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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  September 9, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EDT

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to stamp for a saturday drawing, for red beats dr. dre ear phones and prizes for the best selfie posted on any social meet i can't platform, with #vv16. extra points are given to anyone taken with the most celebrities. if you get desperate, i'll be happy to pose with you. we'll give prizes for the tweet of the day later today and tomorrow, #vvs16 throughout the event. complimentary wi-fi is available, they are not complimentary in your guest rooms, check to frcssid. that's an id. open your browser and you can begin surfing. finally, we have more than 200 members of the media here for auflt kind things they say about con seservative christians, wou
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you join me in becoming the media to this event. thank you and let me reiterate, they are our guests and we are happy that they are here. there will be times during the event that they'll be doing a live report and may be close to you where they are doing it. that may be disruptive but it will last just for a few minutes. if you please indulge them as they go about doing their job. we're glad they are here and want to show them every courtesy. we appreciate that. and now, ladies and gentlemen, let's begin by going to the source of our values, just a moment i'll ask you to stand and remain standing but let me introduce our participants starting with innovation by luke robinson, senior paster of quinn chapel in frederick, maryland. he'll be followed immediately by the presentation of colors by the naval junior reserve officer training corps from woodson high school. then remain standing for our
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pledge of aleejance led by maria horner and luke hancock of the trail life usa. then we'll all join in the singing of the national anthem. i don't know about ungrate athletes but around here we stand for our national anthem. if you agree, would you join me in standing of the pastor, would y lead us am prayer? >> let us pray and god in his favor upon this summit. oh, lord god, you you are in heaven, hallowed be thy name, your blessed will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. give us this day the opportunity to the work the things that will
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glorify your most precious and blessed name. you alone are god and there is none like you. we recognize you as being the sovereign lord. you have all power in your hands. we appreciate the fact that you have revealed your glory to us through the most blessed -- your most blessed son, jesus christ our resurrected lord and savior. today we begin the value of voter summit and invoke the presence of the holy spirit. let all deliberations in this place be completely guided by you, for your majestic glory. we pray for america and this most crucial time. as a nation we have lost our way. it seems we do not know light from darkness, right from wrong and jesus christ from satan. move o god upon your people
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while there is still time to change our focus and direction and intervene in the hearts of man kind and deliver us from sure destruction. you have given us a great nation and we are indeed thankful. but darkness surrounds us on every hand and we look to you l almighty god from winds cometh. we are encompassed by great host of evil, our eyes are on you. we have no strength of our own but yet we are mighty to the pulling down the strongholds through you, our lord, jesus christ. lord forgive us of all of our sins and help us to love you and cause us to harken into your voice, help us as a people to discern truth and to walk in it. let us being a nation that sits on high, that gives light to all. let your people who are called by your name humble themselves, turn from our wicked ways so
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that you will forgive us of our sins and heal this marvelous and wonderful land that you have given us. oh, holy one, let your eyes be open and let your ears be attentive unto our prayer. help us to seek your holiness and your favor. your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. in jesus name, we trust. amen. amen. ♪
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♪ ♪ please join us in the pledge
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of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts
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we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home
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of the brave ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. you may be seated. and now, folks, to bring our 2016 values voter summit to order, would you please welcome the president of family research council action and family
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research council, tony evans. [ applause ] >> good morning. thank you very much. thank you very much. let me welcome you to the 11th annual values voter summit. we're so glad that you are here. i have the official duty of gavel us in to begin the 2016 meeting of the values voter -- and folks, it's going to be huge. [ applause ] you know, we are at one of the most critical points in the 240 years of our republic. rarely has such a relatively small percentage of our nation the values voters had the opportunity to have such a significant impact on the future of our nation. and i know this is an election
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year and there's a steady stream of cynicism, almost as steady as hillary's recovered e-mails. but i want to tell you today that i'm hopeful. i'm hopeful about america's future. why am i hopeful? i'm glad you asked. i'll tell you. many of you are aware of the devastating floods that took place in my home state of louisiana. few in the area in which we make our home were spared. the area that flooded has never flooded before. now, i should have taken the warning signs when the animals started walking out of the woods two by two, but somehow i missed that. but i'm hopeful because in the wake of those floodwaters as we've seen after other natural disasters and even manmade disasters like 9/11, we've seen people risk their lives to save their neighbors. we've seen churches open their
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doors as places of refuge and sources of comfort in the midst of storm. we've seen americans helping americans as resources and volunteers from all across the country have come to help those who in many cases have lost everything. you see despite what the left says, america is the most caring and compassionate nation on the face of the earth. [ applause ] when tragedy strikes anywhere in the world, who is the most often the first to respond? the american people. and i'm not talking about our government, i'm talking about our people. i'm talking about our churches and non-profit face based organizations. in america's dna are found the words of jesus, greater love have no man than to lay down his life for his friends. now, friends, we must not allow america's moral and political
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genetic code to be reengineered by liberal politicians or unaccountable judges who ignore the constitution. we must draw the line and take america back. >> in the pledge we just recited, we said we are one nation under god. congress added those words to our pledge under god in 1954. the context in which those words were added, i think is instructive for us. the cold war had begun as a nation, we faced an existent shal threat just as we do today from rogue nations and radical islamists. you might remember some of you probably participated and children practice the art of duck and cover fearing a nuclear attack.
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president eisenhower prompted congress to adopt those words under god after hearing a sermon by the reverend george dockerty here in d.c. see, the reverend dougherty had pointed to those words because they are were the words of the first republican president, abraham lincoln. he was speaking to a divided nation at gettysburg when he said under god this people shall know a new birth of freedom. america's hope and future is found in the same place it was found in 1863 and in 1954, under god. our freedom to appeal and to unite under god has been under steady assault by this administration. and folks, we must stop those in our government and in our courts who have either in principle or practice attempted to remove these two words, under god and all that they mean from public
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life. [ applause ] america's future depends upon you and those that you influence in returning and keeping america, one nation under god, thank you for being here. thank you for caring about america. and folks, let's make america great again. god bless you. [ applause ] ♪ >> back by popular demand, i actually have the privilege of
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introducing a friend, someone who first in the house who has an amazing story of faith, family and freedom. someone who has pursued and living the american dream because he is rooted in what we were just talking about, the fundamental understanding that we as a nation and individuals live under god. tim scott of south carolina has an amazing story as i mentioned but he has been a champion for the issues that we care about in congress, first in the house and now in the united states senate. he has a winsome way about him. for standing for values and things we care about, but at the same time winning hearts and winning minds. and i am proud to call him friend and i want to ask you to give him a strong values voter welcome. please welcome senator tim
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scott. [ applause ] >> good morning! thank you very much. thank you so much. good morning, value voters. isn't it a great day in america? let me go over here. let me double check myself over here really quick. isn't it an absolutely amazing day in america? [ applause ] amen. as long as jesus is lord, don't make me come down there now, as long as we have the confidence that our future doesn't depend on elected officials -- somebody
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ought to say amen in the house. you all may have come to hear legislative digest won't give it this morning, not from me because i know our future requires this nation to rediscover love. love of each other. you know, matthew 22.37 through 39 says to love god with our of our heart and soul and our strength and our mind. and to love our neighbors as ourselves. you see, as an elected official, i take seriously my responsibility to come up with legislation that moves us in the right direction. and i know and i know that you know, that the right direction is a conservative side. now, i'm not sure if you're like
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me, but four more years of the last eight years of the policies of obama being transposed into the administration of clinton is not a good thing. not a good thing at all! see, if that doesn't wake you up and make you want to go vote, i'm not sure what's going to do it. because we have an opportunity to move this nation in the right direction. and so as an elected official, i see my responsibility in part in making sure that we do just that. so i can go into my office, i can craft legislation to make sure that we protect our religious liberties. how many of you all know we are going to have to fight tooth and nail to protect our religious liberties?
