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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 14, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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for trump. they look and say i have these two futures, nutcake weirdness or normalcy. to a great shock, nutcake weirdness lost. people came to the rallies not
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just to see trump but to hear him. this is why i think trumpism is real. it was the messages far more than the messenger. he was a brilliant messenger. if he came and sounded like a normal left winger, people would have left and said, that is sure weird. think about the people that wore the hats that set "make america great again." i remember being at ken ses saw state college in a rally and three women came up wearing t-shirts saying, i'm an adorable deplorable. this is a movement prepared to fight. we will wear the name proudly and run over you. i hope a lot of the adorable deplorables will sent t-shirts to hillary for christmas. when the elite media smeared what i would prefer to call the propaganda media smeared trump, the american people sided with
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trump. "the new york times" was the worst media. it is hard to say who was the worst because they were aggressively compete wg each other. when "the new york times" prints an article about his behavior towards women and a woman holds an news conference and says they printed the opposite of what i told them. something profound is breaking in the old order, getting clumsy and stupid. a genuine revolution was building. i believe going back to 1908 and the contract with america in 1984 and the campaign of defining the trump movement and trumpism was the remarkable speech on october 22nd at gettysburg where he outlined a contract with the american
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voters, much deeper, much richer, the archives of what i mean by trumpism. it is worth you looking at. it has many layers of ideas. it would be impossible for any reasonable person to read that and say he was devoid of policies and ideas. equally important, in the long run, was his speech and the release in charlotte of a new deal for african-americans, a few days later. these two documents represent a blueprint for the next couple years that is profoundly different than where we have been. now, we are seeing a new phase of defining trumpism in the very cabinet selection process. the way he is assembling this cabinet is very, very impressive. he is reaching far beyond the accepted establishment systems. for example, he is willing to
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assemble a team and nobody has put this together that the elite media is so hostile they can't bring themselves to sfop and take a deep breath and look at what's going on. he is assembling a team that no one was prepared for. trump describes, and i recommend to all of you "the art of the deal" his best seller from the 1980s, still the best single book in how he thinks. he describes over and over again that he wants the best. he has the right to build the high at, his first big building in manhattan. he wants it to be unique and the best. when he builds trump tower, he wants the atrium to be the best. he has this constant drive to be the best. he is willing to work extra hard and to do what it takes to get the best. let's look at the cabinet. general jim mattis is as good a senior officer that has served in the american military in the last generation. he is astounding, an intellectual, a warrior and
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totally patriotic. i am willing to ask for the first waiver since 1950. only one general has gotten a waiver to serve as secretary of defense, george marshall. 234 guy is so good and immediately democrats began to say, i'm for it. if you look, there has been almost no opposition to mattis. this is the guy that we couldn't trust, because he didn't know anything about national security. his first big choice is jim mattis. remarkably, he picks john kelly, marine general, to be the head of homeland security. i have known him since he was the marine liaison. he is a remarkable public servant, lost his son in combat, dedicated to serve the country. he just finished as head of the southern command in charge of all of latin-american. he is the best person in the country you could ask if you are serious about our southern border. there is nobody better than john
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kelly. you can say, well, you take those two and add general flynn, is that too many? not for the american public. the only institution remaining they don't think is corrupt is the military. shouldn't we replace two of those guys with lawyers or harvard professors? think about it. this is why the left is in such trouble. so, kelly will be a remarkable leader. if you read his very brief statement, he actually talks about the end of political correctness. not quite the statement you might have guessed. he knows more about controlling american's border and defeating terrorists and drug dealers than anybody else i know of. then, you get to rex tillerson who the current news media says ace horrifying example. tillerson, i want to confess up front, tillerson has a huge
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problem. he is successful. being successful in the largest corporation in the world. he has actually been involved in making money. it's going to get worse. i'm sorry. but the heritage tra dig is one of speaking truth. tillerson actually has gone around the world negotiating agreements with foreign countries. successfully on behalf of an american company. if you are john kerry, or hillary clinton or the entire state department and your entire career has been one of going around the world unsuccessfully negotiating nonagreements, tillerson is horrifying. what if he actually effectively represents america. what if we get good deals that create jobs in america. what if he is actually able to explain trumpism to the world.
