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tv   The Regulators Our Invisible Government 1982 Preview  CSPAN  February 11, 2017 5:56pm-6:01pm EST

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this wonderful hilltop site overlooking the delaware river. we did not find any native american stuff. we had a monitor on the site during the early excavation to be actually certain that we were not missing anything. unfortunately, it was not here. it had been disturbed. scott: the museum of the museum of the american revolution will open in april of philadelphia 2017. we are installing the exhibits right now even as we are recording this. many of these artifacts are being restored and prepared and will be displayed. some of them in the actual core exhibition. the triphena bowl will be on display. many of them will be on display in the family center. many will look at domestic life in this neighborhood during the american revolution.
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>> this week on reelamerica, the regulators -- a 1982 pbs documentary focusing on pollution regulation in the national parks. here is a preview -- >> each week, american history tv's reel america bring to films that provide context for today's public affairs issues. >> in a residential section of the nation's capital, david hawkins begins his commute. a political appointee of the carter white house, hawkins was chosen to regulate our nation's air pollution laws. he will be a key figure in a clean air battle to unfold in the months ahead. a lifelong environmentalist, he has strong opinions on our government's obligations. >> regulation has tended to be developed in response to abuse. the food, drug, and cosmetic act
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was a response to the horrors in the food industry. it is easy to say you are in favor of less regulation, but if you ask somebody if they are in favor of dirtier air, you will have someone say, no, we are not air.vor of dirtier >> these programs are causing people to spend money cleaning up what they have been putting into the air for free. >> as hawkins' day begins at the environmental protection agency, so does that of a adversary across town. >> henry nickel is a lawyer for which feels the full
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weight of the regulation. he is part of a group of power producers located in the west. he believes regulation creates as many problems as it solves. >> because of the utility industry is operating large industrial facilities that produce a great amount of energy and requires a good deal of fuels, they are number one on the list for regulation. >> the principal problem is the atmosphere of uncertainty that exists. you are talking about investments of hundreds of millions of dollars, and every time they build a plant, all of the environmental requirements that apply to the last plant they built have likely been changed. >> watch the entire program sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern here on american history tv, only on c-span3. &a.sunday night on q
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>> in all these years, i never seen a case, the snowden case, where so uncritically journalists have accepted information from a single source, edward snowden who is in moscow under the control of the russian government. >> edward epstein on his book "how america lost its secrets: edward snowden, the man and the fact." >> heated enormous damage. i don't know if his supporters say he did enormous damage, they say he did enormous good. maybe he did some good. he started a national conversation. and he opened up a subject of wherest, but i think trump is right is that this man has not faced justice. and he deserves to face justice, whatever we decide. >> on


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