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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  September 6, 2016 9:06am-11:07am EDT

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it was always impressed how leaders talked to their citizens and valued their people. i was always impressed at the opportunity of america, at the freedom of america and possibilities in america. somehow i ended up with an american flag that i put under my pillow, one of those little small flags and i cannot recall how i got that flag. but i remember that flag being with me in my bomb shelter. i was around 13 or 14 years old at the time. i remember looking at that american flag thinking one day i'm going to make it out of this hell hole and make it to america. in order for me to make it to america, i wanted so badly to learn english. so i would watch television programming on our tv and i would read subtitles on the bottom so i can self-teach myself english and watch dallas. if two people looked into other's eyes and said maybe, i knew that maybe meant whatever that was written in the subtitles. i used to write it with an ink
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pen on my arm. because we barely had water, i built a huge vocabulary on my arm. that's how i learned english. i never learned english at school. [ applause ] because i wanted to have the opportunity that if i ever meet an american, i want to be able to communicate with them, with him or her in a way where i can start the process of somehow ending up in america. i knew i kneeledneeded to speak language of those i admired and wanted to be a part of. that's how i learned english. i can tell you at the age of 19 years old why i wanted to come to america. at the 19 years old as a lebanese, i can tell you about the america's exceptionalism. what are the possibilities in america? i remember sitting with my father watching the apollo going up to the moon and american flag being planted and me saying, wow, look at these people. it's amazing! they are so smart and special.
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they can do amazing things. i want to be a part of this movement. i want to be a part of this incredible charismatic spirit you'll awakening of the world, awakening of the individual, awakening of the spirit. in many countries in the world it is crushed and walked on. >> i wanted to be a part of america. and i ended up moving because i spoke english, ended up moving to israel, becoming a news anchor for world news tonight because i did speak english even though i read the news in arabic. i was and to communicate because we had an america in english division of the news. that's how i met my worker correspondent who ended up getting married and that's how i came to america. when i came to the united states in 1989, i wanted so much to be a part of this country, like most immigrants, all immigrants, original immigrants that came here, i wanted to be part of
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america. i didn't even speak arabic with my own two children because i wanted them to speak english and english only. i wanted them to be as americanized as possible as early as possible. they were americans and nothing else. [ applause ] >> i did the exact same thing that many, if not all of the immigrants that came here did before me. even though they spoke a different language at home, they spoke english with their children because it was their opportunity to not only practice their language and improve their english because their kids spoke better than them, but they wanted to make sure the children understood that they are a part of america, not of china, not of lebanon, not of vietnam, not of italy, they were a part of america. to contribute, to be, to grow, to contribute to this great nation. because they knew that the opportunities here did not exist
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anywhere else. and they came here. and like them, i did not teach my children one word of arabic. i told them when you grow up, you can choose whatever language you want to speak when you represent your country. you can take french. you can take spanish, german, japanese, chinese, whatever you wanted. as an american you'll have that choice when you grow up. also as an arabic woman i did not want my kids, my girls if they ever go back to lebanon to be told as it customcustomariry someone comes to visit you and you offer coffee, it's the girl's duty to offer the coffee. instead of saying thank you to a girl, they say may allah cover your shame, meaning with a husband. and i was never going to have my daughters visit lebanon ever one
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day and even understand if somebody ever said to that to them, may allah cover your shame with a husband. [ applause ] and the shame being the fact that they were women or girls, because the fact that you exist as a woman is shameful. that's the middle east. that's the islamic culture. that's how they think. that's -- the unspoken stuff they don't tell you about in the west because everybody wants to keep appearances and don't talk about these things. when i had to take the exam, when i came to america, i had a child. my first daughter was born in israel. i came here with a baby. and when we applied to get my green card, i was already pregnant with my second child. and when i applied to get my green card, i had to go through
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medical exams, blood tests, and tests for tuberculosis and hepatitis and this and that. by the way, i had to fpay out o my own pocket to pay for all of these exams and tests to prove i'm not bringing any disease with me to the country. i had to study a 2-inch thick book about from the daughters of the american revolution about the history of america, the constitution of the united states, our judicial system, everything that had to do with america and what makes america great. i had to pass a written and then oral exam in order for me to become an american. no easy pass. and i gladly paid for it and i gladly went through it and i counted the days to become an american. and i became an american in 1994, what a blessed year that was. [ applause ]
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i became an american and i cried as i pledged allegiance to the united states of america that i will forsake anything other than her, any nation, nation i left behind and pledge my loyalty only to the united states to serve her, to protect her and do whatever i have to do as a citizen of this country. those are the type of immigrants that used to come to this country with this passion. since i came to the united states, i have worked so hard to be a part of this great nation, to attain the american dream. because what this country provides is incredible. i created 186 jobs since i have been in this country because i wanted to be so much a part of this country. i wanted to pay my taxes and i wanted to participate in our political process. i wanted so much to become a
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congresswoman. my husband would say to me, why do you want to be a member of congress? >> can you imagine being able to be a nobody, raised in a bomb shelter and immigrating to america and you have the chance to participate in government. it didn't matter which title i had next to my name, it didn't matter how fancy smancy my father was or how much money i had in the bank. as an american, you can come here with nothing and end up with a lot of things because you can do so much as an individual. this is so especially an exceptionally american, it is amazing. i wanted to share with you the drive of immigrants like me who came to this country because i'm speaking about the drive that most americans experienced. this is why they came here. unfortunately today we are dealing with a group of people who are coming to our country
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who do not share our values. some of them may assimilate and will, not even may, some will assimilate. some may continue to be great contributors to our society. unfortunately what we're seeing right now, we're seeing a lot of people who are coming to our country who do not share our values and who are not coming here to build and be a part of america and contribute to america, but the system of america because they feel entitled to it because this is easy street. they are coming here because this is what they want. not to mention the terrorism aspect. this is what the west is dealing with today. this is why talking about this issue and the decisions we make today are very important because all you have to do is look at europe and what europe has done. it is important to know who's coming into our country and why they are coming here. who they are and what they believe. because the consequences of not
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understanding this very important point will lead to our demise just like it led to the demise of europe. just look at europe today. europe has become euraabia, belgium, switzerland, you look at these nations and look what's happening with these nations. we want to make sure we do not make the mistake europe has made. there's no turning back. once you open up the flood gates, there is no turning back. >> now, a lot of refugees are coming into the country and a lot of people are talking about refugees and worried about refugees and thinking, who is coming into this country and why. and here's how the process works because everybody is concerned about it. you know the chicago council on global affairs released a poll in august and they say that only
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30% -- 36% of the american voter supports refugees coming into the united states, only 36%. so don't buy what you're watching on the media, we want to bring as many refugees as possible. no, we don't. the majority of the american public does not. despite what the media is telling you. now, how does the process work? the united nations decides what refugees come to the united states. the united nations commission of refugees decides what refugees come to the united states, not america. they work with the state department and bringing these refugees in. the state department then works with nine federal contractors, six out of the nine are religious charities. and these religious charities are not passing the bucket on sunday morning or saturday morning in the pews to collect the $1 billion price tag it cost
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to sell these refugees and we're not even talking welfare. no, they are getting it from the treasury department from your pocket and my pocket in order to resettle them. so, who are these federal contractors? >> the federal contractors are church world service, ethiopian development council, episcopal administration issues, international rescue committee, committee for refugees and immigrations and lutheran immigration and refugee services and united states conference of catholic bishops and world relief corporation. so these six out of the nine are religious organizations, christians and jews. these federal contractors work with 350 subcontractors and the 350 subcontractors then work to resettle the refugees in 192
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cities across america. and they resettle them within 100 miles radius from whatever the office of the contractor is located. so if there's a contractor in the city of richmond, the refugees are resettled within a 100 mile radius of richmond, not just in the city of richmond. there's a lot of money on the line. the contractor gets a one time allocation fee of $1,125 from federal funds per refugee or about $5600 for family. that is used to refinance logistics. for example the money is used to buy -- the money needs to be spent in 30 days by the way and buys everything from bed clocks to lamps to beds to furniture to food, refrigerators to furnish the apartment where the refugees are going to be resettled. by the time the individual, this refugee reaches the airport of
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whatever city being resettled, they are literally a taxi ride away to a warm meal in their new home, paid for by our tax dollars. and in addition to the cost of $1,125 per person, the settling contractor gets to keep $1,000 in their pocket on top of that to spend as they wish on themselves. so we're looking at $2,126 per head for these refugees to come to america. the contractor works with the refugee for six months and after the six months, these refugees are then -- the process begins to work to bring their extended family. so for any refugee that comes here and we spend this money bringing the refugee here, after six months, the process starts and then we start resettling their family members and the
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whole thing starts again. it is such a cash cow -- thank you, tom -- it is such a cash cow sorry -- i lost half of my speech. so they had to go print it for me and i don't care, go find it, print it, do whatever you have to do. so they did. okay, fantastic. i'm going to put these here and i'm going to go on. so it is such a cash cow and everybody is jumping on the refugee bandwagon because of the mega millions of dollars that is being spent on -- and given to these organizations to resettle the refugees. it is a money making machine. so when your pastors or your friends tell you, oh, but we need to settle this the lutherans and catholic bishops
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and this and that and you know, by the way, the world relief corporation is eventually an evangelical operation, they are not off the hook either. everybody is making money on the deal. when they try to guilt you into, but what about the compassion, what about don't you want to help the refugees, jesus said help the down trodden, yes and at the same time said be as kind as dogs and wise as serpents. [ applause ] because over the life of a refugee over the five years it cost to resettle a refugee in this country of $65,000, for that money we can resettle 500 refugees in their own region staying in their own community, speaking the same language around people who understand them and share their culture instead of bringing them into culture shock here. that's how we can spend the
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money. [ applause ] we are not saying do not help refugees. we want to help the downtrodden, this makes america great. we have an earthquake in iran, remember, america was the first country to offer help to iran. we are generous people and always help and always want to give and support those who are in need. but we're not going to let people walk all over us because we are being fools and we are led by greed, not by compassion, greed cloaked in compassion, that's what the religious institutions are selling you. [ applause ] >> now, here's an example of how much one of these organizations have made and i'm going to give you homework you can do your own homework on the others. here's one that i chose to show you how much these religious charities are getting and what is riding on the line for them and why they are pushing to bring refugees into the country. i'm going to use the lutheran
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immigration and refugee service. the lutheran immigration and refugee service is 95% funded by your money, by your tax dollars. we looked at their latest forms they submitted, the latest form they submitted in august of 2015 that was available. and on page nine, it states that the total revenue for that year, for one year was $59,862,898. the total federal grants, money they got from our tax dollars were $55,341,175. so let me get this straight. they brought in 59 million, 55 million was from us. they also received from your money $1,817,755 for a loan for a service fee.
