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tv   Rudy Giuliani Speaks at Florida Delegation Breakfast in Cleveland  CSPAN  July 20, 2016 10:00am-11:31am EDT

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and savvy and knowledgeable assistants, genealogists. i could not do half of what i did without genealogists who know how to find certain kinds of things that were really -- for me as someone coming into those records anew, and i also want to say to the point about do we have material, do we not have material, that within native american history and studies of black people and native communities, there actually is a lot of material. i always say there isn't when i write, because it is not the >> a couple of minutes left in this event. we'll leave it here. see the rest of it online at live now to independence, ohio, just outside of cleveland, for remarks by former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and republican political consultant and trump adviser dick morris, speaking this morning at a breakfast for florida convention delegates. live coverage here on c-span3.
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again, live this morning as we await remarks from former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and consultant and trump adviser dick morris speaking this morning at a breakfast for florida republican convention presidential delegates.
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c-span's convention coverage will get under way live tonight at 7:30 eastern on the docket of speakers tonight, wisconsin governor scott walker, senators marco rubio and ted cruz. newt gingrich will speak with vice presidential candidate and current indiana governor mike pence. making america first again is tonight's convention theme. again, coverage starting at 7:30 eastern on our companion network c-span.
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i hope this is b-roll. it is? all right. good.
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hey, guys, i need everybody to start taking their seats. we're going to start promptly. everybody please start taking your seats.
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okay, everybody, please start taking your seats. we're going to start the breakfast program. good morning. what a night last night, right? briefly i was having a discussion with a couple of my peers this morning in this room and every convention there always seems to be that one speech, whether it is on the democrat side during their convention, or the republican
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side on their -- on our convention, that always seems to set the tone and people remember. and i think we saw that speech last night with mr. donald j. trump. what do you guys think? so at this time i would like to call, if everybody can please rise and remain standing, i'd like to recognize the national committee man of -- for the rnc and the state committeeman who palm beach county mr. famen to come up here and give us the invocation. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you, mr. chairman. please bow your heads. heavenly father, we come before you this morning with humble hearts, and ask for your blessing on this food, and on this gathering this morning. we give thanks for the blessing of living in florida and the
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blessing of the great leadership of those who are our elected officials. most importantly, father, we invoke your words from mark 3:24 and matthew 12:22 for a house divided against itself cannot stand. we therefore pray for unity as we go forth from this convention. and we pray all this in the name of the god of abraham, isaac, jacob, moses and jesus, amen. at this time i'd like to recognize a gentleman who is doing a fantastic job up in washington, d.c., shining the light on the problems with the va, and making sure that they are all held accountable to our veterans who we all cherish. at this time, i'd like to recognize congressman jeff miller to lead us in the pledge. >> if you would join me in the
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pledge to the flag of the great united states of america. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [ applause ] >> everybody please be seated. no, i'm not going to sing the national anthem. you do not want that. come on, john. come on, isn't it enough i called out cleveland during the speech last night? you guys see that? before we start breakfast this morning, i want to recognize people that are here at this breakfast and i want to make sure we give them a heart felt thank you for everything they
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do. i would like to take this moment to recognize the staff of the republican party of florida. they have been doing an outstanding job. [ applause ] most notably the executive director george riley, who is a rock. do we know how to put on a show or what? you know in florida comes to
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town. it has been an amazing lineup of speakers. we're continuing that trend today. i'd like to thank the staff of this hotel and the people serving us here this morning. give them a big round of applause. [ applause ] and at the breakfast on monday, i asked everybody in this room to take time out of their day and thank all the police officers and the security who are keeping us safe. let's give them a big round of applause. [ applause ] so on monday i asked everybody in this room to thank them, so we're going to go a little step
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further this morning. when you see security, armed security, police officer, members of the secret service, take a picture of them with you, post them on social media, and let's thank them in front of the world for everything that they're doing to keep us all safe. [ applause ] at this time, i would like to recognize and call up to the stage the person who has been hosting the breakfast on monday, tuesday -- monday, wednesday, and thursday, a gentleman to me who needs no introduction, just an outstanding friend, cracks the worst jokes i've ever heard in my life. i think i'm going to pay for that, in session. everybody give a warm welcome to speaker designate richard corcoran. [ applause ]
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>> thank you. thank you. welcome to what we call heavy hitter wednesday. you're about to hear from two people who are the most eloquent, make the greatest intellectual arguments on why hillary clinton should never be president of the united states. our first speaker is a commentator, an author, a political consultant, he's done more than 30 winning senate and governor campaigns, he makes over 400 appearances a year, he's been called one of the most influential private citizens by time magazine, and i got to talk about the elephant in the room. he's also credited for turning around bill clinton's career.