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and fight we will. and fight we will. i can walk into my office and i can craft legislation that works towards protecting our religious liberty. we can do that in the senator's house and also walk into the office and work diligently to make sure that something that has become so complex that should be very simple protecting the sanctity of life, i can do that in my office. i have done that in my office and i will continue to do that in my office. it's called common sense. [ applause ] common sense. common sense. and i'll tell you that i think back in my own past as a small business owner, when -- before i was in congress i actually had a job. too many of our folks hanging around congress and maybe the
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white house, they should have had a j-o-b and signed in front of a paycheck, that's meddling a little bit there. give me an amen. halleluj hallelujah. as a small business owner, i was doing pretty good in business and having a good time and one of my employees came to me and told me that she was pregnant. and we had a long confidence, i took her to a crisis pregnancy center. she was nervous, confused and pain. but those folks at the crisis pregnancy center walked her through the process to help her make the choice of life. so as an elected official, when i have the responsibility and opportunity privilege to protect life, i do so having been in the
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private sector, realizing the importance that we should place on life and the choice of life. i also understand that we are going to have to work on some solutions as a legislative body to try to make sure that we undergerd the pitfalls in this nation, we have many of them and there's work to be done. and we can get that done. when i think about what makes america the greatest nation on ear earth, it's not legislation. it's love. it's this notion that together as a nation we are undefeatable. if you divide us in little
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corners, black corners and white corners and red corners yellow corners and brown corners, divided we fall. too many folks make their living so to speak using the common denominators of fear. it's so popular in election politics to divide and conquer. but i believe that god has a different plan for america. and i'm excited about that plan. i believe that god's plan for america is to make sure that we live up to who he intended us to be. the city on the hill, illuminating an entire world, dispersing, dispelling darkness
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because of who we are, it's a part of our dna, and that i cannot legislation. i can't legs late that. if you want to see examples of how love conquers hate and overcomes fear, we can look to louisiana. louisiana is a state devastated with disaster after disaster after disaster. we can think recently in the last few months of the killing of alton sterling, followed up with the murdering of three police officers. we saw the community devastated and heading to corners and then
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on top of all of that, 1,000-year flood comes rushing through. the good news is, we got a peek of what god does when things get really bad. and an amazing thing started happening. the people of louisiana in the area around baton rouge started taking responsibility not for themselv themselves but for the neighbors. one of the sheriff's said and this is almost a quote which means it ain't a quote but it's close. he said, 75 of my deputies have lost everything.
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what am i supposed to tell them? but what did they do? they got in their boats and went to work. not because it was their job but because they love louisiana. they love their parishes. they love their neighbors, their black ones and white ones and red ones and brown ones and even the purple ones if they can find them. it was this overwhelming affection to do something that could be done and perhaps only done by them. quite remarkable. you see, when we live out scripture, it's infectious and draws all men not to us but to
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the work. and those 75 sheriff's deputies demonstrated this notion of rediscovering love in a powerful and infectious way. the greatness of america can always be seen after a disaster. my question is, can we get there without a disaster. i'm an optimist. all things are possible. you see, my momma wanted a apprecia preacher. she got a politician. let us pause for a moment and pray for my momma. good to see politicians on their knees anyway, right? amen. i'll tell you, i am just blown away about this notion of rediscover being love and we saw
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it again in louisiana. now, i know that they are fairly familiar with article one, section 8, part of the constitution. raise your hand if you've heard of this thing called article one, section eight. it spends time talking about empowering the military. would you all conquer, agree? i read it again and again and again and again and again looking for a cajun navy. i didn't find the cagjun navy. a cajun navy is what occurred in louisiana. you see, every day people decided to get their john boats, not their cruiseliners, their $100,000 boats but their john boats and form the cajun navy. because while they had lost all
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they had, they had not lost what was most important. a desire and a conviction to do what they felt that maybe only they could do to go out and rescue their neighbors. help find people who were lost. this is the brilliance and the beauty of america. this cannot be legs lated from washington, d.c. the things we have to do, but they we cannot get done. this requires a conviction that comes from understanding that america's founding fathers got it right, that the christian foundation that is seeped into the soils of our hearts, commands us to do what we can for our neighbors and we don't need the government telling us
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to get it done. [ applause ] you see, we conservatives know that government is not god. not god. not god. and in my home state of south carolina, we too have gone through some amazingly painful times. we had a police shooting as well. we had 1,000-year flood last october. and we had a massacre in a church. and i'll tell you, many people were waiting to watch the south erupt again all over the news you just watched all of the tv
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stations and the news stations descend on charleston, south carolina because they knew in the deep south, there was going to be division and anger, spilling into the streets like we haven't seen in 40 or 50 years. but what happened? what happened was remarkable. another clear sign that god is still god in the united states of his america. [ applause ] i'm telling you the truth. when 36 hours after the massacre, nine children of the lord gone home to be with him, sitting in a courtroom looking
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the hateful murderer in the eyes simply said this, i forgive you. i forgive you. my life will never be the same. you've taken away my wife, my brother, my son and my father. but with god your life can be saved. all things are possible, mr. ruth if you give your life to jesus, to the lord, your life
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can be changed. that's a nation founded on biblical principles. and then it became individuals who walked up and looked into the eyes and said there is something bigger and greater than my pain, my sufferings, our divisions. it's the lord. i would love to sit here or literally stand here and tell you that this nation will be saved through politics. but you all wouldn't believe me anyway. i would like to tell you that one day we're going to have the
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perfect candidate to lead this country. i don't know what to tell you. i don't think it's going to happen any time soon but i will tell you, a few things as i close. number one, this year, our election, it matters. and it's a binary choice for me. it's either you're voting for the policies to continue that have been in place for the last eight years and we have those policies produced? it's produced 12 million more people living in poverty. a 40% increase in those eligible for food stamps. a 1% economic growth in our
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nation, more division, disaster and challenges or you can vote for hope. you can vote for alternative, you can vote as mr. per kins just said, to make america great again. [ applause ] number two, i believe that the best is yet to come. with all of the divisions, with all of the challenges, with all of the neysayers about who we are as americans all over the globe and even at home, our best
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days are ahead of us. i sat down with some of the great thinkers of tomorrow basically youngsters in our schools and colleges. and the things, breakthrough s e are seeing coming to the cusp, coming nearly to fruition, the manifestation of breakthroughs in science and technology and our military, the fact that we have a whole new generation of young folks who are anchoring themselves through home schooling a lot. god bless home schoolers. who are anchoring themselves to this notion that we are an exceptional people, that american exceptionalism is real, that the foundation of this nation is the word of god, i
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believe that the next generation is going to draw and bring us into a place where the greatness of america is sensed and felt and seen, all throughout the world. may god bless you. he's already blessed the united states of america. [ applause ] thank you. ♪ and now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president and ceo of bought radio network and co-sponsors of the values voters summit, mr. rich bach. >> how about senator tim scott? [ applause ] it's my pleasure this morning to introduce to you another great
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american. we know from the book of proverbs that when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. and when the wicked rule, the people mourn. well, the good folks of oklahoma are rejoicing in that they have elected as their senator, james langford to join them in the u.s. senate. senator langford serves on the appropriations committee and homeland security and select committee on intelligence and committee on indian affairs, but more important than that, he serves knows and loves the lord jesus christ, accordingly he loves and serves people. one of the most important things in his biois that for me, anyway, before he came to congress a number of years ago, he was for many years the director of the oklahoma baptist convention student ministry and
