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tv   American Artifacts  CSPAN  November 6, 2016 1:46pm-2:01pm EST

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archival presidential coverage including victory and concession speeches and campaign films from 1956 campaign of dwight eisenhower through the 2000 election between al gore and george w. bush. monday and tuesday at 8 p.m. eastern time on c-span3. providing context for today's public affairs issues. library of congress packer campus preserves and provides access to the library's vast collection of films, and sound programs recordings. american history tv visited the packer campus to learned about the earliest public affairs films, including u.s. presidents, the spanish-american war, world war i, and the first ever political ad created in 1912 by the democratic party. >> my name is mike and i'm head
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of the moving image section here at the library of congress, the largest collection of film and video in the world. we are at the packer campus in pulp -- in culpepper, virginia, a facility that opened in the summer of 2007 dedicated to preserving our audiovisual heritage. favorite films that we have had the collection is what we believe to be the very first political ad. it comes from 1912 and this is a race in which william howard taft is the republican candidate and woodrow wilson is the democratic candidate and theodore roosevelt is running in the progressive party, the bull moose party. by them is produced democratic national committee and is called the old way and the new. very rich, with this
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fat plutocrat who comes into his office where one of his flunkies is dutifully dusting off portraits of theodore roosevelt and william howard taft. together as an example of the old way of doing things. so he's got lots of money and is dispensing favors and there's all sorts of bribes and political corruption. new are contrasted with the way of doing things represented by woodrow wilson, the champion of the common man. plea forends with a people to send one dollar to the democratic national committee on behalf of the woodrow wilson campaign because woodrow wilson is for the common man, republicans are for the wealthiest 1%. nothow, those tropes have
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changed in the last 100 years. have 1.4 million items in the collection, so there are plenty of treasures out there to be discovered. the great thing is, with new technology, not only the ability to preserve these older films on have ailm stock, but we lot more technology available to digitize the film and make them available. we havowwe have known about thed now we have ways of getting it out there for people.
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>> monday night on "the communicators" -- the ceo of free press and the director of the center for internet communications and technology
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policy talk about the technology issues hillary clinton and donald trump have discussed on the campaign trail. also the top tech issues for the next administration to address. amirare interviewed by noster. >> the thing that interest me the most is her promise to expand broadband access and the talk about bringing the benefits of raw been to all americans. there's another strong theme running through the area of innovation -- had we make sure everyone actually shares in the benefits of the internet economy? >> as far as mr. trump's policies are concerned, i think we all want to see the benefit of the internet be made available to all. i think we want to see more rapid innovation and lower prices. i think what mr. trump is saying
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is that the path to those objectives is less regulation and lower taxation. monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. with the supreme court back in session, we have a special webpage to help you follow the court. let and court near the top of the page. once there, you will see the calendar for this term, a list of the current justices, and with supreme court video on demand, watch the oral arguments we have aired and appearances by supreme court justices at >> welcome to tucson on american history tv. located in the southern arizona sonoran desert, tucson is the longest continuously settled
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city in the u.s. with help from our cox communications cable partners, we will explore the history of the city. coming up, we will visit sue aro national park and efforts being him -- save the giant>> we arer we're monitoring. we have these established plots where we go out count each one. that will help us understand what's happening with the population. >> later, with the tucson presidio, giving visitors a sense of what life was like for spanish settlers. >> this is where metropolitan tucson springs from. everyone thinks of the west is a place where there was a lot of fighting, but we learned that there was a lot more cooperation among the different people that offer -- than opposition. >> we begin with a visit to a foreignol


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