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[ inaudible ] dick morris said this, not me. he said that's not an elephant in the room, that's an ass in the room. but i will say the good news about that, though, if it wasn't for dick morris, who created the career of bill clinton, who created the career of hillary clinton, the democrats might actually have somebody likable on the ticket. but with that i want to welcome to the stage and as you can see, he says there is no better way to prepare for battle than to know your enemy and the man that is about to speak to you knows our enemy and he's written this book, he's given you 12 reasons why hillary clinton shouldn't be president. reason one is because she is a compulsive, serial liar. and so what we have done is taken the liberty of purchasing a book for each one of you because we believe that we would like you to read it and it will inspire you to go out and walk
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every day in your districts, your neighborhoods, to make sure that hillary clinton is not president. but, please give a warm round of applause for author, commentator, consultant, dick morris. [ applause ] >> you've all heard of penance, haven't you? good act to compensate for a bad act. that's why i'm here. many of you may understand easily what i think about hillary. if you think about someone who you know who might be about her age, 60, 70, who you knew when they were 30, and when they were 30 they were very different people. but you could see in their
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personality at the age of 30 all of the defects that were to metastasize into dominant characteristics by the time they -- it was 40 or 50 years later. i'm sure everybody knows something like that. their noses were big, but not that big. the ears were big, but not that big. and when i worked with hillary 40 years ago, there was a little bit of deceit going on. she would not tell the truth easily. she cut some corners. the futures market -- which was basically a bribe from tyson foods to not enforce environmental regs against chickens. and they paid her $100,000 bribe, but the way they could dress it up was to give her a thousand and let her parlay that into the futures market. and in fact what they did was get 10 or 20 investors and the winning bets were all putti in
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hillary's account so she would get 100,000, when she reached the 100, the amount of the agreed bribe, she stopped there was that. there was also a certain sense of entitlement back then. she would always have this myth that she believed that she was ticketed for a top wall street career, out of yale law school, great deal of money and great big firm, but she threw it over for public service to come to arkansas, little back woods state, and help out the guy who wanted to be the governor to turn the state around. that narrative omits the fact that she flunked the dc bar and that she couldn't have been hired by anybody and then after she did that, she was fired by the watergate committee for stealing documents, like billing records. she -- the watergate committee wanted to find out if nixon was entitled to counsel.
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and they looked back at the precedence and they saw that william o. douglas, the supreme court judge, who the republicans wanted to impeach, got counsel. so the republicans were saying that this was saying that the -- that both parties agreed that they should be counseled. and hillary took those documents home with her and lost them. and they never surfaced. and she was fired for that. so never would have gotten a job anyplace. she joined the rose law firm after several years of trying, when her husband became attorney general. she made partner when her husband became governor. she got in charge of health care when her husband was elected president. she got a senate seat when she defended him against lewinsky, in what i say got a senate seat, bill clinton cleared the field so there were no democrat primary rivals worthy of the name to oppose her.
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and we all put our hopes in rudy giuliani, who was taken ill, and thank god recovered and is with us now but is not running for the senate. [ applause ] so her accomplishments are totally derivative of her husband. that is not an authentic model of feminism. and at the same time you see these traits growing and metastasizing to a point where they take over her personality. secrecy and paranoia, pathological lying, and an entitlement, greed based entitlement, a sense that after having lived a decade in the governor's mansion and eight years in the white house and five years in the state department, without having to drive a car, never having to fly even first class, much less commercial, never having to buy food or laundry or worry about
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baby-sitting or anything like that, she's grown addicted to a royal level of privilege. and she sought to continue that when she left the white house. dead broke in her words with only $14 million book advance to keep her company. and she immediately set up a new arrangement with bill. this marriage that began as a romance in the '70s and '80s and then became a business partnership in the '90s has become a racketeering organization, a rico. [ applause ] where she sends bill around the world passing the bag and people give him speaking fees and in return the state department takes official action and now that she's out of the state department, she might be president, and the process continues.
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if she's elected president, clinton -- bill will go around getting millions for each speech and they'll be directly traceable back to stuff that she does for those people as president. now, why did she have an e-mail server that was secret? because she needed to hide that paper trail. she couldn't let those e-mails out there proving this process. for example, one of the big swindles was the vladimir putin wanted to take over a canadian mining company that owned 20% of our uranium reserves. and that required state department approval. so in june of 2009, putin invited bill to moscow to give two speeches for half a million dollars each with banks that were essentially state owned in russia. he took the cool million in cash, deposited it into the bill and hillary personal bank account. and four months later, hillary ruled in favor of the deal.
