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tv   Johnson 1964 Election Eve Program  CSPAN  November 8, 2016 4:04am-4:35am EST

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raise on the final dave the 2016 election. watch live. the same morning on c-span3, a look at the u.s. health care system and future of medicaid at a conference hosted by the national association of medicaid directors. that gets under way at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily n 1979, c-span was created by a public service by america's television cable companies and brought you to by your cable or satellite provider. >> now on "american history tv, a program produced for the 1964 campaign of president lyndon johnson. hear it on national television on the eve of the general election, the half hour program begins with remarks by johnson's running mate hubert humphrey and includes remarks by lady bird johnson and the president
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himself. lyndon johnson defeated barry goldwatter in the 1964 election winning more than 61% of the popular vote and carrying 44 states. >> this program was prerecorded earlier today shortly before president johnson and his family left for texas and they join other maernz in casting their votes n a few moments, we'll visit the first family in the yellow oval room of the white house where he delivered his election eve message. the program is brought you to by the national committee for president johnson and senator humphrey. the committee composed of business and financial lieders from all over the united states was formed to express the collective confidencest members in the national leadership of president johnson and senator humphrey. several members of the committee served in the cabinet of president eisenhower. many are life long republicans.
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others are democratic and independent voters. they have in common the conviction of the nation needs to continue firm, prunlt and experienced leadership of president johnson and senator humphrey. ladies and gentlemen, the democratic candidate for the office of vice president of the united states, senator hubert h. humphrey. >> my fellow americans, the presidential campaign of 1964 is now at an end. it has been long and strenuous. but now the hour has arrived to lay aside our campaign arms, to drop our partisan shield and to turn our minds to our citizenship responsibility which all of us must assume as we go to the polling place tomorrow. in the quiet lonliness of the election booth, unaccompanied by
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friend or foe, alone with his conscience and his god, each of us must discharge the supreme duty of our democracy. cast his ballot for the office of the president of the united states. when we elect a president, we choose a man whom we must trust with our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. when that choice is made, there is no turning back. the decision is final. and we are not making a decision for the next four years alone. the decisions of the president will effect the future of this nation and the world for decades to come. indeed, the lives of generations yet unborn. we cannot afford to make a mistake. there is no room for error. almost 20 years of the nuclear
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age have passed. and the recent upheeflz in the communist world remind us once again of the perilous times in which we live. in the world to have day, the penalties for error are infinitely greater. and in this new and dangerous world, it is the president of the united states to whom the people of the free world must look for leadership. it is in the hands of our president, the man that we elect that the hope of progress and of peace is entrusted. if there is to be a better and a more peaceful world, he and we will have to help make it so. there is only one issue, one choice, one overriding consideration that shadows and dominates all the other issues of this campaign. who can we trust with our
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security? with our hopes for peace, yes, with our very lives. we live in an age of unbelievable power. this power can be used for good or for evil. it can be used for peace or for war. the president of the united states as commander in chief has this power at his finger tips. he must understand that this power imposes awesome responsibilities. it must be used with the strength and moderation and reason, for natalie for america and the world, we have in president johnson a leader who has demonstrated through 30 years of public service those qualities of reason, prudence, patience, and sound judgement. we have a president who has shared for many years the task of decision making in the most
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sensitive and dangerous areas of national security and foreign policy. yes, he has the qualities. that we must have in our american president. he is forceful without being belidge rant and he is decisive without being impetuous. he is main with a sense of history who looks to the future. he is a strong man and yet a reasonable man. he has been calm and careful in crisis. at that critical moment, we need a president of strength and compassion. of intelligence and prudence, of experience and performance. above all, we need as our president one whom we can trust. and we can, my fellow americans, trust president lyndon johnson.
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our eldly can trust him to think of their needs. our young people can trust him to think of their futures. and all of us can trust him to make the hard decisions that a president must make. and to lead us through the unknown perils and trials that lie ahead. on this election day, we the american people write our page in history. we shall determine in whose trust we will place the hopes for continued prosperity and progress and the responsibility for peace and security. a troubled world is watching this election. and the people of that troubled world await our decision. they know and we know that our america is the last best hope on earth. and all that we have or ever
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hope to have will be lost if we lose the peace. the task of statesmanship is to build not to destroy. it is to win the peace and to avoid war. the pursuit of peace is the noblest cause of man. yes, blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the earth, ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> my fellow americans, i'm here in the white house with mrs. johnson and linda and lucy. in a little while, mrs. johnson and i will go to texas to vote and to await the aelection returns. it is appropriate that white house should be empty tomorrow.