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to say they are getting 95% of their funding from our tax dollars would be a very accurate piece of information. for more details on how these charities are getting their money, the federal grant, your money, that they are doing good with, you can go to usa and type in lutheran immigration and refugee services and see their hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and contracts over the last eight years to bring refugees to the country. but why should we be concerned about these refugees we are bringing in? while everybody is thinking terrorism, at this point i'm going to talk about the cultural impact, societal impact of these refugees coming here. we've heard from europe about the rape and sexual assaults that these refugees are perpetrating against women.
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this is top news from europe right now. we heard about what happened in germany on new year's eve, over 1200 cases of rape and sexual assault, that the german government even try to cover up because they did not want people to know what the refugees are doing? actually, just this past friday night, there was a holiday in germany, some festival where they celebrate in different pubs, four women were sexually assaulted and german authorities are saying this is just the tip of the iceberg because we do not know what happened in other pubs as well by the refugees. why should we be worried here in the united states about the refugees? right now i'm going to go over cases of rape and sexual assault that we have experienced right here in the united states by refugees that we already brought in america. i'm not talking terrorism, i'm talking sexual rape and assault. lower massachusetts, a 13-year-old girl twice groped at the public pool by a 22-year-old
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man from syria as a refugee. twin falls idaho, 5-year-old girl was raped by three iraqi and sue dan ease boys, less than two years prior imported. leesburg, virginia, west african refugee attempted to rape a college female by the dumpster at her college complex. virginia, four refugees indicted for plotting to kidnap and hold local rich women for ransom. utah, a muslim in the united states for one month brutally murdered a 7-year-old christian girl. california, a muslim man performed an honor killing on his wife and blamed it on islam phobia. a somali refugee beat and raped a north dakota woman while chanting allah ak bar.
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this is the pattern of respect that these refugees are showing to our women and children in society. this is their detesting our western values and everything we hold dear. i'm go to use an example about the burmese we are importing. a lot of people are not paying attention to them. but i'll talk about the burmese refugees to show you the dwifrns between the value and cultural system of these refugees that they are coming from. i mentioned the case in salt lake city, where the muslim burmese raped and killed a 7-year-old girl. she died in excruciating pain because of the rape. shame on the mainstream media who never uttered a word about it, only in utah. and the reason why i bring this burmese example, last week a burmese refugee in australia was
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sentenced to jail for viciously raping a 10-year-old little boy. the convicted muslim man said it was culturally acceptable in his society to rape children where he came from in burma. they do not look at it as rape and we see this pattern in using children all over the middle east. all over islamic societies. i only have 15 minutes left. oh, my gosh. they gave me the time. >> as a matter of fact, the reason i use the example about australia, we see this pattern of using children for sexual pleasure across the islamic world worldwide. child prostitution, especially sexual abuse of little girls, these perpetrators when they are confronted, they say, well, it is not rape, it is sanctioned in my culture and in my religion. so where does this belief come from? prophet muhammad who they
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consider the perfect man, and they all want to em ulate, the girl at the age of 6 and consume mated the marriage at the age of 9. having said with 9-year-olds is not considered sin or rape or anything bad in islamic religion or culture. this is why see this rising all over the middle east and now it is rising all over the united states and western nations where these muslims immigrate. we have now imported and seated over 15,000 burmese in the united states throughout america in the last ten years. you do not know what is lurking in your city, in your community and what's happening and who's walking down the street or living near you. child brides are rising all over the west due to islamic refugees and migration.
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countries reporting child brides are germany, 100 cases this year alone and only in the city of berlin. switzerland, 119 cases have been reported. that's a little over one every three days and nearly 22% involved girls under 16 years old. in the uk they are reportedly 100,000 marriages that are unrecognized under uk law. and the woman in them have no rights. they are known as sharia marriages of which two-thirds were polygamists. canada, negligenter land, denmark and australia are reporting the same thing. this is what the west is importing to its midsts and a value system that is completely opposed and different than anything we stand for and hold dear. refugee cities have become hubs for foreign i willnesses and bringing with them illnesses we have already eradicated in the united states such as tuberculosis and active
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tuberculosis is exploding. colorado has 16 cases and i have close friends in colorado in this room. ohio, 11 cases, vermont, 35 cases, wisconsin, 117 cases. flori florida, 11, indiana, 4. kentucky, 9 and north dakota 4. by the way the majority of these cases are drug-resistant, which means this is active tuberculosis resistant to drugs and cost us the taxpayers $150,000 to treat one patient and it takes six to eight months while they are walking around and spreading the disease. refugee resettlement is no about humanitarianism about supplying cheap labor to drive -- that's what's driving most refugees coming to the united states. it's the food processing plant, meat packing, manufacturing and the hotel industry that have discovered that you can enjoy
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the cheap labor at the expense of the u.s. taxpayer and at the expense of the cultural and societal upheaval communities are experiencing right now all throughout america. now, most refugees are on welfare of some sort, which makes anyone who employs them and listen to me carefully here, eligible for federal work opportunity tax credit. an employer has greater incentive to hire a refugee than to hire an american who is struggling. but doesn't want to be on welfare, including food stamps because there's a lot of americans who still have the integrity to say no, i'm going to work, i'm not going to collect welfare. i'm going to find a job and do it on my own, even if i have to work in construction. [ applause ] >> a refugee's salary is sub sid diesed by the u.s. taxpayer while an average american's job isn't. it is not that americans do not want to do the work.
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there's a lot of americans who want to do the work. they don't care, they are starving. they want to contribute and do something. they want to attain the american dream and go after the american dream. they don't care if they work two shifts or three shifts in order for them to make money. but employers in these cheap like chobani yog urt, next time you buy, it is one of the largest employers of these refugees and driver. next time chobani hires a refugee because they are getting the work opportunity tax credit. so the government, our tax dollars is paying the salary of that refugee while the federal government does not pay the salary of an american. that's why organizations and companies like chobani are hiring and the drivers behind the refugees, not because americans cannot find work or do not want to work. it is because the refugees are taking their jobs away from them.
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i want you all -- i urge you all to do your research on your refugee overloaded city or any city you live in where they are expecting refugees to come and research the campaign contributions to your elected officials down to the mayor, whatever your city council level and i want you to find out what business connections they have to these businesses because a lot of times these big businesses are giving campaign contributions to whoever running for office because they know once the city council and mayor are elected, they owe them to pay the favor back and pass the laws to bring the refugees back into the country. let's talk about terrorism threat and isis and infiltrating the refugee population. isis said, came out with video saying that they have planted 4,000 isis refugees and operatives, isis operatives and recruiters within the refugee population in europe. this is the same pool of refugees that the u.n. is
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picking from the refugee population to bring to the united states. remember, you emphasize what refugees come to america. under the influence of -- you see a lot of muslim refugees coming to the united states. isis infiltrated the refugee population in europe. when we bring refugees to the united states, we have no idea what their loyalty is and whether they are working with isis or planted here or here to prepare attacks on 9/11. this is the week of 9/11. are they already here plotting to carry on attacks in the united states? if god forbid something happens, this 9/11 i want you to remember this speech and about isis already coming into the united states disguised as refugees. while i'm talking about refugees and loyalty to isis. iranian refugee addnan who died for isis was on welfare in the
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united states. he was resettled in maine and leftist media was so up in arm, not because he was on welfare but because the governor revealed this information to the public. basically insulting or, you know, not respecting the islamist terrorist strive and death. not because he was on welfare fighting for isis but because the governor told the people. why would they be upset like that? why would the agencies be so upset, the federal contractors who are resettling the refugees? because that means it's going to create resistance and people like us who are very concerned about the issue to say, not in my community. here's the percentage of syrian muslims admitted to the united states by the obama administration this year. it's 99%. total syrian admitted $10,177, in this fiscal year. sunni muslims were $9,988.