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i guarantee you, all these foreign people he has dealt with his entire career, they didn't go, oh, gosh, you aren't going to see rex to see me. i haven't had lunch with rex in weeks. he is going to be so well-received around the planet that combined with jim mattis, he automatically changes who people think trump is. they now around the world think trump is smart enough to hire really smart people and he is going to give them really smart orders. of course, tillerson has to be attacked by the left because if you can't attack the head of exxonmobil, you need to give up your card in the socialist party and go home. he is a remarkably successful man. what makes him even worse, he is an eagle scout. there are various left wing rallies where you go in and talk about eagle scouts. what are they going to do next, the first step towards fascism? they wear uniforms. you can't tell what else is going to happen. this is the beginning of the
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militarization of america. they will probably have girls sometimes wearing uniforms. the girl scout manual of 1913 has girls in uniform and is entitled what every young girl should do for her couldn't fri. it is totally worth buying. you c you can get it in savannah at the home of the founder of the girl scouts. dr. tom price, not only did he replace me but he is a doctor, his wife is a doctor. as an example of how bitter and unending the media will be "the new york times" manages to write an entire article about mr. price. i want you to think about this. as you know, dr. joe biden is always dr. joe biden, because he is dr. joe biden. but dr. tom, who is a medical doctor, by the way, isn't dr. tom price in "the new york times," because that would imply
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that trump had picked somebody for health care who actually knew something about health care. now, given the left's constant track record of trying to find people to know nothing in order to put them in charge of things, you can imagine how shattering this has been. price is a doctor, author of an obamacare replacement bill, chair of the budget committee and a great choice. again, imagine governor nikki haley, the u.n. ambassador. a pick almost none of us would have predicted, indian-american, small business woman, governor. if only she were a liberal democrat. the "times" and the "post" would be swooning with joy. most brilliant pick possible. she has to mildly disappear. if they admitted that trump had picked her, that would mean trump may be more divorce than he thinks he is. he can't have picked her. she may well be am babassador
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before you hear her name. si similarly, betsy devos, a woman who has spent millions of dollars to help poor children get good schools and devoted years of her life to school of choice, a clear commitment to a new deal for african-americans p. even better, dr. ben carson. p clarissa and i were very fortunate to be with ben and candy for a week last summer. this guy is amazing. he is a world class pediatrician. he has spoken twice at the national prayer breakfast, he has written books that are used widely by home schoolers. he has a movie made about him called "gifted hands." the news media thinks, oh, he probably won't be able to learn enough to do hud. none of the people write this have ever been in the hud building or they would know that probably ben will be okay.
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i wrote a column about this. i do two newslers a week at guinness productions, pre, by the way. the real point here is moral authority. you are putting somebody who rose from poverty to become a world class surgeon who is prepared to talk about morality, about family, about discipline, about the work ethic and that makes ben carson potentially the most important symbolic appointment of the entire process. now, faced with what may be the smartest cabinet of modern times, a post pseudoconservative, we should be clear about this, the "post" has no conservatives, because that would be incompatible with their view. a pseudoconservative described this cabinet as ignoramuses, billionaires and a few generals. person that wrote that, it was an idiotic comment. that person who is an ignoramus.
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i am going to close by suggesting you look at two books, an article and a book, that set the framework for the movement that we are going to have to engage in. the article is by nasim taleb, who wrote "the black swan." you can google it iyi. it is intellectual, yet idiot, the most useful single article. he says, at least 40% of the governing elites worldwide are people that are really good at taking tests and writing essays, which gets them into elite colleges where they take classes from professors who are really good at taking tests and writing essays and so when they take tests an write essays, they get really good grades so the professor places them with a judge, newsroom or bureaucracy so they can continue to take tests and write essays. the only problem with these people is they don't know anything. they could write a brilliant essay on how to change a tire. if you showed up and said, my
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car has a flat, they would not know how to change the tire. this was the best explanation of what i have been dealing with. it explains 80% of the state department. these are very, very arrow diet people that are idiots. they are intellectuals but idiots. one of the great thing about trumpism. he is not a finance sear. trump is a builder. if you build a building, it has to stand up, it is a very important principle. you are faced with the reality that you have been governed by people in both parties who wouldn't have a clue how to build a building. they can issue regulations. this is why this will be a huge on going fight for the next generation because we will be rooting out the intellectual idiots, all of whom will deeply hate what we are doing and they will write brilliant essays for attacking us for being against
