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tv   Reel America  CSPAN  November 26, 2016 8:00am-8:21am EST

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and how his novel "the call of the wild" influenced generations of western novelists and writers. >> he always looks back to the natural land, to his ranch, the beautiful scenery in california and elsewhere in the south pacific to center himself and from the rigors and degradations of the cities. >> at 6:00 eastern, we visit the military aviation museum in virginia beach. >> they basically taught all the military aviators, army air
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fly., and navy how to many guys never even saw an airplane, coming from the farms and anywhere you could think of, and the first airplane they saw was this one. >> for our complete american history tv schedule, go to >> each week, american history "reel america" brings archival context -- archival films that provide context for today's issue. huey newton founded the black panther party for self-defense, later known simply as the black panther party. the film "black panther" produced by the san francisco newsreel features an interview with party founder huey noon when he was on murder charges in prison, cofounder bobby seal reciting the panthers' 10-point
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program. >> in america, black people are treated very much like the vietnamese people or any other colonized people. the police occupy our community as a group of troops occupies , not for our welfare, for our security, for our safety, but they are there to contain us, to brutalize and murderous because they have just likers to do so
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they have their orders to destroy the vietnamese people. the police in our community could not possibly be there to protect our property because we own no property. they could not be there to ensure we receive the due process of law's for the simple reason themselves they deny us the due process of law. and also to see that the status quo is kept intact. >> they are not aware yet but they know there's some shit going on in this country, but they think it's the black people doing it. causing those riots are life to be difficult and really have not focused in on the fact -- that it's's fear, and their mentors, the
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people who control the fear, the power structure. they are not turned on to that power structure. they just know that life is .ecoming increasingly miserable because when they find out who it is that is causing the trouble and who it is that is making life miserable and who it is that is responsible for all their sons being murdered in vietnam, when they tune into that, they are not going to be happy. this is what we are tuned into. we see what's going on. and it's just terrible. more and more people are tuning in. i think they are going to do the dog right here in babylon. >> when we first started we had a police alert patrol. we would could alert the community -- we would alert the community if police would brutalize anyone. usually the police would not brutalize anyone if we were on hand. if the police would arrest an individual we would follow them into jail and bail them out. we would gain many recruits like
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this. the community started to say, well, these people are really concerned about our welfare. >> i think the basic reaction -- to the experience as a panther -- i don't mean you see the guy go back in a black jacket in a beret -- i mean you see the panthers in action with their lives on the line. when we see that, that's the end of it. is he the skater death and never commits no more crimes -- he is either scared to death and never commits no more crimes. he don't even jaywalk. or else he comes around. you can dig it. you don't find a guy, black panther, remains the same after really seeing the panthers. they never have been too impressed by what's been happening. they're not impressed by that. they don't stand in fear of the cops. this is the reason, one reason why the panther party is focused on the cops, because the cops are out there and they are visible. this is the direct contact of the black people with the power
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structure, with the man, the pigs is going to come and bother them. the only thing that has been lacking was a message that we moved against successfully. those organizations, those those nonviolent tactics and those appeals to god and allah and whoever, brothers didn't want to hear that. all of a sudden, here comes two niggers with guns talking to a cop just like a cop is talking to them. we really want to know what that's about. if they don't decide their life is too precious, that they must live forever, if they don't decide that, then they come to the party. ♪
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>> we are not a self-defense group in the limited fashion you think of self-defense groups. i like the use the example of fidel castro starting the revolution with che guevera. they realized they wouldn't be able to topple the oppressive regime in cuba. what they were essentially was an educational body. they engaged with the army and fought with the army. they showed the people that the army was not bulletproof, that the police were not bulletproof. and that baptista -- bautista was not impossible to topple. the people started to feel their strength. the black panther party feels very much the same way. we think this educational process is necessary, and it's the people that will cause the revolution, and it's the people that will cause the change in the country. the black panther party is simply the vanguard of the revolution, and we plan to teach the people the strategy and the necessary tools to liberate themselves. >> ♪ no more brothers in jail things are going to get better
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no more brothers in jail things are gonna get better no more brothers in jail things are gonna get better ♪ >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more brothers in jail >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more brothers in jail >> off the pigs! >> ♪ the pigs are going to get jailed >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more brothers in jail >> off the pigs! >> ♪ the pigs are going to get jailed no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs!
