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tv   AIPAC Policy Conference Members of Congress  CSPAN  March 31, 2017 1:37pm-2:46pm EDT

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israel will endure and flourish. it is the child of hope and the home of the brave. it can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. it carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom. together we must be that shield, standing shoulder to shoulder with israel in the face of adversity. that's why you're here in washington. that's why i'm here standing with you. standing up for an israel that is capable of defending itself against any and all threats, standing up for a nation that is not merely admired but accepted on the world stage. israel, strong, democratic, jewish, and everlasting. shalom. thank you so much for having me. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> good morning. good morning. good morning. thanks for getting up early. great to see so many of you here today. howard core, lillian pinkiss, bob cohen and of course all the kentuckyians that are here with us. thousands of students and, of course, it's great to be with you this year. just after i last address third degree conference in 2015, prime minister netanyahu gave an important address to congress. he warned about the dangers of then president obama's plan for a nuclear deal with iran. the obama administration ignored
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him. it was hardly the only time israel would feel let down over the last eight years. that culminated in what we saw at the u.n. in december. u.s./israel relationship was in a terrible state when the new administration took office. we all agree on the importance of reaffirming our relationship and charting a new way forward. but first we need to examine what went wrong over the last eight years. and that starts at the beginning. former president obama and i have very different opinions about america's role in the world. it won't surprise you, any of you, to hear that. we disagreed about the value of our alliance with israel. we disagreed about whether the post-war order remains in our
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nation's interests. we just had a fundamentally different approach to the world. president obama formulated policy based on fulfilling campaign promises made in 2008. and pursued politically expedient solution to whatever stood in the way. that was his approach. in his first week in office, he signed a series of executive ord earl that is made this clear. he attempted to close guantanamo without a plan. for the terrorists there or detain there in the future. he pushed withdrawal from afghanistan and iraq without regard to threats posed by the taliban or al qaeda or the fragile political situation in either country. the absence created a back -- filled by countries like russia and china and iran.
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all of them grew more aggressive toward us. the natural result of obama's strategic imperative to avoid conflict with other nations even when american interests were challenged was this. our enemies learned not to fear us, our allies learned not to trust us and friends like israel felt abandoned. [ applause ] but, my friends, today we have the chance, really, the need for a fresh start. the u.s. and israel share many values. we share many goals. we share many interests. one of which is seeing the end of isil's ability to control territory in the middle east. and to attack beyond the middle east. just consider what the spread of isil along with the wider conflict between iran, its shia proxies and our sunni partners has meant for israel.
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isil in the sinai threatens israel's western land border. the civil war in syria brought a group sympathetic to isil to israel's north and russ and his bella are active within syria. iran -- within iraq. now employed to the west of mosul. and through the use of other shia fighters within syria and through supporting shia proxies in yemen and lebanon and bahrain, thankfully the new administration is now undertaken a counter isil policy review and the coalition has also made progress in taking ground from isil. we know that u.s. commanders are now planning for the liberation of raqqah. the capital of isil's so-called caliphate. like you, though, i understand what the liberation of raqqah
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hardly represents the end of the conflict. the fight against isil will go on and the iraqi security forces will still require coalition assistance. importantly, last week in testimony before the senate, secretary of defense mattis supported, supported maintaining a residual force inside iraq. [ applause ] we all know such a presence can bolster iraqi forces, lend stability, deter further advances and -- and provide reassurance to our regional allies. that's important because as we remember, isil's predecessor al qaeda in iraq was an incredibly resilient terrorist organization. when we withdrew from iraq, on a political timetable, it gave aqi
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the space and time to regroup. and ultimately grow into isil. we can't make that mistake again. [ applause ] what syria looked like post-raqqah matters immensely to boast of our countries. which groups will fill the void? how will the regional sunni/shia balance be affected? will it create a land bridge to syria? there are many, many questions. there are as yet few answers. but i want you to know. whatever post-syria raqqah looks like, the united states will stand with israel. [ applause ]
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we will support israel against al nusra and al qaeda. [ applause ] we will support israel against hezbollah. [ applause ] if any of these groums are left with a presence in the golan heights, we will be there for you. [ applause ] groups like hezbollah would hardly pose the same level of danger as their patron of force in teheran and president obama's deal with the regime should not have led to ignoring other aspects of iran's aggressive behavior. [ applause ] as secretaries of state henry kissinger and george schultz warned, they warned, obama's deal, quote, risk empowering iran's efforts in the region