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shiite muslims were 20, muslims in general were 90. total of muslims 10,098 people. now, the reason why it is important right now to talk to your elected officials tomorrow and i'll get on that even more tomorrow, later on in my speech, because obama is coming to speak before the united nations september 19th and 20th this month, the united nations comes from the annual meeting up in new york. and obama this 19th and 20th is holding a summit on migration and he wants to be able to go before the united nations and tell them america, i'm pledging to bring 200,000 refugees to america in the next fiscal year, 2017, starting this october, 200,000 refugees. this is why right now congress
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has to decide in the next four weeks whether they pass obama's proposal. you are the barrier, you are the firewall, your elected official is the firewall tomorrow afternoon to stop that. [ applause ] but i jumped ahead of myself. i want to continue a little bit more information because i believe this is very important. some syrians will end up coming here through other ways, there's a conference in february in which a georgetown university professor and humanitarian refugee adviser to the united nations secretary general said and i quote, there are alternative safe pathways that could inflate the number of fleeing syrians entering america to 100,000 people. here's how they want to do it. possibilities include giving scholarships and extending the ability of syrian-americans to sponsor relatives beyond their immediate family members to
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include aunts and uncles and grapd parents. they are getting creative to speed up the path and way of getting refugees into the country. in addition, some 8,000 nonrefugees from syria, who are already in the united states, both legally and illegally have been allowed to remain under a program called temporary protected status. the department of homeland security recently renewed that status for another years. now, this is something we have to stop. the buck stops here. the buck stops with us. we need to protect our country. most experts agree that more than 20% of muslims are radicals. it is practically impossible to identify this group from the 75 or 80% who are not radicals. impossible. so i'm going to give you an example.
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let's say 20% of chinese people are infected with the disease that is fatal on contact. fatal on contact. would we just continue to allow chinese to enter america rather than be called chinaphobic? or would we take the sensible approach of hoping chinese entering the country until we can figure out a way to know who was the carrier of the disease, that is fatal on contact? such as suicide bombers or terrorists when it comes to the refugee population. [ applause ] >> and we would want to check also that chinese people already in the country to make sure they are not carriers of the disease. that would be the sensible thing to do to protect the country and protect americans. that's why trump's approach makes sense. he cares about protecting americans more than about being called names. let's start being sensible and stop this political correctness that's going to kill us.
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[ applause ] the buck stops with this congress, with the republican congress. right now the people are going to approve the refugees coming are not obama or hillary. you don't have to worry about that. the people that are going to stop them or allow them to come are the republican congress you'll meet with and talk with tomorrow. i know you're meeting with all members but you need to tell your representative in washington, starting now, because they are back tomorrow, wednesday, to withhold funding from the u.s. refugee admission program for fiscal year 2017 which begins in four weeks on october 1st, 2016. let these non-profit organizations who are religious charities, let them fund it out of their own pocket if they are so driven to bring refugees into
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the country. congress is going to start debating the refugee issues starting tomorrow. how timely it is that we are here on tuesday and tomorrow wednesday after they come back from their long one-month recess to start debating the refugee issue and how exactly they are going to spend your money, how much they are going to throw of your money on the refugees funding them both through u.s. senate department and health and human services. forget obama and george zoros and contractors. this republican congress should be your target one focus in the next few weeks. republicans control the congress. that means they control the appropriateship committees in which they make the decision on how many refugees will come to your town in fiscal year 2017. by how much money they appropriate for the federal agencies department of state,
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and health and human services. don't forget speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who as you can see are two of the most powerful people and play the most powerful role in your town getting refugees because they both have majority second in seniority in the appropriation committees. now, i know i'm running out of time. i'm going to wrap. before i start questions and answers, i want to remind you how important it is for you to meet with your elected officials tomorrow. we have appointments scheduled with you. this is not about being democrat and republican. this is not about being left or right. this is about protecting and preserving america and our freedoms and our values so our children can enjoy living in a country that is free. [ applause ]
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this is not about painting with a broad bush and saying don't bring this and don't bring that. this is about preserving our values and screening, doing proper vetting or as donald trump would like to call it extreme vetting as to who we are bringing into the country. and i want to tell people who are watching us live right now, either on c-span or live on the internet, i want to tell you, join us. go to act for and get involved. if you're concerned about the refugee issue, no matter where you live in the country, join our refugee resettlement working group. we have groups working all over to protect our communities. this is our chance to stop the flood gates. when you open the flood gates, you will not be able to close them back. the enemy will be within. now is your time, and join us, become a member. join us as a financial supporter. we have a lot of work to do and we need your support. no matter where you are watching us right now, we need you
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involved and we need you engaged. thank you for being here today, may god bless you and i open it for questions. [ applause ] thank you. thank you. the day is just starting! did i scare everybody? no questions. please come to the middle aisle and kelly will hand the microphone for people to ask questions. >> i'd like to remind you all your question is to be short and such sink. >> at the rnc i met with wally ferris and he's advising donald trump, i was praying you had
9:47 am
input into telling the trump campaign all of the information you have imparted us today. is that getting to the candidate? i'd like to see hillary get it but i'm sure she's not going to get it. i wonder if you have a way of getting it to the candidate, donald trump? >> thank you. great question. as an educational organization focused on national security, we made a special effort to make sure we educate our elected officials and those who are running for office on this very important issue because we believe there's a lot riding online. to answer your question, yes, we are providing the information in detail almost on a daily basis to educate elected officials as to what's at stake. >> hi. can we get all of the statistics somehow, all of the money and awesome statistics?
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i was trying to write them down. is there a way to get all of that? >> yes, you can. we can get them to the chapters. i'll give you those talking points to the chapters and those who are here, i want you to join our refugee resettlement working group. right now we're getting this information out and we'll get it out even extensively after the national conference. the national conference took up a lot of time but starting next week you'll be bombarded with information because remember, congress has to make the decision before the 19th. and congress right now will either approve or disapprove obama's to bring 200,000 refugees. if hillary wins the presidency, you'll looking up to 600,000 refugees in the next four years. so a lot is riding on the line. you need to be engaged. go to act for and join our refugee resettlement working group. >> i'm sandra al fonsi. >> hi, sandra! finally.
