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tv   The U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy Story  CSPAN  November 5, 2016 9:32pm-10:01pm EDT

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statesman, soldier, citizen, esther american -- dwight david eisenhower. the u.s. senator john f. kennedy story, i campaign film from 1958 detailing the compliments of jfk's first term serving the people of massachusetts as a democrat. senator kennedy won reelection that year with about 73% of the vote. >> we present the united states senator john f. kennedy's story. ♪ >> this is washington, d.c. -- official capital of the united states, unofficial capital of
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the free world, where the people of massachusetts visit today with senator and mrs. john f. kennedy. in this historic building, each senate and democratic battle reaches its climax. it is here that senator kennedy debate its merits. ae senate office building is handsome, white marble structure just across historic constitution avenue from the capital. here, most committees, all senators, and the vice president of the united states maintain their actual working headquarters. it is here that scores of massachusetts visitors and hundreds of massachusetts letters, telegrams, and telephone calls are received each day. let's ask john delaney about the activity. she is talking to the senator's administrative assistant. pardon me, joan. >> won't you come in? >> how many messages of visitors
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to you have? >> between 50-100 visitors per day. sometimes for the senate, other times for his assistance. >> what about with all the mail? >> we receive up to 800 letters a day, more than any other senatorial office. the senator never lets a letter go unanswered. some people write us legislative proposals or comments on bills pending in the senate. some people write on personal matters, however all of the mail is carefully examined. as matter of fact, the senator is in his office, going over the the mail. won't you go join him? >> thank you. as we enter the office, helen and gloria are working with the
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senator on his daily mail. nearly kennedy, in his six years has introduced or cosponsored bills aimed at strengthening massachusetts. he was also on the foreign relations committee, and the labor and public welfare committee. senator kennedy is also chairman of the subcommittee that right labor legislation. he confirms with senator douglas of illinois, unprecedented achievements for a first-term senator. this office is built with a mentos of his service in the united states navy, and his congressional and senatorial career. senator kennedy, could i ask you a few questions? president kennedy: sure. will you excuse me? >> senator, could you tell us about the objects surrounding you here? president kennedy: i would be glad to. this is a picture of my wife
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jackie, daughter caroline. here we have a picture of former president truman. and here we have a picture of former president hoover. i was chairman of the considerede that hoover recommendations. we passed about 30 of them. he expressed his appreciation. i believe it is in a good deal for the economy. this is a model of a pt vote on which i served during the war. of course, this is the democratic donkey. >> what about the coconut on your desk? president kennedy: our boat was sunk by a japanese destroyer. a native gave me a coconut, which he took through the lines and wrote a message on tiered i put it in plastic and kept it as a memento of more unpleasant days. >> we notice your office is filled with objects to record your legislative as well as your
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military battles. well, here onedy: my desk are many of the bills i introduced on behalf of massachusetts. of course, on many of them, i have had the close cooperation of my senior colleague. >> won't you tell us something about your campaign for a stronger massachusetts? president kennedy: of course, this is a never-ending job because when we reach the solution to one problem, we find new ones arising. massachusetts is either directly or indirectly affected by everything we do or do not do. let me tell you about a few of the things we have done. one of the most important, continuing tasks is that of bolstering new england's economy. preventedbill that speculation on raw wool. it is part of a broad program we have worked on to halt unfair foreign and domestic competition through the textile and apparel
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industries in our state, which employ more than 100,000 of our citizens. we have obtained, as part of this program, higher duties on world textile imports when they are in excess of 5% of domestic production. we have also secured lower tariffs on raw wool imports, on which we depend, and in agreement with japan to restrict import to america of certain cotton textiles. turning to another vital new england industry, i would like the fishing- site and research development bill. money has been channeled, including funds for albatross number three. this ship has been conducting research activity in and around massachusetts port and off new england coast. here you see underwater photographs taken by the
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albatross to strengthen the industry that provides income for nearly 50,000 massachusetts residents. another bill to aid these families is the one leveling tariffs on the imports of fish. can be a cold list for new england without understanding her unique problems. one of these is the lack of natural resources to provide the cheap electric power available in the south and the west. to counteract this, senator john pastorius of rhode island and i obtained passage of legislation giving new england preference for atomic energy. a new atomic energy plant is now being constructed in rural massachusetts as a result of this bill. >> of course, senator, we know these are but three vital areas you have worked to strengthen massachusetts. another important part of our massachusetts economy is the commonwealth here at the boston harbor. we all recall this vital
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facility was a safety hazard and was to be torn down. now, however, as a result of the coordinated efforts of senator kennedy and congressman john mccormick, it is once more carrying its heavy share of harbor traffic safely and economically. in the wake of the flood, tornadoes, and hurricanes that have devastated new england, senator kennedy successfully sponsored legislation to sponsor a flood insurance program, and obtained emergency disaster relief for those who suffered loss. to illustrate another area in which senator kennedy has attempted to preserve the interest of individuals, let's talk to some people. [speaking italian]
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>> his niece will translate. my uncle said he came into this country in 1955, but was not able to take his family with him. through mr. kennedy's efforts, he was reunited in this wonderful country of ours, and he wishes to thank senator kennedy very much. >> other families can be brought together in america as a result of senator kennedy's bill revising the immigration act. the bill opens the nation's doors wider to people from friendly countries seeking safety and refuge here. between 50,000-70,000 refugees want enter the united states under this law.