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now, there are 44 mentions of that deal in state department cables over that four-month period. it was a real hot topic of controversy within the state department. but there is not a single mention of it in any of hillary's e-mails that were released during that period. obviously those e-mails were deleted. and the whole purpose of the e-mail server was even if it put our secrets at risk from the chinese and the russians, her secrets would not be at risk from the american people. and ultimately it is that paranoia and secrecy driven by the sense of greed and entitlement that led and leads to hillary's ongoing scandals. and you meet this person at the age of 68, who you knew at the age of 30, and you say, oh, my god, i could see where all of this came from, but didn't used
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to be like that. but you can see how these traits metastasized and took over her personality. now, let's talk a little bit about how trump is going to beat hillary. [ applause ] i think one thing you should do is should say the clintons hate me, the bushes hate me, and the romneys hate me, so what could i be doing wrong? [ applause ] but that points to a larger message. i did some work for the leave campaign in britain. and i've been working with them for 12 years. and we see the world in a horizontal dichotomy of continuum of left and right. you're at various points along the spectrum, ideologically. that is not how the alienated,
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apathetic, no show voter sees politics. he sees politics as an inner circle, a tiny little circle of privilege and power and unspeakable wealth that rigs the system for themselves. another circle of their acolytes and lawyers and pr person, people and investment advisers, who live off them if they're good people like sim bottoms, if they're bad people like parasites but they still live off the host. and then a third concentric circle of everybody else who gets screwed by the global economy. and they see donald trump just like they saw bernie sanders, and just like in britain they saw leaving the eu, as the cause for the outer concentric circle. and the circle has no left and has no right. so in brexit, we won the same
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percentage of the vote from conservatives, torres, as from labor party members. there was no left and right in that any more than there is in any circle. there was a sense of alienation, a sense of being left out, a sense of being an outsider. and donald trump needs not to run against hillary only as a republican, or as a democrat or as a liberal or even as a thief. she -- he needs to run against her as an insider. as the ultimate insider in our politics. and there is no more insider than the clintons. and by running that kind of a campaign, and speaking for the people in the outer most circle, he can mobilize the voters that have not come out to vote in the past to come out and vote for him. the demographics are daunting. in 2004, karl rove and george bush brought out 10 million new
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white voters. in 2008, obama brought out 10 million new african-american latino and female and young voters. and they each won their elections because of that. but in 2012, 10 million white voters stayed home because they couldn't handle romney, because he was typical of that insider circle. and they saw the republican party in its worst possible light, of wall street, and vulture capitalism as they called it, and it made no difference that some of the companies romney tried to help he did turn around, he did save jobs. they understood that the motivation there was making money, they saw him as capitalizing on the global economy, on outsourcing and all of that stuff, and they saw this process as fundamentally causing their own impoverishment.
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and they voted against him. they stayed home. and that was truly obama's margin of victory. so the first thing trump needs to do and the thing that only donald trump among our potential candidates could possibly do is to bring those people out to vote, to rekindle their faith in the process, to believe there is a fellow outsider running, who scorns the inside, just as valuably and as irritably and crankily as they do and mirrors their frustrations and their views. trump has ignited those people, mobilized them and they're coming out to vote. and they are how trump is going to beat hillary. [ applause ] but he need not stop there.
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it is one of the supreme challenges of our lives that obama care may fall apart before we can repeal it. [ applause ] it is like you make sure everybody on death row is really healthy. but the fact that obamacare is dying, because the premiums are going higher and higher, the risk pool is getting sicker and older, and poorer, and that in turn drives people out, and as of now, about 7 million people have chosen to pay the fine rather than enter the system. and the total number of people who are covered newly because of obamacare is only 4 million. he says 16. but eight of that is medicaid,
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which is welfare and has been there forever. he just raised the ceilings. and of the remaining eight, half are people who had insurance, they were happy with, but couldn't continue it because it didn't meet the administration's regulations. so the number of new people covered by obamacare is only 4 million. and the number of people who are uninsured, who choose to pay the fine is 50% larger than that. and the process is continuing. doctors are opting out, patients are opting out. that is deliberate. that is not a failure of barack obama. that is his goal. that is hillary's goal. because they will come back at some point soon and hillary's doing it now, and saying, oh, you see how the insurance companies are ripping everybody off by raising the premiums? we made them cover people until 26 on their family's policies,
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forget we said you can't exclude presifting conditions, forget we said you have to cover everything from psychotherapy to drug therapy to drug addiction therapy to sex change operations to mammograms for men, you have to cover everything and that drove the premiums up. now some of those are good. we want to cover pre-existing, we want kids to be covered by their family policies. but it all drove up the premiums. then when the companies raised the premiums, hey, get rid of the insurance companies, have a direct government payer socialized medicine system. and hillary's elected, that's what she is going to do. that will be the argument she will use. now, i'm in florida here, with you by the way i live with you, i live in del rey beach. [ applause ] . and i think that might be the first time in history anybody got an applaud for getting a
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tan. and i want to pay tribute to senator marco rubio. [ applause ] because for all of the rhetoric, by all of the people, who opposed obamacare, it was he who killed it. single-handedly, marco rubio. [ applause ] when the budget was going through, the last budget bill, the administration had a program that was basically welfare for insurance companies. they said to all the insurance companies have the first three years of obamacare, we will make good any losses you have, no matter how much. and we'll guarantee you a profit. it essentially turned insurance companies into utilities where the government assured them of
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their income. and marco rubio, last year, got a clause in the budget bill ending that subsidy. and without that subsidy, the insurance companies are running, screaming. the largest one, united health care pulled out of obamacare and a bunch of others are about to. now, those issues, national security, immigration reform, stopping immigration reform, getting rid of obamacare, the blue lives matter movement. [ applause ] last year 42 cops were killed in the line of duty. and those are all very good punches. but they're the right jab. that's the way the republican party usually runs. the right jab.
