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tv   European Leaders Deliver Remarks on Brexit Vote  CSPAN  July 7, 2016 10:39pm-11:32pm EDT

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their questions. members may have some additional questions and we'll ask you to respond those in writing. pursuant to the committee rule 7 e, the hearing record will remain open for ten days without objection, this subcommittee stands adjourned. cspan's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. and coming up friday morning, one of donald trump's initial supporters, congressman tom reed will discuss mr. trump's meeting in a bid to unify the party and community activist, and black lives matter, deray mccus in, we'll discuss these issues, beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern friday. join the discussion.
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the presidents of the european commission and the european council address the eu parliament on the subject of britain's referendum vote on leaving the european union and their meeting with outgoing british prime minister david cameron. this portion of the parliament' proceedings includes remarks by british representatives. >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. we it now continue with our debat debates. our next item on the agenda is the conclusions of the european council. this is a council collusion to the european council of the 28th
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and 29th of june. i'd like to give the floor to the president of the european council, mr. donald tusk. welcome mr. tusk, you have the floor. >> thank you. the president members of the european parliament, before presenting discussion on the political consequences of the uk referendum, i will first report on the other results of the june european council, because the uk cannot stand until. the referendum in the uk does not relieve the eu of its guilty to solve immigration crisis, which has undermined the sense of security across the whole of europe. the eu must also boost its resistance to growing hybrid and cyber threats. to thisse this end, we adopted increased corporation with nato. even in the uk referendum
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campaign fewer questions the fact that economic integration among members state benefit europeans as it kcreates jobs. this is why we've made the decision to work more closely together in the areas of digital and capital markets. the decision taken during the summit will have a positive impact on the lives of europeans regardless of the uk leaving the eu. on migration, the leaders reviewed the situation on the extent of our borders, acrossin acrossings from the turkey to greek islands have almost come to a halt. in october 2015, that border was crossed regularly by 7,000 people daily. now, it is around 50 per day. given the significantly lower n infl
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influx, we can lower the part of our external border. this, in turn, should restore the sense of security in europe, which was our aim from the beginning. now, our attention will focus on the central mediterranean route to flows of predominantly migrants remain too high, although there have not been a significant rise in numbers compared to the last two years. leaders agreed to move to a new way of working with third countries applying the necessary leverage to ensure fast and operational returns of illegal legal migrants. the aim is clear, all irregular economic migrants must be rushed to the countries of origin. the high representative is already taking negotiations with these countries forward.
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we also address libya and what needs to be done to stabilize the situation there. more broadly, we welcome the presentation by the high representative of a new global strategy to guide the unions foreign and security policy. the leaders thank prime minister for the dutch presidency and the hard work over the past six months including the arrangement with turkey to stem migration flows to the greek islands and the political agreement on the new european border and coast guard. i would like to thank this house for your invaluable contribution, in helping achieve this in the necessary time frame. the members, let me now turn to brexit, where our discussion was calm and measured. respecting the will of the
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british people, the eu leaders recognized that the process of orderly exit is now in everyone's, and especially in the uk's interest. prime minister cameron explained why he's leaving the decision to trigger article 50 of the treaty on european union to the new leadership in britain. the leaders understand sometime is needed to allow the political landscape in britain, but also expect the intenstions to be specified as soon as possible. we also considered post-brexit economic situation in the presence of the european central-bound president, who reassured us about the corporation of international financial institutions. however, it was also made clear that brexit means substantially lowered votes in the uk with a possible negative spillovera al
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over the world. for the second day of our summit, the leaders met informally without the uk prime minister to discuss our common future. i would like to reassure you that the leaders are absolutely determined to remain united and to closely together as 27. we also agreed that there will be no negotiations of any kind until the uk formally notifies its intention to withdrawal from the eu. it is now up to the british government to submit such a notification to the european council. we hope to have the uk as a close partner in the future, but leaders made it clear that access to the single market means acceptance of all four freedoms including the freedom of movement. we will not serve our freedoms and there will be no single market a la carte.
