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tv   African American Women in the Republican Party  CSPAN  July 24, 2016 9:45pm-10:01pm EDT

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contexts. they are compiling that they have files on virtually every american consumer. >> watch the communicators. >> exploring the motives of african-american women who are active members of the republican party. the is the author of " loneliness of the black republican." we interviewed the professor at the meeting of american historians. is about 10 minutes. pragmatic politics and the pursuit of power.
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what is this about? womenking at the men and present day. broad and includes figures jackson.g or a jesse >> you focused on the roles of women in the republican party how have african-american women tended to vote? >> they are described as the back bone of the democratic party because they are the most loyal of the constituents for the democrats and you see this
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over the last 80 years. women have cast their support for the democratic party and they have been instrumental in winning a number of elections. most recently with the 2012 election. and we can see the political consistency with the republican or democratic party. voting for the republican party after the civil war. >> right. when african-american women got the right to vote, they casted
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ballots for the republican party andthere was a great switch black women were among the first to do that and they became loyal supporters and they really make up the back bone of the modern democratic party. >> when will we see african-american women moving towards the democratic party? is thatnteresting thing andee these, occasionally they have prominent roles and this has been true for decades and, in the 1915 -- in the 1950's, they had an organization the black and and
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republican women organization sheinted a black woman and traveled the country for almost three years to try to convince the party onin lincoln. particular, can you tell us about -- active are to the most and prominent black women the are two really interesting figures that are active in local organizations aggressive inery
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the political outreach with the party. the father was involved in the overcame --nd they overturned the restricted she is one of the inequalityof racial and the election of richard nixon in -- >> gloria is another figure that is active in the republican circles and she is very active with economic outreach and pushing for gender equality and organizationsh
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and she was unceremoniously the second theon nomination of reagan in 1970. influential were they? >> successes difficult to define. they are successful in putting themselves in high positions of power. is deputy solicitor general why the first black woman to do so and there is a level of power in the 1960'sates and 1970's and the problem with that is the kinds of
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accomplishments that have happened and a lot of the analysis we can look at is to , what sort of things happen. now, they testified to the united nations that racism is a human rights issue of a generation and they say that we need to be committed to the eradication of racism is a human right. it passes several conservative supreme court decisions.
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>> what motivated african-american women? >> it is a storm of conservatism. it motivated some of the women silentinvolved in the majority committee. during and they go across to talk about stopping crimes.
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>> did you come across any thing that surprised you? >> there is a lot that surprised me. the big surprise is that there are african-american women and prominent positions -- african-american women in prominent positions in the republican party. a number of these women. the other thing that surprised me is that a number of these women were willing to put aside
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issues to support candidates that we traditionally think of as conservative. even though gloria is a liberal air tocan, we see the she believeser and that she can influence them and push the direction of the platform and be a trusted the problem is that that the candidate is aggressively addressing policies and programs. >> did your research raise any research that you would like to pursue?
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>> there is lingering questions that came out of my research and one the most pressing issues is positionsh-profile and surrogates with the campaign that is supported by a number of surrogates and ted cruz uses a black woman to talk about anti-federalism. and we think about the and it isle roles important to think about how the republican party is using them.
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is not only racial issues. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. in americand history television? you can see our upcoming schedule or watch the recent program. the road to the white house rewind. >> i am a candidate in the great state of georgia and i represent issues of today, youth development. youth have to be catapulted into
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the careers. the development should be everybody's issue of today. >> i am mostly concerned with and ionomy and terrorism feel that hillary clinton is a criminal who belongs in jail. i think that it is disgraceful that she is allowed to run. i think that a lot of people in the democratic party are blindly following her down a pass to a loss. >> i want to underscore the importance of listening to both sides. i think that it is very polarized in politics and it is hard to see friends get rough with people and we have to listen to both sides to have a great country. thank you. >> i am thrilled to be here. what is important to me is where
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we are in the country. we need donald trump. america is at risk and the future is at stake for us and the children. i encourage everybody to go and vote to make america great again. >> i am from texas and i believe that every american needs to look into themselves and find dealert values they hold -- what values they hold dear and they need to require that in their candidates. god, family, and country. i do not think that donald trump stands for any of those. each week, the road to the white house rewind.
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nomination --e accepts the nomination. he says that richard and undeserving heir. catholic faith, offering himself for what he called the new frontier of american history. john f. kennedy defeated richard nixon, with less than 1% of the popular votes separating the two candidates. just over 20 minutes, and our coverage is -- this speech is just over 20 minutes, and our coverage is from nbc news.


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