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tv   Driving Tour of Tucson Arizona  CSPAN  November 13, 2016 9:51am-10:01am EST

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>> interested in american history tv? visit our website, to see our schedule or watch a recent program. lectures in history and more. at year, c-span is touring cities across the country exploring american history. next, a look at our recent visit to tucson, arizona. americanatching history tv all weekend, every weekend on c-span 3. hey! hi, are you ready to take a ride around tucson? >> i'm ready. all right.
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>> ok, so, tucson, arizona, as someone who's never been to tucson, what is sort of the quintessential thing about the c it that people should know? no longer a cowboys and indians kind of city, for sure. people are thinking about john wayne and western movies, that is something they definitely need to put out in their, of their mind. we're close to the border. so, that order politics is really important to a lot of people in tucson. veryve -- as a state is very conservative politically but tucson takes pride in being the button pusher city, the city that is a little bit more progressive than phoenix. one of the great things that tucson had for ages and then go through and come up congress here, we have always had a
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really burgeoning music scene. we've always had a great music scene since the 1980's when i was going to school here. also right here, congress here. this is right here, a very important part of that music scene. is constantly listed as being one of the best music venues in the country. congress also hosts a lot of national acts, and a strong place for local performancees. >> let's leave downtown. we are going to head south. can you talk about being close to the border? the mexican heritage is alive. >> one of those is food, but i think we were talking about the whole unesco world heritage site. this is not just about mexican food for us. it also goes back to our, the fact that we have been an , going backeblo
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thousands several thousand years. >> the longest, most inhabited town of the country. >> supposedly. we can have an argument. that is what we embrace. >> you recently were given a decision. what is it again? siteesco world heritage for astronomy -- gastronomy. it is also about our connection with archrival, our tribes. we have two tribes here. our are important parts of community. and really have persevered part of the place we are going to be heading to is the mission where the reservation is and there is a co-op farm. grow heritage crops
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like beans and different kinds melonsts and grain and that only have a history of growing here in the desert. see over here, the mission? >> oh, my gosh. >> see how beautiful it is. you can see it from the top of the mountain. it's called the white dove. >> it is beautiful. it takes your breath away from even this far way. you see, the landscape, the greenery, the trees, the desert then it rises. it's stunning. what year are we talking? >> 1600. off the top of my head. >> wow, this predates everything you see, every other building -- absolutely. this was a special place for the tribes. it is on tribal land. >> this has always been part of the culture here. and the community here.
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in important part of the community. it's an important part for the catholic community, as tucson as well. then it is and also part -- an important part of people who love our tradition and our history and our culture. yeah, this is definitely one of my special places. from my family in its history, we have a great uncle who was brothere and his were part of a group that were trying to figure out how to thetain the stucco and integrity of the building when they were doing a remodel. the remodel, renovation has been going on for many years. they ended up being prickly addedear juice was the ingredient. are different frescoes that have been, were painted.
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this was built by the indians of that time. the and the indians. so, you look on the wall, th ere's supposedly women, but they tend to look like -- priests, frankly. there are some interesting details that are fun to look. >> that is stunning. and it is amazing the craftsmanship so many years ago. a testament again to the heritage. unesco,now, before before wilder, before these people were talking about, there was this. >> that's incredible. talked about the mexican, the native heritage, the gorgeous -- what next? what is happening in tucson now? >> let's go out to a place that
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is special to me. resa the longest ongoing earch, goes back to the early 1900s, 1903. we are talking about ecology, environmental research. desert ecology. one of the oldest ongoing suorar o research. location close to an urban area is what is also becoming increase in the important, because you now, how is our ecology in an urban environment? how have -- how are these suoraros doing? lovenow, we talk about our for this area. place toe want this be loved and protected.
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the environment is really important to us. with climate change things are changing. it is more important than ever that they can be there. itss also important for connection to the community, for people to understand that is happening. for people to understand that that means our ecology, our city environment is just as important as any place else. >> this weekend, we are featuring the history of tucson, arizona, together with our cable partners. learn more about tucson and other stops on our cities tour.
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you are watching american history tv all weekend, every weekend, on cspan3. now, the 33rd international churchill conference. we recently covered two full days of panels and speeches on the former british prime minister at the mayflower hotel in washington, d.c. historians discuss his contemporaries, including john anderson who served with him in the british war cabinet in world war ii and churchill's personal physician. this is about an hour and a half. >> good morning. byant to begin congratulating you for joining us at this un-churchillian hour of 9:00. he was a man of tremendous energy. i cannotel


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