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and, of course, they were right. it bestowed a win fall of billions to distribute to the proxies. obama's deal with teheran deter yated the administration from taking a regional approach to stop iran because it feared iran would step away from the deal. but today we can take a different approach with a new administration. today we can combat iran's capability to fund, arm and train terrorists like hezbollah. [ applause ] and hamas. and its proxies in syria. and it leads to a broader point, as well. the best way to bolster israel's security in the region is to enhance america's influence in the region. [ applause ] in my view the best way to do so is focusing on three areas. three areas. rebuilding our capabilities
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here. rebuilding our partnerships. and frankly, rebuilding our will. [ applause ] so the first step is to rebuild our capability. we need to multi-year plan to rebuild our own military, our total force needs to be rebuilt if america is to remain capable of guarantor of the international order. during the obama administration, we had times where our commanders lacked sufficient aircraft carrier presence or tactical units like marine expeditionary units to meet competing demands. the trump administration has taken -- funds to address acute readiness challenges and will seek a defense increase in fiscal year 2018. [ applause ] but this is going to require a
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multi-year plan. one that will help modernize our military and prepare us for the threats of tomorrow. i know senator john mccain will work tirelessly to prepare next year's legislation and senator thad cochran is working hard on next year's defense funding legislation, too. second step, second step, very important, we got to rebuild our partnership. the past eight years gave witness to a serial degrading of our alliances and partnerships all across the globe. [ applause ] -- military forces and we must reassure our allies that america is simply not retreating from the world. instead of alienating our sunni arab partners, we need to let them know we'll stand with them, as well. [ applause ] so instead of picking fights
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with israel, we should be reasserting the strong and enduring bond between our countries. [ applause ] and instead of telling the victims of iranian cohersion or aggression to, quote, share the neighborhood, we should push back against it. don't you think? [ applause ] and that, my friends, would be a welcomed change from what we saw the last eight years. [ applause ] so what is the third step? the third step. we got to rebuild our will. the obama administration allowed iran to use the nuclear deal to hold hostage all other areas of our foreign policy. we cannot allow that to continue. we have to push back against
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iran's maligned behavior, its use of proxies and its cyber warfare. [ applause ] when iran attacks our ships we have to work with our allies and use all elements of american power to end those actions. [ applause ]
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where detorrance failed, we must respond. i made a commitment to address this group before obama deals with iran. or, if it taken a decision to develop a nuclear weapon, i would consult with the president and join congressional and introduced an authorization for the use of many ill tear force. [ applause ] so i restate that commitment today. as i said then, the authorities will be focused to assure the people of iran and the national
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committee that our -- this would not prevent an administration from pursuing diplomatic measures and consultations and strengthen that effort. short, it is the best way to ensure the world of our leaders reunited and ensure that iran cannot enter into the world and intimidate the nation. i hope we won't get there. with the right measure, we should not. what is needed is something that the last administration did not provide. that's a clear, clear policy that says what we'll do and why. the relationship between the united states and israel spans generations. it is been tested and twisted
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and bent over the decade especially in recent years. but, it is in the end unbreakable. i am here to tell you -- [ applause ] this relationship between israel and the united states is indeed unbreakable. [ applause ] the bond between us is more than just alliance of interest, though we do have a lot of interests aligned. it is a statement of our common values. democracy. individual rights. freedom, and unyielding spirit. these are the things that define israel. [ applause ] they are also things that define the united states. [ applause ] it is a shared heritage and it
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is the foundation of the enduring alliance. i believe this deeply and i knew the ambassador of israel share t the same heartfelt commitment. i was proud to join my colleague confirming david freedman just last week. well, i wish him the best of luck but difficult and important task relies before him. let me share another with. this one is from prime minister benjamin netanyahu, in his 2015 address to congress, here is what he said. may israel and america always stand together, strong and resolute. may we need to fear or dread the challenges ahead or may we face the future with confidence and strengths and hopes. i could not put it better myself no matter what the world throws
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our way, we'll continue to walk by israel's side. [ applause ] thank you. ♪ please welcome senate democratic leader chuck schumer. [ applause ]