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now it needs to fight with both hands. it also needs a left hook. it also -- [ applause ] it also needs to go behind hillary's lines and mine the bernie sanders voters who already hate her. and have already voted against her. already know that she's full of it. already know that she's controlled by the banks and the oil companies and the vested interests in our country, and that she's they're parrot. they already know that stuff. the problem is they do not see a kindred spirit in donald trump. but they should. and he should make clear that he is a kindred spirit. the left hook involves his promising never to do quantitative easing again, never am i going to paper wall street with bonus money that is specially printed, none of which gets lent to the community, all
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which of gets pocketed as bonuses or distributed as stop options or invested in derivative gambling, federally guaranteed. the left hook also says you cannot have six banks controlling 83% of the assets of the united states. [ applause ] if one of the great likes of our party theodore roosevelt stood for anything, it was that that kind of concentration of monopolistic power is against the interests of capitalism and freedom. and we need our candidate to assert that. the left hook also means bring back glass stegele. when franklin roosevelt wanted to ensure deposits at banks, so there would be no more panics and no more runs on the bank, he put in a bill to create the federal deposit insurance corporation, fdic.
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and the chairman of the senate finance committee was a guy named carter glass, from virginia, crusty old guy, and he said i am not going to approve deposit insurance unless you regulate what wall street does with the money. if they're going to go out and gamble it and invest in crazy stuff, then i'm not going to guarantee that the depositors will see their deposits. that's in effect guaranteeing the casino gambling and therefore glass stegele was passed as a companion measure with fdic. then bill clinton in his entire term in office resisted repealing glass stegele. in 1999, he knew he was going to lose his law license because of the paula jones lawsuit. and knowing that, he knew he had to do something else for a living. and he decided on a career as a speaker. no offense, mr. speaker.
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and -- his biggest clients would be the banks and guess what, he signed repeal of glass stegele. and that year goldman sachs set up an ipo for an investment arm and they were off to the races. and the financial dysfunction that led to '07 and '08 began, not only with the fannie mae and freddie mac policies of the clinton administration, but with the financial deregulation policies of its last two years. then in its final year, 2000, his assistants, treasury secretary, proposed regulation derivatives. he killed it. and he then passed a bill and signed it in the waning weeks of his presidency banning regulation of derivatives. so that the banks would really be beholden to him and his first speeches on the door of the white house came from those banks. donald trump needs to talk about
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that. we need to throw that left hook. we need to echo his rhetoric on that stuff. what about free college? okay. you don't have to dip into the treasury for free college. just make college contain its costs. trump should say that no college is going to get a dime in pell grants or student loans for its students unless it meets three criteria. one, its faculty works a minimum of 12 contact hours a week with students. no more six hours a week for professors. number two, they spend 10% or less on their administrative costs. and number three, the ceos, the head of the colleges, cannot earn more than a certain ceiling of money.
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i pushed and clinton proposed and signed a bill creating an opportunity tax credit that was supposed to give everybody free community college. and then just raised their tuition and all of a sudden it became not free. and the state legislatures cut back their subsidies and suddenly it was all on tuition again. if we want to be like a dog chasing our tail, we can provide subsidies, they'll raise costs, we'll raise subsidies, they'll raise costs, and it will just never end. so that's what trump should propose. that's all in the left hook. part of the left hook is school choice. [ applause ] to go -- to go to the minority community and say housing discrimination must not cause
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school segregation. [ applause ] and the -- and make the point that the civil rights issue of our time is the ability to choose which school your child goes to. [ applause ] those are all the left hook and republicans aren't used to left hook. but i work for both parties. i am. and that right jab will carry only sa far. it is the left hook that is the secret of trump's ability to win this election. now, i enjoyed this speech. i'm -- you can catch me every day if you go to dick i do a video every morning, just did today. and i'll e-mail it out to you for free at 450,000 people who get it. so actually can i see a show of hands who here gets my lunch alerts? yeah, that's great. so everybody is doing it. it is fun. and every saturday i do a
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history video about an episode in u.s. and world history. the one coming up on saturday will be an explanation of the details of the double cross system, with the british misled hitler as to where the normandy invasion was going to come. and deals with the actual names of the spies and all of that. now, unfortunately were you to invite me to speak to you next year in the event hillary wins we'll have to skype from new zealand. [ applause ] so i urge you and i beg you to let this poor kid continue to live in del rey beach and elect donald trump president. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> thank you so much. our next speaker is one of most respected and recognized leaders in the world. he was born in brooklyn to italian immigrants. he went to law school at nyu after graduating he became a u.s. attorney, eventually rising to become the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, where he unabashedly took on anyone, anyplace, including the mob, and had 4,152 convictions. after that, he became the mayor of new york. as mayor of new york, as you heard from his powerful speech, on monday, he took one of the
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most crime ridden cities and made it the safest big city in america according to the fbi. [ applause ] but where we really saw his truly brilliant, heroic leadership was on september 11th, 2001. in classic fashion, mayor giuliani rushed to the scene, and was nearly crushed as the towers fell as he was down leading. he became the face and the hero for what was not only new york's, but our country's, one of the most darkest hours. from his leadership he was given time person of the year, knighted by the queen of england, called rudy the rock from the prime minister of
10:47 am
france, and given the medal of freedom by first lady nancy reagan. and the great thing about mayor giuliani is he's not just the mayor of new york. we have so many new yorkers in florida. he's also the honorary mayor of florida. [ applause ] so please welcome a new yorker by birth, but a floridian by adoption, our great mayor, rudy giuliani. [ applause ] >> thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you very, very much. you might notice i lost some of my voice.
