free. newly designed individual overhead light units are an
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innovation. roominess extends to the powder rooms which look like those in a private home. and a new sensation, complete absence of vibration. near sonic speed but inside one of the most stunning discoveries, there is no feeling of movement at all, no vibration, hardly any sound. a new concept in air transportation. the treveil has been taken out of travel. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. we are now at cruising altitude, 35,000 feet. our flying speed is 575 miles per hour. in addition, we are benefitting from a substantial tail wind courtesy of the jet stream hence our ground speed is now approximately 658 miles per
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hour. indications are that our arrival at london airport may be ahead of schedule. i will be speaking with you again from time to time. thank you. >> this is the atmosphere on a jet clipper flight, delicious food adds to the enjoyment. it is prepared in four galleys where dishes can be cooked in five minute ovens. scenes of living room quiet and relaxation, the mood enhanced by lighting that can be changed from peng of dawn through variations to dark blue of night.
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>> this is your captain again, i have been talking with flight control at london airport. the temperature there is 64 degrees and the weather is clear. if you haven't changed your watches to conform to the time difference i suggest you do so now. we are making our dissent. i won't be speaking to you again as we will be in landing pattern. it was a pleasure to have you aboard our jet clipper. we hope to have you with us again soon. thank you. >> here we are to london in the same time it takes you to find a baseball. new york to london in 6 1/2 magic hours.
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it all goes so fast now and so comfortable that you feel as if you haven't travelled at all. many hours gained and no sleep lost. >> london, splendid ceremony celebrating the queen's birthday. you arrive not only with more time on their hand but not travel fatigue. you can take in the scenes and events more fully and at a more leisurely pace. only one of the remarkable gains made possible by jet flying.
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new york to paris, seven hours, only 30 minutes longer than to london. paris right away you are in the swing of things because you have landed refreshed and with extra hours to do what you want to do in a leisurely way. experiences like these which used to be rare events for few or few thousand become for
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millions because international air traffic increased bifold during last 12 years under goes its greatest change. jet speeds will help to accomplish one of man's long sought goals, an easy interchange of peoples throughout the world. trans oceanic flights now become short hops. 6 1/2 magic hours to europe. ♪ the smithsonian's national
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air and space museum is celebrating its 40th anniversary today and american history tv is featuring tours, archival film leading up to our live coverage from museum tonight. starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern the museum director will join us to take calls and questions tonight starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> i never felt the urge to as i mentioned before make money. what turned me on in the '60s was to make policy that always is what drove me. >> sunday night on q&a, a two-part interview with former public interest lawyer and politician mark green, author of "bright infinite future" a memoir on the progressive rise.
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>> you have to have a drive that may be undesirable in a spouse or friend but you have to wake up and go to sleep and think i want this so much i will -- if you do everything you win said lyndon johnson. >> part one airs sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span q&a. up next former nasa flight director, flight controller and johnson space center director gerald griffin after joining nasa in 1964 griffin worked on moon missions including apollo 11, 12, 13 and 17. in the first of this two-part interview griffin discusses his role on the gem niproject and recalls work at mission control and he describes apollo eight's ground breaking


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