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their right to be an idiot. the other book i recommend highly is by charles murray called "coming apart." it describes the rise of what he calls super zip codes, neighborhoods in which people are in the top 5% economically and in the top 5% in educational attainment. so he says, people from princeton, harvard and yale mary people from princeton, harvard and yale and they then have children they send to prep schools so they can go to princeton, harvard and yale and live in a zip code surrounded by other people that go to princeton, harvard or yale. when trump began to rise, none of them junld stood the power of "the apprentice," because it wasn't on pbs. it wasn't "downton abbey." i am going to close and take a few minutes of questions. i apologize i ran quite this long. this is a very important tushing point in american history. i cannot say to you too
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strongly, every day by inertia, by bureaucracy, by hostility, by the very definitions of the old order, every day, we will face active resistance trying to stop us from the revolution we need. so we need a movement nationwide. we need to talk about and work about and i hope that heritage might let me come back over and do a series of talks building a series of principles that i think are at the heart of trumpism. i think across the country, whether you. >> narrator: are in the school board or city council or state legislature, or you are a sit sxwlen frying to help. why is our side of the watershed, why are we so different from the old order. how can we make sure we are moving in the right direction. i think it is really very, very important. it is where trump personally cannot succeed unless the
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movement succeeds. he knows that. that's why he talks about the movement. a key part of the movement is to find the people willing to move and get them to decide to actively be part of this kind of a future. i apologize for going quite so long. can i take questions for a few minutes? we have microphones. >> we need to bring microphones. >> you pick somebody. you are winning. you have the microphone. >> him and then you. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my name is john zan with cti tv of taiwan. president-elect trump has received a phone call from the press of taiwan. he has also questioned the bounds of the one china policy. is he serious about kicking off the table of the one china
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policy or pe is merely pressuring china to make concessions on trade or using taiwan as a bargaining chip? thank you very much. >> i think he is very serious about communicating to the beijing government that they cannot continue to be aggressive and be on offense and not expect to have many things put on the table they are not prepared for. he is sincere in saying, if somebody who represents 23 million people and had three changes of power calls you, you caught to take the phone call. there is a certain hypocrisy. sold billions of dollars of weapons to taiwan while pretending that taiwan doesn't exist, i think it is also a little bit healthy for the beijing regime to realize there are no circumstances, i can imagine, where the united states would tolerate, the beijing
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government attempting by force to take over taiwan. so taiwan is a factor. it is also true, when you are dealing with a country the size of china, there are no circumstances where we would encourage taiwan to declare independence. this goes to the very heart of the chinese definition of sovereignty. i think trump is indicating he will be more open. i think he is also saying to beijing, you're in for some very, very challenging negotiations and you shouldn't assume it is all your way. that's why the follow-on tweets. they didn't ask us about building an island in the south china sea, they didn't ask us about devaluing the u wan. you want to create a conversation that's a real dialogue, fine, competition, fine. don't be on offense and tell us we are not allowed to compete. >> yes. >> sophie edwards from devix. what will international aid look like under the trump administration? >> i hope it will be very dramatically overhauled. you look ad the trillion of
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dollars we have spent and you ask yourself to what degree does or bureaucracy giving another bureaucracy money necessarily the best way for countries to develop. had we spent the same number of dollars in tax credit for businesses to invest, we would have created an amazing number of permanent jobs all over the planet. i would hope that they would be willing to profoundly rethink how we currently deal with aid. >> mr. speaker, thank you for saying that christianity is under attack. i got to see that firsthand when i went as a former army doc with sister colonel dede burns and i got to see it across the world. so i wondered what president-elect trump's position is about helping the christians even as we are doing for the least of these, like erbil, that is under assault, what's
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president-elect's opinion about helping the kurdish assault they are currently in. >> i would suspect we would much more be aggressively in favor of helping the kurdish people than the obama administration. this goes back to the delusional nature of the old order. they want to pretend that syria is going to be put back together, pretend that iraq, we should deal only through baghdad. first of all, baghdad currently is dominated by iran. second, the most reliable ally you have in the area are the kurds. i suspect you will see this administration. i don't know. this is decisions they have to work out. i suspect they will be much more open to ensuring that the kurds are equipped and are capable than the obama administration. >> yes, ma'am. she is running up with the microphone. >> thank you very much, mr. gingrich. my name is sally john from cctv america. today, mr. trump picked his secretary of state.