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the members, this was the first exchange of the 27 leaders after the british referendum. it is still too early to draw conclusions more broadly on all of our future costs but it is clear that too many people in europe are unhappy with the current state of affairs, be it on the national or european level, and expect us to do better. the leadership called during our debate that for decades, europe has brought hope and that we have a responsibility to return to that. this is why the eu 27 will meet informally on the 16th of september, kindly hosted by the president. we will take this opportunity to continue our political reflection. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> translator: and now i give the floor to the commission president, mr. yoncher. >> translator: you won't find the truth by repeating things. so i won't repeat everything the president of the european council said because i agree with everything he has said, also you won't find the truths in listening to paraphrases so won't paraphrase either because you will have studied them already, so i'm not going to repeat everything which has already been recorded in writing following the council meeting last week. i am particularly pleased at the european council adopted a
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commission on the deepening of the internal markets, i'm satisfied that european council once again has stressed that right response to the refugee crisis should be european, and i'm pleased the european council confirmed its conclusions on the way we deal with the refugee crisis saying we need solidarity on the member states. i agree with european counsel, wh when it says the growth should be employment, that is also the major and first priority of the european commission. this is in line with the priorities i outlined to you for the commission back in july 2014 so i'm pleased at the european council agrees that we should extend the investment plan for the next three years, the investment plan which we
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proposed to the commission, and this is a proposal which has been closely monitored by the parliament, and i've been >> on this means we have been able to increase investment by 108 million which would not have been possible had the investment plan not have existed. i agree with all of those that say we should not carrie on as before but really is that what we're doing? the council and the parliament and commission agreed we wanted to change our policies. at the same time we're going to stick to our priorities. we still have our priorities and making sure that the decisions we take are properly
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implemented. >> it's europeans and that's why i believe that in the future we should better implemented the decisions that we take. i refuse to advise and agree with him that it's not the time for deep institutional reforms. i agree with those that say now is not the time to advise the treaties. what we do need to do is continue with our progress. and the markets union, these are all projects. long-term projects. long-term projects that we now need, for these, what we need to
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do, if we have reforms we should accelerate reforms if and when we need them. when it comes to brexit i have no desire to complete what i said last week. i would just note that the brexit heros of yesterday are now the heros of today. >> those contributing to the situation in the u.k. have re-signed. they are retro nationalists. they don't re-sign.
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they stay. >> that's the reason we are waiting for education. i could understand that the remaining camp needs weeks to reflect. so we don't understand that it needs months before knowing what to do. and instead of developing a plan and they were leaving the vote. and we're waiting for the notification and no negotiation before notification and those want free access to the market have that including the one of freedom of movement. this has to be done.
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>> thank you very much. and now, on behalf of the group -- president, colleagues, in the first few hours after brexit decision when the council met then everything is about instability and coping with that. we had instability on the markets and the economy took a tumble. it's very unsure. there was fear about jobs and i think everybody needed to keep a clear head and i'd like to thank those that did that during the council meeting because it was important to retain stability in that context. and then we need to inspect the brexit decision and the frame work is clear. i'd like to thank him for
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stating that there should be no informal discussions or negotiations. the internal market is tightly linked with the basic freedoms. that was emphasized by the council and others. it's not acceptable to be able to circulate freely out of all our motorways and there's no feasibility for that. that's not going to happen. we have to think about how to best deal with the situation and i think very quickly, we need to realize that if the u.k. don't know how to deal with the outcome then they should just step back a little bit and think about it but the rest of the 27 should not -- it should not stop them from fulfilling their tasks
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and objectives. there's not a problem in berlin or paris. a lot of people asking for a repeat of the referendum. people talk about elections. scotland thinking about what to do. the country is facing a lack of leadership at the moment. we need people to realize that the problem lies with london. it's not the european union and chaos is intensified because those that won now jumped ship. this is completely cowardly as far as i'm concerned.
