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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2016 11:47am-11:52am EDT

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this labor day weekend, american history tv on c-span3 has three days of featured programming. saturday night at 8:00 eastern, bakersfield college has a lecture. >> the movement of farm workers, the people at the bottom of the society were suddenly becoming engaged in fighting for their rights, wages, working conditions, but also mobilizing for politicians, right? we'll talk about maybe about this later. i know some of you mentioned this in oral history, one of the best friends of the chavez family is the kennedy family, right, starting with john and robert and their children. >> sunday evening at 6:00 on "american artifacts," we'll visit george washington university and its director, thomas blanton, for the 50th anniversary of the freedom of
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information act, signed into law by president johnson. >> john moss picked up this bright young illinois congressman as a co-sponsor, a guy named donald rumsfeld. rumsfeld's statement on the floor of the house in 1966 is a pretty good explanation of why the bill then become a majority bill. rumsfeld said, government's gotten so big, it's involved in so many different pieces of our life and our commercial life, industrial life, personal lives, medicare, social security, so forth, we need the right to get those records out of agencies to be able to uphold our own standard of living, restraint on government. >> on monday morning, the national park service marking its 100th anniversary. the robert e. lee memorial. we spoke with robert stanton and brandon beis who will oversee a year-long restoration of the
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mansion and grounds. >> we were incredibly fortunate we were able to tailor our specific needs for all kinds of things for the museum objects for telling the historian interpretation and for the physical fixes and constructions that needed to happen. >> for our complete american history tv schedule, go to this weekend, c-span cities tour along with our comcast cable partners will explore the literary life and history of denver, colorado. on book tv, we visit the tattered cover bookstore, founded in 1971, considered the cornerstone of literary culture of denver. >> you'll see in the store green carpets and sometimes brass fixtures and the dark wood. the original barnes & noble super stores were models on this.
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>> author juan thompson talks about living with his father, gonzo journalist hunter s. thompson, and his book stories i tell myself. >> he was born in 1936. so when he's growing up, he did up in an era when fathers were typically heavily involved with raising the kids. so that is wart was part of it. second, writing was always the most important thing. family was secondary, for sure. also this weekend as part of our c-span cities tour, some history of denver, colorado on american history tv. cindy sauders, national fish and wildlife service ranger on the rocky flats nuclear sites transition into a national wildlife refuge. >> so we do have ilk that use this area. they use drainages for cabbing. we have also mill deer so there may be mill deer farms out here.
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coyotes are other common mammals. occasionally there is a bear in this area. >> then kimberly field, author of "the denver mint -- 100 years of gangsters, gold and ghosts." talks about how mint changed the city. >> by the 1880s, denver itself had gotten rich from mining, and it wanted to become the queen city of the plains, center of commerce, the leader in the western united states. and the city founders at that point decided that a mint that they could be proud of was going to be part of that process. >> c-span cities tour of denver, colorado, saturday at noon eastern on c-span2's bob ok tv. sunday afternoon on american history tv. working with cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. on lectures in history, iowa state unive


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