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tv   Federal Officials Testify on Security Clearances and Cybersecurity  CSPAN  February 2, 2017 12:23pm-12:36pm EST

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february 9th, 2016. >> no objection, so ordered. >> so we have enough here, just with this here enough to do an investigation and this is just the stuff that is unclassified that the intelligence community has put out there. we don't have to talk about -- >> will the gentleman yield? >> sure i yield. >> two points. number one, sources and method are the sole jurisdiction of the intelligence committee. number two, have you really thought this through? do you think it's appropriate for this committee to investigate the hack of the dccc. >> absolutely. >> we're going to have to dive into a political party's infrastructure data, i don't think that's appropriate. here is the difference. >> actually you're using all my
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time here. look, they hacked the american election. that's worth looking into. >> president obama said it wasn't even possible. >> this is high confidence our own fbi, high confidence that they hacked the election, that they interfered with the election. it may not have been outcome determinetive, but based on the fbi, the director of national security, they're saying yeah, and also the cia, they're in agreement that the elections were hacked. now, i'm not saying that affected the outcome but they tried. it may have been just chaos that they wanted though create, but they interfered with our elections and if we're turning a blind eye to that that's a shame, that's core to our democracy, an if we're going to say that's somebody else's work,
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it's our work, we ought to do it publicly about the damage done to the confidence in our electoral system. that's what's important here. people have to fear that we have a certain integrity in our system and other countries are not louallowed to interfere wit that. that's a red line and we should not allow that and it should be an serious obligation of ours, we're a committee of unlimited jurisdiction. that's the strength of this committee and i think this is -- look they hacked our election, this should be bipartisan. >> the gentleman's time is well expired. as i said i do think there should be as i said when it happened there should be an investigation, a prosecution.
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>> yeah, the prosecution of -- >> hold on the gentlemen's time has expired. >> we'll just look at what the agencies themselves have made -- >> the gentleman's time has expired an if you're going to do a proper investigation as this committee did with the breach at the office of personnel management, you have to look at the two sides of the breach. those trying to do it which this committee would not look at in the opm breach. that is the purview of the house intelligence committee. but we could look at those that were breached and how inept their systems were and how bad it was set up an how the inspector general was warning of these things, that we did do. >> we had nine separate investigations on hillary clinton -- >> the gentleman is out of order. the gentleman's time is expired i gave you well more than five minutes.
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what i think is inappropriate. and i'm trying to answer the question. it would be wholly inappropriate for the united states congress for us to dive into the dccc, you might want to do an investigation yourself of the dccc, i don't think the united states congress should be diving into their individual private systems of a political party. if you want me to start issuing subpoenas on the dccc, i'm probably not going to do it but go ahead and suggest it. >> how about some to have -- >> the gentleman's time is expired. >> you asked me a question. >> i did not. >> gentlemen yield. gentlemen, i think we need to calm down here a little bit. mr. chairman, you have made some statements and i just ask you to give him the courtkurtcy of a m
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and a half. >> no, i will not. >> will the gentleman make me finish. thank you. this has been an attack on our democracy an mr. lynch is one of our greatest members, and the passion that he has expressed is not limited to him. it's to many americans. they feel as if all of our -- the things that under pin our democracy have been attacked over an over again. and as i said yesterday, we keep saying we're going to wait until certain things happen with president trump. they're happening now. and if the gentleman would just give me 30 more seconds. all i was saying is i was just hoping that in a -- i mean as a courtesy to the gentleman i just wanted him to be able to respond. >> i would like to ask you a question to the ranking member,
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does the ranking member believe this committee should do an investigation of the dccc? >> i think we can look at certain things, i am very familiar with sources and methods, but i think what t gentleman is saying is just look at the things that are unclassified an apparently he has reports in his happened and see where we go from there. number two, as i said in answering the chairman's question we have a bill that i think would resolve this issue nicely. i'm sure mr. lynch is concerned about that we cannot just turn a blind eye to when we have 17 intelligence agencies who unanimously agree that there has been hacking with regard to our elections. and there seems to be -- one of the things i've noticed there's been an effort -- not by you, mr. chairman, but by others to
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say it didn't affect the results. forget it i accept mr. trump as my president, i'm looking forward to meeting with him next week, but the idea that russia could come in and interfere with our elections, all of us should be going berserk, really, really upset, so all i'm saying to you is i think that all the gentleman is saying is he's got documented that you have already entered into the record that are unclassified. want to look at those, now how far we can go is another thing, but again mr. chairman you and i know what happened with the benghazi committee, basically it became a bipartisan fight. >> hold on the gentleman's time has expired. you're going well outside the scope. >> no, i'm not. don't put an -- on me.
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>> i'm just asking a simple question. >> yes, i answered you, yes. >> i just want to. >> i just answered you. >> you're not listening, what i said was what the gentleman asked, all he asked is take the unclassified information, do not turn a blind eye to the attack on our electoral system and let's go as far as we can. when you take it to the intelligence committee, what you have done is you have got mr. nunez on the transition committee for president trump and as much as i like him, i want as the gentleman asked he wants an investigation that will have integrity. and i preached integrity over an over again, when you deal with integrity and transparency it's like money in the bank, so i
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would just ask you to just work with us and see what we can come up with, that's all. >> my last point. my last point. i don't think it's appropriate. i disagree with the attack on the integrity of the intelligence committee. i disagree with that. i think they are of integrity. i think mr. shif and mr. nunez are men of integrity and i'm sorry you don't feel that way. >> now you done put something in my mouth. >> hold on. >> no, no no, you said something that's not accurate. what i said was -- i'm not questioning the integrity of mr. nunez or mr. shif. both i have a lot of respect for. what i am saying is what the gentleman said is we want a report. i'll be very brief when they look at the report and see somebody on the transition team of mr. trump then it becomes questionable all i'm saying to the world is that's why we filed the bill we file an why we are
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asking for a more independent investigation. >> last point, last point. and we're going to recognize mr. m meadows. >> do the democrats truly want this committee to do an investigation of the dnc -- >> we leave this recorded portion of the programming take you live to the white house and today's briefing. >> the path is going to start his meeting at 1:00 sharp. you probably just saw the folks from harley rolling on in literally. the president signed a proclamati proclamation proclamation ushering in black history month. last night the president was honored to host the swearing in the next secretary of state rex
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tillerson in the oval office. he is a respected man all ov the world for the tremendous life he's led and now will bring experience to the critical task of making our nation clearer, and safer. r rex tillerson will enhance america's interest throughout the world. praise is pouring in from around the country for the pick for supreme court. the detroit news said judge gorsuch is an outstanding superstar. the initial reaction was to cheer. the sentinel quoted his outstanding -- unfortunately senate offices aren't in the
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habit of releasing editorials. the president looks forward to a fair and expedient -- majority whip cornyn, grassley, hatch and garner, also with joe mansion of west virginia. we have to have a few trump state democrats who want to win re-election, but the 60 vote standard is simply not accurate. democrats are grasping at straws to block a qualified nominee. the two supreme court justices that president obama put forward were subject to the 60 vote --


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