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for you will be selecting the man who will rilive here for th next four years. whatever your decision, i want to thank all of you for the support that you have given me. 11 months and 11 days ago i came to you and asked your help. you gave me your wisdom and your strength. together we made this a year of memorable achieve ment. i would like to think that john kennedy knows how hard we tried to measure up to his expectations. tonight i come you to on a different basis. i ask the renewal of your trust, not a dark hour of tragedy, but on your confidence and my ability to be an instrument of america's purpose.
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i have campaigned across this country in, 44 states, discussing the issues, learning from your views. lady bird has been my closest and most valuable campaigner. and i want her to tell you something of her impression of the last few weeks. >> these have been strenuous but inspiring days for me and for our daughters. together we have been in 49 states. it is like a capsule of americana, a telescoped course in the geography and history and the people who make up this land. you are bound to come back with a closer kinship and a better understanding of the people you work for. i loved campaigning beside my husband and providing the companionship and reassurance and continuity and like every wife to offer suggestion as the
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moment requires. and occasionally i was flattered to be asked to take on assignment on my own. one picturesque time that stands out in my memory, the four day whistle stop train trip with 47 stops through eight states in the south from virginia to louisiana. i remember so well the intent never faced people, the little boys hanging off the boxcars. the woman told me she got up early and milked 20 cows before coming to the poll. i can never forget them. that was the kind of country where i grew up. but the important thing about it was that it showed intense trf the people in that government. there are many things the traveler, even the hurried campaign traveler learns. you see what a diverse and strong and wonderful country this is.
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and i know i am better for knowing it better. then you learn these are good times in america. we want to keep them that way. you learn that first in the hearts of most of the citizens of this country is the desire to keep america strong and to keep the world at peace. that is what all americans will repeaty be vo really be voting tomorrow wlchlt they live in the north, south, east, or west. >> my fellow americans, election day is both a time of renewal and a time of decision. you will renew the most solemn sacrament of democracy. the consent of the govern from which the just powers of government derive. you will choose the president of
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the united states. we take for granted this right of ours. but what a really remarkable thing it is. our forefathers established the great experiment of democracy and in a world where government by the govern had been extinguished for 2,000 years. he thought we could succeed. but he can did succeed and the light of that success now illuminates much of the world. that is the tiniest fraction of all those that ever lived on earth. your vote is a victory and a vinlt indication for all of those in every age who suffered through the ideal of democracy. treasury. take pride in it. and use it.
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for more than a generation, this nation has held a steady and consistent course. i remember when i first came to washington 32 years ago, the people who sent me to congress were poor people. many were hungry. but i assume so they were only a few of the victims of a stricken land. their recovery would only come as the entire nation recovered and grew strong. i watched and sometimes i helped a little as america forged in the bitterness of common disaster ashgs new partnership between government and business and farmers and workers. and i watched and sometimes helped as a compassionate nation helped new protection for the helpless and the needy. both measures have endured the
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30 years. most of all, the principles of enduring. each part of our society government and private has accepted its responsibility to work within the framework of the common welfare. in this way, we have increased the abundance of all. over the years, we have built on these principles. no president of either party has ever renounced them. or called for their destruction. they are the basis of our present prosperity. they are our hope for future abundance. i ask each of you to pause for a moment tonight in your homes. with your families by your side and ask yourselves if these principles have not enlarged your freedom, enriched your life
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and strengthened your confidence and your children's future, it's thoord believe that we should now be asked to throw them all away. yet today they're all under attack. we are now told that every responsible leader of both parties is wrong and that the american people have been wrong to support them. we're asked to dissolve the partnership between government and people. we are asked to cut await protections for our old and our helple helpless. we are told to end social security as we have known it. and as every president has supported it. time and time and time again they have called for a voluntary program. but payments out to older
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americans depend on premiums coming in. a voluntary program would drastically reduce such payments since workers would no longer have to pay. the system would be on the edge of bankruptcy and such a program is simply, i believe, an indirect way to destroy our whole social security system. and lalmost every other program from tba to education to rea embraced in this unprecedented and wholesale assault. let us be clear. this is not a return to the past. it is not an effort to even preserve the status quo. it is an intention to shatter
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the tested foundation of our economy. and it will bring disaster. nor does this attack on our continuing traditions stop at the water's edge. for much of our history, the office of president has been the center of the nation. 20 years ago it became the center of this world. and these two decades since four presidents of each party have woven the common fabric of america world responsibility. we're now told that in foreign affairs as well the responsibility leaders of the past have been wrong. the american people have been wrong to support them. and the free world has been wrong to welcome our leadership. we are told to regard as fruitless the search for lasting
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agreements such as the test band treaty. we are attacked for our restraint and the use of our mighty power. we are told to ignore our discard the great dream of the united nations. we are told that tactical nuclear weapons are simply new kind of conventional explosive. if these views prevail, if we aband on the proven principles of both parties, i have no doubt that our hopes for peace and the call to freedom will be in serious peril. let there nobody mistake. there is no check or protection against error or fool heartedness about it president of the united states.