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the director of quauls creek, the largest christianity youth camp in the united states serving 51,000 students each summer. he lives with his wife, cindy in he had mond, oklahoma, two daughters, and enjoys spending time with his family, sport shooting and reading. please help me welcome senator james langford from oklahoma. [ applause ] >> good morning to you. i tell you, i have the unfortunate position to be able to speak after tim scott today. i can't tell you what a joy it is to get a chance to be here. this is a great conversation that's happening as a nation but also a great conversation as rich mentioned before, i'm a member of congress now but still
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see myself as a youth pastor. for 22 years i served with students, middle school and high school and college aged students in ministry. my wife calls this life's greatest interruption to be here. i've never been involved in anything politics ever before. but god completely interrupted our life and called us to do this. i would tell you 22 years of working with juveniles prepared me for congress well. but it's just like all of you, i'm another american, another oklahoman, who wanted to serve and you're engaged as well. we're in a weird spot as a nation. we feel it as much as we see it. but we can also see it now as well. let me give ut a couple of illustrations and things happening currently you may or may not have seen. recently in one of the armed services courts, there's a decision called the sterling decision. the sterling decision was trying to determine whether the united
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states armed forces could force individuals in the military to take down scripture references that they had posted to say that if they put a piece of scripture up, it was unlawful and against good order and discipline. the court ruled yes. literally that a soldier could have on their desk, don't worry, be happy and that's okay, but in this particular soldier's desk it said no weapon formed against me shall prosper. that was not okay. that's not in good order and discipline. and what they said in that decision was if they had requested an accommodation then they could have received an accommodation but couldn't just do it on their own. literally saying, if you have faith and if you ask us permission, you can use it. so i've asked the questions very simple, if someone sneezes next to me and i'm in the military, do i have to seek an accommodation to say bless you? if someone talks to me and i'm
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in the military and they are struggling in their family, do i have to ask permission before i say to them, i'm going to pray for you and your family? this is one that will be challenged and will head to the supreme court in the days ahead and it will be one of those basic decisions in america can you live your faith or do you have to request permission from the government for an accommodation to be able to live your faith? in the recent days, the supreme court has denied taking up a case that came out of washington state. in washington state, this is a very interesting case, a christian family ran a pharmacy and decided they are not going to carry the plan b, said for faith reasons they are not going to carry that. what they did instead, they handed out at the pharmacy, if someone came do fill in the prescription, they handed out a referral. there were 30 different pharmacies within five miles that carried that. and they gave each one that came in a list and said if -- we don't carry it, here are 30 different pharmacies that do,
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washington state was infuriated. and washington state passed a law banning that pharmacy from being able to refer in saying if you're given a prescription, no matter whether it's for faith or not, you have to give it to them. they argue that all the way to the supreme court and at the end of the supreme court, agreed with washington state. and so they can compel them to carry something that violated their religious liberty, it is the exact opposite decision of the hobby lobby case from just two years before. in missouri right now, there's an argument about whether a christian preschool can get scrap tires from the state, scrap tire program. there are allowing and they put out grants for scrap tires to go in playgrounds. i don't know how many of you still in the swing and see saw no nowadays but they put pieces of
9:45 am
rubber at the bottom and it makes it a little more cushy when they fall. they put out the program for the scrap tires and any school could request it and a christian school requested it and the state said no, christian kids when they fall can't get a cushy p spot, it has to be in the secular setting. can i remind us again that what happens at the supreme court in the days ahead will matter for jaena generation. [ applause ] we have a culture that's become afraid of faith. i'm not sure how it happened but it most certainly has happened. we have a culture that would say it's okay to have faith as long as it's over there and we can't see it. just keep it out of sight. if you bring it out to where we can see it, it makes us uncomfortable so you need to put your faith over there to where
9:46 am
we really can't see it. the supreme court will make decisions in the days ahead and that will matter long term. the two most reliable liberals on the court today, steven briar and ruth baden ginsburg were both appointed by secretary clinton, does anybody believe that they won't be the most liberal if the next president clinton gets the shot. what do we do about that? we have to address who we are as a nation. because the united states has always been kind of beacon, the light to demonstrate to the rest of the world. here's how you do it, we have set the tone for freedom and opportunity and outspoken liberty. when we pull back on religious liberty, so does the rest of the world. and around the world today
9:47 am
nations are pulling back from religious liberty. in the past couple of months, russia passed a new anti-terrorism law. you might not have noticed the new anti-terrorism law in russia. not many follow russian legal issues, but the new anti-terrorism law in russia includes provisions that redefine missionary activities in those religious practices. not allowing any missionary activities to take place outside of any state sanctioned sites. in russia today, just to do ee advantage l ee vanglistm on the street is considered an act of extremism. it doesn't require violence, it can just be extremism.
9:48 am
and already individuals have been arrested in russia for living their faith. we are the beacon and if we pull back from religious liberty, the rest of the world will pull back from religious liberty. instead of president obama and secretary clinton doing a russian reset, make we need to do a religious liberty reset in our own country first. [ applause ] you see there's this belief by some that if you would just limit divisions in anything that's controversial in conversation and culture, it will stop all of the factions and stop of the division. some people define and say if everyone will speak like this, we'll all be okay. we think somehow this is a new idea, this whole safe spaces conversation and everyone limiting and not talking about your faith because it creates divisions. this is not new. james madison dealt with this in the federalist paper number 10.
9:49 am
had a great illustration he said liberty is to faction what air is to fire. some people would say, if you want to get rid of fire, large scale fires, house fires, eliminate oxygen and you won't have it. and he said that would be absurd and also kill all animal life. you would eliminate fire but you would kill all an ma mall life. by those who want to eliminate factions by eliminating liberty is just as absurd. liberty thrives on diversity of opinion. and on the options for people to be able to live out liberty. if you want to be able to put down factions, increase liberty, increase the opportunity to live out not only their faith and their opinions and who they are because that actually builds on the foundation of who we already are as a nation. people of faith don't limit
9:50 am
freedom for everybody else. they are a part of our national freedom. my choice to speak out for what i believe doesn't restrict your choice to do the same. in the 1950s president johnson was furious at in nonprofit organizations that they would speak out against him and so he passed an amendment so that the irs would go after nonprofits if they spoke out for any political issue. the irs then later reinterpreted that to also say that included churches. that churches couldn't do that. now churches haven't faced an actual threat of the irs coming down on them with very few exceptions, but the irs continues to dangle over churches. if you ever speak out about faith issues, we could come after you. not that the irs has ever been used for nefarious means. not that that would ever happen. but it continues to dangle over churches, to say if you choose to speak out about our culture, we could come after you.
9:51 am
restricting faith. trying to limit words. looks like restricting the press and restricting public assembly, basic values of who we are as americans, people of faith gathered on the mall in washington more than 50 years ago, to decry the intolerance of a nation that was 100 years past slavery but hadn't gotten over racism. words of dr. martin luther king jr. was burn of faith. and was shaped of his faith. and affected a nation and challenged a nation. no one seemed to have an issue that he spoke out from his faith to challenge a nation. but for whatever reason the people of today seem to want to silence people of faith when they speak out in public. when he said i have a dream that one day every valley should be exalted, every hill and mountain made low, the rough places made plain, the crooked places made straight and the gory of the lord shall be revealed and all
9:52 am
flesh shall see it together, it spoke out of his faith, the person who attempts to silence people of faith from speaking out are no different than those in the 1950s who sought to silence dr. martin luther king jr. because they didn't like his words, his actions, and his lifestyle. but he changed the nation. freedom to live your faith is essential. quite frankly as a baptist, and it is okay if you're not a baptist, there is still time, by the way, as a baptist, this say big deal to me. roger williams first baptist paster in the 1600s, going to kicked out of massachusetts because most of our colonies had official religions. and he helped found rhode island on the basis of religious liberty. that anyone could come and could be able to live out their faith. it is anchored in who we are as a nation, it is anchored who i am as a person, even in my own faith. so the real question comes how do we affect this crazy culture?
