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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2017 2:59pm-3:04pm EDT

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to wilmington, north carolina to learn about its rich history. learn more about wellington and other stops on the tour at you are watching american weekend everyl weekend on c-span3. c-span's washington journal, live, every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up sunday morning, the alliance for manufacturing president scott paul will talk about the trump administration trade agenda and how it might affect the manufacturing sector. from the mental health law discusses a proposal that would allow employers greater access to employees' medical and genetic information as well as penalize those who don't participate in workplace wellness programs. then author and foreign-policy analyst peter bergen talks about his book that examines homegrown
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terrorism in the u.s. be sure to watch "washington ," life. join the discussion. tonight at 8:15 eastern on "book tv," civil rights attorney ania talked about the struggles of people living in her apartment building in syria, in a book. >> people in syria for the optimists of course, but after 40 years of super brutal regime were pretty i would say nervous about what was to come. and then just announcer 2: then chelsea clinton and debbie discuss their book on global health. >> what are the differences between old institutions versus traditional and the newer
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institutions, which are more colloquially known as public, private partnerships? three dollars dominate in a myriad of ways have global funding is dictated. all of us think of this. --ouncer 2: go to "book tv for the schedule. ,unday night on afterwards sylvia looks at the history of body fat in her book the secret life of fat. she is interviewed by a medical reporter for the new york times. >> your brain says what you are weighted. it changes as you get older, what happens? >> it is human nature we accumulate more fat, at least a great many of us. we lose hormones and fat busting hormones that we have. they decline. growth hormones that help rebuild tissue.
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that declines with age. testosterone, and that is a great fat busting hormone. both women and men thomas and you cannot eat what you did when you were 22. it will make you fat. it is not just the level of fat but the distribution that is affected as well. announcer 2: sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on afterwards. this weekend on "american history tv on c-span3," on "reel america," we look back to 1987 and the confirmation hearings for the nominee to the supreme court by president ronald reagan. >> judge fork is wrong on civil rights, wrong on equal rights for women, wrong on the right to privacy, wrong on freedom of speech. and president reagan is wrong trying to put him on the supreme court. announcer 2: sunday at 6:00 p.m.
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eastern, we will visit the world war i museum in kansas city, missouri. was beinge museum constructed, the city leaders and congressional leaders went to the u.s. congress and asked for this to be designated as a national museum. because of the scope of the connection, the connection with other museums in the world, congress designated in 2004 the museum as the national museum. 6:30, the author of the book harriet tubman, the road to freedom. >> following her retirement from the army, tubman returned to her region the singer likes of new york, where she settled into the role of activists, philanthropist. she solicited funds for aid and veterans benefits. she remained active in the women's suffrage and other important reforms. announcer 2:


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