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>> thank you everybody. it is truly an honor to be with you this monarch. you kn morning, you know i like telling a little story. some of you in new york have heard this but many others have not. it is about when i was redistricted as a congressman, i always had a district in brooklyn and i am campaign ng the new parts of queens. a lady comes over to me and she says oh, i just read in the queens tribune. you are chuck schumer, you are my new congressman and i said yes, ma'am, i am. well, i never met you in person but i watch c-span religiously and i like to pay you a comment. i said well, thank you. you have more courage than any
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members in congress. well ma'am, that's a tall statement. there are 500 members in the house. what makes you say i have more courage than any of the others and i said well, as i have said, i never met you before. i have watched c-span, when you rise to your feet to speak, you are the only one who has the courage to wear a yamaca. i said thank you very much, ma'am. >> but it is obvious that you have not met me in person. it is not a yamaca. [ applause ] i have a lot of those. we have to get down to the business at hands today. i am so glad to be here at aipac. you do an amazing job. you kept the israel american relationships like this. i want to thank your great
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leadership, b leadership, bob cohen and the curtis and the whole gang. no matter what the bond between america and the state of israel remains as durable as ever. [ applause ] a strong thank you to all of you who have taken the time out of your busy schedules to be here today out of your commitment and dedication to the land of israel, the land of milk and honey. now this year we celebrates 69 years since the state of israel was first established. born out of the ashes of the holocaust, thrust immediately into conflicts and struggling all ways to guarantee the security of its people while growing is an international power. building one of the world's most dynamic economies. at the same time reaching out for peace. even when it seems a distance prospect.
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throughout that history, the fate of israel had been tied. >> from the moment president truman became the first world's leader to -- the bond of israel and the united states is unbreakable. [ applause ] we have shown the true meaning of friendship between nations and so it must remain forever more because although israel is as strong as it has ever been, it continues to face challenges no other nations on earth must face. many year in america, many younger american haves bes have blessed and growing up and knowing israel strong and secured. they have not lived through war of incidendependence.
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those moments hen the existing of israel balanced at the edge of the knife. younger generations to know that the jews were no longer lamb being led to the slaughter but rather a nation being able to defend hi defend himself. whether that nation would act in truth. i remember as a senior in brooklyn, new york, madison forever -- carrying a transit radio to my ear -- [ inaudible ] i am praying that israel would prevail. and i am hoping that the jewish state would be the kind of state that we need today.
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the younger generations -- it was a force to be reckoned. [
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it has comes back and make no mistakes and anti-septism and anti-israel sentiment are all intertwi intertwind. >> gangs marched in the streets of european capitals and members of london from budapest on platforms that promote hostility and jews and other religious minorities. european jews are now thinking twice before they wear a yamaca in public. echoes of our people's dark
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history in europe, are growing louder and louder. what is happening in europe is an outrage and it ought tho be condemned by leaders of the world. anti-semitism has simmered just a bit beneath the surface of europe. reemerging with the strength that is we have not seen in decades. all of us have read the news report. far too many among the sub seen discouraged firsthand in our communities. >> synagogues, with graffiti and slurs and jewish cemetery van l vandalized and extremists on our campuses holding rallies and distributing leaflets and in an
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effort to recruit young people to join the rank of organized bigot bigotry. even the community center where we send our children for pre-schools and swim meets and summer camps have been targeted by a wave of bomb threats that regardless of the suspect or religion or nationality have struck here in the hearts of the community already on edge. the darkest and most hateful of our society from the far left to the far right are newly newly embolden. we cannot stand for this. [ applause ] >> to the parent who is are worried for your safety. to the young people who have never seen this in your lifetime. to the older generations worried about history repeating itself,
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please know this. the perpetrators of these heinous act will be brought to justice and we'll show these cowards of bigotry in america in america's good triumph over evil and intimidation will not be condoned. [ applause ] i am committed to do everything in my power to come back on these threats where ever they may arise and whatever form they take. recently, the federal communication announced, other organizations have been granted special emergency waivers that make it easy for law enforcement to access caller id
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identificatithe identification to crack down these criminals. congress must remain committed to providing funding vulnerable intuitions through the program. last year of this program allocated 20 million emergency p p prepa preparedness. these dollars saving lives. i will work to ensure. >> now, while we continue address these threats. we must not lose side of the many forms that anti-semitism can take. the violent attacks that i mentioned are despiccable. >> anti-semitism can be cloaked. holding israel to a different standard than any other nation.