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that's where we are. that's obvious. we know where we are. we see it. how do we affect it and turn things around. i'm amazed by the people that i talked to that as believers in jesus or as people of faith, still fall into the trap of the ends justify the means. they don't. in my staff, we have a saying that comes up over and over again, we did the right thing, the right way. and when we do the right thing the right way, we'll get the right results. first peter chapter 2, you probably have it memorized, let me read it to you, for any of you familiar with the new testame testament, very familiar with the new passage. it is a challenge for us today. god's special possession, that you may declare the praise of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. once you were not the people,
9:54 am
but now you're the people of god. once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy. i urge you as aliens and foreigners and exiles to abstain from the sinful desires which ward against your soul. live such good lives among the gentiles or pagans that though they may accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify god on the day he visits us. it is a great challenge. peter laid out to a culture that was completely separate from god, and said if you want to make an impact in your culture, you want to live such a good life among people, that people will come to know god in your culture will turn around. and then he gave them four practical ideas, amazing the number of people that know this passage, but don't know the practical illustrations that peter gave immediately after that. he said, my challenge to you is live a life of such integrity that it will mack a difference in your community. and here is four ways you can do it. number one, this is the very next verse after that. number one, he said this, submit yourself to the lord's sake, for
9:55 am
every human authority, whether to the emperorer o eor to the governor, for it is by god's will you do good and you silence the ignorant talk of foolish people. it is shocking to us that peter gave four illustrations who said you want to turn your culture around, want to stand out and milwaukee make a difference, do these four things, honor authority, work with integrity, have an honorable family, and endure suffering. those are the next four things he talked about. but he started it all with how we handle authority. see, we often will say we want to turn our country around. and we do it in the most aggressive means possible. i've got to tell you, as a legislat legislator, i work my tail off to push the ideas and concepts that are unique to our american
9:56 am
values. but we, when we work, work with integrity. because we want to not just turn around a legislation, we want to turn around the heart of a nation. and when we turn around the heart of a nation like that, we stand out. and we can make a difference. sometimes our anger overwhelms us. i'm always fascinated with the number of people that say jesus turned the tables over, righteous indignation. i was, like, yes, but if you do that every day, that's not righteous indignation, that's anger. you need anger management, not righteous indignation. there is a time to be able to stand up and boldly confront, but the challenge of scripture over and over again is live a life that stands out. we can confront unrighteousness. we can confront what is clearly wrong. and honor god in the process. and as we do it, people will look at us and think that's the weirdest thing, that's not how i
9:57 am
do it. i just gripe and wine. i always challenge christians that they should probably pray more than they complain, but it is a challenge to all of us to be able to do it the right way. sometimes it is the most obvious. and we miss it. about a year ago, i was doing some work on my 2002 ford expedition, 178,000 miles, proud of it. doing some work on it and for a long time, the door ajar light had had come on. it is an old truck, one of those things, some of you have the same thing, got a little quirky thing. the door ajar light would come on all the time. so i had a little bit of time late on the day on the weekend, i said, i'll try to fix that. i do what every godly american does to try to fix something, i went to youtube, and the first video that came up showed them taking the door panel off and rewiring everything and doing all -- i stared it and thought, oh, no.
9:58 am
let me find another video. let's figure out something else. so i go to the next video, and the next video has a guy that said, my door ajar light came on in this vehicle, same vehicle i had, and so what i did is i got a can of wd-40 and sprayed the latches and it worked. well, i can do that. i got my $3 can of wd-40, sprayed the latches, closed the door, and the light went off. i went, i'm a genius. now, for years i had put up with the door ajar light on and with the dome light on and it took me ten seconds and a can of wd-40, what for every man is most obvious solution to every problem. okay. and somehow i missed that. i think for those of us who are strong in our valuvalues, we're missing the obvious solution.
9:59 am
and want to turn the country around, live your values. don't comprise your values to restore your values, live your values. the world is not afraid of our anger. they are afraid of our integrity and god's love. go live your values. when you turn our families around, we need to mentor young families, we need to demonstrate god's affection in even how we work in the integrity in the strength of our work. we need to endure suffering because it is most certainly coming. but we begin it all by honoring authority and setting the tone for a nation that desperately needs a reset in that. i read pro verbs every day. some of you do that as well. i'm stuck still in proverbs 25
10:00 am
in my heart. it has been sticking with me obviously for several times because it is the 9th, not the 25th now. proverbs 25, 26, like a muddied spring or polluted well is a righteous man who gives way to the wicked. that spring is supposed to be a place of refreshing and you go across the desert and get there and find out it is muddied instead. we're called to be a place of refreshing for the nation. and far be it from us to muddy our message when we should be refreshing to the country. we have a lot to do. we have an important election ahead of us. we have a lot to stand for. let's do the right thing, the right way, and see what god does in our country together. god bless you. ♪
10:01 am
♪ >> thank you, senator lankford. what a powerful message and we have another one coming. our next speaker is the first republican lieutenant governor to be elected in north carolina in over 20 years. and only the second since 1897. as lieutenant governor, he serves as the president of the north carolina senate and our next speaker was the one who called the special session in north carolina to strike down charlotte's radical bathroom policy. and as he comes, would you not just welcome him to the stage, but would you also thank him for his courage and common sense. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome north carolina lieutenant governor dan forest.
10:02 am
♪ >> thank you, all, very much. it is great to be with you today and what a great crowd we have here. so it is an honor to be here. listen, how many of you heard that yesterday north korea tested their biggest nuclear weapon yet? how many of you heard that? saw that on the news? how many of you heard that isis is now going to target soft targets in america like football stadiums and big arenas? remember that isis is still chopping christians' heads off around the world to this day. our economy is still struggling, right. we know we have racial tensions like we haven't seen in a long time in america. you know what i'm here to talk about bathrooms. most important issue in the world today is what bathroom a man and woman uses, what shower they go to. pretty unbelievable, isn't it?
10:03 am
pretty unthinkable in this day and age what is going on in the world today that many people in america on the progressive left think that bathroom policy is the issue of the day. listen, i'm just an architect, i'm just an average citizen, just like you, handful of years ago i felt called to not be on the sidelines complaining and to get into the rat race and figure out how to serve my fellow americans. you know, 30 years ago, i graduated from high school, hard for me to believe, probably not for you, but hard for me to believe, 30 years ago, think about how much has changed over the last 30 years. it is really quite unbelievable to think about that. remember when ronald reagan was president, 30 years ago, berlin wall was still standing, apple was just a brand-new company at the time. the iphone wouldn't even be invented for another 20 years. right. same sex marriage, transgender bathroom policy, unthinkable.