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he alone makes basic decisions which can lead us toward peace or toward having danger. in his hands is the power which can lay waste in ours a civilization that it took 1,000 years to build. in your hands is the decision to choose the man that you will entrust with this responsibility for your survival. these are some of the elements of the basic choice that you must make tomorrow. shall we move forward? innovating where necessary. for building on the programs and the policies that are nourished by progressive men of both parties. or shall we strip the
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foundation. and strike uncertain and i believe a deeply dangerous direction. your vote will make that choice. but if you fail to vote, you will also make a choice. if you and your neighbor disagree and if he votes for while you stay home, you have increased the importance of his vote. you will influence the election but in a way it's opposite to your own beliefs. i believe in the importance of a healthy two party system. but that will be best restored by an overwhelming repudiation of the small minority which seized the republican party and is already planning to keep it.
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only a massive defeat can drive from them their places and present power. i wish with all my heart that this had been another kind of campaign. i wish it had been possible to debate the path to our future rather than the wisdom of our past. that future has many challenges. we must work to extend increasing abundance to all of our people. but we also learn that one does not live by bread alone. the satisfactions of life cannot be measured just for the size of the salary check. jefferson did not dream or
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lincoln suffer so that future americans would live in overcrowded cities without a decent school for his children, afraid to walk his streets, shut off from trees and grass and breathing poisoned air on the side of polluted rivers, fear nall a machine might destroy his security. we have the resources and theth in to move away from these dim threatening valleys and into the broad sunlit uplands of a nation which is fulfilling the values of its past through a search for greatness in its future. let us tomorrow rise up by the millions and the tens of millions. let us cast out those views that are so dangerously removed from the real concerns and passions of this exciting time in which
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we live. then we can bind up the nation's wounds. we can grow up together the men of good will. unite those of every pursuit and party. then we can do battle with the huge army of the world's desires. then we can go together into that uncertain day already touched with dawn. this will be our choice. and our election, and our country. but in miss he couoscow and par deli and rio, men will also wake tomorrow. whether they wish us well or ill, they know that the peace of the world and the freedom of man will rest in large measure on our leadership.
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sail on oh, ship of state. sail on so unions strong and great. humanity with all its fears with all the hopes of future years is hanging, breathless on that hate. thank you my fell lowe low countrymen. good night and god bless you.
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ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow is the first tuesday after the first monday in november. >> american history tv continues in prime time on election night with a look at victory and concession speeches from past presidential elections. our lineup includes ronald reagan and jimmy carter in 1980, bill clinton and george h.w. bush in 1992, and the contested election in 2000 between george w. bush and al gore. watch tuesday night starting at 8:00 eastern here on c-span3. >> as the nation elects a new president on tuesday, will america have its first foreign
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born first lady since luisa adams or will we have a former president as first gentleman? learn more about the influence of america's presidential spouses from c-span's first ladies. now available in paper back. first ladies gives readers a look into the personal lives and impact of every first lady in american history. first ladies is a companion to c-span's well regarded biography series and features interviews with the nation's leading first ladies historians. each chapter also offers brief biographies of 45 presidential spousals and photos from their lives. first ladies in paper back. published by public affairs is now available at your favorite book seller and also as an e-book. >> white house rewind brings archival coverage of presidential races. up next, a program produced for the 1972 re-election campaign of president richard nixon. aired on national television on the eve of the general election,
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it begins with remarks by the president and includes a review of his daily activities in office as well as interview with family members and staff. president nixon defeated democratic south dakota senator george mcgovern winning the popular vote 61% to 38%. this is about 25 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> good evening. tomorrow 100 mullon americans will have an opportunity to participate in the decision that will effect the future of america and the future of the world for generations to come. regardless of how you vote, i urge each of you to vote. by your vote, you can make


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