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there is no greater example than the effort to harm israel through boycotts and sanctions. [ applause ] three years ago, i stood before you and called out the bds movement for what it is. a deeply biassed campaign to demonize the jewish state. no less. [ applause ] they treat what is anti-semitism. it is the double standard and everyone can farm but the jews cannot. everyone can live in moscow but the jews cannot. every nation can live in place but the jewish nation cannot.
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[ applause ] they seek to impose boycotts symbolically on israel and in the on any other nation, the bds movement condemns this will and willfully turning to blind eye to violate human rights especially in the middle east. i ask the so called justice crusade crusaders, where are your boycott against iran? a country sponsors terrorism around the globe and execute to centers and hangs them from construction in city squares. heterosexualities are punished and abused. where are your boycott there? [ applause ] >> the state of israel is all too frequently measured by the
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rest o f the world. make no mistake, these boycott efforts have one goal and only one goal. i pledge to you that i will continue to fight these boycott effor efforts. not only they are unjust. in my home state of new york, the state legislature passed the law saying if you are a business or university, boycott israel, the state of new york will boycott you. i applaud the governor and state legislature for passing that law and i am calling every state to do the same thing and fight for the moment that it is.
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[ applause ] there is one other place where there is cloaked anti-semitism lurks and that's in the halls of the united nations. the un singles out israel more than any nations. >> just the other week, a top u.n. official was forced to resign after she published the report that declared israel had engaged "the crime." i am glad she was forced to step down because these facts disguys the appraisal of a smeared campaign. we all know this is business as usual at the usual at the u.n.
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>> the u.n. has been in incubator for is real bashing. it is a forum where israel is labeled the villain and never the victim. friends of the jewish state should not trust it. [ applause ] i hope one day israel will become to be treated fairly at the u.n. time maybe on israel's side because i believe that history ultimately, ultimately, nations with democratic institutions and accountable governments and opening markets in the rules of law and not those who closed the reputation, whose regime are beyond the approach of government and who yield not to law but regrets of ordthodoxy.
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>> ideal that duntil that day c united states must come to the aid of the un. we cannot be silence when the u.n. singles out israel for condemnati condemnation. we cannot let the u.n. impose terms on negotiations with the palestinian eves ever. the united states should have vetoed 334 in december and should never used the un as a forum to put pressure on israel for ever kind of agreement. [ applause ] >> but peace will never come from the u.n. peace must come from direct negotiations. [ applause ] >> now, despite all these threats and anti-semitism at
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home and campaigns and u.n. and the form of global dbs is remaining strong. we must do everything in our power to make sure it is forever a beacon of hope. there is some who would have the unit united states. i believe this attitude is very dangerous for the united states and israel. the united states should not share your responsibilities around the world and including state of israel. the strong america in the world is very good for is real. [ applause ] that's why i will strongly support missile defense -- i
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join aipac in opposing that cut and particularly important when it come to iran which continue to broaden its influence in ways throughout the region as iran's continue to provide funding to a proxy of regions and flagrantly abused human rights of its own people and in justly imprison foreigners. we must work with our partners in the regions to counter iran -- we must support sanctions again. at the united states of america. [ applause ] finally, finally, americans across the political spectrum,
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democrats and liberals and republicans, conservatives must stand united. our politics may never be polarized than ever these days. we cannot afford back to weaken our bipartisan support that israel has always enjoyed. that's because the jewish state is too important. i grew up hearing stories about my great grandmother in 1941 when the nazi invaded the crew ukraine -- they came, little babies, elderly people and everyone in between. they said when they came to the porch, they said you are all comiing with us.
