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tv   Historically Black Colleges and Universities Stakeout  CSPAN  March 1, 2017 9:00am-9:14am EST

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>> congratulations. >> thank you, mr. president. >> thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> presidents of historically
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black college presidents and universities executive order moving to assist hbcu from the education department to the white house. >> i'm cynthia jackson hammond. president of central state university in liver force, ohio. for the last two days, 80 plus presidents of hbcus have gathered to be heard and the last two days, we have talked about our vision, our mission, and our intentions to further the education of so many students across this great country. i want to take the opportunity to thank thurgood marshall college fund for twgiving us th opportunity to meet with the president and his amazing staff. we've had a lot of good work done today and yesterday and very comfortable and confident that we were heard and that our intentions will be met.
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>> good evening. i'm president nathaniel of jacksonville, florida. i want you to know is my background is in law enforcement. i was a sheriff in jacksonville for 8 years and i've seen and heard everything. but this has to be one of the great moments in my life and career. in the oval office with the president of the united states, recognizing hbcus as one of the crown jewels in this country. certainly, that's a big deal. if i was talking in terms of baseball, i would say, this was a home run.
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this president took the time to have a presidents hbcus from around the country in his office and promised to make hbcus in this country a priority of the white house. hbcus have been a part of the department of education. this president recognizing the importance of hbcus is now reinstituting the notion that now it is the white house initiative on hbcus. >> yes, sir. >> hi, good afternoon. i'm leslie baas kerville. president and ceo of the
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national association for equal opportunity and higher education, nafeo, advocacy for the black colleges and universities and 80 predomina predominantly black institutions. this is a great day for membership and america. we came at the invitation of president trump who realizing the centrality of hbcus to the realization of his robust agenda whether it's education or economic development, whether or not it's revitalizing our higher distress or rural areas of distress, having a diverse excellent workforce, recognizing without thriving hbcus, cannot realize his goals to get america back on track again. we came back yesterday, 88 strong. my colleague set 88 before the record, 88 presidents, more hbcu
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presidents at any time in the white house together. we came and met for a good part of the day but we also met in the oval office with president trump and thereafter, met with the range of leadership executive leadership in the white house, and so we're pleased that under this administration, hbcus will not be peripheral issues but central to everything that goes on and we're looking forward to working with this administration and with the 115th congress to put dollars behind the the promise of these institutions that are educating disproportionate percentages. 3% of american colleges and universities but they are graduating 40% of african-american science and technology and engineering mathematics with advanced degrees. 50% of public school teaching professionals and 67% of african-american health
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professionals. we see this as a great opportunity. we're here. we'd like to especially thank ama rosa, an hbcu alumna who understands the important of hbcus and this underscores, this underscores the importance of diversity from the top all the way down in the executive office and corporate suites in america, in the military, and across the board. had she not been in the community, what they can do to drive president trump's agenda. thank you. i'd like to have someone come. >> my name is leonard haynes iii. former executive director of the white house initiative on black colleges you should president george w. bush. today marks a historic day
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because this initiative now becomes more real and possible in terms of helping the black colleges increase and expand that you are participation in the fellow programs in the united states of america. african-americans pay taxes like everybody else but never received our fair share from the federal government. these institutions here responsible for the creation of the black middle class. there's no question about it. the african-american museum would not be where it was today if it were not for black college graduates who have fueled this economy, done so much. fallen to wars. we've done everything and finally america is everything what it's supposed to be.
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we're grateful and thankful for this moment in history. i looked in the oval office and said more african-americans in the oval office than ever before in the history of the united states of america. who knew that it would take president trump to make this happen? we are thankful and we look forward to helping the federal government realize the promise of the executive order. it's not over yet. we still got to get our support that we deserve. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i'm marcia from bleu field, west virginia. this is an exciting and historic day for all the hbcus collectively but also for each one of our institutions individually.
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and many who otherwise would not have had that kind of opportunity. today's action shines a spotlight on the accomplishments of our institutions. continue to work with our students, so we continue and look forward to working with everyone here and with the administration to fulfill the promise of this executive order and we're very appreciative for this day. thank you. >> thank you. >> his pen was given to my
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esteemed colleague, dr. baskerville. this is the pen signed to do many of us never thought would happen. ceo of the thurgood marshall fund. >> united negro college fund. >> johnny taylor from the thurgood college fund and dr. baskerville, president of nafeo, collectively so pleased. it's a historic moment. 47 public historic black colleges and university. 38 member institutions, 37 president. i'm giving him more, 37 presidents at ucnf and excited about what this respepresents a the next step is the budget. so this was a good beginning but we should be clear to make good
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on the money and clear and words matter. >> ucnf has worked with every administration from franklin roosevelt to donald trump. we are pleased that the president has invited the hbcus to washington to meet with him, with the senior leadership here in the white house and with the secretary of the department of education among others. we're delighted the president has issued the proclamation creating the white house initiative and we look forward to working with him with his
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secretary of education with members of the team to bring to life the many statements they've made about ensuring this administration is the most supportive of historically black colleges. that's an extraordinary bar to set and we look forward to them meeting it. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm from talladega college. you may know that name. i'm not tthe president of the s that the hbcu ban. there was a big controversy about the ban participating in the inaugural parade and i'm happy to report that our students had a wonderful experience participating in the historic parade. today is a very, very special day in president trump signing the executive order, historically black colleges and
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universities. i've been president 16 years and at no time any administration invi invite all the presidents in washington. not only the opportunity to visit with the president in the oval office but to have a discussion with the executive staff and the vice president of the united states. that has never happened in the history that i know of hbcu presidency, so i want to, again, thank president trump and his administration for signing this executive order. we just know, we just know that there are great things to come for our hbcus. >> what are the significant investment that you look for? >> no questions, thank you. >> what is the significant investment? there is no money in the executive order.


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