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tv   Settlement of San Jose California  CSPAN  March 4, 2017 5:47pm-6:01pm EST

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for information on our schedule. as well as keeping up on the latest history news. all weekend long, american history tv will be joining our comcast cable partners to majesty of san jose. to learn more about the cities on our to her, go to tour. we go back to our look at san jose. in november of 1777 a group of 66 settlers moved down to san francisco and came here to san jose. it was moved from its original location to this location here, the adobe that we would see behind us is the last remaining
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structure of what we saw in 1797. california was's settled by the spaniards. they had two different establishments. they had military operations and they also had missions which were established by the franciscan priests. californiap and down all away up to san francisco or there was nome city establishment. you had a lotme of native americans in california. the spaniardsl of to christianize the native americans who were established year.
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at this time also, you had intrusions from the french, british, and russian interests that were coming into the pacific coast. the spaniards were looking at a way of settling and controlling the region that we know as california. the difficulty was see trouble going up the coast was against the trade winds. the thought was if they could that wouldl method, help solidify their hold on california. 1775, the soldier for the his own trailated from southern arizona up into california as far north as moderate. the spaniardto
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government and got permission to lead an expedition to go along the same trail. to go up on this , they mixed races across this trail. he ended up in monterey, california. a couple of years later there is theretenant who went up and lived there for six months. at that time, the governor of looking for a way to have a civil establishment beyond just they missions. thatve a farming community would look as a light station for these different
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establishments. here in the early 1770's it was known as the missionaries as the saint clare valley it had rich agricultural potential for farming. that is where in november, a group of 66 settlers moved down settlers moved down from san francisco and came here . we have come to the entity inside this structure. there are only two rooms. set up the rooms to set up the two different areas. you had the spaniard air a, in
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1823 you have a mexican independence. this room that we are in is the bedroom. the floor is a adobe like floor. the walls are plastered. this is one that really taxed the citizens, they were limited to what they could use from other countries. they were very resourceful and using items from the local
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environment for their needs. the bed frame, the springs are actually made of rawhide. that will give them that spring affect, there were animal skins for your bedding material. thatan also notice here they have used rawhide to hold things from the roof. to hold things from the roof. we added this to give you an idea of how resourceful they were to use items in the local community. to furnish their home. there is a rather unique shape, they made this out of whalebone.
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they would find carcasses along the coast. blubber, bute the also the skeleton of the whale to build different structures. you can see how they used the bones are used as an arm of the chair. the backbone is used as the seat. accesshe shore, you had which provided this. they would use this as different storage techniques. they would put various kinds of food and this. resources in the area.
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we try to is when the different eras, we enter the second room of the structure. this is used as a meeting space. butaps for serving food, the food preparation was done outside during in the gardening area in the yard. you can see there are european interests or even the far east rid the mexican government allowed trade with international countries. they had chips and harbors who would trade with people on the
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ship for different items. they would trade some of the and they would trade with these seagoing ships. wood.ifferent kind of you can see there are these pots and pans. there is this kind of a downfall for mexico, it encourage people to settle into the california area.
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they have several california from this area, there is an influence from north america in this area. donna reed party and they were a part of a tragedy up in the sierra. that heard some theye gruesome tragedies, settle here in san jose. because he was a survivor of the a well-knownhe was name at the time. as california discussed statehood, he had a prominent voice here.
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he promoted san jose to be the capital of california. they were able to look in the first capital of the state of california in san jose. under the promise that james reed would build a state calls -- statehouse for the first meeting of the legislature. for those who came here in 1849 it is raining and i continued to rain. was as as first acts legislature to start the motion to move the capital to another location.
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two years later, the capital that went upn jose further north. rain has played an important part of our history here. first they washed out the original site of the city. also washed out san jose being the capital of california. other cities to her recently traveled to san jose, california, to learn about its rich history. learn more about san jose and other stops on our two or at tour. you are watching american
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history tv, all weekend every weekend on his pantry. >> and the civil war, a panel of historians talk about the chattanooga campaign which the ice in the fall of 1863. this resulted in the union forces under ulysses s. grant raking through a confederate siege. we talk about how they outmaneuvered the confederate leadership to route the confederate troops and put them into georgia. the union victory opened the door for william tecumseh sherman the following year. the new york historical society hosted this hour-long discussion. discussion is part of our distinguished speakers to her. as always i would like to thank mr. swartz for all of


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