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in the field of foreign affairs, senator kennedy has fought to utilize united states economic aid to keep the torch of freedom burning for those held against their will behind the iron curtain. a major accomplishment of the senate the past year and a half has been the -- union movement. senator kennedy and his brother bob, as chief counsel to the committee, have played key roles in this historic episode. you are paying him a bribe. >> if i was, i paid with the complete knowledge of the united government. >> i'm talking about your own responsibility. you know it is prohibited.
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we are talking about the fact you gave $175 a week in cash to mr. mccue, and it was your impression it was going into his pocket. >> it was not my impression it was going into his pocket. >> you testified at first you believed him, but then you did not. >> i was of the opinion that probably they were lying to me. >> then you continue to pay the money. >> i continue to pay the money. >> well, then you are giving him a bribe. >> i talked to the people. i imagine you talk to the people involved. you, and he told you what happened? >> no, i told them i borrowed the money. >> and you paid it back? who else is he talked to,
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your accountant? >> i assume the people who were involved. >> how many were involved? >> i cannot tell you. >> who else did you talk to? in other words, the people you talk to -- any other people? you read to the committee a statement your accountant has been over it, and has now indicated you borrowed the money in such and such year and repaid the money in such and such year. when did the account make the study? the last few months? >> last few days. >> the last few days he make this determination. and you cannot tell us who we talked to besides you, mr. hopper? your accountant, i'm asking you. you're the one that made the report about what your
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accountant found, and now we find there are no records and that he talked to you and the other gentleman involved and the whole transaction was in cash. >> legislative outgrowth was the kennedy bill designed to strengthen unionism of those who would rob the working man of use and rights. this important measure passed the senate 88-1, but was defeated by a close vote in the house of representatives. these were the words of senator kennedy and senator ives the day of the house action. >> only jimmy hoffa can rejoice at his continued good luck. honest union members and the general republic can only regarded as a tragedy that recommended the bipartisan from being passed in the house of representatives. instructive labor legislation for the reform of this general area will be brought again to the congress next year.
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in the meantime, those who defeated this bill will bear a heavy responsibility for the racketeering that will continue to go on unchecked. >> now we hear from senator ives of new york. >> it is a good bill. it would have put jimmy hoffa out of business. a lot of the house members were misled by false propaganda. can you imagine a more on holy -- unholy alliance? they recommend -- represent the extremists in both camps. i want to say this. when the senate passed this bill it by a bipartisan approach. senator kennedy is a democrat. i am a republican. we worked together. partisan politics has not been in our consideration.
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as i look at that vote, i am ashamed of my party. the vote was in favor of it. democrats 149, republicans, 41. a total of 190. against it, democrat 61, republicans, 137. a total of 198. that speaks for itself. the house has a long way to go before it approaches the nonpartisan attitude of senator kennedy and myself, and many other republicans and democrats in the senate. >> of course senator kennedy also has retained a keen interest in other human problems. he fought to extend unemployment compensation to 39 weeks. he led successful campaigns to raise the national minimum wage to one dollar and lower the retirement age for women. senator kennedy sponsored the legislation that will establish the first national library of medicine. this library will provide the nation with a vital medical research facility, the largest in the world, and will safeguard
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priceless and irreplaceable medical journals that are now housed in antiquated quarters. the people of massachusetts also direct result of his campaign pledge, he founded the new england conference of senators. this conference brought together 12 new england senators, republicans and democrats, to create economic and social gains for the area. senator, since the people of massachusetts have always been in your personal and professional life, we would like to share with them in recollection some of the intimate highlights of the last few years. let's begin with that day in january, 1953, when the beloved alan w barkley swore you and as junior senator from massachusetts. your wedding was a romantic
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highlight of that year. ♪ >> another highlight in both your lives, of course, was the birth last november of your daughter caroline, and her christening a few weeks later by the archbishop. we recall also, senator, your one of the most successful political dramas of recent years, the fight for the 1956 democratic vice presidential nomination. here are tense moments from the race to begin with your nomination and reached the climax with a second ballot, where you came within 20.5 votes of capturing the nomination. >> john kennedy of massachusetts. [applause] >> is an outstanding american. john kennedy of massachusetts is a great democrat.