10:48 am
the other night. but i'm still able to speak. and i'm still as passionate as i was last night, the night before, the night before that. our country is at a crossroads. you know that. dick wasn't exaggerating when he said, you know, we may have to conduct this from new zealand next year if things go wrong. the reality is we have a very, very dramatic choice between one way, our government can go, and the second way. let me simplify, donald trump is a conservative, he's conservative in economic policy, he's conservative on national security. what does that mean? it means he's going to lower taxes, he's going to lower corporate taxes, he is going to reduce hundreds of millions of
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regulations that are crushing american businesses. by that he's going to reduce my income. because my law firm is going to make less money. but he will help my country. when i was in the justice department in the 1970s, 1980s, the code of federal regulations was about this high. it now goes through the ceiling. every one of those regulations requires companies, small, medium, large, to hire lawyers, accountants, lobbyists, just in order to stay out of jail. hillary stays out of jail just because she's a clinton. and that is hurting the ability of this country to produce jobs. even more than taxes. even more than the highest corporate tax in the world. donald trump understands that and he will make that change
10:50 am
immediately. the 35% corporate tax will get slashed to 20% or 15% or i hope 10%. that will bring billions back to the you produce jobs. he'll reduce the regulations, my suggestion to him is here's what we do. we just say take out every other regulation. i don't care which one. cut them in half. just pile them up and get rid of the top half or the bottom half. you're not going to miss it. then, he's going to negotiate agreements for us that help america. look, we want to trade. we want free trade. we want to trade with the whole world. but we want fair terms for trade. and nobody, nobody i have ever
10:51 am
met, knowing him for 29 years, can negotiate as effectively as donald trump. [ applause ] if i was going to negotiate for the sale of my condo in palm beach, i would have donald trump negotiate for me. if i was going to negotiate for, i don't know, for a new job, i would have donald trump negotiate for me. so who do i want negotiating for my country? do i want hillary clinton? hillary clinton negotiated with putin. she gave away -- she gave away the defense of poland and the czech republic. nuclear defense of poland and the czech republic. first of all, i consider that immoral. i worked for ronald reagan.
10:52 am
he's the one who set that up. he's the one who walked out of -- he walked out because gorbachev required him to give up, the "new york times" used to describe in a very nasty way, the star wars. the "new york times," by the way, is wrong about everything. [ applause ] ronald reagan used to read it in order to do the opposite. i mean it. it's true. now, how stupid can you be not to understand star wars? way back in the 1980s, when the stupid editorial board of the "new york times" and the "washington post" used to make fun of him. just think about this for a moment. if a missile can shoot down an airplane, which it can, correct?
10:53 am
a missile can shoot down another missile. if it's a bigger missile, a better missile, a smarter missile, and a more powerful missile. only political ideologues who think that they're right about everything because they sit on the editorial board of the "washington post" or the "new york times" are too stupid to figure that out. now, if you need any proof that it works, look at the iron dome in israel. i had the great -- [ applause ] one of the greatest and most fulfilling experiences of my life was netanyahu allowing me to take pictures of it. i took those pictures and i brought them to mrs. reagan three years ago before she died, on the board of the reagan library.
10:54 am
and i shared them with her. and i shared with her what prime minister netanyahu told me to tell her. without her husband, there would be thousands of israelis dead. in return for that, there would be many more palestinians dead because prime minister netany u netanyahu -- and red lines and yellow lines and backs down. he fights back for his country. somebody the other day ask me, how can i vote for donald trump? he's politically incorrect. i said, okay. let's assume he is politically incorrect. i prefer voting for someone who is politically incorrect than a
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criminal. now, you're looking at somebody who has more experience prosecuting criminals than i do practicing politics. i have prosecuted thousands and thousands of criminals, from the lowest level to the highest level, to the heads of the five organized crime families in new york, i put them in jail for 100 years. to ivan and michael and the wall street criminals, the movie "wall street" is about my case. that's a good movie. the second one wasn't so good. i prosecuted colombian drug cartels. murderers. i prosecuted two former nazis
10:56 am
and sent them back to be exec e executed for having killed in one case 10,000 and in the other case, 12,000 jewish people. i prosecuted two sitting united states congressmen and put them in jail. [ applause ] and i prosecuted most of the administration, which is how i became mayor. so i'm going to tell you this and i'm going to tell you this with great conviction and absolutely no fear that there's anyone that can contradict this. hillary clinton has violated so many federal laws, i would need a blackboard bigger than that to
10:57 am
write them all down. i keep them on my ipad. they're all here, all the violations. i never had a case that is as strong as the case against hillary clinton. i never, ever as a lawyer have ever gathered guaranteed results either to the government or to my clients, because i don't know what juries are going to do. however, i will bet my life that if you put me in front of 12 decent americans and you let me prosecute this case against hillary clinton, she will go to jail for ten years or more. [ applause ]
10:58 am
>> this is my list of violations. hannity puts it up once a week. he puts it up on his show. and every couple of weeks, i update it with a few more violations. but chris christie last night and dick morris this morni ing laid out the case for you. i don't have to go any further. i'm going to add one other, however, that really troubles me as a federal prosecutor. there's u.p.s., they were in a big dispute with the internal revenue service. the internal revenue service wanted u.p.s. to turn over numerous secret bank accounts. and the justice department, my days in the justice department, we would have numerous cases like this with the swiss in
10:59 am
trying to get the bank accounts of organized criminals, drug dealers, and various other criminals. this has been going on for some time. ubs made a $60,000 contribution to the clinton foundation. rather small in clinton numbers. and they made a $600,000 contribution to the clinton foundation, starting to talk about more money now, right? and then somewhere in that sequence, hillary clinton called the internal revenue service and told them to go easy on ubs, that this could cause friction with the swiss. we're going to go to war with switzerland?
