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tv   Hollywood Cemetery  CSPAN  February 19, 2017 9:42pm-10:01pm EST

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circumstances, while in baltimore, in 1849. american history tv continues our look at richmond with a look cemetery, the second-most visited cemetery after arlington cemetery. scans before a note is stirred. nature is pondering the symphony of spring, as yet unheard. poem from an american poet buried in hollywood cemetery. here at hollywood cemetery, we are anticipating the coming of spring. now, many trees are dormant, but come to life.
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hollywood cemetery with an established in 1947, just beyond the limits of richmond, virginia. the cemetery given its name because of the extensive amount od trees on the grounds. by the middle of the 19th century, american cities and towns had grown due to immigration and industrial mission -- industrialization. the city burial grounds had become overcrowded. the cemetery was created outside the city limits and also provided park space for the citizens.
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he found this area to be very damp. he filled it with english landscape. the trees found on the grounds , and heies, poppies , dogwoods, and create myrtles -- create myrtles creating any such landscape. it is a place for the living, park. there are presidents, supreme court justices, governors, captains of industry, and writers. many of the stories are told through the artwork and symbols on their monument. as we walked today, we will hollywood how
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received visitors from the world over. we are now in the confederate soldier section of hollywood. ,riginally, this was city land not part of hollywood. in 1861, the confederate government confiscated this land for the burial of confederate soldiers. president ellis, president at the end of the 19th century said , if temple is a lost cause, hollywood is a central station. there are approximately 18,000 buriedrate soldiers here. originally, all the graves were marked with wooded headboards, but none of the headboards have survived.
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today, some are coming back and market with the military style stone. the centerpiece is the pyramid. the pyramid was created in 1869. it is nine feet tall. you will notice, there is no mortar holding the stones in place. the hollywood ladies who have this built one of this to be the first think you saw when you came to the grounds. for many years, it was. when it was built, there were no trees out here. the soldierin section is general george pickett. he served in both the united states army and the confederate army. he suffered to serious defeats in the civil war. the first was that geddes work -- gettysburg.
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that battle became known as pickett's charge. ,lso, the battle at five forex april 1, 1865. surrender at lee's appomattox. the monument was placed by survivors of his vision. it was designed for gettysburg, but the federal this would not give permission for its placement there. so, it was placed in hollywood in 1888. tosting next a ticket -- soldiersre the 3000 brought here.
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stewart, a cavalry officer, and then two years later was mortally wounded near asheville, virginia. near his monument is an obelisk, which is an interest in style monument that represent son at -- sun at midday. he was only 31 years old when he died. here, the founder of hall in named, stuart her honor. some years we will come out and find a tent with family members having a family reunion at the grave site of stewart. and ellene grave
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ellen glasgow, a pulitzer prize-winning author. oppressionbout the of women in the south. she was also critical about the false sentiment mentality. she was disappointed because she was worried that they were going to lose in the life of the mind. she said that richmonders were loquacious partygoers. of douglashe grave southall freeman.
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his book was studied by patton and bradley when they planned their campaigns. he was editor of "the richmond news leader" for over 30 years. he also gave daily broadcasts over the radio every day. his gravestone is very modest. we have just his name and dates. giant modest stone for a literary leader. he is buried next to his wife. maintenanceng some going on here at hollywood. winter is the time when all of the trees are maintained. they are doing a little maintenance on the trees. the artwork here are cast iron, stone, and stained glass. this is one of the most beloved
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monuments. 1865. placed here in war, thee civil confederate government confiscated all of the ornamental iron work in the city of richmond. sent to be melted down into bullets. bell survives because of parishioner paid in gold to save the bell. reeve placeds the
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mr. reere in 1869 -- here in 1869. dog this is what is called a cradle stone. we will often see a little remembered stone. this tradition comes from the desert cultures. they put rocks on top of the grave. that has evolved into a token of remembrance. sometimes we will find a coin left of the grave. man represents the fairy who takes is across the river styx to the underworld. we are at the grave of jefferson davis and his family. he was a graduate of west point, a mississippi cotton planter, a member of the house of
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representatives, u.s. senator, and the only president of the confederacy. howas married to the arena howl.ena difficultyhad supporting the family. when she was 18, she was engaged to jefferson davis. he was 18 years her senior. they had six children. four sons and two daughters. the two daughters are winnie, the youngest, the first daughter of the confederacy, and margaret, whose monument is the angel with the open face of the bible.
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died in newvis buried there.s he was reburied at hollywood. of junichiaturday or, the sons of the veterans celebrate the life of jefferson we are finishing the tort at the president circle. the center of the circle is james monroe. james monroe is born in virginia, had a home near charlottesville, and was a veteran of the american revolution. we are at a very exciting time because the two of james monroe has been out for a year and haa
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half being restored. over the years, it was deteriorating and it had to be taken down because 40% of it had to be recast. designed by alan flat ink and was originally built richmond. james monroe was buried in hollywood in 1858. earlier and was buried in new york. the munro family gave their permission, and in a very large ceremony, july of 1858, munro cemeteryed from marble in new york, and reburied at
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hollywood cemetery. president of the united states is buried here. tyler finished his presidency, he renounced his american citizenship and went to work for the confederacy. three weeks before he died, he was elected to the confederate congress. for 20 years, there was no marker at his grave. 20 years after he died, the state put up a small headstone. in 1915, the federal government erected the monument we have today. this has the bust of tyler. urn,e top is in turn -- an surrounded by two eagles. figures an allegorical
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of memory. side, andt allegorical figure of the republic with the seal of virginia on there. also, symbols of authority and government. for genia, he died in richmond. he left his home, sherwood forest, and moved to richmond to work for the confederacy. year,asons of the visitors can be seen walking, taking photographs, sketching, and painting the landscape and enjoying the artwork. a placelso placed -- where we renew our acquaintance with the men and women of american history.
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those who built our city, state, and nation. c-span's "washington journal" life every day with news and policy issues that impact you. monday morning, the american enterprise institute's gary schmitt will discuss his weekly about presence of power. iran.a look at and, born right joins us to oncuss her book presidential spouses. be sure to watch "washington journal" at 7:00 easter monday morning. join the discussion. >> which presents work america's greatest leaders? we recently asked 91 historians
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to rate the president in 10 presidents in 10 areas of leadership. the toplincoln holds spot. three other continue to hold their position. george washington, theodore about -- fdt was roosevelt. choices,ut the top trumanon, ronald reagan, , kennedy. lb johnson jumps up one spot. james buchanan holds the last spot.
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the survey had good news for outgoing president barack obama. for his first time on the list, historians placed him at number 12 overall. george bush moved up on the list. how did our historians rate your favorite president? who were the leaders and the losers in each of the 10 categories? you can find all of this and more on our website at now, from earlier this evening, our program from inside the national museum of african american history and culture. we look at exhibits and artifacts chronicling the african american story from slavery through the inauguration of the first african american president. and we talked to museum specialists. this is american history tv, only on cspan3. >> you are looking at the


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