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tv   Senators Press FBI for Answers on Wiretapping Claim at Hearing on Russian...  CSPAN  March 15, 2017 4:18pm-4:33pm EDT

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president trump on the road today in detroit earlier and in nashville this afternoon visiting jackson's home and speaking in favor of the republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act at a rally in nashville thiss g evening. as the house budget committee gets set to take up the republican plan, some gop members of the budget committee are indicated they're not in favor of advancing the plan. we'll have that session for you, the budget committee meeting at 10:00 eastern and live coverage on cspan 2.
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next we're going to take you live to the senate foreign relations committee and senate committee looking at russian influence in global democracies around the world. >> undeclared, but it is a war directed against our democracy and our economy on a scale that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago and still is unimaginable to most america, would you agree? thank you. >> thank you. we're coming to the end here,. >> thank you. i wanted to ask two fairly specific questions before we left the first is for mr. buchanan. could you say a word who 2.0 is and how confident we can be about the atry bush of him or
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her as a russian hacker. >> after the dnc hack was revealed in "the washington post" last june and by a cyber security firm, a persona appeared on line within 24 hours and this persona claim that he himself had done the hacking and to do with russia. it seems fair to say that the story unraveled as the summer went on. initially he claimed to be a romanian hacker and some journalist tried to speak to him in romanian and he was unable to respond without google translate. there were elements of the story that didn't add up and additional forensic investigation have indicated this persona is probably not who he claims to be and we have
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solid evidence in the dnc case more broadly of russian involvement in particular two groups that in cyber security we call ap 28 and 29. >> the russians are good, but not always good. sometimes they fumble their romanian. >> i'm confident in our ability, sir. >> you mentioned the foreign registration act. either now or as a question for the record could you let us know how we could make that fit into our defense toolbox more effectively against the russian election manipulation toolbox that has been the subject of this hearing? >> certainly, senator. it's very simple. we have a law on the books that says we can prosecute people who are undregistered foreign agent, but we don't have an ability, at
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least an effective ability, once we identify a suspected unregistered foreign agent to compel that person to provide records to show whether he is in fact working for a foreign entity or not. there's the thing called the civil investigative ban that would be -- it's used in a number of different areas in government investigations which would be applicable. it was added in the '90s. it never made it into law. i think given the events of last year there should be momentum again to bring that back up and that would help a lot because that would mean you would have me on the investigations in on the front end which would lead to grand jury investigations and lead to prosecution and lead to d deterrence and more transparency. >> thank you. we'll wrap up now. to the panel you helped congress a lot here to understand the nature of the challenge and some of the responses we can take.
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my main takeaway is if you forgive and forget russia you will regret it because they're only going to get worse. as mr. buchanan said, other countries can do the same. maybe not the same level, but we want to deter not just russia, we want to deter other countries li like iran and china. i wrote a letter to the fbi director and to the department of justice please provide to us any evidence of a warrant that was issued against the trump campaign by any court anywhere or whether or not a warrant was even applied for. we have yet to get a response to our letter. we were told by the fbi today there may be a classified briefing about the contents of this letter. all i am suggesting is that we're to the point now as a nation where the current president has accused the former president of surveilling his campaign and i'd like to be able to inform the american people whether or not there was any
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validity to that and i don't want to compromise sources and m methods, but i do believe it's fair to have the government tell us there was a warrant issued. i don't think that's going to compromise sources and methods. to my house colleagues i'm impressed with the way you're working together. i think the senate intelligence is working together very well. they seemed to indicate today the house intel ranking member and chairman there was no evidence of wire tapping. i think they talked about it and danced around it. with all due respect i appreciate your bipartisanship over there. the letter we wrote wasn't to the house intel committee. the letter we wrote was the department of justice and to the fbi. for the good of the country i think we need a response from the department of justice from the fbi so we can move on. finally about a criminal investigation, director of national intelligence, the former director, mr. clapper, said that during his time he saw
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no evidence of collaboration between the trump campaign and the russians and he didn't believe a warrant was issued, and if one had been he would have known about it. all i'm saying i'd like to get to the bottom of this one way or the other. if there is an investigation covering time periods mr. clapper was not in charge of or something new came up, i want to know about it so we do not run afoul of it. we're not trying to impede an investigation. we're trying to make sure that one can go forward without congress getting in the way. in the next hearing will be how to protect an investigation from political influence if there is one. so i would imagine most americans would like to know the state of play of what's going on in our country. count the subcommittee to be in on the idea we should provide you more than we provided. senator grassley has been
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supportive of this committee's efforts. there will be another hearing soon about how to protect the investigation and hopefully before we have that hearing we can tell you if there is one to protect. if there's not one to protect, maybe we'll change what we look forward and how we go forward. so end this with the idea from my point of view, russia is out to get us all. we want to divide us in a fashion so their influence grows at our expense. i believe if we don't act against russia here in the united states, they are going to be more aggressive in france and germany and i also believe they have a pair of twos and we have a full house. putin by his nature is a thug and bully, but russia is a country that is in the hands of a man who has his self interests ahead of everybody else's in russia. i regret the russian people are having to live through with thp they think he's strong and tough. i think he's stolen you blind.
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i don't know what the russian president makes, but either he's the best investor in the history of mankind or he's stealing money. i do think people in russia meet a terrible fate. since world war ii there's never been a major conflict on the european continent because of nato and it is very much under siege now. as to ukraine it's the first time that a nation has been proxy force taken the territory of another. if you don't think this matters to america, you're making a big mistake. the you krukrainians gave up 1, weapons they own with the understanding they gave up their nuclear arsenal and turned it over to russia that their sovereignty would be protected and russia would not interfere
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and we signed that agreement pledging our support with the concept if you give up your nuclear weapons we'll protect you. this is a very big deal. this subcommittee will go wherever the evidence takes it and to the american people this is important, worthy of our time as a senate, to the witnesses you've done more than i can ever thank you in terms of uniforming us of what we face as a nation. stay tuned. the hearing's adjourned.
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if you missed that hearing you can find it at the u.s. senate wrapping up their work this afternoon. the senate back next week and focusing much of their efforts in the judiciary committee on the nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. our coverage here on cspan 3 starting monday beginning at
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11:00 a.m. eastern. on the house side of thing, the house in this afternoon. their budget committee tomorrow will take up the republican health care replacement measure and that hearing getting under way tomorrow morning on cspan 2 at 10:00 eastern and expected to run pretty much throughout the day. back to the issue that you heard senator graham talking about toward the end of that hearing that wrapped up on the potential influence of russia in u.s. elections, the chair of the house intelligence committee said earlier today he is dealing with the officer of director of national intelligence of whether the committee will have the knowledge needed to go through the evidence. they've said they've seen no evidence supporting donald trump's claim that the obama administration wire tapped them last year. here's their news conference from capitol hill earlier


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