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tv   Reel America  CSPAN  September 25, 2016 5:06pm-5:18pm EDT

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>> i asked that the congress declare that since the attackked and dastardly december 7,sunday, war hasstate of four -- existed between the united states and the japanese empire. >> you are watching american
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history tv. old weekend, every weekend on c-span3. to join the conversation, like us on facebook at c-span history. tvh week, american history filmsmerica brings our that help to tell the story of the 20th century. 1931, japanese troops leave for the conquest of manchuria. the first of this war's aggressive nations starting out a full 14 years ago on a career of international comfort. shanghai, 1937. full-scale warfare against china. the worlds were still unready to deal with this aggression. diplomats- japan's attended to justify the actions and then walked out.
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long series of brutal attacks upon an unprepared neighbor continued. japan seized the new empire, set up public rulers, ruled even more self-confident and aggressive. japan successful imperialism encouraged others, immediately -- italy invaded ethiopia. that thend italy found republic in spain. posted thens confirmation of an alliance. the access military factions to germany and italy would plunge europe into or and became fully united with japan in the strategy of terror. the result, bleeding, pillaged china, millions made homeless.
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indomitable courage and inadequate weapons, the chinese bought back. alone they cap the resistance of japanese imperialism a lot. -- they kept the resistance of japanese imperialism alive. japanese envoy to the united states described themselves as missionaries of friendship and peace. they were still negotiating their countrymen's -- monica aooting, the country struck perilous blow, pearl harbor, december 7, 1941. in spite of crippling damage, the united states, augmented by british, australian units set out to find the enemy. the battles of the corals the and midway, the japanese advance
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was halted. a grip on hong kong, singapore, manila, the alliance began a long journey back at guadalcanal. steps by text they were beaten back, the japanese. in the philippines, the japanese role, prisoners had been subjected to indescribable suffering. the filipino people had never stopped fighting. douglas macarthur had promised them that i will return and return he did. jima, 450 miles from japan, the full power of the american specific -- pacific fleet rehearsed in combat and amphibious ambitions -- and patience. the japanese death ran into the hundreds of thousands.
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once again, if like a liberty was run up. liberty was run up. under general partner who gave his life, combined american forces fought a long and costly veryign for okinawa at the doorstep of japan. it was japan final hour. in a curious -- incredibly furious come back, it enemy soldiers had to be destroyed to, one by one. finally, the morale cracked open by american power, the first massive japanese soldiers began to give up voluntarily. the suicide core and desperation era tax inflicted heavy -- there inflicted heavy damage. it was sensational. that it could never stop the allies advance. but it could never stop the allies advance.
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the b-29s, scourge the home island, mighty engines of destruction bring home the lessons of pearl harbor. from the hard-won adult okinawa, japan came under the inevitable rain of ruin.
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the sea forces moving up to the japanese home islands tells the mainline -- finds the mainland almost without opposition. hammering the enemy to their knees. destructiveably atomic bomb perfected by alliance silences -- scientists. first mission, hiroshima. second mission, the port of nagasaki. surrenderusiness -- or complete ruin, that was japan's choice. even as they laid the foundation for a stable european peace, harry truman and josef stalin had decided on common action against japan. emperor hero veto -- the war was
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lost. japan wanted peace. houseurried to the white with secretary of navy. united states cabinet meeting with president truman studied the surrender message in full coordination with the government of britain, china and russia and other allies. the world remembered frankland eleanor roosevelt, warander-in-chief, american travel to. you're so brave responsibility took their tolls. a grateful world honors him today. douglas macarthur, leader of specific -- pacific r mize -- armies, now leader. commander of the mighty specific -- pacific fleet. truman, four months after taking office as president, which is country to victory and peace.
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mr. truman and his cabinet have an emergency session. the former secretaries on hand as they break the momentous news of japan's surrender. >> i have received this afternoon a message from the and reply tornment the message forward to that government by the secretary of state. i deemed this reply a full acceptance of the potsdam declaration which specifies the unconditional surrender of japan . in the reply, there is no altercation. arrangements are now being made for the formal signing of the surrender terms at the earliest possible moment. general douglas macarthur has been appointed to supreme allied commander to receive the japanese surrender. great britain, russia, and china will be represented by high-ranking officers.
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meantime, the allied armed forces have in order to suspend offensive actions. day mustamation of vj await upon the formal signing of the surrender terms by japan. they rush the presidents report to a waking world. august 14, the faithful news is flash. world,ng nation and wrongs of happy people celebrating the end of fighting and the don of peace -- dawn of peace. it is official, it is all over. total victory. [cheers]
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all night long, never before in history has there been greater reason to be excited for peace. the worlds free people are united in the determination that the world peace shall never be endangered again. >> on september 2, 1945, japan formally surrendered to the allegations ending world war ii. up next, a ceremony at the national world war ii memorial in washington dc. marking the 71st anniversary of victory over japan day. world war ii army veteran, will james rizzi delivers marks along with representiv


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