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>> i have a question based on the different organizations which are providing the funding. why is it i can check the hebrew aid society, find an answer for that. if all of the organizations are christian, how is this money being used for only the bringing the muslims and there's a total disregard of all of the christian refugees and not being brought in or being harbored or given safe haven? >> sandra, such an important question and this is so painful to me because remember, i was a persecuted christian. i'm a christian who lived in a bomb shelter for in a war-torn zone for seven years of my life. i used to think where are the christians around the world. only now i realize that i understand that they don't give a flying kite about what's happening to the christians. they are making a ton of money off bringing the muslims and
9:50 am
it's all about money. money, money, money. get the idea out of your head that this is about humanitarianism and it's about compassion. it is not. it is about money. i mean, i shared with you one example and you saw the type of money. $55 million from the treasury department to resettle refugees? come on. out of their $59 million. what about the christians? here is the other problem, why we're not seeing a lot of christians here. remember, they're bringing these from the refugee camps in europe. but the christians are not in the refugee camps because they're being raped, harassed and abused by the muslims. so they fled, so the christians realize, we better take a chance being on the streets and trying to fend for ourselves than be in a u.n. concentration -- concentration, in a u.n. refugee camp or muslims are basically lawless, muslims are doing anything they want to do and the aid workers cannot do anything about it. that's why. so it is shameful, but this is
9:51 am
exactly why it is important to ask your pastor and your church and your religious organization who talks to you about bringing refugees not united states, you need to ask them, okay, how admirable, how many rchristians are you bringing? what are you doing with the christians because the christians and the yazidis are the true victims in this. not the muslims. muslims can go to saudi arabia. christians can't. muslims can go to yemen. christians can't. christians have to come to a christian nation. like europe or the united states. they're not accepted in saudi arabia or in pakistan or in afghanistan or any of those nations. they have no place to go. muslims can. so it is our duty to help the christians. this is the type of questions or comments you can tell your pastors when they start talking about from the pulpit about why, you know, they're bringing all these wonderful things doing to bring refugees into america. thank you, sandra. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> can you explain the current
9:52 am
vetting process that is going on? >> say that again. >> can you explain the current vetting process for the refugees coming to the u.s.? >> basically right now they are skipping the vetting process. now, our government was telling us, it takes 14 to 16 months to do the vetting. baloney. right now they have them on the federal express program. they are just bringing them as fast as they can. and what vetting? so they are choosing from muslims in a refugee camp, u.n. refugee camp in europe. the refugee tells you, i don't have any papers, i lost my passport, i don't have any identity because i fled. my name is ahmed mohammad. okay. how can you prove anything? he's not in our database. you have to take him at his word because you don't know whether his name is mohammad ahmed or rahil bastani. when they tell you it is a vetting process, it is absolute
9:53 am
blown baloney. we know isis was in the business of printing fake passports. the vetting process is baloney right now. it doesn't work. it is a lie. window dressing. thank you. yes, sir. >> breitbart reported that during obama's term, an average of 140,000 immigrants from all over, but they claim 70% from muslim countries have brought into this country. and this supposed fact was confirmed to me by author jim simpson who wrote a book whose title ends in "erasing america," claiming all the muslim immigrants are brought in for the purpose of erasing america. can you verify that there is all these other immigrants that have come in during obama's term that nobody seems to be acknowledging? >> well, you heard me talk about
9:54 am
the burmese refugees. now, a lot of people don't think, how many of you in the room think when you hear refugees, you think about people from burma? you don't. you think somalia refugees, you think syrian refugees, we know refugees from iraq, we know, for example, we have resettled 100,000 refugees and 100 somali refugees, 100,000 somali refugees. but other people are not thinking about the other type of refugees who are coming. like this guy, the burmese guy, who had no compunction raping a 7-year-old to death in utah. in his culture, it is permissible. it is not rape. so this is the type of stuff people are not talking about. and as we bring more refugees, it is not that it is a part of a conspiracy, i'm not into conspiracy theories. i don't talk about that. i talk about facts only. so i'm not sure but i can tell you, the book you referenced,
9:55 am
when they say, you know, over 70% muslims, absolutely if not even more. we have some christians come in, but very few. the majority of the refugees that have been coming are muslims. the 15,000 burmese we have resettled in the united states in the last ten years are muslims. who are now walking into the community. so it is changing the face of our society. i was having dinner with friends last night, and they just came back from europe. they were in europe for two weeks on vacation. and then they went to visit their daughter in minnesota, in minneapolis, st. paul. they said they saw more people in burqa in minneapolis and the two days they spent in minneapolis than two weeks in europe. so, yes, the face of our country is changing, because of the type of immigrants coming here who are not assimilating. the previous immigrants who came to the united states wanted to assimilate. couldn't wait to assimilate. they did assimilate. but now we're talking about a
9:56 am
different breed of refugees and immigrants who are coming to this country. not to assimilate, but to bring their third world system and values with them to our first class country bringing us down. we already saw what happened in europe. and it is happening here. and don't tell me societies are created equal. our societies are ten times better than backward societies such as societies in the middle east and north africa. thank you, sir. next question. >> yes, this is my first year at this great conference. >> thank you. welcome. >> thank you very much. i've heard from other people that have been here previous years that sometimes we go to the meetings with the congress people and they send their aides instead of attending themselves. my question is, is there a way of possibly shaming these -- for this very important day in their jobs of where they are at, why they need to send these aides, find out what they are doing so
9:57 am
we can broadcast it, put it on the internet, and get some shame from them? >> we're going to be talking later about this at the end of the day, lisa perennial will get into the details of that. you do not want to miss the last session of the day today between 5:00 and 6:00. the most important session of the day is how to talk to your elected officials, what they do, how they operate, the importance of talking to their staffs, chiefs of staffs. sometimes talking to their staffers is even more important than talking to them because their chiefs of staff and staffers are actually the ones who make the decision and tell the congressman what to do or congresswoman. so if you do not meet with the elected official himself or herself, rest assured your meeting is not wasted. we'll get into that later on at end of the session in great detail, especially we go on the hill tomorrow. by the way, tomorrow, you're going to meet personally 16
9:58 am
members of congress who are going to be speaking to us on capitol hill to the conference. so you're going to get to ask them questions. talk to them. hear them out. let them know how you feel. 16 of them are going to be standing right before you like i am now. thank you. >> brigitte, this will be the last question. >> okay. >> good morning, miss gabriel. this is my first year at the conference. one of your videos you announced we're at war with an ideology, not a nation. how would we combat an ideology instead of actually having a place to go? >> great question. we are at war with an ideology because islam is a political movement cloaked in religion. now, there are those who practice spiritual islam, spirituality is wonderful. you're going to hear from raheel raza later on today, an example of what a moderate muslim is all about. and she's a practicing muslim. she practices the spirituality,
9:59 am
the spiritual islam, spirituality is great. but political islam, where they want to enforce their rule over us or it is their way or the highway, where we all go to hell because we are inferior to islam, we are not equal in the eyes of god, and the eyes of allah, those type of people who hold that ideology do not belong in our nations or walking around us because in our nations we are all equal in the eyes of god and we are all equal under the constitution which is the law of the land. there are moderate muslims who acknowledge that, and there are those that do not. it is the ones that do not that we have a problem with. but the first way we begin to win our fight against the ideology is by basically having the backbone to say it's the ideology, stupid, it is rad cic islam, it is political islam and we need to change it and that starts with our spineless elected officials on capitol hill and this is why we need to elect somebody with the moral
10:00 am
clarity and the courage to say what needs to be said! thank you. [ applause ] may god bless you. we're going to rock 'n' roll. it is going to be a great conference. i am here, ask me any questions you want throughout the rest of the day. now i'm going to bring, the exciting, the wonderful, carrie french back on stage. thank you very much! [ applause ] >> well, thank you, brigitte. isn't she outstanding? i get to work with her. i'm so lucky. before i introduce our next speaker, i just wanted to let you know that i just got this from refugee resettlement watch, ann cochran who was at one of our conferences before that the federal resettlement contractors plan a september 15th post card dump and rally on capitol hill. how many of you are planning to go see your elected
10:01 am
representatives tomorrow? i want to see all your hands up. okay. how many of you think that you can make a difference? not as many hands, but you know what, let me tell you what, every person matters. you've got to get in there. you talk with the staffers, be respectful, make relationships, and this is how we get things done. i learned a lot from lisa when she helped us learn how to talk with our representatives and congressmen because, i mean, a lot of us are are angry, right? a lot of us are upset. we feel like we don't make a difference. we feel like we are not having an effect on them. but when we learn from lisa how we can be effective, i'll tell you what, in washington state, when i was the chapter leader in state director there, we got our alac bills passed in amendments. that's a blue state, folks. and we had a democrat governor sign off on it. and this year i got a memo from
10:02 am
one of the staffers in olympia saying they're going to put my fgm bill on the agenda. so i've been working on that for three years. so be patient. i know it gets frustrating. be patient. it is super important you make an attempt to get into to talk with your congressmen because they need to hear from you because if you are coming, you know, to go see them, you will make an impact because they know there are people at home that deposit ta didn't take the effort to go and see them. so our next speaker, i'm so excited to hear him speak, he's an attorney, a decorated intelligence officer, stephen coughlin was a visiting fellow of the international assessment and security centers national security law project. and he was the pentagon's leading expert on islamic law. he is in demand as a lecturer at the naval war college, marine
10:03 am
corps, headquarters quantico, and the fbi and other agents and private groups. as a major in the united states army reserves, he's been assigned to u.s. central command in strategic communications role, u.s. assignments including the pentagon's national military joint intelligence center, and the national security council's interagency perception management threat panel. that's a mouthful. culminating in his assignment to the joints chief of staff. his work included counterpropaganda and support of the state department as well as target development in the immediate post 9/11 period. in 2008, after warning the pentagon about the islamic society of north america's affiliation with the muslim brotherhood, terrorist sympathizer lobbied to get coughlin fired, resulting in the pentagon not renewing his contract. in ignoring coughlin's warnings, the pentagon turned a deliberate blind eye to the reality of islamic terrorism leading
10:04 am
directly to nidal hasan's november 2009 jihadist attack on ft. hood. the negative implications of coughlin's termination were discussed repeatedly including in many books including they must be stopped, why we must defeat radical islam and how we can do it by our own brigitte gabriel, and published only three weeks before the ft. hood tragedy, muslim mafia, inside the secret underworld that is conspireing to islamize america. after his e's done speaking, he will be signing his books, but i want to remind you we have some great speakers and you don't want to miss them. so if you want to get his book and get it signed, try to do it quickly because we have got awesome speakers here. so i would ask you to please join me in welcoming mr. steve coughlin. [ applause ]
10:05 am
>> for people who know me and, thank you very much, thank you for act for america for having me here. it is an honor. for people who know me, they know i just brutalize them with briefings and slides that go six hours because my view is we own the facts in the war on terror. and the other side desperately, desperately, desperately seeks you to get off the factual standard and use their language to discuss things that don't reach facts, so that you will always sound silly. we're now at the point, this is what i want to talk about tonight, tonight, this morning, where i think this becomes one of the central issues to do this. what i'm going to do today, which is different, and you can go ahead is i'm going to throw a couple of vignettes.