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would you be able to elaborate on trumpism in foreign policy? is it going to be really harsh or how would you define it? >> i think if you are isis, it is likely to be really harsh. general mattis, when he was in iraq, i think he was a major general at the time, coined the phrase that the marines can be your best friends or your worst enemies and you get to decide which. i suspect that you are going to find that the new secretary of state will be inclined to negotiate and talk with everyone but he will do so based on american values and american interests. it is a great story that the secretary of state george schultz used to tell. when he had a new ambassador, he would bring him by the office for a final meeting. he would take him over and say, what country are you going to
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represent? four times out of five, they would point to the country they were going to. shult schultz would say, no, no, no, he would bring them back and point to the united states. he didn't draw the logical conclusion that there was a cultural problem in the state department if 80% were confused who they were representing. i think you are going to find that this is a team that intends to america america great again. they do not believe you can sustain $800 billion trade deficits and that the chinese can steal $460 billion a year of intellectual property tha. they do not believe you can get run over by people you think are stupid and negotiators. they are not in any way isolationists. this is one of the dumber comments in trump. he has interested in the middle east, scotland, panama. they understand the modern world. they don't think that globalism
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in the sense of selling out america for some vague international concept is a very useful or practical thing to do. in that sense, they will be firm and tough but i don't know that they will be harsh. over here. the microphone has to come to you. ground rule. >> i happen to be a reagan kid, a gingrich young adult, 43 bush kid and one of the senior advisers for the national diversity coalition for trump. one of the things that everybody is talking about, foreign policy. we need to look at our domestic. unfortunately, as a conservative, i've been a conservative all of my life but we have to get into a form where we look at places and i applaud our president-elect for going into flint, michigan, and having
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people like mr. percy jones from atlanta getting with the governor, trying to solve that problem but what bothers me. i'm from maryland. i was shunned as a candidate, because my governor, who happens to be a republican, did not push our president-elect and how do we form a reality in our own party that they have to get on board or get out? >> i am not sure what getting on board or getting out. coalitions are often sloppy. i would say what we have to do and what president-elect trump is trying to do in his appointments and in his other activities is we have to be prepared to go everywhere in america. we have to be prepared to represent everybody in america and i think that you are going to see that -- i don't think they suggested the idea of a new deal for african-americans as a passing thought. i think they are very serious about it. i was talking to the
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vice-president yesterday. he was on the way to a meeting with 30 african-american business leaders in new york. they are serious about figuring out, how do we ensure. this isn't political. if you really believe in making america great again, you want to make sure that americans have a chance to be great again. that's a key part of what trumpism is all about. way in the back. >> can you hear? mr. speaker, thank you. ben dalton from tv tokyo. i am wondering how you feel about the american media's news handling of the report that russian influence had a hand in the election outcome? thank you. >> well, it is a perfect -- again, this is an example of what i would mean by waiter shed. in the old days, in the old
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order. watershed. we would have taken them seriously, felt bad about it, been on defense for weeks. this is why i want us to use the term propaganda media, not news media. the entire story in the "post" is a lie. it turns out the director of national intelligence doesn't agree, the federal bureau of investigation doesn't agree. we are not sure who there agrees. somebody at the post talked to a friend of theirs who once had a drink in georgetown with a guy who had a card that says cia. i mean t i'm really cia or something. so they said, this is great. first of all, this is one of the things where you have to say to yourself, this goes back to why i find nacim taleb's essay on intel he c intellectual but idiots. you will find out how big the change will be. you have the obama
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administration saying, gosh, we are so utterly incompetent, the russians may have interfered with our election and we didn't know it. that's the heart of their defense. that reassures me about the national security of the country. second, you have hillary, whose defense is, apparently, somebody from the fsb, which i think is the replacement for the kgb, apirntly got to her and the fsb convinced her to set up a secret server in her bathroom, which is an old russian device. honey trap used to mean sex. nowadays, it means bathrooms. they convinced her to delete 33,000 e-mails and the same agent then convinced her to lie about it and, therefore -- you have to ask yourself. when 7-year-olds come in and say, my dog ate the homework. when former secretaries of state who are presidential nominees walk in and go i think the russians must have done it because it couldn't be that i was totally incompetent, a crook
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and nobody believed me. this is why we are in a different world. political correctness is going to rapidly die. we are going to be in a world in which we get to tell the truth. the truth is, "the washington post" lied, just as "the new york times" was deliberately prop pagan is stick in its description of dr. price. the rest of us ought to get in the habit of routinely calling them on it. they are not newspaper reporters. they are prop began difficulties and they write junk with a deliberate left wing bias and we ought to take them to task. i really admire kellyanne conway. she represented the new order. every time somebody on msnbc or cnn would try to go for her, she would reframe it and not allow them to set the terms. that's what we have to have. every citizen has to be prepared to stand up and say, we are going to fight to make america great again. if you don't want to fight to make america great again, we
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recommend you go home or we are going to run over you. thank you all very, very much. . . >>. >> newt gingrich was yesterday. we


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