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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  January 19, 2017 6:16am-7:02am EST

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has not suited those in less favored areas. we have an opportunity to do something different and we should see this. >> questions for the prime minister? hopkins. >> mister speaker. >> i have meetings with ministerial colleagues, i will have furthered such meetings today. >> often hopkins? >> thousands of babies are damaged by the alcohol consuming pregnancy. a primary factor on attacks on women. does the primus to recognize the
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seriousness of the country's alcohol problem? billions in cost to the public, and instruct the government to treat these effectively. >> i recognize, particularly reference that for pregnant women. and the government continues to recognize the importance of this issue. >> lawrence robertson. >> will the prime minister join me, providers with such magnificent treatment day in and day out. without counseling and costs the nhs a great deal of money and takes lots that would otherwise be used and will she consider
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how to let those people know the inconvenience they are causing. >> my honorable friend makes two important points. paying tribute to the dedication and hard work of all those in the national health service. secondly he is right to point out someone misses an appointment that is cost on the nhs. there are a number of ways including -- the text messages reminding people not just of the appointments but how much they cost if they miss some point. >> jeremy corbin. >> mister speaker, yesterday the prime minister snubbed parliament, and snubbed the brexit committee's recommendation to bring forward a white paper plus at the same time describing the referendum as a vote to restore our
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parliamentary democracy. and living standards and prosperity, why will it not be scrutinized by this house. >> what i did yesterday was set out a plan for global britain. i set out a plan that will report the decisions of last year behind us that will show a vision for, shows a vision for a stronger, fairer, more united, more outward looking, prosperous, tolerance and independent, global britain. it is a vision that will shape a stronger future and build a
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better britain. >> restoring parliamentary democracy while sidelining parliament, not so -- mister speaker, not so much the iron lady is the irony lady. yesterday, mister speaker, the prime minister finally provided some details. can i urge her to stop her threat of a bargain-basement brexit, low-paid tax haven on the shores of europe, was not necessarily damaging the eu but it would certainly damage this country, jobs and public service. she demeans herself and her office and the country's standing by making these kinds
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of threats. >> what i set out yesterday with a plan for global britain bringing prosperity to the country and ensure people and economic growth across the country but yesterday we learned more of the right honorable gentlemen's thinking. what he said was the following. what leave the single market, and at the same time says she wants to have access to the single market. i am not sure how that will go down in europe. they have a deal with insurance access to the market. i have a plan, he doesn't have a clue. >> mister speaker, she made the
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threat. mister speaker, she was the one that made the threat about flashing corporation tax. this country loses 120 billion pounds in revenue. how do you fund public services as a result of that? last year the prime minister said leaving the signal market makes trade deals considerably harder. and negotiating her own trade agreements, there would be no guarantee that they would be on terms as good as those we now enjoy. the prime minister only offered take guarantees. that she now disagree with herself? [laughter] >> the right honorable gentlemen might also notice i said if we
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left voters to leave the european union the sky would not fall in. and what happened to the economic situation if we voted to leave the european union. talks about the future of the economy, i want us to be an outward looking nation trading around the world bringing prosperity and jobs into the united kingdom and one thing that will be bad for the economy, the right honorable gentlemen wants a cap on wages, no control and immigration and extra 500 billion pounds. that would not lead to prosperity, no job, no way defend no skills. >> the chancellor said after the referendum to lose single market access would be catastrophic. a few days later the health secretary said the first part of the plan must remain in the single market.
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the prime minister said something about frictionless access on a single market, and the clarity about this, had she pulled out paying any access fee to achieve access to a frictionless market. >> access to the single market. and key objectives is negotiate the free trade agreement. and trading with and operating in the european union. he talks about frictionless access. a separate point about frictionless borders in relation to the customs issue. in relation to our relationship between northern ireland and the republic of ireland, all parties
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are absolutely a single page on this, we want to ensure the best possible arrangement. >> the question was, to the market or not. the prime minister has not given an answer on that. and referring to skilled shortages, high skilled migration. and disagree with the secretary of state for rural affairs, and you can have cheap eu labor after we leave the european union. >> the right honorable gentlemen talks about access. the whole point is we will negotiate a free trade agreement with the european union that is about the best possible access to british business to operate in the european union and for
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european businesses to operate here in the united kingdom. it is about sitting down and negotiating the best possible deal to the united kingdom. that is what i am coming into and what this government is going to do. >> my question was how much we are going to pay to have access to the market, still no answer. yesterday she talked about pressure put on public services. can i just remind her as one of her honorable friends did earlier at the moment there are 55,000 eu citizens working in our national health service helping to treat all the people of this country. there are 80,000 care workers helping elderly people, 5000 teachers educating our children. the real pressure on public services comes -- cut billions from the social care budget.