10:06 am
the name of this brief is we're at war, the calm before the storm. everybody kind of feels it. we kind of feel like am i beating my head against the door? how many people feel that who are been involved in this? how many people recognize that here we are, eight years into a war, or 12 years into a war, 15 years into a war, where we have perfect intelligence on who these people are and a national commitment to make sure those facts and a discussion based on factual terms never comes to the front. we have some people here who i'm familiar with, i want to point out, because i want to make this part of the discussion. go ahead. you can advance the slide. is earlier today we were talking about political correctness and how we have to attack political correctness. i think it is really important for people to understand this. and it is going to be something that subsumes a lot of what i'll be talking about today.
10:07 am
and that is this. the political correctness is an enforcement mechanism to a cultural marxist narrative that seeks to destroy your identity. and when we take a look at the muslim brotherhood's main strategy to defeat the west, and i'll throw a couple of slides up there, that strategy is to just ride on this narrative that the left created in the 1980s. they saw that this racism, sexism, homophobia issue would bring down the west, and they just came up with the word islamophobia and inserted it into that siligism and enforced the agenda on automatic pilot. the reason i'm bringing this up is because when you start to say political correctness gets in the way, when you hear a general with combat responsibilities say, political correctness gets in the way of my doing my job, what he just told you was it was more important for him to be
10:08 am
politically correct than to keep your sons and daughters alive and to win the war. and i think it is super important to understand that that is what political correctness is. and that has to become the number one objective here to look at, because it is through narratives they seek to win the war. now, what i was going to say, there is a couple of people here, valerie from canada, elizabeth from austria, and david petty and some others who we made a point of going to europe for the organization of security and cooperation in europe. osce. you have to check me on that, osce and ioc sometimes flow in my mind. the reason i say this is because we started going there a couple of years ago to think about how in the international -- the osce is an official -- an official formal international delegation that the u.s. is a participating member. formally. so this is a diplomatic event. and we started going there.
10:09 am
we actually got a couple of years ago to get the people -- again, an official event, the people on the left who helped craft the islamophobia narrative and the turkish delegation that was there representing the ioc, we got them to admit that the word islamophobia has no definition. in a very conference where the effort was to criminalize people engaging in islamophobia. now, i think people laugh at that, because i'm a lawyer. what is the consequences of deliberately constructing a term that has no meaning, but can be used to prosecute people if it doesn't mean we're going to go after you for the things you say. and we'll figure out whether it works and bankrupt you in the process. it is really important. a year ago we wasn't to austria to another osce forum and we
10:10 am
heard the panel, an official panel say the colony islamic state, the islamic state should constitute a hate crime. so we line people up to challenge that. and the first point was, wait a second here, the islamic state calls itself the islamic state and we're stating a fact that it is the islamic state. the answer was, well, yes, when they call themselves the islamic state, that's that it is. but when you call it the islamic state, you're reinforcing a narrative, you're reinforcing a stereotype and therefore for you it is a hate crime. so we had the next person come up to bat and the question was, well, wait a second here, are you saying that something known to be true, that everybody accepts to be true, and true as a matter of fact, that speech, known to be true, can constitute a hate crime? and the answer at this formal
10:11 am
international declaration was yes. so i think it is really, really important to understand that when you see the attack victimers coming at us, this is what my brief will be really -- it is going to be a call to act, really, i'm not going to really educate people except with whatever time i have left over i'll start talking about the cve, it is really about using a couple of vignettes to say, this is the game, and we don't see anybody talk about this. but it is the game. and the game is this war is intended to be fought at the political warfare level through control of speech, the enemy and it is not just the islamic enemy at the point at which they touch you, it is these narratives that we're not necessarily constructed by them, but are being enforced through what are called the hate speech narratives. does that make sense? and what is that? well, we'll talk about it a little bit.
10:12 am
but it is designed to suppress your speech. and all the oic did was make sure when the hate speech narrative came in, all their issues on not defaming islam was subsumed in what is called and the term we use facially neutral language. now, i'm a lawyer, so i'm familiar with that term. what is facially neutral language? all these things that will be used to really destroy your free speech rights will be stated and facially neutral language when you just read it, you don't really get the sense of what it is saying. it sounds neutral. it sounds harmless. it is only when you see how it starts to take effect that you realize this is a real attack on speech. a real attack on speech that is designed to intimidate you. it is designed to intimidate you and to shutting your mouth. and we have pretty good reason to believe that the entire force of the state is behind that. and it is shockingly bipartisan. you want to come and tell me
10:13 am
what president obama has done with isis and syria? and i'll show you lindsey graham and john mccain writing point there. people talked -- it was brought up i was pushed out of the pentagon for briefing facts that could not be coninttroverted. that was the bush administration. i want to put that in frame here as we talk about this, because, you know what, i was talking to someone last night, they're retiring from legislature and i talked to some other people and they said, do you want to give a speech in her legislature and the answer was, no, what am i going to say that they don't already know? does anybody feel that way? do you understand in information operations when you have more powerful enemy, that's exactly what they want you to think. but think about this. how many people realize -- how many people take a look and think we're losing because the political establishment is all in?
10:14 am
but they're losing their base. think about that. if you leave the political views aside, had the party in power not been in power, could bernie sanders, a renegade on the left, defeated hillary clinton? and did donald trump, well, the defining characteristic of both these people is they were saying they have no faith in this political establishment. so they're doubling down on their power, precisely because it may well be that with the folks we're winning, and i think we need to remember that. so let's go. the first little vignette i want to do is something called al qaeda 2.0. why do i do that? go ahead. because -- because that's how we called it when i was reading this al qaeda 2.0 when it came out in 2002-2003. you have an article written in 2005, written by a man named huad hussein when he was in jail with an al qaeda leader named
10:15 am
zarqawi. and at the time he was just al qaeda. of course, al qaeda became al qaeda in iraq and it became isil and is became isis, okay. i'm one of those people who think people get way too worked around the axle on making distinctions between al qaeda and isis. because al qaeda will always be spinning out operational activities that once they get beaten, they can spin something else out. but in 2005, he was interviewed in this article to talk about what al qaeda's plan was as published in 2005. go ahead. and all i want to do is point out, go ahead, is point out that they said, in the year 2002 that between 2010 and 2013 they would collapse the arab states, and they would -- and they would -- they would collapse the arab states. there are people who know me from back in 2010 that i was
10:16 am
briefing on capitol hill at the end of 2010, watch out, the brotherhood is going to be leading the charge to take down these arab states, it is going to look like a freedom movement, and nobody is going to understand that from beginning to end it is going to be a takedown. and then five months later, in february, we saw the arab spring. of course they knew the english speaking journalists would go to tahrir square and interview english speaking people to talk about freedom. they know it is as easy as giving a kid candy, giving the west what it wants to hear, so they created a party called freedom and justice. but, you know, they know what you think about that. but they also know what it means is freedom from the laws of man, justice according to sharia. so the point is at no time was there an arab spring movement and i have the briefings including the video of being on
10:17 am
capitol hill showing that what was going to happen that did happen. the fifth phase was to begin in 2013 with the establishment of the caliphate, and the foundation of the islamic state. and, of course, phase six would begin in 2016, and that would be total confrontation. so i think this is really important because we have a 2005 article written by somebody interviewing al qaeda on a document they wrote in 2002 telling you what their timeline is, and they are exactly where they said they would be. okay. exactly where they said they would be. so when we take a look at the balance sheet, we're batting zero on what you're being told, al qaeda's defeated, we could peg the narrative, al qaeda is defeated, al qaeda is resurging, al qaeda has to be fought. al qaeda is going to dwrougroun.
10:18 am
not based on anything going on over there. it was the news cycle. that's just kind of the trending cycle. we knew from the beginning, brigitte, do you have a problem with that? absolutely not. it is all nonsense. go ahead. so the other thing i want to bring up is orlando. go ahead. it is 2016. so we should see all-out confrontation. i would argue it actually started in december 2015 with what we saw in san bernardino. why? because there is something called the ten-year program of action that the oic implemented in 2005 to make definition of islam a crime in every jurisdiction. and in december, it expired. and actually almost to the very week where it expired we saw the events in france, we saw events in orlando. so i kind of say this triggers the beginning. and this is going to be the model. but what i'm saying here is on may 26th, i wrote something telling people watch out, we're
10:19 am
going to see some strike here. and then what did we see? we see the declared jihadi attack, just according -- just the way isis declared it, and just the manner al qaeda said isis in inspire magazine it should be done. the actions were completely in line. go ahead. after the event, after the event, we had al qaeda actually write a little paper doing a little analysis, and after action review. people in the military know exactly what i'm talking about. here you have a man who claimed it, here you have isis calling for it, al qaeda calling for it, and showing what has to be done, and you have after the event al qaeda critiquing it, you have the man calling the police and spending a lot of time saying that he is a member of isis, and he's killing because of their call for that event. and yet you saw on tv that the biggest struggle was to get the
10:20 am
discussion off the fact of the matter, the facts of what happened and transition it to the violent extremism narrative. is that right? okay. and from that point on, facts that define the event had to compete in a smothering fashion with narratives designed to president is it. and put garbage out there and make it compete with it to give you the impression that there was really a question about what happened. go ahead. i want to talk about san bernardino, why am i showing you these things? why am i showing you al qaeda 2.0 or orlando and san bernardino? because we're seeing an unrolling of a hostile activity that is wright it is supposed to be. all we have to do is read it. and here is the thing. they translate it in english for you. and whether it is our government leaders, or whether it is elite media, they have made a decision that they want to talk about what they want to talk about.