10:04 am
but major corporations, major sports teams, the nba, standing against those who stand against such things, that was unimaginable 30 years ago. so here we are. we find ourselves in this really kind of crazy place, right. and i've been amazed at how many people have come up to me over the last handful of months and said, you know, why did you pass hb-2, the name of the bathroom bill in north carolina that struck down the -- why did you pass hb-2? my answer is generally, well, you know, we paid down the debt in north carolina, we have put billions of dollars away in the rainy day fund, we have cut taxes by billions of dollars and put billions of dollars more money into education, we gave teachers the largest raise in the united states of america last year, so we said, kind of done all that, let's pass bathroom policy in north carolina. and not quite the way it happened in our state as you well know. this is a response, what we had to do is actually a response to an unconstitutional law, unconstitutional ordinance, that the city of charlotte, the mayor
10:05 am
and city council passed in charlotte. this is the trend, this is the pattern. we see this across america, we see municipalities trying to trump state legislators. we see this going on around the country. so we certainly knew it was coming. it happened in houston and it came to charlotte. and we said, you know what, this is a pretty broad overreach here. let me just tell you a little bit about what the charlotte ordinance did. because there is a lot of misinformation out there, right. first of all, as i mentioned, it was unconstitutional. the city of charlotte had no authority whatsoever for public accommodation. that comes from the state. so it was against the law. they were told by their lawyers, by our lawyer, by the legislature, by the governor, don't do it, don't do it, we have to protect the law in north carolina. what did they do? they didn't come through the normal process, didn't come to the legislature and say we have this problem in charlotte, and we want you to help us fix it. no, they went outside of the law and tried to fix it. so they knew that was happening. but here is one of the most
10:06 am
extreme things that happened related to this that a lot of people just don't know about. they actually struck through a provision in their ordinance that actually the supreme court upheld through the years saying that it is okay to discriminate in showers and locker rooms and bathrooms. what i mean by discriminate is put men, women, boy, girl, male, female, on those doors. the supreme court upheld that, said that's okay. city of charlotte struck through that and said that's not okay. you can't have man and woman, male, female, boy, girl on bathroom shower, locker room doors anymore. it is called sex discrimination in the ordinance. that's pretty extreme, isn't it? that boys, high school boys are supposed to shower with high school girls that middle school boys are supposed to go in the locker rooms with middle school girls, that men are supposed to be able to go in the locker room and shower in the gym facilities in the city of charlotte, in the women's room. it is not even that. there wouldn't be any signs. it is a free for all. that's what the ordinance did. not many people know that. not many people know that the
10:07 am
person that actually pushed the charlotte ordinance through the city council, through the mayor, was a registered sex offender in north carolina. i can tell by your response you didn't know either. you know, so when we kind of struck out and said, you know what, this is opening up showers and locker rooms and bathrooms to predators, it wasn't a far reach to do that. that was not a far overreach to do that, because the very person that pushed that was a sexual predator. nobody everybody said transgender people or sexual predators, never mentioned by anybody, not anybody i knew, but that's what the media jumped on, what they were pushing for months, the republican legislature governor thinks that transgender folks are sexual predators, just not the case at all. so you may want to say, you know, here is another thing i need to mention, they didn't just do this for the city of charlotte, right. it wasn't just the city of charlotte and public buildings and schools, it was for all private businesses in the city of charlotte. they were telling all private
10:08 am
businesses what to do. and so here's the agenda. some people say, you know, well what is the agenda related to this. why would they do this? what are they trying to prove here? well, let me just go out on a limb and say this is not purely an ideological battle. many of you probably know that there is ideology involved. this is not purely ideology. this say political battle as well. many of you know north carolina is a battleground state now. tight election, as well as the governor and the number of people in the general assembly. the progressive left wants it back. and so they can't win on education. we have done more for education in the last few years than our opponents did for decades in our state. we're spending more on education than we ever have. we have given teachers the largest raises they have had in many, many years, where we're investing in technology, building solid education infrastructure, that was one of the flat forms, that was basically one rail of the
10:09 am
campaign. the other one would be the economy. we have created 300,000 new jobs, like i said before we cut taxes by billions of dollars, created a fiscal solid playing field, that was real too. can't win on those. they created a third rail. called the charlotte bathroom ordinance, unconstitutional third rail, what did we have to do, we had to do this thing called hb had-2, the bathroom b. it said city of charlotte, this is unconstitutional, we have to fix it, two, we said you can't tell private businesses what to do, they can do whatever they want to do. three, we said you can't take the signs off your bathrooms, allowing boys to shower, little girls and all that stuff, said you can't do that. that is common sense policy in america. right. and let me just say this it did one other thing as well, america is a great country.
10:10 am
just a great country. we're a country of reasonable accommodation. in hb-2, it was a bill of reasonable accommodation. i'll say it this way, you guys probably all remember the americans with disabilities act, ada, familiar with that, this building operates on that now, so ada, back when it was passed in 1990, congress didn't say, guess what, every parking space in your parking lot needs to be handicap accessible. every entrance and exit in your building needs to be handicap accessible. every bathroom stall needs to be handicap accessible. they didn't say that. they said to provide reasonable accommodation for a small minority of people who have real handicap issues who need to get in and out of your building and use your facilities, you need to provide reasonable accommodation for them and that's what we did. that's what we did. that's what hb had-2 did as well. you need to provide reasonable accommodation for people who are fearful for walking into
10:11 am
bathroom public facilities that fear for their safety. you need to provide a single stall lockable facility for them to go in. and, listen, that's reasonable accommodation. that's what we did. that's what america is built on. that's a good thing. that's the way we should operate, right. so that's what we did. and so, you know, you think at this time people would read the bill and they would say, oh, okay, i get it. that's not what happened. corporate america came against us. paypal then, probably heard this, said we're not going to expand to north carolina, not going to create the 400 new jobs that they were going to create in north carolina. but here is the truth of the matter. they didn't pull out of north carolina. they still do business in north carolina. right. they made a big statement and they still muckity muck it up across the country. they didn't pull out. they didn't pull out of the 28 other states that have similar laws. they still do business with the federal government. they still do business in saudi arabia, and yemen, who not only persecute the lgbt community, they execute the lgbt community. this is not just an ideological battle.
10:12 am
the nba, when they pulled out for the all-star game and said we're moving the all-star game down to louisiana, the nba could have done whatever they wanted to with their bathrooms. could have done whatever they wanted to. they had the right to do that and they knew that. this is pressure coming on from the human rights campaign, into corporate america, corporate america putting pressure in other places to put pressure on north carolina for political reasons for political gain to push their sexual revolution, social engineering experiment on america through municipalities and federal courts. that's what's going on here. and so guess what, the department of justice came sweeping into our rescue, no, they didn't. they came in, they came in and said, you know what, we are going to withhold title nine funding in -- we're going to withhold your funding in the state for the least advantaged children in north carolina, we're going to keep your education money unless you fully repeal hb-2. complete extortion. complete extortion. then loretta lynch compared north carolina's bathroom bill
10:13 am
to jim crow laws. shameful. absolutely shameful. you know what she said, there was a different time, she said different tim, different signs above bathrooms in america, meaning white only and black only. we got rid of nefarious jim crow laws in america for good reason. you know why? the color of a person's skin has absolutely nothing to do with what wabathroom they use or whe they sit on the bus or at a lunch counter or what water fountain they drink out of. but a person's biology has absolutely everything to do with which bathroom they use. i could go through the ever changing narrative on this. i could talk about the president's edict from above, who came down and said, well, when they didn't get what they wanted through the justice department, or them just telling us to repeal hb-2, the president comes out and says, well, now, for all bathrooms and schools across america, you have to open them up for everybody.
10:14 am
we said that's not right. a number of states that's not right. and we're fighting back. and we're doing our job and you're doing your job and i want to say thank you for the job you're doing, letting people know this message. but i want to end on this, and i just want to make sure that we know our purpose here in this game. what are we here for as value voters to vote our values, certainly to vote for those candidates that are preserving society and understanding the constitution. i think there is a greater issue at stake here. it is one that we as christians need to remember as we move forward. my good friend john stuntry says it better than i ever could. let me paraphrase john here in closing. like the jews of nehemiah's day, we have to resolve to be countercultural, living god's way in a fallen and broken world so people's brokenness might be healed. as we have seen in the case of same sex marriage and gay rights more generally, ideas and practices once associated with subcultures and small minorities can with the support of a lead
10:15 am
opinion makers and major television networks become mainstream at astonishing speed. once these ideas and practices become mainstream real people are expected to conform and real world ways, even if the ideas and practices contradict their deeply held beliefs. in the church would respond by finding more tangible ways to reach out and to truly love members of the lgbt community. the human rights campaign calls for love. but no one, no one, my friends, should outlove christians. we must also offer hope and redemption to all who live in such a broken culture. so as we go forward, let's be countercultural, let's also speak and act with humility asking god to empower us with as much grace as truth. my friends, never fail to be courageous. never fail to be bold. never fail to do the right thing no matter what the cost is and no matter what the consequences
10:16 am
are. i pray that you will all leave here more bold and more courageous than you appeared here this morning. and i pray that you'll go back to your communities and do amazing things, fight for god, fight for righteousness, fight for what is good in america. stay strong. god bless. ♪ ♪ >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i'm honored as you give me standing ovations each time i come to the podium. i just want you to know i'm moved by that. and i'm humbled. no, seriously, we want to thank dan forest for his views, his speech, and especially his service there in a critical state this year in north carolina. now, coming next, and serving his sixth term in the united
10:17 am
states house of representatives, our next speaker boldly stands on america's founding principals, and is widely known and respected for his innovate of problem solving, solidly based on constitutional fundamentals, imagine that. among his many responsibilities is serving as the vice chair of the judiciary subcommittee on crime, terrorism and homeland security. ladies and gentlemen, from the great state of texas, please welcome army veteran, judge, deacon, sunday schoolteacher, husband, father, and u.s. congressman, representative louie gohmert. ♪ >> thank you. >> thank you. >> wow. it's so good to be here with you today. well, i mean, comparatively. i just left our republican house
10:18 am
conference. and so i will say again, it is really good to be with you guys. so there was a movie called "broadcast news," and at one point the lady that is trying to get the network to do the right thing, the big shot says she's telling them passionately this is what's going to happen, don't do that. and he says, it must be wonderful to always be right. and she tears up and says, no, it's terrible. we're in some trouble. you know that? we're in big trouble.
