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tv   Reel America  CSPAN  September 24, 2016 11:06pm-11:18pm EDT

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♪ >> you are watching american history tv, all weekend every weekend on c-span3. to join the conversation, like us on facebook at c-span history. >> each week, american history tv reel america brings you archival films that help tell the story of the 20th century. ♪ >> 1931, japanese troops leave for the camp quest -- conquest
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of manchuria. starting out a full 14 years ago on a career of international conquest. shanghai in 1937. will scale warfare against china. the world was still on ready to deal properly with such wanton aggression. addressing the league of nations and attempted to justify their crimes against peace and decency and then walked up. ♪ narrator: the long series of brutal attacks on an unprepared neighbor continued. japan's seized a whole new empire, set up puppet rulers, grew more aggressive as she fed on other people's sufferings. japan's successful imperialism encouraged others. italy invaded it ethiopia. later, help to overthrow the
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republican government and displaying -- in spain. three nations hosted the alliance. the axis military act. germany and italy became fully united with japan in the strategy of terror. and through it all, china continued as the scene of misery and death. millions homeless. pathetically inadequate weapons but plenty of courage, the chinese fought back. the resistance to japanese imperialism alive. japanese envoys to the united states describe themselves as missionaries of friendship and peace.
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while they were still negotiating, their countrymen struck a savage blow unparalleled in infamy. pearl harbor, december 7, 1941. ♪ in spite of crippling damage, the united states fleet, augmented by british and australia units, set out to find the enemy. in the battle of midway, the japanese advance. even as the enemy made fast the grip on manila, hong kong, singapore, the alliance made the long journey back at the canal. in the philippines, under japanese role, prisoners had been subjected to indescribable suffering. the filipino people had never stopped fighting.
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douglas macarthur had promised hem, "i shall return." in return, he did. --ould, the full -- iwo iwo jima. striking a semi-final blow. the japanese dead ran into the hundreds of thousands and once again a flag of liberty was dramatically run up. ♪ narrator: under general buckner, who gave his life there, combined american forces fought the long and costly fight for open ally at the very doorstep japan. it was japan's final hour. incredibly furious combat. enemy fighters had to be destroyed cave-by-cave and one-by-one.
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the more out cracked open by american power, the first masses of japanese soldiers began to give up voluntarily. the suicide court inflicted heavy damage on american naval forces off open our. this was kamikaze. it was sensational. but it would never stop the allied advance. [plane engines, and gunfire, bombs] ♪
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narrator: db-29 scourge of the islands, mighty engines of destruction bringing home the lesson of pearl harbor. hard-ard-one open our -- okinawa, live forces moving up to the island shelled the mainland most without opposition. to hammer theed enemy to its knees. perfected by a, scientist. first mission, the industrial city of hiroshima. second mission, nagasaki. japan had its choice. complete surrender or complete ruin.
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as they stamm, even worked for a stable european fees, harry truman and joseph stalin had decided on common action against japan. russia joined the allies in war on the last remaining axis enemies. japan's stronghold in manchuria was attacked. for emperor here of a total and japanese militarism, the war was lost. in washington, secretary of war simpson and secretary of state burns hurried to the white house. the united states cabinet meeting with president truman, studied japan's surrender messages. in full coordination with the governments of britain, china, russia, and other allies. the world remembered franklin , years of great responsibility took their toll. a grateful world honored him today.
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♪ andator: douglas macarthur, now named supreme allied commander in japan. china.der of fighting chester nimitz, commander of the mighty fleet. truman, after taking oath as president, led his country finally to victory and peace. he met with his covenant in an emergency session. the president breaks the momentous news of japan's surrender. >> i have received this afternoon a message from the japanese government in reply to forwarded to that government by the secretary of state on august 11. text this reply eight full -- full acceptance of the potts declaration which specifies the end this now surrender of japan.
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is no replies are qualification. arrangements are now being made or the formal signing of the surrender terms at the earliest possible moment. general douglas macarthur has been appointed the supreme allied commander to receive the japanese surrender. great britain, russia, and china will be represented by high-ranking officers. meantime, the allied armed forces have been ordered to suspend offensive action. the front room action of vj day -- the front automation of vj day must wait toward the formal signing of the full terms by japan. narrator: the president's report was rushed to a waiting world. tuesday, august 14, the fateful news is flash. in new york city, as throughout, a rejoicing nation and world.
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best throngs of people celebrated the end of fighting and the dawn of peace. new yorkers jammed times square. it is over. it is total victory. -- ring [cheers] narrator: a all night long the rejoicing continued. never before in history has there been greater reason to be thankful for peace. the worlds free people are united in their determination that the world's peace shall never be endangered again. ♪
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on september 2, 1945, japan formally surrendered ending world war ii. next, a ceremony at the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c., marking the 75th anniversary of victory over japan day. remarks are delivered along with representatives of the national park service and friends of the national world war ii memorial. the program is 30 minutes. ladies andning gentlemen, welcome to the world war ii memorial as we commemorate and celebrate vj day , victory in world war ii. ladies and gentlemen, our ceremonies -- our master of ceremonies. mike has been a journalist for nearly 25 years and is the weekday mng


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