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tv   President Marks National Park Service Centennial  CSPAN  September 5, 2016 11:02am-11:10am EDT

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storylines at many historic sites across the country. arlington house, which sits on the hill above john f. kennedy's grave site is an example of that effort. the park service's most visited historic home. today, visitors learn the several story lines connected to this southern mansion, from george washington and the revolutionary war, to robert e. lee and the civil war, and they learn about the enslaved people who lived their lives on the 1100 acre estate and whose legacies live on in their descendants. comi coming up first, we'll hear several presidents talk about the national park, and later, we'll hear from the director of the national park service, jonathan jarvis. first, president obama at yosemite national park. >> the foresight and the faith in the future to do what it takes to protect our parks and to protect this planet for generations to come. and that's especially true for our leaders in washington. what lincoln did when he set aside this ground for all
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posterity. that's what roosevelt did when they inspired the national park service. that's what our generation has to do. we have to summon that same vision for the future. we have made good strides. we have jump started a clean energy revolution where we're reducing carbon pollution, preserving landscapes, rallying the world to tackle climate change together, but we've got to do a lot more, and on this issue, unlike a lot of issues, there's such a thing as being too late. the good news is i know we is rise to the challenge. over the last seven years we have proved it, and if we keep at it, we're not only going to sa safeguard this place. we're going to protect our communities from rising seas and brutal storms and droughts, but we're also going to protect our children's lungs from breathing dirty air, vulnerable people from displacement, protect our national security because we won't be seeing refugees displaced because of conflict and scarcity.
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and we'll build on that legacy of all those who came before us, who stood in these parks a century ago and talked about an america that lasts through the ages. i was telling the head of the system here about my first visit to a big national park up in yellowstone. i was 11 years old. and i was living in hawaii. this was the first time i had traveled to the mainland, and i came through california, and we went to chicago and arizona and then ended in yellowstone national park. and i remember being an 11-year-old kid, the first time i saw a moose. in a lake the first time we drove over a hill. and then suddenly there was a field full of deer.
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the first time i saw a bear and her cub. that changes you. you're not the same after that. and i want to make sure every kid feels that. studies have shown that just five minutes of time in a green open space brings your stress levels down. makes your heartbeat go down. makes your whole body feel better. makes your spirit stronger and cleaner. we've got kids all across this country who never see a park. there are kids who live miles from here who have never seen this. we've got to change that. because the beauty of the national park system is it belongs to everybody. it is a true expression of our democracy.
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the notion that we all look after ourselves and our families and we work hard and make money. we have our own homes and apartments and cars and televisions. but then there is this part of us that's part of everybody. something we have in common. something we share. a place we connect with each other and to connect to something bigger than ourselves. what an incredible idea. what a worthy investment. what a precious thing we have to pass on to the next generation. let's make that happen. >> it is fitting that on labor day, we meet beside the harbors, the waters i should say of the new york harbor. for the eyes of miss liberty on our gathering and in the words of the poet whose lines are inscribed at her feet.
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on the air bridged harbor that twin cities frame. through this golden door, under the gaze of that mother of exiles has come millions of men and women who first set foot on american soil right there on ellis island, so close to the statue of liberty. these families came here to work. they came to build. others came to america in different ways from other lands under different and often harrowing conditions. but this place, symbolizes what they all manage to build, no matter where they came from. or how they came or how much they suffered. they helped to build that magnificent city across the river. they spread across the land, building other cities and other towns and incredibly productive farms. they came to make america work. they didn't ask what this
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country could do for them but what they could do to make this refuge, the greatest home of freedom in history. they brought with them courage, ambition, and the values of family, neighborhood, work, peace and freedom. we all came from different lands but we share the same values, the same dream. i want more than anything i have ever wanted to have an administration that will through its actions at home and in the international arena let millions of people know that miss liberty still lifts her lamp beside the golden door.
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through our international broadcasting stations, the voice of america, radio free europe and the others, let us send loud and clear the message that this generation of americans intends to keep that lamp shining. that this dream, that this dream, the last best hope of men on earth, this nation under god shall not perish from the earth. we will instead carry on the building of an american economy that once again holds forth real opportunity for all. we shall continue to be a siymbl of freedom and guardian of the eternal values that so inspired those who came to this port of entry. let us pledge to each other with this gread


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