10:19 am
going back to 2006, last year in the minority, why? because the first of the year we had a new majority leader, along with our vibrant speaker and they made a decision, this was my freshman term, and they said, look, we know we were going to do massive changes, throw out the tax code, do something different there, shore up social security so it is there for, you know, generations to come. but now we understand there is a little chance we might lose the majority next november. this is '06. so we changed our strategy. we're just going to try to get by this year, not do anything big that rankles anybody. and then keep the majority in november and then we'll come back and do tax reform, social security and all that good
10:20 am
stuff. and i'm a freshman, but i can see where this is going. and it isn't good. and i stood up and said, i had to wait my turn, if you really think there is any chance of us losing the majority in november this has to be the year that we do the big things we promise. you can't wait on those. you don't want to get to -- lose in november, and then january, wow, i guess we should have done the big stuff last year, because now we're in the minority. well, that was the minority position because it is always easier to do the easy thing. that sounds like a no brainer. but when you look at the kind of people running for president, no brainers are a good thing now. and i do want to warn, since
10:21 am
most people here are christians and i'm serious about this, a true believer knows what jesus did, and still does, but, you know, you don't make fun of people who are impaired, have special needs. and whether you like her or not, hillary clinton has made clear she is mentally impaired. and this is not somebody you should be making fun of. so i get the impression that in law school, and along the way, she's been very, very smart. but i don't know, maybe it was the concussion, the fall back when she did, or maybe -- who knows. they won't tell us what really is going on with her. but if i were going to smash
10:22 am
cell phones, blackberries, i would use a two-pound sledge, i think that's the most -- who knows, maybe somebody got to wailing around and hit her again, i don't know, but we need to be praying for hillary clinton. there are special needs there. there is mental impairment. and, i mean, seriously, she can't remember, and i made the mistake, i got that stupid song in my head, that rush limbaugh used to play, and it was to the tune try to remember, and it is hillary clinton saying, i don't remember, my brain's in a blender. so anyway, earlier this week when i was on "fox & friends," that stupid line came back and so it ends up being a headline, you know, that i said hillary's
10:23 am
brain is in a blender. but anyway, but that was not a proper thing to say, because, again, i'm making fun of the mentally impaired and that's not right. so going back to '07, we lost the majority. and the new majority, democrats, were pushing something called hate crimes. and i could see as clearly as i can see you where this was going. and we were told, no, this will never affect churches, it will never affect christians, and we want to, you know, because christianity, we know, is a religion of love, unlike any other religion. and jesus himself said greater love than no one than this, a man laid down his life for his friends and that's that he did.
10:24 am
and yet after all the belittling i've gotten, and going back then, oh, you want to stand in the way of hate crimes, this will stop all this hatefulness, no, it is going to be used against christians, let's stop it now. and republicans going, you really are overreacting, no, i could see where this was going. and i could see it back then, and i've said all along, eventually, though, christianity is the one religion totally based on love. some day, people will say yeah, well, you believe if everybody doesn't think just like you think, then they're going to hell. that's hateful. no, it's loving to care enough about people that you don't want bad things to happen. you don't want to end someone's life on this earth, something bad to happen.
10:25 am
that's loving. that's caring. okay. so that was nine years ago. today, this article by mark kelner, the chairman of the u.s. commission on civil rights said that, quote, religious freedom, unquote, and, quote, religious lib liberty, unquote, had merely become, quote, code words, unquote, for intolerance. quote, christian supremacy, unquote, and committing every form of identity politics sin and thus they must yield before anti-discrimination laws. they're saying that christians, it is okay if you never talk about christianity, which means obviously you're not a christian, but we're now -- it
10:26 am
is official, the head of the u.s. commission on civil rights thinks practicing christians are hateful, and intolerant. jesus said, i'm the way, the truth and the life, no one goes to the father but by me. i didn't say that. but i know that to my core. and since i do love even people that hate my dwut gguts, which y throws people off, i hate people that disagree with me, you can't tell me you don't hate me, they don't understand you can love people who disagree with you. but they don't get that. and scripture would say that's because they're natural men and women. anyway, that article today, it's
10:27 am
official. so i just want to remind you very quickly here, a document we refer to as the bill of rights, congress should shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. our religious freedom is what that's embracing. and please note, there is nothing there that says you have a freedom from religion. that's not a right. if you have a total freedom from religion, then you can shut every other person up and our constitution doesn't allow it. says there will be no laws like that, respecting an establishment of religion. supreme court said secular humanism is a religion. and now they have established it. then or abridging the freedom of speech. hillary clinton, the u.n., the
10:28 am
u.s. commission on civil rights, they all are now totally advocates for taking away your freedom of speech, and allowing that part of the muslim brotherhood plan for the future to check the box, because once you cannot say anything negative about radical islam, then their goal of sub juijugating gets a k in that box. your religious freedom will be gone, freedom of speech will be gone, freedom of the press, well, that's not officially gone, it is just if you express truth in the press, the rest of the press makes fun of you, the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for redress of grievances. that will be gone.
10:29 am
you can't assemble and make plans as christians even in a home church, because you're talking about something that is hateful according to the u.s. commission on civil rights. second amendment, that right for people, right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. you can kiss that one good-bye. and all of these little things, let's go after assault weapons, every weapon is an assault weapon. a pressure cooker is an assault weapon. a box cutter is an assault weapon. it is all about the hand in which that is located. that is the assault weapon. the person. now, i think we'll be okay on the third amendment for a while, about not having troops quartered in our home, but eventually that will have to go away. the fourth amendment, the right of people to be secure in their
10:30 am
person's house and paper and effect, that's already in jeopardy because you're not securing that anymore. why? because despite liberal saying some years back, we don't want the government in our bedroom, now they have been advocating successfully, they want the government not only in your bedroom, your bathroom, you know, your kitchen, they want the government all in your house, and they're there now, the fifth amendment, those things go away. now, most of you all know, i traveled all over the country, speaking for and with my friend ted cruz. and there are people pushing for an opponent of ted in his two years from now in the primary. but i'm concerned about november. and everyone who has any concern at all for freedom needs to
10:31 am
understand if hillary clinton replaces my friend, justice antonin scalia, those rights i was just reading to you are gone. they are a memory. they will not go forward in the future. they're over. there is no choice in this matter right now. and if you vote for a third party, it is like people when we were trying to get them to vote for anybody but boehner a year and a half ago, if you vote present or don't vote or vote third party, you're voting for hillary. you're making it easier for her to win. so -- and if you want to look about the what the future would hold with a president clinton, look at last time we had president clinton.