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the closing departments, walking centers, instead of threatening to turn britain into an offshore tax haven let's welcome those who contribute to public services and fund our public services properly so we do have a fully functioning nhs that would meet the reserve. >> made clear yesterday we valued those who come to the united kingdom and contribute to the economy and our society and there will still be people coming to the united kingdom from the european union when we leave the eu. the crucial issue is this government will be making decisions about our immigration system in the european union. and to my right honorable gentlemen, there's a difference between us. it is very simple. when i put the issue of brexit
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or any other issue, i consider the issue, i set out my plan and stick to it. called leadership. >> yesterday was a day for being bold and ambitious. i warmly welcome recent comments in universities but in 10 years, at the university, to lower a few males to make female friendships and raised this issue for education ministers. closing the agenda.
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>> can i join i honorable friend in congratulating lincoln city on their victory last night. it was a fitting tribute to glenn taylor. i highlighted the issue of white working-class boys, we are committed to making sure every child gets the opportunity to fulfill that potential and apprenticeships, the number started to increase to 50% but also universities expect to spend 800 million pounds including access to disadvantaged students, we want everyone to achieve their potential whatever their background or gender. >> shortly after the prime minister confirmed taking the uk out of the single european market, the scottish parliament
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voted by a large trust majority to remain in a single european market as a large majority of people in scotland voted to remain in the european union. the prime minister said the equal partner in the united kingdom. is she stringing the people of scotland along. >> with the administration to ensure their voices are heard, their interests taken into account. and i specifically reference the scotland plan, to look at, the scotland plan will be considered by the j mc on european negotiations, and working with
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the scottish government moving forward. >> scotland leaving economic forecasters, the real wages will pop. tories jeering and cheering, when the forecast for people's income is likely to drop by 2000 pounds, 80,000, mister speaker, 18,000 people may lose their job in scotland as a result of the brexit plan of the prime minister. this is a price worth paying for our little britain brexit. >> i repeat what i said. we are working to get the best possible deal in terms of access to the single market and continuing to cooperate in
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partnership with member states of the european union. the right honorable gentlemen once again talks about the possibility about the negative impact on scotland. his party is dedicated to taking scotland out of the single market by taking it out of the united kingdom. be change they have been told by investors to rein in senior executive pay which is too often distorted by long-term incentive plans which is too complex to manage. my right honorable friend come part of the corporate governance review. >> my honorable friend raised an important issue and i am pleased to say government has taken action on executive pay giving shareholders the power to veto and force companies to disclose
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pay and particular transparency measures, i want to build on that and that is why we published a paper on shareholders influence to executive pay, and look forward to this. >> with a private is to provide a commitment that no part of the great appeal bill will be to english laws. >> the great repeal bill will have a number of complex issues we are dealing with. at its part will be the european community, and one of the issues we need to look at and look at that and negotiating a way out of the european union is the
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whole issue of reserve matters but there are many aspects to that. >> leading on the front bench, statesmanlike figure 2 demonstrates call and reserve by the prime minister. >> the honorable lady, any legislation for the house, if any part of it only applies to england, it will be in english vote. >> thank you, mister speaker. may i congratulate the prime minister, and outward looking, the highest level in two years.
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a strong and prosperous uk, would be a nightmare for the opposition, the eu ruling class. >> i agree with my honorable friend, strong and prosperous britain is what we want to build as we leave the european union. it is a pity it seems the labour party are not interested in doing that and the exact opposite. >> closed question, mister chris brian. >> i always enjoyed in the future. >> i am happy to accommodate this. >> and the tory band, a local
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food bank which is based in the closedown conservative club. the government has closed local courts, and the government is closing in card, if we feel in the valley ignored by the government. to change direction offices in the small-town villages in this country. >> the last time i looked at this, take it away from wales and put in college, i think you will find the whole point of what it is doing. and large modern regional
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centers. >> mister speaker, and global britain clearly shows the side of the health listening to the british in people. my right honorable friend come into this approach to the council leaders now considering the greater special framework and responses as the need to listen to the people and protect our green spaces. >> i take my honorable friend, the consultation on this special segment closed earlier this week and i understand the huge amount of -- absolutely right. this is made into account. >> young blackbirds.