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she said we won't leave and machine gun down all 17 of them, killed them all. my great grandmother could never imagine that one day there would be a country for jews. the idea of a jewish homeland was a far away dream. a birthright deferred so long that could hardly be considered a possibility at all. generations of jews have been expelled from their homes from spain and slandered with blood libel. for them, the notion of a nation of the jewish people was unthinkable. if you can go back and tell the jews that one day there will be a john sunun jewish state of is you can go back and tell russian
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jews, the angry bob and burning torch that one day there would be a state of israel, i do not think they believe you. if you could whisper to the poll ish jews who who was separated his phfamily and forced in the concentrated camp who would watch day after day under the smoke and sky. if you can tell him one night while he lays hungry and shivering that some place soon there would be a place where jews could survive and thrive and have a plan of their own. if you can only tell them that after two millennials of wandering the deserts, the jewish people finally found their way home. if you could tell them.
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we must not forget the warnings that israel and its freedom will not survive if one day forgets -- it is for this reason we must defend the jewish state of israel with such urgency. it is for this reason that i pledge today as long as i breathe air into my lungs, i will fight to make israel a safer, more secured, more prosperous nation. thank you all of you. >> the people of israel live on. [ applause ] ♪
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. please welcome house democratic leader, nancy pelosi. [ applause ] >> good morning everyone. it is such an honor to be here with your president lilian. thank you lilian with your leadership in aipac. women have done so many for
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women. thank you for your friendship and leadership and your continued leadership on so many issues. anybody's here is from california? [ cheers ] >> i thought so. i learned a lot about aipac from the start and also from naomi lauder. >> anybody here from san francisco? [ cheers ] this year 18,000 strong activists and community leaders of diverse experience and young and old, jewish and otherwise and democrats and republicans and many voices speaking to one mission. let us all recognize the future leaders of our nation understanding about 4,000 students are here, lets acknowledge the students are
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here. [ applause ] i want to especially acknowledge the delegation of my home state of california. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> don't be shy. >> and my native state of maryland, anybody is here from maryland? >> as i bring up this state of maryland, i want to say something about how i was introduced to the u.s., israel relationship. before i was born, my father was in the congress of the united states, thomas dela santos jr. , okay, lets hear it for dad. [ cheers ] >> hef was a teenager. he was a great speaker in all of the rest. he had a love for the idea of
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jewish day in what was called palesti palestine. so as he was older, he went to congress. this was one of his big issues. he worshipped the shrine of franklin roosevelt. he disagreed with him on two very strong points. one, was on the treatment of jewish people and york that he wanted to call more attention to. two -- [ applause ] >> the second was, the establishment of a jewish state and what was done known as palestine. [ applause ] >> he was part of -- some of you know this and we had heard this thought. i just want you to know that this support for u.s. israel relationship is kind of in the dna of our family even before the establishment of the state of israel.
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[ applause ] he went onto becoming the mayor of baltimore and supporting of all that. my brother would become the mayor of baltimore and he supported the state of israel and u.s. israel relationship as well. but, one of the things that i think is so remarkable as i looked back at my father that went around and had pageants and parade and rallies and here he's speaking about cars. when he was in congress, june 27th, 1942, he rose to speak about the state of israel and he said, mr. speaker, as a member of the kmicommittee for a jewis army, i speak to you on behalf
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of 200,000 fighting men who by david west fort destin -- this was a big deal for all of us. well, how fortunate they are, i do have my father's devotion and my brother's devotion to the cause which is part of our family's tradition. i think i have the most of anyone in congress, i am not quite sure. they're adorable. you might expect me to say. the u.s. israel partnership is like my grandchildren. our partnership is rooted deep
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in our shared values. entrepreneurship and by immigration and by ideas. we treasure that and both of our nations have entrepreneurship at our core. we treasure it in america and our founder's advocated and we are dazzled by israeli's entrepreneurship. >> when prime minister benjamin netanyahu last visited the capitol, he spoke with right full prize that israel stands at the forefront of innovation. in particularly, he mentioned driverless cars and technology that israel is in the lead. both of our nations are invigorated by our immigrants, the constant renewal of newcomers to bring their hopes and aspirations to our shore.