10:32 am
we gave north korea the nuclear -- the ability to have nuclear weapons and we said all we need you to do, north korea, is sign saying if we give you everything you need to make nuclear weapons, under the guise of making nuclear power, you sign here, you agree, you won't use it for nuclear weapons. really? you'll give me everything i need? all i got to do is sign. well, yeah, i'll sign that. and then the same people get involved in the past administration and we know now that negotiations with iran were going on, under secretary clinton. and she probably doesn't remember and i give her that. but there is more of the same coming, ladies and gentlemen, and unless you want an end to your freedom of worship, your freedom of speech, your freedom to assemble in a church, you
10:33 am
better make sure the republican gets elected. that's all it is. we have no other choice. there is no other choice. i have no doubt just as i butted heads with a guy that i love and he's smarter than everybody gives him credit, the most people in the media, one of the wittiest guys you can carry on a conversation with, george w. bush, but we butted heads, no child left behind, wall street bailout, a number of massive problems. i have no doubt if we have president trump as i'm hoping and praying, i'm going to be bumping heads a bunch, i understand that. but if you want as a christian to continue in what made america great, you need to make sure that the republican nominee gets
10:34 am
elected. we have no choice. so ronald reagan finished his impromptu speech in 1976, it felt like 1776, ford, some felt like he may have stolen the nomination from him, but go back and look at his speech. reagan said over and over, i'm not speaking at the convention. they had done him wrong, he wasn't going to speak. ford at the podium puts him on the spot, would you help me encourage my friend ron reagan to come down and say a few words? he knew reagan wouldn't refuse him then. so he came down. look at what -- he was totally impromptu. he was not going to speak. he was very gracious. he talked about their platform. he talked about the tough decisions. he thanked ford for how nice he had been treating nancy.
10:35 am
didn't mention how unpleasantly he had treated him, but he ends his speech by using a word, united. and then he said, he said, as a great general once said, there is no substitute for victory. we got to be united and we have got to win in november! that's it. no other choice! god bless. ♪ ♪ >> and now, to introduce our next speaker is the founder and president of the timothy plan, another one of the sponsors for this year's values voters summit. the timothy plan is the nation's leading biblically based pro life, pro family mutual fund group. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president, mr. art alley. ♪
10:36 am
>> well, i've been given the job of introducing somebody you all know. so i'm walking out, what am i going to say about this guy? the next speaker was actually the founding president of family research council. this guy gets out of bed at 3:00 in the morning, he reads 27 of the world's leading newspapers, watches all the news on tv, distills all that down into one half of 1% of what's truth and separates that from the propaganda, and he publishes it to you every day. so cancel your newspaper subscription. you don't need all that nonsense. just get on his mailing list. but besides that, this guy is
10:37 am
brilliant. he has an intellect that borders on genius. he is one of the kindest individuals i've ever met. very gentle, outstanding husband, terrific father, and, ga gary, i don't rb whemember what other thing is you wanted me to tell them, but please help me welcome gary bauer. ♪ >> thank you. thank you very much. how nice of you. thank you, art, for that really wonderful introduction. always great to be here, to be with our old friends and make some new friends. can i do a personal note here, real quick, i like you to join with me in honoring my wife carol. carol and i today are celebrating our 44th wedding
10:38 am
anniversary. so, will my first wife carol please stand? where are you, honey? there you are. right over there. thank you. seriously, folks. pray for that lady. it has been an interesting trip. well, look, there is that joyous anniversary, but in 48 hours we'll be observing another anniversary, which is the 15th year since the horrible attacks on the morning of 9/11, on a morning not much different than the one we're having today. that atrocity, that war crime, was committed against the people of the united states and it was carried out by islamic supremists. islamic supremists. ladies and gentlemen, even george bush had a hard time bringing himself to say that often because as you recall, he declared war on terrorism.
10:39 am
that was george bush. and, of course, barack obama, i mean, he and hillary clinton, getting them to say who the enemy is is almost impossible. the proud jihadists who carried out this attack believed with all of their hearts that they were pleasing allah. think about that. what a strange god they must worship to think that killing, massacring civilians as they sat at their desk in the world trade center, that somehow this was a noble religious thing to do. so here we are 15 years later, 15 years later, and their co-religionists, the co-religionists of the people that carried out that attack are engaged in a blood-soaked rampage across the world. leaving in their wake the beheaded, the crucified, the
10:40 am
dismembered, the raped, the sodomized, and the enslaved. each state's headlines are worse than the day before. everywhere this army of satan goes, it leaves corpses by the dozens, by the hundreds. while the corpses pile up, while this civilization faces this existential threat, we have been cursed with leaders that at best are clueless. how do you explain merkel in germany. who doesn't have an unexpected influx of young muslim migrants come into country? she invites them in. and a million of them accept her
10:41 am
invitation. pouring across the borders, and then in the weeks and months that follow, merkel surprises -- expresses surprise and shock that german women are being molested and raped. what did she think would happen? when you bring in hundreds of thousands of young men from third world countries that have been taught in their houses of worship, that infidel women are all whores, and you can do to them what you want them to do. that's who she invited into germany. how about in france, where after the brutal attack in nice, families run over by a jihadist in a truck, empty carriages littered all over the beach where babies used to be sitting.
10:42 am
and a french government official says, well, this is almost impossible to stop. the french people may just have to get used to tolerating a certain level of terrorism in our pluralistic country. and then there is president obama, my gosh, if i shared with you all of his contributions to helping us understand what is going on, i would be speaking through the rest of my time and the next two speakers. few months ago, he hit this really incredible insight to share with us, the president said, you, america, you americans have more risk of drowning in a bathtub, he said, than you do of being killed by terrorists. well, thank you, mr. president, for that incredible insight. churchill he ain't.
10:43 am
you know, i guess my reaction would be that when my bathtub starts yelling, allah akbar and trying to kill me, i'll start worrying about baths. but right now i'm going to worry about the people whose numbers are growing, ladies and gentlemen, who have declared war on western civilizations. judeo-christian civilization. secretary kerry a couple of weeks ago went to a conference in europe, don't want to leave him out, this was a conference on the importance of open societies and he brought the crowd, many of them journalists and government officials to their feet in raucous applause when he said, if the media would just stop reporting the terror attacks, the impact they have would be lessened. he offered no guidance on what reporters should do had they come across the mass graves.