11:00 am
the pope would have to give up the swiss guard. we're not going to fight with the pope's swiss guard. i don't even think switzerland has a damn army. the person at the internal revenue service says that he had never received a call like this ever from a secretary of state and was shocked at her intervention in the case. several months later, bill clinton got a $1.2 million speaking fee from ubs. if that's not a bride, i don't know what's a bribe. we're not -- e, i don't know what's a bribe. we're not -- be, i don't know what's a bribe. we're not -- i put a congressman in jail and ruined his career for a $40,000 bribe.
11:01 am
general petraeus had his reputation ruined for revealing two pieces of top secret information. she revealed thousands, thousands. [ crowd chanting "lock her up" ] >> so it's got to end. and i think dick made the case really well. this special standard for the clintons that the liberal media has created, the "new york times," the "washington post," nbc, cbs. what am i missing? i don't even think about them. this special thing they created for the clinton has got to end
11:02 am
because if we stand for anything, we stand for equal justice under the law. as dick pointed out, the clintons have been stealing since they were in little rock. you go to little rock and talk to people like i do, and they will tell you that bill clinton was one of the most crooked governors in the state, and his bag woman was hillary clinton at their own law firm. they were crooks back in little rock. they sold the lincoln bedroom. hillary clinton was the enforcer in chief against the women who accused bill clinton of sexually assaulting them. she's a feminist? if there's a war on women, the
11:03 am
war on women was the one conducted by bill clinton. and powered by hillary clinton. now, she knew his history, we knew this history, and along comes this young woman, monica lewinsky, who tells us about what he was doing in the oval office. when she made her first allegations, did you believe her? did all of america believe her? hillary clinton didn't believe her. for six months, they conducted a campaign trying to make her sound like she was some kind of an insane maniac. they tried to ruin and destroy the young woman. and then it turned out she had
11:04 am
the dress and the dna, and if she didn't, she would have been ruined, and hillary clinton and bill clinton would have been the ones to have ruined the young woman. hillary clinton says she wants to take care of women who were victims of sexual abuse. what about monica lewinsky? she was a young girl. an impressionable young girl. who was taken advantage of by the president of the united states. if you ran a company, you would be fired in a minute. for much less than that. you get fired now for telling a dirty joke. my god, i had somebody tell me walking in, they don't even like to say to women anymore, you
11:05 am
look beautiful. my goodness, maybe it's misunderstood. it was nothing to be misunderstood about what bill clinton did. no misunderstanding. you know what it was. i know what it was. and hillary clinton -- you can't tell me for a minute that she didn't know from the moment monica liewinsky made her allegations. she knee her husband. she knew his history. she knew about the bimbo squad that's trying to destroy all the women that bill clinton violated. she knew that whole history. when he walks up to the bedroom that night, imagine what she said to him. about how she used to throw all this stuff at him, call him all
11:06 am
kinds of names. so we can't have them in the white house. we can't. we can't. this would be a disgrace for our country, to have a criminal like this in the white house. on the other hand, we have a man who will straighten out our economy. he will make sure we stand up to islamic terrorism. he's not afraid to say islamic terrorism. he will completely undo the ridiculous agreement with the ayatollah of iran. beyond that, he'll negotiate in our interests, and mike pence has indicated to us he's going to bring highly capability people into government.
11:07 am
everybody always says, why doesn't a presidential candidate name their cabinet before they get elected? i'll tell you why. if donald trump or even hillary clinton were to name their cabinet before they got into office, they would then be 12 or 13 people the press would try to destroy before the election in order to destroy the candidate. but, we get a very clear idea of the kind of cabinet we're going to have by the choice of vice president. so we're going to have a cabinet like mike pence. we're going to have a cabinet maybe not with exactly his background, but governor, a very successful governor of indiana. a very successful businessman. a very religious man. a very decent man.
