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tv   Interview with Representative Al Lawson  CSPAN  March 4, 2017 3:47am-3:59am EST

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it's in a position where i look at it every day. so that i understand that one of the reasons i'm here is to make sure our veterans are cared for. we have another piece that we're redoing with another frame with medals can and pictures that go along with this. again, when you have reminders libraryi like that, you have tendency to have human policy. than just numbers. >> thank you for telling people about yourself. >> thank you. we spoke to representative al lawson. he is one of ten new members ebbi elected in florida. >> congressman, you started working when you were able years
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old. why and what were you doing. >> i was tall for my age and a lot of people in the country would work in the tobacco fields, picking up leaves and can -- tobacco was cane where i grow up. it was a dollar a day and that was big money at the time. when i look at social security card it's interesting to see how long it's been since i have been working. >> $1 a day. >> $1 a day. >> did you continue to work. >> i worked in tobacco field up to 14 or 15 because i was allergic to the tobacco and my doctor bill was costing more. i left for the city and went
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total hascy to find a job. the greatest one was a grocery store bagging grocery, and moved up to produce. so i have greater appreciate for what the kids do. i always knew the people coming in and order grocery once a month. so i really enjoyed working at colonial grocery store. >> did you play sports? >> how tall are you. >> 6'7"
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and gave him the opportunity to go to college and struggle to try to make the team for about three years. it was good. i told him one of the greatest i guess accolades i had in san diego, california when they brought him in is to generate people coming in. >> when did you begin your public service? >> i begin my public service in 1982. i had coached basketball for six
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years. i decided go into the insurance business. the idea i was going into a private business i had to put in five years. that's what they told me, before i could reason for office. it is a district that the naacp had filed a lawsuit said african americans couldn't win it because it was in a rural area and outside of tallahassee. >> and you have served both in the florida house and florida senate. right behind you is your campaign sign for florida senate 2000, is that correct?
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>> that's right. >> i rolled down my window and gave that guy a dollar. >> i worked and really seemed to like it. i didn't have much money and so that was my theme and so i took it with me every place, football gam
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games so as a result after i want toded to stick with me for the campaign people threw it away and i jumped into a dumpster and found it. that's why it had a little crease in it. i got it framed. i wanted to bring it to washington with me. some people gave me tips because they read the sign wrong. they thought i would work for food so they would come up and say let me give you a dollar or something. i appreciate you guys. i want to try to help you. they didn't read the sign. >> you sought a u.s. house of representatives back in 2012. >> right. >> you know something about defeat probably also with your basketball career. when you lost, whether it was basketball or lost your
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opportunity to not get a u.s. house seat what do you tell yourself ability defeat? what does it teach you do you think? >> i have been serving for 20 years and never was defeated. when i got defeated, you know, it really taught me a lot about life. if you get knocked down you have to be able to get back up. i tried again and i lost again. you know, i kept a dream alive. i dreamed that i had learned in ninth grade that all of the things that happened with abraham lincoln.
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>> you know, you want to get another shot at it. i was ready to go this time around and i learned from those mistakes and i learned from the loss that i had before just how do it better, you know, how to reach out more, you know, see more people. he once said winning takes a complete commitment of mind and body. they don't call you a champ anymore. i wanted to make that commitment to be audiocassetsuccessful. i really wanted to win. that's what it was all about. i felt that people could feel what i was feeling, that they
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could trust me and that's what i did. i'm thrilled and happy to have the opportunity to represent people in the congressional district. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> on saturday a look at the inner workings of the trump campaign with former campaign manager and the trump presidency at an event hosted by new hampshire institute. that's at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on c-span. this weekend on american history tv on c-span 3, saturday evening on the civil war. >> to break out of this trap. remember, they still inside this city. confederates are on the high
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ground. we will break out of this and i'll use sherman to do it. >> on the many paintings, sculptures and photographs of president lincoln on display in the u.s. capitol. >> the heroic image that presidents present in their lifetime and after inspire, motivate, caution future leaders in the days when before twitter and instphotography or twitter c-span, these images had enormous influence. sunday at 6:30 p.m. eastern international spy museum talks about the attempts by the u.s. government to overthrow fidel castro. >> he certainly had a dog in the fight. he was somebody who had been kicked out by castro along with
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all of the casinos and mob people. they are the ones that really really want to get rid of castro. they said we have $150,000 on the line. whoever kills castro the money is theirs. and ben stein, former speech writer reflikts on nixon's time in the white house. >> accused of being -- >> for our complete american history schedule go to senator john barrasso recently spoke at a department of transportation officials. he discussed funding challenges and writing a new


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