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tv   Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala  CSPAN  January 8, 2017 12:42pm-12:56pm EST

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the story is told in a lot more detail in drama in the book, hopefully. >> i think that is it. thank you very much, howard. howard: thank you. [applause] >> interested in american history tv? visit our west but -- visit our website at you can see our upcoming schedule or watch a program? american artifacts, lectures and history, and more at from april to october, petco park is home to the padres. from thes mascot comes spanish mission system. coming up, we will visit mission san diego, the very first mission in california.
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[bells ringing] [bells ringing] >> we are at mission basilica san diego de alcala, california's first mission founded -- we had one of rodriguez. byember of the expedition cortez that concord new mexico city.
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after he finished the conquest, south,his men traveled and they established themselves in guatemala. askedin guatemala, he was by the king of spain to build a fleet. he financed the fleet. and he sailed to san diego, arriving in 1542. when he arrived in san diego bay , he named it san miguel bay. ande is a monument for him -- in san diego. 1602, another explorer landed in san diego bay, change the name from san miguel and renamed it san diego.
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the king of spain decided that it was time to settle california to send a message to the world that this portion of the united states along to spain. representative of the king in baja, california had an interview. possibilityed the of colonizing california. 1769, there were four expeditions, two by land and two by sea. the second by venice petition arrived in san diego july 1, 1769. on july the 16th, 1769, mission the mission was established. establishedthat was is six miles west of this
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location. it was there until about the summer of 1774. then it moved to the current location. like any civilization in history, whenever there is a clash of cultures, there is to be some conflict. there were some abuses by some of the younger soldiers. -- younger soldiers against some of the indian women. was all of the land a sudden occupied occupied by is when the mission moved to this location, there were approximately 90 baptisms between the summer and fall of fights --, about 315
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315 were baptized. threatened have felt about the rate of conversions since the mission had been moved. that, and maybe other tosiderations led them attack on the morning hours of november 4 to november the fifth, 1775. 600 to 800oximately indians. they were supposed to divide the group, one group was supposed to attack where the soldiers were. the other group was supposed to attack the mission. that evening, they killed one of the priests. he was california's first martyr. his body was found the next they were next to the river, right across from the mission.
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jacketere four leather soldiers defending the mission that evening. there was one blacksmith, two children, and a priest. them weathered the attack. two of the soldiers, with the help of the blacksmith, helped fire, loading the weapons, and recalling the attack until the warning. in the morning, when the sun came up, other indians from close by villages that were coming for mass, convinced the attacking indians to leave. of missionoperations basilica san diego de alcala moved back up to the hill. with the help of captain diego and his sailors, plus the neil
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fights, started rebuilding mission basilica san diego de alcala. period,his very same our forefathers were in the middle of the declaration of independence and birth of a new nation on the east coast. when the mission was rebuilt, it was rebuilt in a defensive quadrant. 1775 has been the second time that the mission had been attacked. being august,, 1769, about a month after the mission had been founded. were builtstructures quadrant.t defensive the church occupied before theion will be fined -- church occupied the forward portion.
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it was the first adobe structure built. 1777. completed in convertcontinue to making the mission larger. the mission church was expanded. to1781, it was expanded up 90 feet in length. as a mission continued growing, it was extended to the size that we see it currently today, and that was 1813. theou visit today's church, 1813 model, you can still see the area where the baptistry is, and that would be the area with a 1777 turks would've been. you progress to the side, and you would see the size of the church as more were coming to the mission.
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that would be the 1781 church. if we continue into the turks,ry, the 18th 13 you can see the remains of california's first martyr. he rest next to two other priests. bells thatone of the was a gift of the king of spain in 1802. we can also going to the museum. the museum, we see images of different stages of the mission. when the u.s. military left mission san diego through the period where the mission started to fall into ruins, we can see how it was rebuilt. 1840, about the year of mission san diego was designated as the first diocese of the california's.
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san diego was to be the head of the diocese. did not get here until about the end of 1841. appreciate the confirmations -- officiate the confirmations at the church on the hill. atause san diego was poor the time, the bishop decided to move to santa barbara. basically, the mission was abandoned. 1847, when the mexican-american war started, the u.s. army is added mission san diego for the first time in 1848. they started occupying the mission until about 1858. during the occupation, they used the mission church as stables
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for their horses, and residents for the soldiers. after that, they left san diego mission church for the newtown area. the church fell into ruins. it got to the point that only the facade, probably a portion of the convent was standing. maybe a portion of the base of the bell fry. everything else had basically collapsed. in 1931, a team of architects to engineers started determine what the mission church of 1813 looked like, and what we see today is their concept of what the mission must've looked like in 1813. int church was dedicated
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1981 by representative of san diego. this weekend, we are featuring the history of san diego, california. together with our charter spectrum and cable partners. learn more about san diego and the other stops on our cities tour at citiestour. american history tv on c-span all weekend every week and on c-span3. >> c-span, were history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's television companies, and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. history,tures in appalachian's professor bruce
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stewart teaches a class on how the national perception of the appalachian perception of its people were formed in the 1800s. he talks about how writers appalachianmyth of -- this class is just over an hour. prof. stewart: good afternoon, class. how are you all doing? excellent, excellent. i wanted to go back in time. go back to the very beginning of the semester, second day, or second-class. remember i showed you a clip of deliverance. and once we looked at deliverance, i asked you to tell me what you think some of the stereotypes of that movie were? we begin to list a number of the sterty


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