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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 30, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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adjustments to provisions under 2270, to address some of the problems that you have flagged. >> ambassador fried, i think in our briefing material, given every member of this committee, it talked about the -- china's announcement number 11. captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2008
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president barack obama will be among the world leaders who will speak at the funeral for former israeli president shimon peres. president obama left this afternoon on air force one. the u.s. delegation traveling to israel includes members of congress, the u.s. national security officials and former president bill clinton.
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the funeral is friday morning in jerusalem. the f dcc pushed back a meeting on set-top boxes. that meeting is next. then an update on north korea's nuclear program. later, remarks from house homeland security chair michael mccaul and we'll hear from cia director john brennan.
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c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, committee for responsible federal budget president maya mcginnis on her group's efforts to educate lawmakers and voters on the fiscal impact of the growing debt. and an author talks bhs latest book "supremely partisan" which argues the supreme court is becoming increasingly partisan and politicized cases threaten to undermine confidence in the court. c-span's "washington journal" beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on friday. join the discussion. next, today's federal communications commission meeting. topics include wireless emergency alerts, foreign ownership rules for mass media outlets and video content distribution. after the meet, fcc chair wheeler spoke to reporters about tv set-top box devices.
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>> good morning, and welcome to the september meeting of the federal communications commission. madam secretary, please walk us through what to expect today. >> thank you, mr. chairman. good morning to you, and good morning commissioners. >> good morning. >> first, you will consider a report and order and further notice of proposed rule making that would leverage advancements in technology to improve wireless emergency alert content, delivery and testing while seeking comment on further measures to ensure effective alerts. second, you will consider a report order that extends to broadcast licensees the same streamline rules and procedures that common carrier wire licensees use to seek approval
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for foreign ownership with appropriate broadcast specific modifications. the item also establishes a framework for publicly traded common carrier or broadcast licensee or controlling u.s. parent to ascertain its foreign ownership levels. third, you will consider a notice of proposed rule making that proposes steps that the commission can take to promote the distribution of independent and diverse programming to consumers. please note item four has been deleted from today's agenda. regarding the items listed under consent agenda in the commission's september 2016 sunshine notice, items one through four have been removed from the consent agenda and remain under consideration by the commission. item six and seven have been deleted from the consent agenda
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and were adopted by the commission. the commission has before it today consent agenda item number five. last, you will consider six personnel actions consisting of the items listed under personnel actions. this is your agenda for today. the first item will be presented by the public safety and homeland security bureau. it is entitled "improving wireless emergency alerts, amendments to part 11 of the commission's rules regarding the emergency alert system" and we're admiral david simpson, chairman of the bureau, will give the introduction. >> admiral simpson? >> good morning chairman wheeler and commissioners. since its launch in 2012, more than 21,000 wireless emergency alerts have been sent to warn americans from weather events, missing children, active shooters and bombing suspects to
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many other emergency situations. the service is a proven, valuable tool for keeping communities safe. it makes a difference. now we have the opportunity to leverage technological advancements and lessons learned to make the service an even more effective public safety tool. in recent events in new york city, the value of high quality alert was illustrated. on september 19th, in the wake of a bombing in the chelsea neighborhood, emergency managers used wea to alert the community. new york city leaders very since indicated the inclusion of a photo with such an alert would be an even more effective tool. wea also played a critical role during natural disasters as was the case very recently in baton rouge where emergency managers used the service to warn of predicted, severe flooding. the event also illustrates the shortfalls in the existing service as some residents not in the traditional flood plain assumed the broad area of flooding alert was meant for
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those along the river n did not plan for their subsequent evacuation. eletters more geographically targeted are more likely to grab the public's attention n motivate them to take appropriate protective action. the changes proposed in the almost before you would approve wea for community and state emergency managers and enable them to more confidently use the tool. it would enable links to additional information like a map with hurricane evacuation routes, aid distribution points or phone number shortcuts. it would expand message content. the geo targeting improvements in the item will lead to best practice alert use ensuring that warnings are sent wherever possible, whenever possible to the intended audience with time sensitive information relative to their current situation. lastly, it would support amber alerts intended to motivate the public to help law enforcement in the search for a missing child to include links to
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pictures of the child or the suspected abductor. taken together, the changes would make wea a more powerful life-saving tool and will improve engagement by emergency managers with the communities they serve. with me today for the public safety and homeland security burie are nicole mcginnis, associate bureau chief for cybersecurity, gregory cook, and james wiley from our policy and licensing division. i would like to thank lisa folks in the office who contributed to this item. we also appreciate the continued engagement by public safety and industry stakeholders, including the national center for missing and exploited children, as well as our sister agencies fema and noaa. james will present the item. >> thank you, admiral simpson. good morning chairman wheeler and commissioners. this item if adopted would leverage technological advances to enhance wea as a tool for state and local officials to keep communities safe. the order


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