10:21 am
and they don't want to talk about this. i think that san bernardino was really scary. why? because of what happened that we don't talk about. and you know what that is? with san bernardino, the muslim brotherhood took control of the narrative from beginning to end. they took control of it. go ahead. so here you see, how many people remember this? care before the fbi could get up and give their explanation of events, care is up there setting the narrative. the council on american islamic relations. usually if i give something like this, i give a precursor on who the brotherhood is. i don't think that's necessary here. is that fair? okay. cair set the narrative. you have an imam with the first responders. do you think that just happens? so go ahead.
10:22 am
this is something i think is scary. everybody remembers that day, loretta lynch basically talking about anti-muslim speech edges toward violence. remember, islamophobia has no definition. just like edging towards violence means anything someone wants it to mean when they arrest you and then bankrupt you after they -- and then drop charges. but, you know, it is not just that she said that. i want you it look at what is behind her when she said it. it says, muslim advocates promoting freedom and justice for all. so here you have at san bernardino a man who goes to a christmas party to kill a jew or what he thought to be a jew. i know friends in the jewish community will argue. but that's what he thought. that's good enough for this discussion, is it not? okay. and here you have loretta lynch, who calls himself freedoms of
10:23 am
justice? the muslim brotherhood. here she is on a dias committing, telling americans on a dias that if you do anything about what you just saw, she's going to come after you. does that not scare people? how many people think it is really important to understand what muslim advocates promoting freedom and justice for all really means? and how many people think to the extent they saw it, it means well, that's cool, it must be like freedom, liberty and justice for all. okay. so, and, of course, i have that muslim brotherhood thing basically saying, they say that's who they are. the mother of the killer was a member of igna. go ahead. toward the end of the event, you had jeh johnson saying what? he said, well, he went to their forum, he went to -- who runs the islamic society, who runs
10:24 am
the islamic society of -- here you have from the beginning of the event to the very end our national leaders decided that they were going to be associated with the muslim brotherhood to including to allow them to set the debate to allow the attorney general to stand on a muslim brotherhood dias to threaten americans and to have the let's talk about how much of a tragedy this is at a muslim brotherhood mosque. how many people put that together before i said this? raise your hands. is that not scary? i'll tell you why it is not scary. how many people do you think missed the muslim brotherhood community around the world? go ahead. so here you have cair telling muslims in america not to talk to the police. but i like to -- i like to bring this up to you. because where as i could make a pretty good argument that the muslim brotherhood represents leadership element of the muslim community in america because they get the media and they talk to our government, it is not at
10:25 am
all clear that most muslims agree or even participate in that. so the question becomes, if you are muslim, and you want to be an american citizen and obey the constitution of the united states, do you think you're going to go to the fbi or dhs to report a possible terrorist event when you know their outreach partners of the brotherhood? are you going to do that? so who guarantees, really, that you're not going to get reports from that community besides the brotherhood who are threatening people right here? so i would like to argue that we are doing this, we're seeing the brotherhood actually advertise what they're doing, we're seeing our government completely affiliate with them at the time of tragic events, and it goes right by people. i would argue, go ahead, i would argue that our whole orientation to the war on terror has been reduced to incoherence.
10:26 am
and that we have lost the battle and the information battle space. we have lost it. go ahead. the very way we talk about this war ensures that we cannot effectively engage it. leaderless jihad, human terrain, violent extremists, lone wolf. every one of them are nonsense. they sound analytical. they're not. they are designed to get you to talk about what a political scientist, a sociologist or anthropologist thinks is intellectually intriguing when they built a model to understand events that could be explained without the model. but you know what happens when you're talking about the model? you're not talking about the cause and fact. you're not talking about the fact that isis has a timeline. and they're right where they said they would be. now, you're a reporter. and you start to realize that the freight train that is
10:27 am
running people over right now is something they decided not to carry, are they going to get on board with that and admit they were completely lost? is national security staff going to admit they got in bed with people who declared their objective was to subvert america from within by among other things working with them? no. all speak to behavioral models. when watching reports after a terrorist event, we pointed this out to people, i talked to somebody that does special operations at the special operations level, we would watch how the information activities would get involved when you watched -- you watched the jockeying after orlando. or the whole thing was about getting people to talk about, wow, was it a lone wolf? was it a leaderless jihad? was it self-radicalization? you see, you can start off by saying leaderless jihad, but have to get to self-radicalization. once you get to self-radicalization, you're talking about nonsense. you're talking about something that people write positions on
10:28 am
where you can spend your whole life talking about violent extremism and never once talk about al qaeda. so, go ahead, the attacks is the basis of the threat's main effort. this is what we have to understand. they don't plan to win the war on the battlefields of iraq and syria. they plan to win the war on the information battle space here. they execute at the political warfare level, targeting control, targeting control at decisionmaking to control narratives used to analyze and discuss events. the two primary vectors that we see this happening on are u.n. resolution 1618, and the countering violent extremism narratives implemented by our government and many governments. we'll talk about it -- we'll talk about the cve later. in more detail if we have time. but the very use of the word radicalization is itself a dead end. why? go ahead. this is -- it is a busy slide, i
10:29 am
apologize for it, but it sisi in his speech. he wasn't talking about radicalized misinterpretation to text when he went to alazar. academically it is the princeton, harvard, yale, dartmouth combined together times two. you wear the hat that tells everybody he is the top one half of 1% of the well, you know, i use the word ordained, credentialed imams. that's where he went. and he told the elites of alazar they had to redetermine and redefine sacred text known to be sacred text. you see the very minute we talk about him talking to radicalized imams, we instantly misdefine
10:30 am
what he said. did we not? because that's not what he said and that's not who he talked to. but more importantly, once we got into the radicalized language, we ended up not being able to support sisi and his efforts, at the same time supporting the narrative that is preferred by the muslim brotherhood. so the brotherhood puts us there. go ahead. and make no mistake, this is all really about controlling speech. this is an example here. go ahead. how many people heard when we hear people -- our politicians talk about isis, the first thing they say is this has nothing to do with islam. how many people heard that? okay. why is it that they get to tell you what islam is but if you come up with a fact-based, cited, use of islamic sources response, you're the person who is a hater who has to justify what he said. i say this because al azhar came
10:31 am
out and stated, you have two different sources telling you flat out what? that you cannot say what isis does is apostasy. what does that mean? it means that it is not unislamic. and for every politician and reporter and people who want to sound smart who starts off their narrative by saying that what isis does has nothing to do with islam, i have a source that beats every one of their sources and beats it 50 times over. we are being controlled by narratives. go ahead. so let's look at this graphic from a prestigious ngo at the -- that goes through the international circuits. see what they have? they actually -- they actually get it right. 66% of terrorism comes from al qaeda, taliban, boko haram and isis.
10:32 am
how many people think we really don't know what causes them to fight? how many people know, like their life depends on it, that they fight to re-establish the caliphate and institute islamic law through jihad? defined in violent terms? how many people think that any other explanation besides that is disinformation? what i want people to think about is the very process of making the language and discussion sound academic is that itself the point at which it becomes a lie. it is disinformation. because, go ahead, the very next slide talks about the care -- the motivation, what causes this terrorism? and what are they telling you? it is all this nonsense. now, you can read that and say, well, you know, if you look in, read what they're saying, you can see where you can put isis in there, my point is, you would have to do that. what are they making a point of not doing? they're not talking about this. go ahead. ladies and gentlemen, we are at
10:33 am
war. we are at war with an enemy who openly declares himself, they identify their strategies, they write them in english because they have convinced you that if you read them, they don't mean anything, because there are a thousand different interpretations of islam. but more importantly, they got your government to fire you. they got your media outlet, if you're a reporter, to fire you, if you should just happen to decide to read what al qaeda says when they say they're going to kill you and point out that they did it. they're exactly on track. do you see, the minute we start talking factually today about what they're doing, you have the whole question about what percentage of our national security establishment is just simply incompetent? they base their strategies on published doctrines. we know that the brotherhood has
10:34 am
operationalized, we know jihadi organizations make it run. go ahead. so we're, you know, we get the kinetic part of it, we're also at war with the nonkinetic strategies that are executing in plain sight. again, with published islamic law, that the oic implements internationally at places like the osce, that the brotherhood executes as well. go ahead. and here i call this the splinter. why is it the splinter? i'm not going to have time to talk about splinter movement theory, but when you create groups that wants to get an opinion, you create one, the darwa entity, the brotherhood, you create that -- or we can come up with a maoist example, and a splinter that is violent. then as soon as the violent group hits, the nonviolence splinter says if you work with us, we can keep them from killing you. well, what do we have to do?