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>> ♪ no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs! >> ♪ no more pigs in our community ♪ >> off the pigs! >> the focus of our activities is the need and demand that we be set free. we feel the only way he we -- that huey can be taken out of the hands of those who are relentlessly trying to kill him is for the people to become aware of what this is all about. this is why i like this idea of our film. people get to see more about that. it's about seeing things. the people have to stand up and demand -- they have to understand they have a right. they have a right to demand that these judicial procedures be carried out in the right manner. >> ♪ the revolution has come >> off the pigs! >> ♪ time to pick up the guns
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>> off the pigs! >> ♪ the revolution has come >> off the pigs! >> ♪ time to pick up the guns >> off the pigs! >> ♪ the revolution has come >> off the pigs! >> ♪ time to pick up the guns >> off the pigs! > ♪ the revolution has come >> off the pigs! >> ♪ time to pick up the guns >> off the pigs! >> ♪ the revolution has come >> off the pigs! >> ♪ time to pick up the guns >> off the pigs! >> the black panther party made a coalition with primarily a white group to fight on two fronts. we must liberate the colony as well as stimulate revolution in the mother country. the revolution played a great part in saving america. if it were not for the white students, the black panther party would react to the racism in the country and therefore respond with racism. the white students have been very interested in the path of the foreign policy of the united
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states. they are demanding that the united states withdraw from vietnam, stop brutalizing the vietnamese people. we feel the white students should pay more attention to the colonized situation here of the blacks first because after all, this is home. this is not to say they should not denounce america's treacherous actions abroad. i think they can be done at the same time. it's just a matter of placing emphasis upon the criminal activities of america in the homeland. >> let's get into the inner workings and the meanings of this. let's get into the inner workings in the meaning of a black revolution and why black people have the right to take what's theirs. you can read the program. it's a basic program.
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it simply says exactly what black people have been crying for for 400 years. one, we want freedom. we want the power to determine the destiny of our own black communities. two, we want full employment for our people. three, we want decent housing to -- fit to shelter human beings. four, we want an end to the robbery of the black community by the white racist businessman. five, we want decent education to teach the brothers the human -- the true nature of this decadent system, education about our true history in the world and our role in society today. six, we want all black brothers to be exempt from military service. 7 -- [applause] seven, we want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of black people. eight, we want all black brothers and sisters held in federal, county, state, city jails, and prisons to be released because they have not had a fair trial. [applause]
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they've been tried by all white juries who have no understanding of the average man in the black community. number nine -- this is where brother huey is -- we want the court to make sure we have peers on the juries, people from the black community, as defined by their jive constitution of the so-called united states. ten, summary, that is we want land, housing, clothing, education, justice, we want peace, black colonial subjects can participate in dealing with, analyzing, objecting politically upon the racial atrocities that have been committed against black people in this nation. ♪
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>> so the concept is this, basically, the whole black nation has to be put together as a black army, and we're going to walk on this nation, we are going to walk on this race's -- racist power structure, and we are going to say to the whole damn government, "stick 'em up, motherfucker! this is a hold up! we've come for what's ours!"
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♪ >> this weekend on american history tv on c-span3, this evening at 7:00 eastern, from president lincoln's cottage in washington, d.c., we will have the conversation about "lincoln's generals wives: for women who influenced the civil war for better or for worse." see, too, that women have had a means of reinforcing either the best in their husbands or that worst. then at 10:00, the 1953 film "american frontier."
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from there to the central office in oklahoma. night, our little telephone board was lit up like a christmas tree. calls from new york, california, houston. bit by bit, we began to realize how big a thing this was. >> the film promoted financial benefits for farmers of leasing land for oil exploration and was funded by the american petroleum institute. sunday morning at 11:00, panelists discussed the life and novelist,journalist, and photographer jack london. >> to his ranch, to the beautiful scenery, to center himself and to find release and .elief
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then revisit the military aviation museum on virginia beach. the armylly taught corps and navy how to fly. many guys never saw an airplane, and any placerms you can think of and the first airplane they saw was the boeing .tearman >> if james madison is the architect of the constitution -- and he might be -- then george washington as the general contractor. if you have ever built a house or put an addition on, you know this is so. it's a lot more like with the general contractor has in mind than what the architect has in mind.
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what they wanted to do was recruit washington in as part of the coup d'etat. hamilton had already talked to washington about how the marketing stuff was never going to work, and washington was a troop republican. he believed in republican government. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern ." c-span's "q&a >> we have a special webpage to help you follow the supreme court. on our supreme court page, you will see four of the most recent oral arguments heard by the court this term. linked on the "view all" to hear the arguments held this term. or what's justices in their own words including one-on-one interviews in the past few words with justices kagan, thomas, and
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ginsburg. there's also a calendar for this time, a list of justices with links to quickly see their appearances on c-span as well as many other supreme court videos available on demand. follow the supreme court at >> coming up next, mark philip bradley talks about his book "the world reimagined: americans and human rights in the 20th century." he explores american interests and global human rights. the woodrow wilson center and natural history center cohosted this 90-minute event. >> thank you, eric, and welcome to all of you as well. it is a particular pleasure to philip bradley to this session of the washington history seminar. we've had a fantastic lineup this fall if l


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