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>> thank you, mister speaker. in the united kingdom we have 14 regional markets on electricity distribution, higher prices where we live. and the distribution charges north of scotland, i wanted 84% higher distribution charges for london. the prime minister talks about fairness, introducing universal market and stop penalizing highlanders and islanders. they are discriminated against by her government and it must end. >> the honorable gentlemen calls attention to the fact that geography has an impact on these matters which he talks about living in the coldest and windiest place, one of the issues that is interesting to look at in relation to scotland is the question of renewables and the opportunities for renewables in scotland but i can
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tell him we are looking at the impact, making sure energy markets in the uk are working properly. >> very pleased the prime minister said she would take necessary action on air quality to deal with the 40,000 premature deaths across the country every year. she believes in her government leading by example. will she make sure diesel cars are removed from government car service as soon as possible? >> my honorable friend is right that improving air quality is a priority for this government, we are determined to cut emissions, we have committed money in 2011 to supporting low emission vehicles, the government service is working to remove these vehicles from its fleet and
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replaced a quarter of its vehicles with hybrid cars and the work continues on those vehicles. >> is the prime minister aware i totally agree with what she said yesterday? we have a real responsibility for our children and grandchildren to have an issue where there are dark clouds looming on the horizon, racism across europe and foundering of great institutions of peace and prosperity since the last world war, united nations, nato and the european union. are we fit in keeping this country safe and secure in that
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world? >> it is precisely as i move out of the european union, united kingdom will be looking globally, i want to ensure we continue to play our part in the united nations and the united nations is able to do the job everybody wants it to do, the most important ball work in maintaining the safety and security across the european continent, that is why we are continuing to support nato, british troops are in estonia, british forces in poland and romania showing our commitment to nato. the thrust of my speech is we want a strong strategic partnership with the european union, we want that access to the single market, free trade agreement and continue to work with them on justice and security matters because now is not the time to cooperate less but to cooperate more. >> a replay, numb one 3 one
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against wimbledon, what is really happy is getting to work on a day-to-day basis. does the prime ministers share my cautious optimism that this could provide a long-lasting solution to hard cut commuters? >> is former wimbledon counselor i am not sure i share the enthusiasm my honorable friend says, but on the point he raised about the trade site yes i do and i hope those sitting around the table will ensure we can see an agreement reached which enables passengers to get on with their lives, get on with their jobs and not suffer the miseries of the court battle. >> can i agree with the prime minister and disagree with the last member about the reference to last night's meeting? if the prime minister really believes tp surgery should be open 7 days a week, 12 hours a
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day, would she be my guest at the resident's meeting against department of health which will close 6000 strong wilson surgery, even better, could she just tell her government to stop cuts to dp services which cost thousands to attend hard-pressed like those -- or is she just happy to oversee the possible collapse of the nhs on her watch. >> that reminds the honorable lady we sat on accounts together, playing in wimbledon rather than moving elsewhere. on the point of gp services, they are part of the solution in terms of nhs for the future, that is why we have seen more coming or something like more being trained will be in place by 2020. we want to ensure gps are open
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and providing services at times patients want to access them. >> it was clear from the prime minister's speech yesterday she seeks to build a brexit consensus and bring our country back together. to that end, to strengthen the prime minister's negotiation, before article 15 would she be publishing all those objectives in a white papers so we can debate them on behalf of all our constituents? >> my honorable friends, i absolutely understand the point she made about parliament, hard to debate those objectives which i have clearly in the plans i set out yesterday. one of them was about certainty and clarity and continues to be the government's intention to
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provide clarity wherever it is possible and that appropriate time the public and parliament are kept informed and able to consider these issues. >> thank you, mister speaker, dedicated and talented staffers putting actions in the emergency department to sick people around 135 patients are unable to be discharged to social care. when will the government recognize its responsibility to blame gps for a problem of the government's own taking? >> there is a pressure on social care. i recognize that, and the government recognized it and put improved funding on the social care preset, liverpool this year
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made 2 $.8 million and they will receive $48 million for the improved medicare fund by 2019-20. it is not just about money but social care in the future. >> can i commend my right honorable friends for the constructive tone they took to the future of the eu in marked contrast to others we heard in the uk. would she confirmed that constructive tone will remain to get an agreement between ourselves and the eu and the default position of no deal will remain a default position, not be persuaded into the government's option. >> we expect to get that deal. a good will and positive
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approach on both sides. the uk wants to see a continuing strong european union in 27 member states. we want to strong strategic partnership with the european union and work bilaterally, and after my speech, i approach this on a positive and optimistic fashion in a deal that is good for the uk and the european union. >> the national orders received abject failure in the fiasco that resulted in thousands of people wrongly denied their tax credit. this is not one contractor but a system designed by government to chase down payments for profits. does the prime minister agree,
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payment by results have no place in our welfare system. will she review this model will she wait for the next scandal to hit vulnerable people? >> i recognize many people, not the first time this is highlighted. i apologize for the worry and distress caused to people, we have been clear about that service operated by concentric's and learn the lessons from that contract and they remain committed to a high-quality service and do not use private sectors to take tax credit and forged checks again. >> further question for my honorable friend, confirm the commitment to parliamentary democracy and she accepts the long-standing convention the executive, the government is