10:35 am
well, you have to do what they say. oh, okay. and you see we're going to help you. we're moderate. we want to help you. okay. this is classical splinter movement operation. of course, the jihadi elements are groups like al qaeda, or isis, and the uma par excellence is the oic. go ahead. we're at war and it is concept of warfare called political warfare and i'm actually relating here to the maoist model. based on using violence, terrorism in this war, as a support mechanism to the nonviolent, to get you to -- or the nonviolent part is the main effort. in the sense this is just what north vietnam did. how many people remember a certain colonel sumner asking the general in vietnam, generals, yeah, we win every battle and he said, you idiots, we won the war.
10:36 am
we do not even understand in america that our national security establishment doesn't even speak in terms of strategic design. so they do not understand strategic information operations, and they wouldn't recognize political warfare information campaigns coming at them if their life depended on it. how do we know? because they -- their outreach partners are the people who say their job is civilization jihad. so let's get through the next couple of slides. we know who the oic is. we know who the brotherhood is. right. we know -- go ahead. we know the other people that -- are the outreach partners for our government. so what i would like to do is look at the political warfare slide because this is the maoist insurgency model. why am i putting this up here? i'll have a slide, i'll beat my own lines up, i'm jumping to my own conclusions here, because if we saw what the brotherhood was doing here as an intelligence officer watching what was going
10:37 am
on in europe or asia, we would say, that looks like an insurgency. okay. political warfare is about creating the counterstate where the other side has people, technical skills, weapons, propaganda, media, and create lines of operation that attack the political, violent, nonviolent, allies and international speahere. what you have to do is recognize that at the strategic level and counter it. but you have to recognize that. go ahead. so what i think is interesting is the reason i talk about the maoist model, i can convince people there is such a thing as a maoist model without being called a conspiracy theorist. that would never happen, that can't happen. i said, we write books about this happening. we just can't get over ourselves. and that it can happen to us. so i just think it is interesting, here you have mao zedong, the people are the see that the revolutionary swims in.
10:38 am
and the chief jurist of the muslim brotherhood saying something similar, the awakening is a tributary. i can stop here. i think it is really important. i'll probably jump to a couple more slides, but the enemy's main effort is a sustained strategic information campaign at the political warfare level. what is the objective? to win the war by denying you the ability to identify him, thereby allowing him to control you. we see these hate speech narratives coming. do we not? we know we can feel it. so here you have a famous quote from sam sue, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. now one of the senior generals at our special operations command recently made this statement. we do not understand the movement, and until we do, we are not going to defeat it. we have not defeated the idea.
10:39 am
we don't even understand the idea. that's a general officer allocating force to fight a war. do you think that isis knows that our generals don't know what they're doing? do you think they know our -- do you think the people who are the outreach partners for our law enforcement know that they don't know what they're doing? let me ask you this question. do you think the russians know that? do you think the chinese know that? do you think that they see a bureaucratic establishment that is institutionalized, academic? i say academic, so phistic models which have the allusion of science and are collapsing on themselves and the american people having to opt for new parties because of it. go ahead. so i wrote my thesis in 2007 --
10:40 am
how much time do i have? oh. in 2007. it is interesting to know from the introduction i had here that within five months of writing this thesis, i was removed. okay. that was the national intelligence college. the cost of not understanding the enemy is getting high. and higher every day. it will be increasingly measured by news stories that narrow in on senior leaders inability to answer basic questions about the nature of the enemy. it will manifest itself in official responses to terrorist attacks that become progressively less reality based. are we there? are we there? so in the next administration, go ahead, in the next administration we need to have a real campaign plan to defeat a real enemy. how do we know he's an enemy? he said so.
10:41 am
how do we know he's serious? he kills people. how do we know that there is a complete next us between what his statement is when he declared himself as an enemy and people being dead. he publishes his doctrine. and now al qaeda writes in english because they know that our national security leadership will say, well, not going to read that, isis wrote it. that's the real answer you get. so we need to fight this as if it were a real war, demanding real intelligence and enables real campaign plans and attack the enemy strategy. at the strategic level. that creates unity effort, generates economic and military efficiencies, countering at those very lines of operation we know they're operating on. does the brotherhood control the media? do they control our government counterterror apparatus?
10:42 am
do they -- can you get expelled from a catholic university for standing up for your faith if the muslim student association comes at you? how about a lutheran? how about an evangelical? how about a jewish? okay. i want you to understand this political warfare model and i'm speaking about the maoist insurgency model. that's how they're coming at you. or islamic variation of it and we need to win by countering that. go ahead. so i think i'll end with this slide, or not, yeah, i'll end with this slide. when i say we're in a complete state of strategic incomprehension, don't you think that's why people are bailing? i mean, i'm not a bernie sanders fan, but don't you think that the left is realizing these people are just in there to keep themselves in power? if you take a look at when people thought that cruz and rubio were outsiders, and you
10:43 am
take a look at all the votes in the republican conference, 85% of the votes were against the establishment. i think people know this. how many people here don't know who abdel rakim el bahaj is. it is a man we capture and renditioned. we actually have his dna. he was a member of the lifg, a libyan terrorist group that we associated with al qaeda. but then, of course, we needed moderates so they became moderate. belhaj is the leader of isis in libya. and what you see right there is lindsey graham and john mccain either giving or getting an award from him. okay. total strategic incomprehension. if you point this out to him, he'll attack you because he -- this is how -- you guys orient
10:44 am
facts and think the fact that al qaeda is killing people is what matters, but we have the relationships. we know you do. okay. and we have that special nostic knowledge. but these are the people who determine those vetted moderates for us, aren't they? aren't they? so it shouldn't surprise us who the immigrants are coming over in syria because it is the same type of vetted moderates. belhaj, a man who we have absolute understanding of. so what i would like to do, i'll skip to cve because we're out of time, i want to kind of go slow because, people say, steve, you go so fast. and believe me, i do. i go into the weeds and made a decision not to because this is one of those, we're at the calm before the storm. how many people feel the calm before the storm? how many people came here just feeling a tad bit demoralized?
10:45 am
you know, you bump your head against the wall. but if you really were, why would you see people walking in and really coming at you hard? the goal is to make you feel hopeless at a time when if you realized you weren't, you could take the upper hand. and that's what's important to know. at a time when you have to basically realize you're asking yourself why you're here, that's when you have to tell yourself, this is exactly the reason i'm here. and this is the old saying when the going gets tough, the tough get going, we're going to enter the time right now where in this calm before the storm, we're going to have to recognizing it is going to start getting rough and it is going to start becoming more hard ball as if it hasn't already been hard ball for people who have been playing this. we all feel it. we all see it. and the question is, when i think you were talking about the girl in idaho, part of that story, part of that story is
10:46 am
that the medical staff and the local coroners refused to give the parents the medical explanation for what happened. i briefed in minnesota where i brought up the question of rapes. and they were all kind of lackadaisical about the briefing until i brought that up. then all of a sudden they perked up, because, of course, where they had communities, they had a massive increase in rape and they wanted to see the justification in that. so alongside the sexual predatory activity you're going to see, you're going to see it is nonreporting or ineffective reporting and attacking you for drawing the connections that exist. with that, i'd like to thank everybody and we'll open it up to questions. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> again, i'd like to remind you
10:47 am
to keep your questions short and sweet. >> steve, thanks so much. i'm tim greenburg from long island. we must have you out there. and i do feel demoralized because we're knocking our brains out and my question is, exactly what is going on and we're going to be on the hill, it seems to me there is so much money, it is always the money, being spent around congress, the capit capitol, i don't know if we can get these people to wake up. it seems that they're already in their own elite little world. get more folks in here. i'm not sure how to change the mind set. >> well, i actually am very sympathetic to that. a woman just asked me a question, i'll make those slides available to people who want them. and i have to confess or apologize, i didn't bring books with me, they didn't arrive in time, so i apologize for that. i think people have to start
10:48 am
getting really -- i'm not advocating -- this is not in violence. but i think people have to start getting angry. i mean, really angry. and, you know, there is a member of congress, they had a huge election. they won on two issues. and it is those two issues that caused republicans to get elected and the very next day after the election, you saw the future majority leader say, you know how we won this election on the two issues? we're in the gonot going to do and we'll give obama more than the democrats did when they were in congress. and they did. and what you saw there was a political establishment disenfranchise its own base. you know, if we were looking at a country in europe or asia that did that, we would say, watch out. we're seeing some stuff. we're going to see some explosive stuff and we do see that with merkel in germany, do we not? the germans don't want that. i think the thing is, one of the
10:49 am
congressmen came up to me and said, you know, steve, we have these new congressmen coming in on the issue, they took the pledge, did this, they defeated the rhino, i'm not -- i don't belong to a political party, and one of them came in and said, you know, i won't use the name, congressman and the person i'm talking about is a devout baptist, he said, congressman -- i prayed to the holy spirit last night before i did a 180 on what i got elected for. and the congressman's answer to this new member of congress who ran on your issue was, so how is it that the holy spirit told you to lie? and i think people have to stop giving people excuses. you were lied to if you voted for those people. and the fact that they constructed narratives that cause them to avoid that means that you have to confront that. because i think we're watching