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responsibility politicians is extremely important. this is all undermined by this irresponsible behavior. we in europe have got to now keep calm. andiscuss privacy shield, data protection and the internet, europe for citizens and for member states is a game and no decision taken in europe after all is not taken without a majority in the council. often it's actually unanimity what decisions are taken. so we're not talking about a lack of democracy and everybody here can see that we don't need help along the lines of helping us to achieve more democracy.
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and today we're going to be deciding on the european border and coast guard proposal. that happened quickly. we already started work on this and tightening up our proposal months ago and when it comes to brexit, those that were banned from even having a view on europe, to say that they are the ones that are responsible for brexit, that is just pie in the sky. now ladies and gentlemen, we need europe and that's my parting thought for today. there's no reason to point the finger. that's no way forward and no way of solving our problems in the future. we want responsibility, accountability, democracy and if
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the council decides to extend the sanctions on russia unanimously then you wonder why the foreign minister, foreign ministers that have been challenging that and criticizing that, then why have they voted for that. then go back home and criticize decisions that they themselves have taken. we need people to call each other to account. to actually bear their responsibility for their own decisions and not hide behind national concerns. when the leadership decided to go down the populous route and that's the mistake and we don't need to be worried about the populous. we need to ensure that we sure up our democracy. >> we need to reach solutions to the problems facing us today.
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after the shock of the referendum and the summit next week, should have been a moment of change. we can see areas of shade as well. looking at the situation of light we have taken good decisions not to have negotiations before the official notification that's forth coming from the u.k. not to consider the european union as an ala carte menu that you can pick and choose what you like. working together and that's very important and if the u.k. wants access to the single market and when it comes to immigration
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we're making progress. we're making progress with countries so these are both positive developments and there are areas that are less favorable. when we had the summit. now unity is what we need. we need the 27 to stand together and that straight away should have been very clear and come up with better integration. but everything has now been postponed instead of taking action straight away. but this delay, i have to be frank about this, is once more proof of the weakness. not of the european union. but an intergovernmental europe. i don't understand where he is coming from.
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but how can he say that the intergovernmental method works well. how does he think that? what about the greek crisis? what happened there? >> and during the migration crisis, the objective is quite clear. to ensure that the european union is a driving force in the community. that's what we need to achieve. we don't want to defend the community method. defending the european union, we're defending the community system against an intergovernmental relaunch. that's unacceptable. so turning to the council then i'd like to invite them to change tones some what. but also the commission on many
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points they have done well. but don't be scared. don't worry. you're a courageous person. so don't be intimidated. you have to keep going. the negotiations on brexit. we can't lose time. i've been waiting for the conservatives to vote for a new leader, it's absurd to wait for that to happen. we should be continuing on and what he has said, you know, the heros of the disaster have left the whole country in ruins and want to come back here as they come to what they defined as hell on earth and that's just ridiculous. so we need to ensure that we've
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got to fight against tax dumping, social dumping, fight against tax havens. these are all things we need to look at. also the budgetary rules need to be applied with flexibility and intelligence. all of these are pertinent. we don't want to be controversial. we have got to be ready to support countries and support people rather than sanctions and things that don't keep pace with reality. we shouldn't be deferring matters. we have to take action now. we shouldn't be resting sitting aside and watching, observing, we should be taking action and being players here. thank you. >> thank you very much. winston churchill once said where the eagles are silent the parrots begin to jabber. last tuesday and wednesday the
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eagles, the heads of government spoke. cooler and calmer heads began to prevail. and does not want to live forever it's right that eu leaders are saying they must respect the treaties and rights of the british government to decide where to respond. in the eu it is for them to decide how best to respond to a national referendum. this is the case now where the netherlands is given the case to decide it's response to its referendum in match. the treaties are clear and if they don't like what the treaty says blame the authors. who knows, maybe one or two of them are in the chamber here today. some are quick to point the finger at others and accuse them of breeching the rule of law while casting aside our own rules when precedence doesn't insure the majority. deny them committee positions or reports that they are entitled
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to under the system. the internal affairs of member states where they don't like the democratically elected government of that country. the more the commissioners and parliamentary leaders try to pressure the u. k. the more they justify a decision taken. and the problem is its not it. and they seek to pursue the 1950s european project. and he's right to say that people are disillusions in the future. and get on with a friendly relationship. foster hope that maybe a part of the united kingdom can roll up.
