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tv   Former Ambassador John Bolton at 2017 Conservative Political Action...  CSPAN  March 2, 2017 4:16pm-4:31pm EST

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results will be on all of our web sites immediately so let's get it out to everybody who's driving that message because it's not right. thank you all very much. [ applause ] this part of the cpac gathering includes former u.s. embassador to the u.n., john bolton. >> thank you very much. thank you. it's great to be here. as you may have noticed, i'm not secretary of state or the national security adviser.
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but i remain nonetheless determined to ensure that america, after long years of drift and defeat, returns to a conservative foreign policy. [ applause ] my aim, as it always has been, is not only to conceptualize and articulate such apolicy, but to ensure it is implemented by our government. to that end i created a pac, a super pac and a foundation, which together over the last three years, has raised over $20 million. in the last two election cycles, i helped elect senate and house candidates who believe in a strong u.s. national security policy and informed the broader public on the principals defining america's place in the world. in the 2014 and 2016 elections
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the john bolton pac endorsed 181 candidates for congress and contributed nearly $1.2 million directly to candidates' campaign funds making the john bolton pac the most active leadership pac in the country. [ applause ] the john bolton super pac launched six major independent expenditure campaigns spending over $8 million in innovative digital ad campaigns that for the first time successfully used advanced data models to target and turn out voters. with over 117 ads produced and 66 million views of bolton super pac content, our efforts drove the national security campaign debate. we will continue to expand our activities in 2018 in order to achieve a filibuster approved
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national security majority in the senate. [ applause ] you can go to for more information. on substantive policy, conservative foreign policy has never been determined by the actions or decisions of individual political leaders, whether in the legislative or the executive branch. instead, our foreign policy has always rested on the bedrock principal of protecting our constitutional system from foreign threats and ideologies and protecting vital american interests around the world. by analogy in the judicial sphere, conservatives insist the judges look to the constitution's original meaning in shaping their decisions. so too in national security, our world view rests on the exceptionalism of america.
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faced with an often hostile world that far too often neither understands nor appreciates what makes meamerica different. our leaders should not expect, nor should they seek the approval of the international high-minde high-minded. we are not looking to be part of an international world order, such as that imagined by today's equivalent of the world federalists or many in the european union. we have made our own world order. what i want to do today briefly is talk about in a few key areas specific things i think the trump administration should do going forward, not reviewing the past eight years, which would take far too long, but talking specifically about what we need to do going ahead in a few key areas. number one, dealing with radical
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islamic terrorism around the world. [ applause ] president trump has instructed the pentagon to come up with a new war plan to deal with isis in the middle east and key to that plan has to be that we move to destroy isis as rapidly as possible, but in a way that minimizes the upside for iran and its allies in that conflict. this is the precise opposite of the obama approach. in any complex multi-party military conflict such as this is, destroying one party advantages everyone else, but we want to destroy isis in a way that minimizes iran's gains, the gains of its regime and baghdad and assad. second on weapons of of mass
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destruction, there are two key priorities for the trump administration. first with respect to iran and its support for international terrorism and its nuclear weapons program, candidate trump described everything that was wrong with barack obama's nuclear deal with iran. he was very firm on the subject and he should ab ro gate that deal cze deal, end that deal as soon as possible. [ applause ] we need a clear statement of leadership by the united states that this was a strategic debackle by our country and we don't intend to let it persist. and on korea, the other major nuclear proliferation threat, we need to educate china to eliminate the regime in north korea and to apply it's unique power to stop kim jong-un from
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nuclear terrorism around the world. on the broader subject of china itself, which will be the strategic issue for the united states in the 21st century, we need as soon as possible to say to china in no uncertain terms, you are to back off in the south china sea and back off in the east china sea. [ applause ] we should not tolerate china making a province out of the south china sea. we should not see them interfere in free navigation of international waters or pressuring our friends in the region and endangering the economies of key allies like south korea and japan and ta taiwan. we should make it clear that
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there will be no reunify occasion of taiwan is never going to happen. we talk about a one khchina policy. if you're henry kissinger you can handle constructive ambiguity. i think it's time for constructive clarity. we support the people of taiwan. we support their continued self government independent of china. now, on the subject of russia, the media loves to comment about what president trump has said about vladimir putin and about a variety of other things in that relationship. what they leave out, typical of the political mainstream press because they can't handle substance, they leave out
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substance. so let's look at what president trump has already said about our relations with russia when it comes to the disastrous arms treaty. he said this is a badly negotiated one-sided treaty that gives russia a decided advantage that we didn't have to give away, but which the obama administration did. i think having made that analysis, the next step in the bilateral relationship with russia is for this administration to ab ro gate the new start treaty so we have a nuclear deterrent that's equal to our needs to prevent future conflict. that would be a signal to vladimir putin. while we're on the subject, you may have noticed that russia has again violated the 1987 inf treaty which limits intermediate range nuclear missiles. there's only one country in the
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world that's bound by this treaty. russia is bound by this treaty, but they don't pay any attention to it. there's only one country that can't build intermediate range nuclear missiles and that's it. president trump should say to vladimir putin that you bring russia back into compliance with the inf treaty or we're gonna get out of that one too. then the final point, the final point is protecting american sovereignty against the pressures of global governance. we see this in many, many fields and the question of gun control and environmental issues, in right to life issues, people are constantly trying to make decisions for us and just like the citizens of britain voted to leave the european union this past yjune, we have to fight fo american sovereignty. here is the principal that the
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trump administration should announce. on this earth for americans, there's no authority higher than the u.s. constitution. [ applause ] if anybody tells you -- if anybody tell us you that international law is superior to the constitution, tell them to tell it to the founding fathers. thank you very much. [ applause ] ♪ later on our companion network cspan bill press interviews washington post reporter who has reported on donald trump's businesses and his charitable trust. that's coming up live at 7:00 p.m. eastern on cspan. in case you missed it, here are some clips of cspan's
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programming last week. house minority leader at the san francisco health care forum talking about the affordable care act. >> we're for the affordable care act. we want to see them come up with something that does not diminish what our goals were in the affordable care act. that was to expand coverage to as many people as possible in our country, to improve benefits for everyone and to lower the cost. counselor to president tr p trump. >> i look at myself as a product of my choices and not a victim of circumstances. that's to me what conservativism is about. while in mexico homeland security secretary talked about deto deportations. >> all deportations will be according to our legal justice system which is extensive and
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includes multiple appeals. the focus of deportations are beyond the criminal element that have made it into the united states. all of this will be done in coordination with the governor of mexico. ruth bader ginsburg. >> someo >> someone came up with the idea to drop a curtain between the people auditioning and the judges and it worked like magic. almost overnight women were making their way into orchestras. i wish we couduply kate the drod curtain, but it isn't that easy. >> i had one real and one
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fictitious role model. one was amelia air heart and the other was nancy drew. >> the day after the inauguration 2 million mostly women marched on the streets of america, 100,000 marched here in this country and it was e expression of fear and anxiety that we had someone in the white house wielding this enormous power. the intellectual capacity of the president. >> all programs are available at csp and by searching the video library. the american conservative union hosted this multi-day


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