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john kennedy of massachusetts is a successful campaigner, and a successful candidate every time he has run for public office. >> we want kennedy. we want kennedy. >> the convention will be in order, and the clerk will proceed with the second rollcall of the states for the nomination for the vice presidency of the united states. >> alabama, passes. alaska, six votes. >> mr. chairman, alaska casts six votes for key falter. for york casts 1.5 votes
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key foul for, 96.5 votes for the next vice president of the united states, senator kennedy. >> texas, 56 votes. >> texas proudly casts this vote for the fighting sailor that wears the scars of battle, the next vice president of the united states, john kennedy of massachusetts. [applause] >> does the state of tennessee desire recognition? >> mr. chairman -- >> tennessee. >> >> tennessee respectfully requests the opportunity for candidate albert gore to make the brief announcement. mr. chairman, with thanks to this great, free democratic
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convention, i request my name be withdrawn in favor of mr. kefauver. >> mr. chairman. florida now casts 17.5 sunshine votes for kefauver, -- for senator kennedy. >> senator john kennedy of massachusetts. >> ladies and gentlemen of this convention, i want to take this opportunity first to express my appreciation to democrats from all parts of the country, north and south, east and west, who
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have been so generous and kind to me this afternoon. i think that it proves, as nothing else could prove, what a strong and united party the democratic party is. [applause] >> secondly, i think what has happened today bears out the good judgment of governor stevenson in deciding this issue should be taken to the floor of the convention. [applause] >> because i believe that the democratic party will go from this convention far stronger by what we have done here today. therefore, ladies and gentlemen, recognizing this convention has selected a man who has campaigned in all parts of the country, who has worked entirely for the party, who will serve as an admirable running mate to governor stevenson, i hope this
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convention will make kefauver's nomination unanimous. thank you. i move we suspend the rules and make the nomination of kefauver by acclamation. [applause] >> of course, no recounting of your personal triumphs would be complete without mentioning the pulitzer prize you won in 1957 for writing "profiles in courage." >> it was interesting job because all of us who hold a position in legislature are concerned with problems and how other senators and congressmen have endured the pressures all of us undergo. one of the most heartening things about it is the fact that the united states information service has chosen it to be translated in order to explain one phase of american life. i have here the copy that is in vietnamese, and here, a copy in japanese.
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it also has been translated into hebrew, for use in the country of the israel, and also in spanish. i have a letter from george allen, the head of the information service, in which he says "profiles in courage" has proven to be exceptionally effective in promoting a clear understanding of american statesman among our foreign audiences. of course, that is been one of the very beneficial things that has sprung out of the book. >> thank you, senator, for letting us visit with you here in your office. now, may we meet the rest of your family? >> yes, i will take you to my house and i will introduce them to you. >> thank you very much, senator kennedy. ♪
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pres. kennedy: hey. it is a pleasure to have you here. i want you to meet my daughter caroline, and my wife, jackie. mrs. kennedy: how do you do? i am glad you had the pleasure to see the office in the senate, and now our house, where we have lived for a year, and where caroline was born. i look forward to meeting all of you when we will be back in massachusetts. kennedy: you want this? thank you very much for coming
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to see us, and we look forward to seeing you very shortly. say goodbye, too, caroline. mrs. kennedy: bye-bye. pres. kennedy: that is good. >> this has been a visit in washington with your united state senator, john f. kennedy. in this great city, a glow with tributes to america's past, is being written america's future. the authors of that future will in large part, be the 98 members of the united states senate. the senate's members must understand thoroughly both foreign policy, and the day to day economic and social problems of the people they represent. they must be men of stature, courage, and ability. such a man is john f. kennedy. he serves massachusetts with his -- distinction in the united states senate. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> tired of following a campaign 2016 news?
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this election eve and night, american history tv will travel back in time. we will bring you archival election coverage, including victory in concession speeches and campaign films from the 1956 campaign of dwight d. eisenhower through the 2000 election between al gore and george w. bush. that is monday and tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time here on c-span3. providing context for today's a look affairs issues. >> >> most of us when we think of winston churchill, we think of an old man sending younger men into war. but no one knew better, and few new as well the realities of war, the terror and devastation. he said to his mother after the second war, the raw comes through, you cannot gilded.
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-- you cannot gild it. announcer: he knew the disaster historian talks about the early military career of winston churchill in her book " hero of the empire." >> he says, give me a regiment, i want to fight. he ends up going with a regiment on the day that it fell to the british, and he takes over the the man whoe frees had been his fellow prisoners. he puts in the prison his former jailers, and he watches as the boer flag is torn down and the union flag is wasted in its place. announcer: sunday at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. each week, american history tv is railamerica brings you archival films that provide
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context for today's public affairs issues. as we look back to 1966 campaign for governor of california, incumbent democrat cap brown was challenged by republican ronald reagan. the gas electric company into unions representing pg&e employees hosted forums of each candidate. we begin with mr. brown's appearance on november 2, 1996 at the pg&e auditorium in san francisco. he argued the case for reelection answer questions from employees. comes does us courtesy of pacific gas & electric and the hoover institution archives. and one hour, you can see republican challenger ronald reagan's appearance the very next day, just after days before the 1966 election. four days before the 1966 election. ♪


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