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i'll sure that they are encouraged to enthusiastically embrace determination. now we might be talking about the history. what about the lessons that warn of the barrel when leaders become disconnected from their people. decisions are not necessarily being made in an open transparent way. especially this chamber. decisions are not always made by all 750 from across the continent. politics is about perception and there's a perception that they're made by five men and if you want to share that you're open and transparent, stop the stitch ups. my group does not want the eu to break up but to avoid this the eu must change how it works. whatever the challenge, more europe is not always the answer. ignoring the results and saying we continue anyway is not a good
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enough response. eu heads of state and government are meeting in september to ask some tough questions and that is what the ecr group was ready to do. sometimes answer tough questions that people in this chamber do not necessarily want to hear. with or without the u.k. there's a growing number of people across the european union who want change. so my plea to all of you is listen to those that want the eu to read the challenges of the future. listen to those that want politicians to stop addressing their concerns even when we must disagree and listen to those that want their leaders to focus on creating jobs and growth rather than creating political utopias.
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>> it's incredible. incredible. should it be not better that you never want to do in britain because in my opinion they have not any clue of what needs to be done. that should be better to give lessons in london and not here. and remind me of rats fleeing a sinking ship. besides, johnson, abandoned and wants more time for himself and his family to spend his european salary apparently. and remains or disappears for the moment. so i think that probably their colleagues, the last man standing in britain will be one that will happen and it shall be like in the time of margaret
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thatcher, only a woman is capable to manage the tori party as we see it today. so women will rescue britain and my second by surprise last week was the reaction of the european council of this political earthquake because an earthquake it is what happens in britain. we should not change anything. just the question of implementing the exiting european policies. i find it shocking and i find it eat responsible. i don't think you understand this happening. it's not only a brexit referendum. before that it was a referendum in denmark. there was a referendum in the netherlands. now in the u.k. what are you waiting for?
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when will the council recognize that this type of european union of today, you cannot defend it anymore and that europe needs to be reformed and in my opinion a new project or vision should be presented to the citizens of europe and the truth is that european citizens are not against europe and they are against europe and to approve of that and have not published it far too earlier. because it's from a few weeks ago from april. do you know what the results are? 82% want more european action on the fight against terrorism. 77% of european citizens are more european action in the fight against unemployment. 75% of european citizens ask for more european action.
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74% are asking for european action on the issue of migration. on 14 of the 15 questions put forward and a few weeks ago, people are asking for more european action. not less european action and the problem is that europe has become what? europe has become an expert in legislation on the exact measures and the color of our package of cigarettes. we have become an expert in deciding the amount of flushing water in the toilets and also in the level of subsidies that a local football club can receive from a local government. but what they want as citizens and that's what the meter tells us is that they want a european migration policy to tackle the migration crisis.
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to have european capacity and intelligence to tackle terrorism. to have the european government to decide the euro and to have a european army to defend our borders and end conflict in our neighborhoods. that's what the citizens are asking. that is what they are asking here. the problem is the inconvenient truth. in fact, i should better say, the convenient lie is that more of the same will not get us out of this crisis to your colleagues. that is burying our heads in the sand. people want you to work on another europe. a europe that delivers results and by not doing that, what you're doing is sleep walking to a disaster. 27 other referendums in the near future. so let's not be naive. the real problem, and he is right, it's intergovernmentalism. a loose confederation of nation
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states cannot work. that is the reality of today. that you don't recognize until now. and i can tell you and i compute with that, we going to do our homework. parliament will be ready in october with a global plan based on three records of the way forward and we're going to be sure about federalism, integration, deepening, widening, coordination, implementation and all of these other buzz words that are at the center of our discussions. we're going to simply go back to the ideas of our founding fathers. that is what we have to do and it is now or never. i think really our union will change or it will die. that is at stake.