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continuously accountable to this house for the policies being pursued, can she clarify whether or not she intend to make any further statements of policy intentions to this house, whether she anticipates this house has an opportunity devoted to approval earlier than two years away when the negotiation has been completed. >> my right honorable fred raises a matter that my honorable friend has raised but others have raised as well. obviously yesterday my right honorable friend secretary of state to the european union came and answered questions. there is a further general debate on the european union matters taking place today. there have been a number of the baits already, looking at issues
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that are part of the objectives we have set. we have to consider the result of the supreme court which may have it goes against the government require legislation to reports, there will be opportunity in the great repeal bill to look at a number of issues. as for voting on the actual deal we have, we can't vote on that until we know what the deal is and parliament will have a vote when we know what the deal is. >> the prime minister's passing reference in the speech yesterday, and fishing opportunities are on the table as a bargaining chip for negotiations have started. what does the prime minister want to offer? >> i made a simple point yesterday which is this negotiation is not just about the united kingdom. there will be others in the
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european union looking for ensuring the deal we get is good for the uk and good for the european union. i have to say to the honorable lady if she in any sense thinks continued membership is what we should be looking for that is certainly not the case. >> being confronted with possible loss of emergency services when our hospitals are constantly under intense pressure, my honorable friend and other local mps, no way to deal with increased, real, not imagined, need. >> the level of service available to people in any particular local area, that is why the transformation plans
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being considered and published are taking into account and being considered at a local level, local clinician and local people to agree what is best in their particular area. >> mister speaker, last friday i went to victoria hospital where the number of people waiting 12 hours or more doubled. trust managers told me discharging patients in care my local papers and government cuts voted support for them. we will need 30 billion pounds for all the people in the next we 10 years and nothing to corporation taxes but local care and the nhs. >> looking at the factors there are more doctors than foundation
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trusts. i know what the honorable gentlemen is talking about and not about to comment on it. but the honorable lady might have recognized he is not talking about the nhs which i am commenting on. >> and exchange across the house at this point, order, the prime minister was asked a question and i require no help from the honorable gentlemen which is of zilch value. the prime minister will answer and she will be heard with courtesy including by the honorable gentlemen. the prime minister. >> the honorable gentlemen asks about the national health service, we are seeing more doctors and nurses in the foundation trust and help funding in the gentleman's area, $3 billion this year and this
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will be rising up with a further 450,000,000 x 202021. in terms of social care, we are putting money into social care but giving local authorities the opportunity to raise more money and spend it on social care but this is not just about more money but ensuring best practices spread throughout the country, and a long-term solution to sustainable social care in the issue, which has been done by government and labor government for 13 years. >> on friday the east coast of england faced the threat of a tidal surge that endangered tens of thousands of homes. this meant flooding was averted. will the prime minister join me in praising the response of the emergency services planning ahead, involving the army, coast guard, fire service and ambulance and police to make
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sure the best plans were made and will she join with me in making sure the public knows that these warnings in the future should always be taken seriously? >> my honorable fred raises an important point. i'm happy to join with them in commending the action of all emergency services and armed forces and local authorities who worked so hard to make sure this problem is being dealt with, changing weather took place at absolutely crucial that these warnings, people recognize they are given for good reason because there's concern about the danger that could take place and the efforts that protected tens of thousands and i am pleased to see the work we learned from previous flooding incidents and the work between emergency services, local services and the armed forces was better coordinated and we were able to learn from flooding
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in the past. >> mister speaker, in response to the honorable members, the prime minister talked about her desire to give clarity to the eu. many of my constituents and european citizens bringing up their families, what assurance can she give about their future particularly if they change employer or freelancers? >> one of the objectives in my speech, what i said before, about guaranteeing eu assistance in the uk but i also want to see the right of uk assistance living in 27 member states being guaranteed as well. i remain open and i encourage others to agree with me that this is an issue at an early stage and in order to give
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confidence and reassurance. and can i invite the concept of continuance of community hospitals in our market towns across the country and provide a vital piece of the jigsaw international health service. and we have a safe and secure service for people, and they provided with nhs services they need at the most appropriate level, i fully accept the point, very often only of major district general hospitals but the nhs is made of many different parts and we need to
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ensure patients are being treated at the most appropriate level. >> membership of the customs union, 68% including crucially $.19, and on that. >> what we will be doing is negotiating a free-trade agreement with the european union to get the best access to trade with the european union but we want to negotiate deals, trade agreements with other countries around the world and they expressed interest in doing this. to see new export markets, and the trade he is talking about in wales and the customs aspect of the european union we have an arrangement that will have a
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friction order as possible.
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