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tv   VJ Day Celebrations in Washington D.C.  CSPAN  October 1, 2016 9:55am-10:11am EDT

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>> with the recent release by the cra at 2500 presidential daily brief of richard nixon and gerald ford, historians at the library and museum discuss the changes president's have made to the daily briefs. for our complete american schedule, go to each week, american history brings youamerica" archival films that help tell the story of the 20th century. reel] of film
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tuesday evening for the vice presidential debate on your desktop, phone, or tablet. watch live streams of the debate and video-on-demand of every question to the candidates and their answers. use our video clipping tool to create clips of your favorite moments to share on social media. not able to watch?
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listen to the debate live on the c-span radio app. it is free to download from the app store or google play. live coverage on and the c-span radio app. weekend, american history tv is joining our comcast cable partners to showcase the history of pueblo, colorado. to learn more about the cities on our current tour, visit we continue with our look at the history of pueblo. >> the pueblo railway museum houses several railcars that help tell the history of railroading in pueblo and other parts of the southwest. part of their collection was used for testing in the 1970's at the u.s. department of transportation's test track near pueblo. streetre at 330 west d
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in pueblo, colorado. this is our maintenance shop. we bring everything here to be worked on and repaired and then go back to the museum. we also keep our locomotives here and the high-speed test trains behind us stay here because there's nowhere else to put them. the one right behind me is the error train -- aerotrain. it was designed in france. he built the hovercraft that went across the english channel. this was designed and built in california. it was brought to the test track east of town. it was tested. when they got through with it, they did not want it anymore so it went to the aircraft easier -- museum. it is a successful failure. it did everything it was supposed to be cost too much to build and run. it cost $60 million to build.
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it rides a monorail hovercraft with motors underneath. when it comes up on the cushions, you can put your hand on it and push it. it is that lightweight. it weighs about 50,000 or 60,000 pounds. but on the cushions, it weighs nothing. it is 90 feet long and has a top speed of 175. they got up to 150 before they finished testing. another thing that made it a failure was they had to have a substation for electricity every five miles. it took 2700 kilowatts of power to move this one-mile of speed. tlrvis called the grumman research vehicle. on the side, it says federal railroad administration. it had nothing to do with the train whatsoever. when we were trying to get it in the city, i had to prove ownership of it so i got hold of a guy in washington, d.c.
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he asked me, how do you know about that? i said i'm standing looking at it. he said, how did you get it in the building? i said it is not in a building. it is in an aircraft museum. he about had a heart attack. after i talked to him, i sent him a picture of where it was sitting. they declassified the machine but not the result. he told me information verified by men in the smithsonian and men that worked on it at the test track. it was used for aerodynamic testing for the space shuttle. if you look at it, you'll see the space of the space shuttle. it ran about 300 miles an hour. the three jets on top our propulsion jets. there is another jet inside used for levitating to bring it up. it ran on a channel of concrete kind of like this. it ran in that. the side pieces kept it off the walls and the ones in the bottom lifted it up.
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this is called a garrett. it ran on induction motors. it never had anything to do with maglev. was borrowed from the museum. they were trying to see how fast you could run on rails. for a long time, is held the world speed record at 254.8. it was done here at the test center. all three ran at the test center in the early 1970's. to stop this thing was really funny. they went under a cable at the end of the run. when it grabbed the cable, it had anchor train on each side of the tracks. that is how they slowed it down. when it got slow enough, they could engage the brakes. all three of the machines were one of a kind. they only built one, tested one, and no others were built. it is the only one left.
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when you get one-of-a-kind, that makes them even more special. this weekend, we are featuring the history of pueblo, colorado, together with our comcast cable partners. learn more about pueblo and other stops at iestour. you are watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on cspan3. >> leading up to tuesday's debate between senator tim kaine and governor mike pence, we look at past vice presidential debates tonight at 8:00 eastern starting with the 1984 debate between vice president bush and geraldine ferrero. >> you can walk around saying things are great. we have been hearing that on commercials for the past couple of months. i expect they expect the american people to believe that.
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i will become a one-woman truth squad and we will start tonight. >> they delivered what they called malaise. they delivered interest rates off the charts. they delivered take home pay checks that were shrinking. and we have delivered optimism. >> the 1988 debate with senator dan quayle and texas senator lloyd bentsen. >> i have far more experience than many others that sought the office of vice president of this country. i have as much expense in the congress as jack kennedy did when he sought the presidency. >> senator, i served with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. [cheers and applause] >> and the 2008 vice presidential debate between delaware senator joe biden and alaska governor sarah palin. >> let's commit ourselves, everyday american people, i
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think we need to band together and say never again. >> the middle class needs relief, tax relief. they need help now. we will focus on change with barack obama. >> watch tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span and any time on and listen anytime on the c-span radio app. >> each week, american history takesmerican artifacts you to museums and historic places to learn what artifacts reveal about american history. the moses myers house was owned by the first jewish family in norfolk, virginia, in the 19th century. they maintained a large shipping operation and the home was passed down through several generations of the myers family. our the house- we t to see many of the original furnishings and hear what the life is like for the permanent merchant family. >>


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