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most of all, our connection is unique. our nations are ideas and ideals, the united states of ameri america, an idea of centuries old. the modern state of israel, young and aged but the dreams of millennials. we are bound together forever. it is my firm belief that the establishment of the state of israel and you heard me say this at other aipac meeting. the 20th century had some horrible and terrible things were done to people. but, as my firm believe that the establishment of the state of israel is the greatest achievement of the 20th century.
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today we are called upon to sustain in advance of the achievement of the 21st century and fulfill the vision of a just and lasting peace. recent years, our nation have witnessed new threats and bafor those who meant to do us harm. the goal of terrorist is to terrorize to in still fear. we must not let that fear destroy our nation's character. as we protect the american people, we must also protect and defend our constitution, that's our oath of office. [ applause ] we come together in the after math of the election that has left our country divided. our democracy is strong and got
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us over. our faith have told us that we have not done enough to rid our nation of the poisonous attitude that we are witnessing now. a presidential campaign where hate salespeoppeech that went o challenge. hate crimes continuing to increase. white supremisi. >> that's unacceptable. >> with many voices and community activists must c condemn anti-semitism in all forms. >> minorities in the united states and around the world, there is a campaign to
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delegitimatize from israel. one o f the people who always inspires us against hate was the great shamone press. >> he was a soldier and a peacemak peacemaker. a foundiather of israel. i had the privilege of being invited to go to his funeral as part of president obama's delegation. there are few honors one can receive and to be included and going to the funeral. if there is ever with a man of a risk of a dangerous neighborhood and what the people of israel have endured, it was he. i remember the challenge of the words he spoke in the capitol
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and his congressional ceremony of 2014. he said, finding a way forward is hard but we must not lose hope. it continues. there is no better solution than two states for two people. a jewish state and arab state talent. >> he says, if we are to preserve the beautiful dream of israel for a new century and beyond, we must con our pursuit of this goal. >> i say this is the way we continue israel's proud character. >> jewish and democratic and secure. to that end. i know that i was invited, when i proceed the invitation to be here today, i took personal pride in receiving it and a pleasure in accepting the invitation. >> i know i was not invited just
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because i was a supporter of israel and as a member of congress. i was invited because i was a house democratic leader. in that regard, i want to read you a letter from my colleagues in the house. signed by around 191 house members of a couple of republicans, 189 democrats. let me begin here. dear mr. president, as strong supporters of israel, we write to urge you to reaffirm the united states's long standing bipartisan commitment to committing a just and lasting twos resolution. >> to the israel is.