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>> thank you. he has a question for you. i think he is still here? go ahead. go ahead. >> thank you. thank you for taking the question. very quickly, i've been confused by your common sense. are you aware of how british parliamentary democracy works? what happens is the leaders of the main party and those of government are all eu fans. they're all on your side. the people voted the other way. it wasn't a change of dpovrnment. when you say the brexit side has no plan, that isn't the government. the government has to change to allow someone to be prime minister that will carrie through the will of the people. that's how our democracy works so when you say these assertions you're missing the point of what a referendum actually is. >> i was absolutely not pointing the finger to the problem, to the citizens of britain. it's their right to decide what
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they have decided. i was pointing the fingers to your leaders in britain. to mr. johnson, who today are leaving the political scene and have no clue how it has to go in the future. and, in fact, leaving the country with markets in turmoil. that is my criticism. citizens are right. but your political leaders, not. >> translator: for the left. >> translator: president, ladies and gentlemen, i believe mr. johnson and company have received enough of our attention. for me they behaved like
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children, building a wooden tower or wooden blocks and then just knocking the whole thing down once they built it. that's childish play. children can do that. a politician shouldn't be playing like this in the eu. we have the result of the council. those results were scandalous in such a situation to declare that we need a further period for reflection and not to come up with anything specific and not saying what we should be reflecting upon, that reminds me of the action after the failed referendums of the european constitution in france and the netherlands. at that time, once again we said we need time for reflection and did that increase the confidence of the european people in the european council and the european parliaments? well they certain ly changed
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their attitudes and there i think the previous speaker is correct. if we don't dhang things, if we don't change then it's going to fail and we'll all be responsible for that. the messages are messages indicating change. the messages saying we have to carrie on with more policies with respect to public budgets after greece were going to have to send greece and spain through. with more sanctions. for not doing what the european union wants them to do. he wants that. he wants more sanctions for spain and portugal. >> if this carries on you're going to have member states going their own way. with tensions within and without the euro zone we'll continue to
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increase and despite the protest. it's wrong to say that it should not be discussed. i don't know what you meant when you said that. but you are confirming people's believes about the nondemocratic nature of the eu if you say things like that. let's just leave aside gattis cousins of changing the constitution. but as long as we see pop you lichl and shifts in europe, political shifts in europe and different coming and going we don't need a new convention. the question is what can we do right now? it is time. the member states of the european union to stand together
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and to think in terms of humanitarian aid program. and would send the measures to those that suffered most from the debt crisis in recent years and we're trying to do something for them. we want an immediate introduction of a minimum wage and only equal pay for equal work in the work places. these are things we need to do now so we can make people's fears of becoming poorer. we can alleviate fears of coming into our countries. these are things we have to do now. give them their lives back.
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make a statement to the young generation. say to them even if the uk is leaving there's going to be a redistribution in the european budget so that there's more assistance for young people to make them, to help them get jobs and more exchanges from country to country and make it possible to have better training in the european union instead of being sacrificial lambs of the european union. >> mr. carver wants to ask a question. go ahead. >> don't you appreciate you have spoken here about this great wooden tower but isn't in fact this great tower being built in this place on a bed of straw with it's two key foundations that we hear all the time? the two pillars that represent the european union. freedom of movement of the euro
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zone and yet the italian banks are on the verge of a bailout. we see it cannot work and the big issue here i would contend is contagion. you know in your heart of hearts that the people of the european union supported trade but they don't support political union. >> well i talk about the very poor behavior of some of the leaders in the u.k. especially the conservative elite that have played with wooden blocks and built a wooden tower and then knocked it down. the european union is not a toy that you can kick against the wall and then knock it down.