11:08 am
and a member of the united states congress with both fiscal and foreign policy experience. you can't ask for more than that. [ applause ] and i'm going to tell you something because it helped me a lot as mayor of new york. when you take office as an outsider and a reformer, i never held an elected office before i was mayor of new york. just like donald trump. i didn't do too bad, right? when you come in as a reformer, as dick pointed out, as the guy who is going to shake washington up and change it, change domestic policy, change foreign policy, you draw the best people to you. it gives people excitement that
11:09 am
they're going to get a chance to change it, to fix it. they're going to get a chance to get it better. i worked in the reagan administration. i worked in washington for president reagan. i worked for him eight years, 2 1/2 in washington. i worked on speeches with him. i worked on law enforcement policy with him. i worked on haitian immigration policy with him. problems with him, as you remember in florida. we got so many talented people volunteering to come work for us because ronald reagan was going to change things. donald trump will be like abraham lincoln. abraham lincoln would sit in the oval office in the first couple days of the presidency, so many people wanted jobs, he was getting exhausted. he will draw the best people in the government. i know this man for 29 years. and i know he puts on a great
11:10 am
show. i'm going to tell you a secret about donald trump. he doesn't build those buildings himself. he doesn't pour the concrete. he doesn't put the nails in the wall. he hires enormously capable people to do it. he didn't -- [ applause ] he didn't redo all of doral in ten months. you know, driving the tractor. he went and got the best golf architect he could find, who understood doral. he went and got the best people he could find that could fix up the resort. now doral is one of the great golf resorts in the world once again. i saw him take over the rank
11:11 am
when ed koch was the man. it took him three years and he never got it done. donald trump took over and got it done in ten months. but the point is he didn't do it himself. he hired capable, competent, and very good people to do it. those are the people who will be working for us. you see, the kind of stuff donald trump has done for that beautiful family of his, the wealth he's created, the empire he's created, that's what he's going to do for us. that's what he's going to do for all of us. when he says he's going to make america great again, he means it. he means great. he means prosperous. and for all of us. white and black and hispanic and asian and everything else we
11:12 am
are. if i leave something out, please don't get angry at me. he loves all people. and he wants us to be the country we should be. we should be the leading country on earth. i want a president who when putin wakes up in the morning, the ayatollah wakes up in the morning, they are -- fidel -- fidel is dead, just propping him up. fidel is actually -- fidel is actually been dead for four years and they mummified him. [ applause ]
11:13 am
let me try it one other way. do you really think putin, the ayatollah, the head of the islamic state, or the head of south korea, do you think they're afraid of hillary clinton or barack obama? do you think they're afraid of donald trump? you're damn right they are. i will tell you from knowing him for 29 years, i can tell you a lot of things about him, but i'm going to finish now. i'm going to tell you one thing, and boy, this is the reason he should be our president. this man doesn't back down to anyone. you have seen it. he didn't back down to the establishment of our party.
11:14 am
he didn't back down to all the terrible things the media did to him. when he believes he's right, he fights. we're right. we have to fight to protect ourselves. we don't get freedom for nothing. we have to take this war against us to them and fight it there, not in orlando, not in san bernardino. but in iraq and afghanistan and pakistan and all those places where they're trying to kill us, and before they kill us, we have to kill them. we don't want to do it. we would rather not do it, but when you take that oath of office, you take the oath of office to protect americans. and finally, finally, if there
11:15 am
is one group of people that i love with a special honor, going back to my five uncles who were police officers, my one uncle who is a fire captain, it's my new york city police department and my new york city fire department. i loved them before september 11th, and i was at the bedside of at least 40 of them who died in the line of duty before september 11th, holding hands and holding their family's hands. i love these men because -- and women -- because they put on a uniform that means that they are risking their lives to protect us. i'm not wearing that uniform. they're protecting me. i'm not protecting them. when you do the kinds of things
11:16 am
this administration has done to the reputation of our police, and the new york city police and new york city fire department, no different than the police in orlando or miami or in nevada or here in cleveland. it's one, blue. they're the ones who save us. they're the ones who put their lives at risk for us. when you do what this administration has done to the reputation of these brave men and women, you should be ashamed of yourself. you should be ashamed of yourself. [ applause ] and if you think this is helping race relations in america, race relations are much worse now than the day obama came into office. i can stand here and tell you without fear of contradiction, no mayor in the history of new york city saved more black lives than i did.
11:17 am
no mayor -- no mayor in new york city found more jobs for african-americans than i did. and i am passionate about choice charter schools and vouchers as a way out. yes, yes, yes, there's unfairness. we can cure it. and we need donald trump to do it. thank you, and god bless you. [ applause ] [ chanting "rudy" ] >> mayor rudy giuliani.
11:18 am
now, the mayor has just informed me as he is going to graciously stay for a couple minutes and he's going to answer three questions from the audience. we know he has a busy schedule. before we get the questions, just a moment of personal privilege here. mayor, i was telling the mayor as he walked ip, i'm a kid that grew up in new york city. and some people know me, i did not grow up with a family of means. and when i was younger, i went to high school. i graduated high school in 1988. i moved to florida in 1996. and growing up as a kid in queens, we hardly ever went into manhattan, new york city. because of the crime rate, we were afraid -- my father used to say, just please don't go to manhattan because i want to make
11:19 am
sure that you return. under this man's -- and i'm going to say it -- leadership, he not only turned around new york city, but made new york city thrive and prosper to the point when i first went back after i moved to florida from new york city, and i went into manhattan and i said, wow. look at this place. and that is a testament to your hard work and your leadership, mayor. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] three questions. let's answer three questions. right there. i'm sorry, right there. make sure you speak loud. >> i was reading a newspaper publication. and it said that there was only a 24% chance that donald j.
11:20 am
trump would win the white house. and it's obviously disheartening, but share your thoughts, if you would, about the liberal media who spent now 48 hours talking about a speech that may or may not have been plag plagiarized and then we have this battle going on that we're trying to tell our friends and neighbors all across the country, you don't know, you do, but the kind of stuff we should say on a regular basis to put us over the finish line. by the way, they say the chances of donald trump winning are the same as an nba player misses a free throw. >> hold the paper up again, please. you know what to do with it?