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>> it will establishes the milita military rights of palestinian. today we remain convinced that about 20 states solution is the only outcome that'll quail ongoing concept and violence and maintaining israel as a secured and jewish and democratic state and providing a stable future for the palestinians. >> it is our believes that one state is destroying israel and democratic's characters. >> it would leave israelis in an
2:34 pm
attractable conflict for generations to come. >> leadership from the united states is crew shall at this chunkture. juncture. >> opposed unilateral actions but either of the two parties that would push the prospect for peace. >> to that end, we stand together to help facilitate of direct peace negotiations between israelis and palestinians. >> sincerely, it was organized by david price and conerly. >> it was signed by 189 democrats. i want to read the letter
2:35 pm
directly because i want you to hear it as written and not out of context. i want to read it to you in the spirit of strong support for jewish, secure and democratic israel. >> israel that recognizes the dignity and the security of both the palestinians and israeli. >> that's it on israelis as we know and love. that's the future we must continue to champion. >> when people sa sometimes to me, you are the united states is over wellingly partial to israel in this discussion. i say yes, of course, we have been friends for a long time, we have shared values. we have shared values. and they are we are friends. we don't want you to interfere
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and negotiation impress anything. we do share the values of a secured democratic jewish israel. that's why i hope that we can come together on efforts to oppose boycott investment and sanctions. we must. [ applause ] that's why we must come together on efforts to counter a iran m yum -- i want you to commend obama administration for his support of sharing and intelligence and making sure he's a stronger way thafr informer before that israel has a quantitative advantage in its military and capability. >> when my and united in the opposition to iraq and support
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for hamas and other original proxy, agroegs. tothd i wanted to say thu to ha you to all of you for channelling the dollars and alleviate the poll i and prom e promoting peace. >> last week i had a general visit ld me in my office. advocating against the 30% cut to our diplomatic budget and the president's pujt in blueprint. >> they said and we know, we out it to our men and women in uniform to avoid conflicts. we know it is important for us to feel -- we know it is important that issues lik
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like -- issues like that. build conference in our relationships and our countries, making friends. we owe it to our men and women in uniform who avoids con flicks. when we' conflicts. as general mattis testify, if you don't fully go on the state department then i need to buy more ammunition. >>. [ applause ] >> that's just not what we should be doing as we allocate our resources. >> finally, israel is sake credit. >> we know that. >> plauz plau. [ applause ] . that's safe. the president's budget cut would devastate the u.s.'s leadership in the region and around the world. >> today your choices and wisdom are more important than ever. i know that you will be storming
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the hill headquarterly after these sessions. we'll ensure the unbreakable relationship between the united states and israel is forever. a friendship is dedicated to peace and justice and a future of success for all. [ applause ] >> on behalf of my colleagues and the house, i say thank you. aipac for inviting me to join you. more importantly, we are driving u.s., it is real relationship. >> together we'll work and our work will acontinue and our alliance will go deeper and the friendship of tp united states to israel will stand strong. >> now and ever. >> may god bless you all and bless israel and the united states of america. thank you very much.
2:40 pm
please welcome the congressional district from arizona, martha mcsalley. >> good morning aipac. [ applause ] the original under dog story, a warrior defeating the giant with a handful of tongs. that story reminds us of courage and faiths, we can over come any odds. today is a mott denver day david and goliath is the arsenal aimed
2:41 pm
at the jewish state like hamas. this time, israel has a major upgrade in technology that'll help us take down the next unite. >> amen. the when it goes online, later this year, david sling will play a critical role in israel's missile offense network. >> david sling's safe guards ranging from medium range and long range and drones and crew missiles. that simply pout a game changer. >> israel's home front commands.
2:42 pm
a comprehensive you will my tear missile defense system of critical infrastruck dh infrast protected. >> as a supporter of a closed u.s. israel alliance, i could not be more proud of the usual component of this was developed in raytheon of my district and two fine locations in arizona. >> did you note that the eyes pertinent $1.3 million. >> we gave you vend diagrammable insight and the technology that improves our own system and it
2:43 pm
keeps americans safe, too. >> as a retired air force and an that's the plan i flew right there. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and somebody who is deployed to the middle east and afghanistan six times. as a member of the homeland security. i dedicated my life to protecting our country and ensuring a safer the world for our allies. >> that's why i am a proud and vocal supporter of u.s. security
2:44 pm
s assistance of us real. [ applause ] our partnership of israel are fre protected from our friends. >> u.s. security system to israel which you all advocate for. >> comprises a significant portion of israel's in e denbe e fence -- we ensure that all technologies are built right here in america and keeping it secure. >> those purchases add up. raytheon employed about 10,000 people. israeli purchases krabt to a major portion of a 2n't
2:45 pm
$1 billion impact. >> raytheon pring to arizona each year. >> if israel is a modern day david, i am glad to know that my district and state plays a crucial role and ensuring that our heroes coming the fight better quick than before. >> david swing, they just our economy and they keep all of our citizens gave and secure. >> that's israel in my state. >> thank you all, god bless you. [ applause ] [ cheers ]


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