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tv   Senate Armed Services Committee Votes 24-3 in Favor of Mattis Waiver  CSPAN  January 12, 2017 12:34pm-12:45pm EST

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as immediately we want to thank you for appearing before the committee. i know you eagerly look forward to additional committees in the future, so we thank you. thank you very much, general. this hearing is adjourned. >> thank you chairman, ranking member, thank you ladies and gentlemen. >> and we will in about one minute convene the committee on the mattis exception legislation. well wait just a minute while --
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. we now proceed to senate bill 84, elimination of persons relief from active duty as a regular commissioner of the armed forces will authorize general james mattis secretary of defense, a copy of the bill should be before you. also before you is a copy of section 179 of the recent enacted continually resolution provides for expedited specifically described bill, s-84 is prescribed as qualifying legislation, s-84 is entitled to nominate him for the senate to give advice and consent for general mattis to serve as secretary defense hopefully on the evening of the up coming
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naug r inauguration day, i remind this take place place again at a time of war when president obama took the office in 2009 he had the distinct advantage with robert gates as his secretary of defense, i believe our next commander in chief will be well served to have general james mattis on duty as early as possible. i will invite senator reid to ep gauge -- engage in colloquy, allow president truman appoint general george marshall and at that time was stated should not be repeated today we heard from two scholars, both with significant experience in the department of defense, both stated their support for the seven-year
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cooling off period currently in the law but also recommended this committee approve an exception for the second time in seven decades. obviously i support this bill and ask that all our members approached with this task with the spirit of by partisanship and ask you to follow the recommendation of dr. hicks on tuesday in the extraordinary and historic legislation that so future legislatures will understand the action we take today. i ask it be left open for one week to allow as many of you as wish to include a statement to do so, without action it is so ordered. i note we have a hard stop for 3:00 p.m. or russian interference in election, for that reason i encourage our members to submit written
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statements for the record but as many as would like to speak an opportunity to do so before we vote on the bill. finally i invite the members of the requirement of section 179 that provides for the expedited consideration of this bill. in order to avail ourselves the bill may not be aamended and also have our amendments and committee meetings, but ask your committee members refrain from off offering amendments. this is an extraordinary time and i thank all the senator members for their consideration. senator read. >> thank you very much. i think our colloquy will be on the floor as we consider the bill. i want to thank you for this markup to consider this 184 to
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be at least seven year military service before being appointed secretary of defense, i also want that thank you for holding tuesday's hearing and the implications waving the statute would have on civilian relations and defense policy and strategy, i found the testimony from both expert witnesses to be informative, and the gravity of waving this requirement of civilian control of the military, as we consider this legislation today we need to be careful to not irrevocably harm it. it is inshrined in our constitution and must never take advantage of it. i have a number of concerns including the possible politicalsation of our armed forces and so many recently retired serving at the highest
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echelon of government will have on the national security policy and how may shape advice ultimately provided to the president. furthermore, the waving of general mattis regarding his qualifications and distinguished military career will set a precedent to the long standing statute could be construed as ordinary legislative change to be used for future nominees, nevertheless i will support it based on the testimony this morning, leadership and military expertise which i believe will serve him well, however as history has demonstrated congress has enacted an exception one time since the creation of the department of defense and waving the law should happen no more than once in a generation, therefore i will not support a waiver for future nominees or any effort to thwart it down in the future. this requirement has served the
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nation well for the past seven decades. it is up to this committee to the control of the armed forces the bedrock of civilian relations remains the bedrock of our community. >> any members seeking to make comments at this time please seek recognition. >> all right. if there are no further remarks i'll entertain a motion that the committee report out the bill. >> i move. >> second. >> clerk will call the roll. >> mr. inhofe. >> i by proxy. >> sessions. >> i by proxy. >> mr. wicker. >> eye. >> mrs. fisher. >> ai. >> mr. rounz. >> ai. >> mrs. erns. >> ai. >> mr. sullivan, ai. >> mr. pursue.
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>> i by proxy. >> mr. graham. >> i be proxy. >> mr. sass. >> eye. >> mr. read. >> eye. >> mr. nelson. >>shaheen. >> eye by proxy. >> bloomen thol. >> no. >> mr. donnelly, ai. >> mrs. arow narowno. >> ai. >> mr. cain. >> ai by proxy. >> mr. hien rick. >> ai. >> warn. >> no. >> mr. peterers. >> no. >> mr. chairman. >> ai, 24 ais, 23 knows the motion is agreed to. >> thank you. hopefully we can get this done
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before 3:00 to people that have plans can fulfill those and i want to thank every member for their cooperation and if there's no further business this hearing is adjourned.
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