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>> colleagues, i don't know if boris johnson personally. i do know nigel and i have to say that i wasn't really surprised at all with the behavior. the fact that he has shucked his responsibility. i expected him to do that. the situation is a lot more crucial and a lot more serious than some of you seemed to think but still, one thing was surprising i think in the last few days and that's that after the brexit decision in the u.k., the first time -- the first time that when the eu was defeated there was an emotional discussion on the european union. that was the first time. you can see that in the reports from the u.k. talk about people break down in tears about what's happened. they talk about how painful everything has been and the
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laughs that people have felt. it's the first time at a we have seen the level of emotion in the u.k. and what will happen now? well that's up to probably the new government in the u.k. but the eu of the 27 member states will have to assert it's rights and take into account what the u.k. wants but when you look at the u.k. as a whole now, with her appeal and the demonstration that took place at the weekend in the u.k. are quite right. the doors need to still be open to the u.k. we need to remain open to them. so what can we do? to establish a link with those that have been demonstrated in the u.k. now? the people that are against the brexit decision? what happened? what's the underlying background to all of this brexit?
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there's a lot of talk about knee wroe nationalists, populists, antieuropeans of all time that have the -- that typically want to fan the flames of people's concerns and scares. the fact that they're scared. they don't want to disapate those fears. they want to contribute to them and keep them burning. and we need to look at other answe answers. people are in favor a different way forward but in london this is an empire of rich people, the elite people. what about the people that have nothing? where are they in london. what's their role in london? it's completely polarized in london itself. and people have seen that. we have to improvise a response to these people that are left
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out in the cold. and not leave it all up to the nationalists and the populists that might be taking things in the wrong direction. we need to look at what we can do with the financial markets and how we are regulate them and mitigate them and how we can ensure that people's prospects can improve. that there's growth. we often talked about this in the past. particularly when you see in countries of the eu the social security systems are simply break up. they're falling apart. and what really concerned me the last few days is to see how the people that are a little bit
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astounded at how they have not have them come out of this very well. that they had ordinary posts and vote to get their own interest. i myself come from a very modest background and i despise, i have to say, i despise people in this world that use the ordinary person -- i mean, the pis group in poland, how can they look at this because the u.k. -- they have worked very well together in the past. and now they're seeing all of this fall apart. we have to change the eu but you can only do that if you want to
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defend the eu and that's the only chance to stem the tied of this rebel rouzing and neonationalism. it's a blue card for you. will you accept it? >> thank you very much. you seem to be a bit contradictory in your exposition there because you seem to be saying that the eu was a construction in favor of rich people which i would agree with but they're very rich people at the top and then you didn't seem to understand. do you understand that the people that voted to leave predominantly, not all, but predominantly in the u.k. were those people that have been hit hardest by the european union and had to bear the economic burden. people that don't have jobs,
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don't have prospects and see their living standards being driven down. you understand that it was those people that voted to leave and, in fact, the eu is a construction for very rich people at the top. the big banks and the gold man sacks of this world. >> translator: well, any responsibility, the central responsibility for what has happened in london that's up to the british government and not just the last government but a number of proceeding governments as well. the fact that they were not able to change that situation. i'm full lay ware of it that to shift the blame over the europe and causing all of this antagonism among ordinary people. that is not correct.
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now corporate tax will be lowered and the social benefits in the u.k. will be curtailed. that's your responsibility. that's your policy taking effect there. >> book tv has 48 hours of nonfiction books and authors every weekend and here's some programs to watch out for. on saturday at 7:00 p.m. eastern, hillary clinton's 1996 book it takes a village is a topic of a round table discussion. >> 1993, 1994. no one knew what they were talking about. it's hilary's branding. >> it was a big moment right then to declare as she did in this book i'm a moderate. >> and amie parnes of the hills. >> she is pushing ideas she is pushing today. equal pay and child care which
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is a huge issue for her right now. >> gary burn discusses his book crisis of character. a white house secret service officer discloses his firsthand experience with hillary and bill and how they operate. on sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern afterwards heather mcdonald's discusses her book the war on cops that looks at policing in america. she is interviewed by the professor of law and police science at john jay college. >> there's no question that black males today face a much higher rate of getting stopped when they're innocent than white males do today and that's a crime tax that the community unfortunately pays because of the elevated rates of crime. >> go to book for the complete weekend schedule.


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