11:21 am
i would imagine you could go back to 1980 and they wrote similar things about ronald reagan, who won in a landslide. who won in a landslide. the "new york times" is a disgrace. it's a dishonest, dishonorable newspaper. it's had numerous reporters who had to be fired for lying and cheating, and they have a liberal bias that enormous, and they're not making any money. and nobody, nobody pays attention to them but the people who are going to vote that way anyway. so don't worry about it. donald trump has a very good chance of winning the presidency. i believe he is going to win the presidency. i do not believe that the american people, as they get to know his program for growth, his program for defending us, i believe that's what the majority of people are. just like a year ago the "new york times" would have written that donald trump had zero percent of being the republican
11:22 am
nominee, they are just as right about that as they are about the 24%. [ applause ] >> mr. mayor, what do we say to leaders of our party, some of whom are former presidential candidates who are well known to the state who are supporter never trump or not supporting our nominee? what should we say to them? >> look, some of them are very good friends of mine. i like them very much. i feel bad that they're taking a position they're taking. i am a republican. i would vote donald trump even if i wasn't a good friend of his. i happen to have the advantage of knowing him very well, which makes me much more enthusiastic about it, but how could they possibly want to see hillary clinton in the white house? and we can't play this game, well, she'll be in for four years. first of all, i don't know how
11:23 am
much damage she can do in four years. it may be irreversible. i don't know if four years doesn't become eight years. this is our chance to change the country we love. it's not about jeb bush. you know, it's not about his ego or whether he feels he was insulted, and he may honestly feel that way. it's not about whether mitt romney feels -- i don't know what he feels, whatever he feels. i never got much feeling for mitt to start with. maybe if we had gotten a little feeling from mitt, we wouldn't have obama. i don't know what they'll do. you have a great governor. he's supporting donald trump. your governor, by the way, your governor, by the way, doesn't get the credit he deserves.
11:24 am
you got a great senator. and -- and he's shown that he's a man that can overcome. some of the hurdles and some of the disappointments of losing. i had to do that when i supported john mccain. that's part of life. it's part of being a man, part of being a woman, part of being an adult. so here's what i would say. it shows that the establishment of the republican party is against donald trump. thank god. because the establishment of the republican party, the establishment of the republican party hasn't done much better than the establishment of the democratic party. they screw up washington.
11:25 am
coming in with a whole group of new people, a whole group of new people. because we're going to change the way washington is run. we're going to make it run for the people. >> mayor giuliani, we know you were the mayor of the most vibrant city in the world, and we had every creed, color, race on this planet there in new york city. we know that god the lord, our creator, loves all lives. yet we have democratic candidates who have said only black lives matter, and we know that blue lives matter because they protect all of us. so as god as said that all lives matter, would you address that with us, please? >> a very profound question. whenever we start to create special categories for racist,
11:26 am
religions, ethnic groups, we start to divide each other. when i became mayor of new york city, my motto was, one city, one standard for everybody. for good, for bad. doesn't matter what color, what creed. i was making appointments and i had to make an appointment to my european liaison office. i had a black liaison officer, jewish, irish, italian liaison officer, indian, pakistani, gay and lesbian liaison officers. and i had one called european liaison officers. i'm trying to figure out, who do you supply for a european liaison officer? if i pick somebody french, i would insult the germans. if i pick somebody swiss, i'll get $1.2 million speaking fee.
11:27 am
so i'm sitting there with my deputy mayor and my best friend who died last week, peter powers, who was my campaign manager, and moved to your state. three years ago. lived in miami. i said, you know something. why don't i just do away with all of these officers, theall 1f them? why do i need them, black officer and a jewish officer and a lesbian and gay officer and european officer and an asian officer, chinese officer. why don't i have just one person who tries to help all people equally? and that's what i tried to do. [ applause ]
11:28 am
i think it is perfectly proper for us to take and plagiarize obama's speech in '04. there's no white america. there's no black america. there's one america. problem is, he hasn't followed that. we will. we will. >> big round of applause for america's mayor, rudy giuliani. [ applause ] [ chanting "rudy" ] >> mayor, thank you for your leadership. you guys having a great time
11:29 am
here at the convention? you guys ready to make america great again? you guys ready to make florida red again? so at this time, i'm going to make some brief remarks regarding the mayor is going to stay for a couple minutes, so i'm going to make some brief housekeeping remarks regarding the rest of the day. please, if you can, listen so we can make the rest of the day go as efficiently as possible. now, we're currently working on getting the deligation photo rescheduled since many people missed it. what? including me. so what we're going to do for the delegates, for the delegates photo, we're going to have a photographer, we're trying to arrange for the same photographer to come here, either today or tomorrow to take a delegation photo.
11:30 am
so we're arranging that. the gop express will depart at 4:00 p.m. today from the q, okay? there are shuttles to and from the hotel in the downtown area today for those of you who would like to see and tour cleveland. you can see the back of your agenda for details. now, this is also very, very important. everybody should have a make florida red again hat, correct? so tomorrow and as well tonight, but just remember, tonight and tomorrow, we're in business attire for the convention. not today, but tomorrow, we want everyone for mr. trump's speech, we want everyone to be in business attire and those red "make florida red again" caps, because when the tv cameras pan the crowd, they're just going to see a s


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