10:44 am
should they not report those either? because if you report, that they just found another grave with a thousand dead christians in it or yazidis or other religious minorities, people might go, wow, that's big news, who killed them? look, on any measurement of the relative strength of the radical jihadists and western civilization, it is not even a close call, folks. we're stronger by any material measure. there is only one problem. we are infected with a moral hardness and weakness, particularly among our elites. and faced with 6th century enemies that are willing to do anything they have to do. we may, we could very well lose. judeo-christian civilization, the two pillars of that
10:45 am
civilization, israel and the united states, were under attack in a way that we haven't been in a long, long time. and we need leaders that understand that and are prepared to fight back and, by the way, if there is anybody that doubts this, donald trump and mike pence are those leaders. now, you know, i'm preaching to the crowd here, but i see some folks in the media, so, you know, we'll try to do our best here to share these ideas with them too and hope they get out of this room, these ideas. our founders were learned men. on the way to constitution hall, they went there, having read quite a bit. they were familiar with all the roman classics and greek classics, et cetera, but the main thing that they read and founded their views and where they found their ideas that they used for the american republic
10:46 am
was the bible, the holy bible. that's where they found their ideas. and, by the way, notice i said the holy bible. i decided to say it always, because i've been watching and listening for a couple of years now, and i can't tell you how often i hear a member of the american media on one of the networks refer to the holy koran. really? and then they'll usually say, the suspect was a follower of the prophet of muhammad. the prophet muhammad. really? can you imagine a reporter saying, the holy bible, or this person is associated with jesus, the son of god? well, there's no way they would say that. but it is the prophet muhammad. if anybody's got time after we're finished here, will
10:47 am
somebody please tell me what he ever prophesized, but i can't find anything. but he's the prophet muhammad and jesus is just jesus and just the bible, not the holy bible. it is unbelievable. unbelievable. well, look, again, it was the bible, the holy bible, our founders read, the torah and the new testament and there is where they found their central ideas about the country they were getting ready to build. and that central idea that they found was that we were made in the image of god. the eternal god of the scriptures. we were made in his image and because we were made in his image, we have dignity and value and worth. that's the central idea of america. they put it in the second paragraph of the declaration of independence. so it means that if you're a newborn with down syndrome, you still have value and dignity and worth. if you're a 90-year-old -- [ applause ]
10:48 am
if you're a 90-year-old with senility, you still have dignity and value and worth. you know the words in the second paragraph of the declaration of independence, and these words are like fingernails on a chalkboard to the left. that's why most of our children, our grandchildren aren't being taught these words anymore. they were central to the schools when i grew up, probably when many of you grew up, but i'll guarantee you, there are few schools that teach them today. we hold these truths, see, that's a problem to the progressives right there, they don't believe in universal truths. they're moral relativists. if you don't believe that they
10:49 am
don't believe in truth, try listening to hillary clinton for five minutes. by the way, i just -- as an aside, i think i figured out why she's having these unfortunate coughing jags, even she chokes on her lies. am i doing okay, honey? i told her it would be a special speech for our 44th anniversary. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their government. what? oh, no, no, that's wrong. i thought i was at the democratic national convention. no, endowed by their creator. again, the god of abraham, the same god that hung the stars in the sky, as the number of hairs on your head. endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights,
10:50 am
among these, the right to life, holy cow! the right to life! now, this has got to be big news for hillary clinton and her planned parenthood even before founding fathers knew that without the right to life, the other rights are kind of beside the point. the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. that's the central idea of america. america was founded on the bible. america was not founded on the koran, and thank god for that. now, my friends, what i just said that america was built in the bible and it wasn't built on the koran, 20 years ago, everybody would have said, of course. 15 years ago, yeah. you know, this is now considered
10:51 am
controversial. this is now considered intolerant to say. this makes you a bigot. if you've got kids or grandkids in college or on the way to colle college, in a lot of classes they said dr. so-and-so, you know, america was built on the bible and not on the koran, they would probably be in big trouble in a lot of american universities. they might even get sent to some sort of re-education effort. to help them be more open to other cultures. look, the reason this is so easy to say that we weren't built on the koran and if we were, this would be quite a different place, is that all you have to do is look around the world, and there are dozens of places that were built on the koran. they are not pleasant places. for women or religious minorities or homosexuals. they're not even pleasant places for some muslims, if those muslims are considered
10:52 am
apositates or if they're muslims in a minority muslim creed in a country that has a majority of a different type of muslim. is it a coincidence that 7 out of the top 10 abusers of human rights in the world are islamic countries? that would be an odd thing to happen if there wasn't a relationship to the fact that they're islamic countries. let's see if i can put even a finer point on it. if you are a muslim baby in the womb, getting ready to be born, there is no greater blessing that you can experience than being born to a muslim mother living in the west in judeo christian civilization. your chances for a decent life, your chances of practicing your religion without fear of being
10:53 am
blown up, your chances as a young muslim woman to have all the full rights and dignity that are accorded to you as a human being are much greater if you're born in the heartland of america than if you're born in the heartland of islam. now, donald trump has been crucified because a number of months ago, he said that we ought to have a pause in muslim immigration to the united states. and it took about ten minutes for the president and quite frankly a number of republican leaders to run to a microphone and basically say, that's not who we are. that's not our values. well, they're wrong. teddy roosevelt -- [ applause ] teddy roosevelt enforced the law during his presidency that prohibited immigration to the
10:54 am
united states of anybody who believed in polygamy, promoted polygamy or lived in a country that practiced polygamy. who do you think he was trying to keep out of the country? episcupallians? how about jimmy carter, that well known right wing bigoted extremist, right? jimmy carter, who the guy i work for, ronald reagan, clobbered on election day, jimmy carter, after the iranian revolution, announced that effective immediately, there would be no more immigration from iran into the united states. but that's not all. jimmy carter went on national tv and said, there are 25,000 iranian students attending our universities. you have 30 days to report to your closest immigration center with your papers. he expelled thousands of iranian university students from the united states. that was weakling left-wing
10:55 am
democrat jimmy carter. and today, taking that commonsense position gets you attacked the way trump has been attacked. it's unbelievable what's happening in this country. donald trump has done a little more on his proposal. now he says he's going to really zero in on a handful of countries, and that's fine. countries where there's a lot of terrorist activity, et cetera, but then he said something else that again set people off on a tirade. he said we're going to start having an idealogical test. of course we should. i mean, the pew research center did a study of the muslim world and found that it is permeated with hatred of jews, of christians, rejection of religious liberty. why would we import that to the united states?
10:56 am
i hope donald trump has a chance in the presidential debates to turn to hillary clinton and say, secretary clinton, you say you're pro women, but you want to bring in hundreds of thousands of young men who hate women. you say you're pro-anyway, but you want to bring in hundreds of thousands of people who think gays ought to be killed. you say you're on the side of america's jews, but you want to bring in millions of anti-semites. and this is modern-day progressivism. look, let me try to wrap this up. let me commend an article to you, came out this week, written by an anonymous author. the author says that they are the head of a conservative group in town. it's not clear whether it's a man or a woman. the title of the article is "the flight 93 election." you remember flight 93, the flight, the plane, the hijacked plane that came down in pennsylvania.
10:57 am
the point of this author was that this country is the equivalent of that hijacked plane right now. we're headed to a disaster. unless we can get control of the cockpit again. and then maybe, just maybe, we'll have a chance. now, let me just take you for a second to that morning on that flight. there were 40 passengers. four of them were hijackers. in the middle of that flieght, those passengers found themself in the middle of a war that they didn't even know was going on when they woke up that morning. the flight attendants were dead, their throats cut. the hijackers had got into the cockpit and killed the pilot and the co-pilot. they were now in control of the plane. the passengers gathered in the back of the plane. frightened people. people just like you. college kids going back to
10:58 am
school. businessmen on an early morning trip. families on a late summer vacation. what should we do? a good number of them said we should get back in our seats. that's what we should do. the plane has to land. there will be negotiations. that's our best chance to get out of here. but other passengers said, no. you're dead wrong. i was able to make a call home. my wife told me the country is under attack. other planes have been hijacked. this plane's not going to land. it's going to be used as a weapon. and even with that news, there was still dissent. there was still disagreement. oh, that can't be. you must have -- she must have misunderstood. no, that couldn't be happening. so these americans at the back of the plane disagreeing, what do you think happened next? one of them said, i think we should vote.
10:59 am
can you imagine? everybody in favor of fighting back, raise your hand. everybody who thinks we should take our seats, raise your hand. and the guys that wanted to fight back won the vote. and so those passengers, again, we know this because of cell phone messages they left, calling home. i love you. tell the kids i love them. we're getting ready to fight these guys. i don't know what's going to happen. this passengers took whatever they could as weapons. there was one flight attendant still alive. she had a pot of boiling water as her weapon. people had utensils, left over from breakfast. there was a guy on the plane named todd beamer, a christian guy, graduate of wheaton university. he supposedly yelled, let's roll. and they ran down the aisle into the teeth of men armed by box cutters. i can't imagine. they overwhelmed those men.
11:00 am
but they still weren't able to land the plane. but they took the only shot they had. ladies and gentlemen, this is a flight 93 election. this may be our last shot. it's time to roll. it's time to run down the aisle and save western civilization. if we make the effort, i think with the grace of god, we can prevail and insure that your children and your grandchildren and mine and carol's will have a chance just as we did to live in a shining city upon a hill, may it be so. god bless you.


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