10:50 am
america be destroyed on narratives that has taken control not of just of the people who believe in it, but the people who don't even understand that they're enforcing it. so i get the feeling that people have that people have to get smart. they have to understand that we're, you know, we are at war and we have to know the enemy, but we also have to demand that our elected officials stand up for what they ran on, or call them up and we have to demand that when our senior military fights wars it's based on our oath and support to defend the constitution against all enemies. not on some -- completely contrived theory that only exists to keep them from doing that. yes, ma'am? >> if hillary does become our next leader, what happens with 1618 and how does that relate to freedom of speech for us
10:51 am
legally? >> i think the thing to keep in mind is, i don't see the republicans in congress even getting in the way of that. and i raise the point we go to warsaw and the organizational cooperation functions. what happens is you know what u you see is groups affiliated with the oic, i won't mention the country, all though i already did. they work with these ngos. almost all are heavily financed to create these international treaties. for example, alongside u.n. resolution 16189 is an effort by a group called article 19. what is article 19 doing at international forums? they're redefining the word "incitement" in a treaty. and in redefining the word in the u.s. treaty, all of a sudden you had a right to say today in theory becomes criminal tomorrow. tongue in groove it matches with
10:52 am
1618 and other agendas. so i think the thing is, is we understand that our members of congress are in an envelope. we understand what hillary clinton wants to do, but i also think we see mccain lindsey graham on board with that. here is the thing, are we not 15 years into a war? are we at war? no, no, are we at war? >> yes. >> okay. the fact they don't know that and people have died -- at what point does it become criminal? that they have a duty to be competent and the duty to know. i think that underneath the attack is just a little bit of derision because our national security is at risk. yes, sir? >> thank you. i'm the chapter leader for delaware. let me revisit a couple of points that have been brought up
10:53 am
here. a presentation you have given is fantastic, but i feel it only talks about one-half of the equation. an earlier question touched on the other half. that is finances. i did a little research and just in sovereign funds alone controlled by islamic nations, there is over $2 trillion. when we think of our universities like harvard basically selling its soul for $20 million. okay. my wife had a kidney problem. we went to the johns hopkins medical institute. lo and behold a billion dollar donation to that medical institute. okay for this ie towers. the point is we are being -- there's a financial war as much as an islamic war, and we have to realize what we're up against in that. we're actually financing the
10:54 am
people who are waging the war against us, and so what we're talking about going to legislative stuff. what about dealing with the financial fact that we are financing the enemy to the tune of trillions of dollars? >> well, i think one of the reasons i'm pushing into the model as a way of getting this you have the splinters. you have government action. you have radical action. you have moderate action and they play off each other. but i think that what you're talking about, the reason i identify the model is because when you have realized they're operating. once you recognize the brotherhood in america and the larger model are operating on all five lines of operation in a insurgency model, then you know you have a finance model. you know they're operating somewhere where they have these things going on. you know, and, you know, i had a slide i just didn't get to.
10:55 am
you know -- how many people know that if something happens and the e monoif it has islamic society in it it's almost always a brotherhood mosque. they'll bring politicians over and in the context of having the politicians over, they'll execute the shoulder-to-shoulder campaign. anybody hear shoulder-to-shoulder? it's a muslim brotherhood operation they bring in a priest, minister, and rabbi. okay. here it is. you, the lowly catholic, the lowly jew, the evangelical goes in to challenge the amom is going to answer it but they target you as the jew so they have the rabbi slab you down or identified as an evangelical and the evangelical minister will slam you down. how do people see this? so license of operation.
10:56 am
it's not just you have the financial line of operation. it is how is it the muslim brotherhood got every main stream religious nomination in america. we'll take a few hits here where they didn't to back them against their own believers. almost all the time. that did not just happen. so i think it's important to understand where you get buffetted in a place you didn't expect, that tells you that your enemy saw this happening 15 or 20 years ago when they started building up that capacity. and, of course, what they did is co-oped and took over the inner face movement. >> thank you for coming. on the slide on the three splinters coming out of the sharia. can you explain the imua and
10:57 am
dawa. >> the ioc is the second largest governmental organization. it's not every member state. it's what the oic does by itself and three countries stand out saudi arabia, pakistan, and turkey. and, you know, i got a book written by the brotherhood in the '80s talking about the muslim brotherhood working with the oic. it turns out turkey was working with them. they represent the state action. if i brief a government center, i don't say who is the oic, i have people say that's the officer in charge. but what the oic in 1991 came up with something called the cairo declaration on the human rights in islam. how many have heard of that? that's where the oic declared when a muslim entity says human rights they mean sharia law and nothing else but.
10:58 am
so when care calls itself america's human rights group, doesn't that matter? okay. when the oic in 1999 came up with the international convention on combatting terrorism or the first two bullets is terrorism according to islamic law, what does not qualify islamic law? what does not qualify as islamic law. jihad. you have a state actor, the oic. our people don't know it exists and they're putting treaties in the united nations that redefine core doctrines. the dawa entity is the preparation stage. it's the place where they try to convert or bring over. it's also more better understood, especially with the brotherhood mission as a subversion phase. the penetration phase. okay. why does the brotherhood say they're not going to be violent? because when they want to be violent they create a splinter to become violent. they operate in the preparation
10:59 am
stage. and, of course, groups like al qaeda and isis. i should point out it distinguishes them in some degree from the brotherhood in that regard. what you have is if we understand all three of those groups all agree their goal is reestablish the call fight and the implementation of sharia law we understand what they're paying off each other is a common understanding of that. >> last question. >> in the splinter movement theory. >> and all of that is explained in your book. "catastrophic failure." thank you so much for this. thank you to our chapter leader who brings in speakers like you to keep us informed. one sentence here, one quote you use "what is a foreign power controls a country's speech will ultimately control its thought." but i just want to -- i have the same question as -- >> can i stop you? >> yeah. >> how many people worried they
11:00 am
might be thrown into jail for saying something at this conference they had a right to say today next year? how many people? is that not what i'm talking about? >> yeah. i'm worried about that because -- but i want to ask the same question someone asked before. do you have any track to trump's campaign. is he learning what you have to tell us? >> i keep anything political i'm doing private. i do run a 501 c 3 so i have to recognize that. you know, i was in california about ten days ago and giving a speech to a group, and somebody, i think, pam geller gave a speech and she made a point and i was, you know, following pam geller. this is where people get coffee, right. the question about trump came
11:01 am
up. of course, in the discussion you had all these super pure conservatives who are so conservative. they can't get past themselves. i think the point is trump is not a conservative. and i said to people he is a nationalist. you can sense that's in his dna. i threw out a line and got a good buzz. but i said, listen, trump's victory may not be your victory, but you better understand this. his defeat is your defeat. [ applause ] that's what people need to know. and i will tell you, i saw what happened with trump with the cahn thing, and my mind swept right back to what happened to michele bachmann. i said that was a replay. the democrats say something and the republican leadership in
11:02 am
lock step go after one of their own. you know what. until people recognize that little relationship, i don't recognize their right to go after the democrats. [ applause ] i don't belong to a party and that's not a political endorsement. thank you. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> is he amazing or what? steve and go back a long way, like carrie mentioned earlier. i discuss him in my book. and what happened to him enthat began a friendship between me and steve that is now ten years. go ahead and pitch your book. >> to i want give you a copy of the book.
11:03 am
>> oh! make sure you get this book! [ applause ] thank you. i'm going to make a quick housekeeping announcement. first of all, i was asked to remind people to please kindly turn your cell phones off or put them on silent so people are not interrupted when they are listening in the middle of a presentation. if you can kindly do that. i also want patty lu to stop by the table. it's time sensitive change confirm. come by the hill booth on the way to lunch or from lunch. at this point, i would like to invite our own wonderful chapter leader valerie lately-price who
11:04 am
is going to introduce our special friend and guest. >> i have the great honor of introducing a fellow canadian. and what a canadian she is! in canada we're known as being low-key, quiet, i guess i'm the exception. modest. self-assuming. this does not describe her. she's a warrior. when she sees issues that need to be confronted, she makes a very big noise. she loves our country. and is passionate about speaking out. now just for a little
11:05 am
background, i hope you don't mind me telling what year you were born. she was born in 1950 in pakistan. she graduated with degrees in psychology and english. in 1989, she, her husband, and two sons moved to toronto. in 1995, she became a proud proud canadian citizens. i wish they would all be like her. she's a devout muslim. she's so many things. just to name a few, she's the president of a newly formed organization called the council for muslims facing tomorrow. she's the author of a book called "their jihad not my gee mad." an award-winning journalist. a documentary film maker. dealing with the sharia debate in ontario. a few years ago we came lose to having that passed. she's a great public speaker, as
11:06 am
you can see. she's an advocate for human rights, gender equality, and dignity and diversity. she's accredited the united nations human rights council in geneva through the international human ethical union. she runs a forum for learning for youth to educate them about the dangers of radicalization. and terrorism and continues to write and speak about the subject. she's a recipient of the the second diamond jubilee medal for service to canada. and finally she's the first muslim woman in canada to lead mixed gender prayers. as i said, she is loud and hopeful and passionate about many issues. on islamic extremism she said i have been sued for calling extremists extremists. i'm listed on the ten world's


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