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tv   Representative Roger Williams Says Capitol Police Saved All of Us  CSPAN  June 14, 2017 4:43pm-5:04pm EDT

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parks last year during this trip my security detail was with me every step of the way. these men and women never leave my side. and today i wish to thank them with all my heart for their service and their sacrifice. these are really great people. we enjoy being together. mr. president, members of congress, we stand united in the aftermath to have day's attack and thanks to our brave capitol police officers, we also stand protected from those who would do us harm. because of them, we can confidently carry on the work of the american people. mr. president, these are really great human beings, men and women, who literally sacrifice a lot to serve us and to back us up, to strengthen us and help us in times of need. they're people that i really, really admire.
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and all i can say is that i admire those who stood up this morning for congress. i want to thank you all very much. my name is roger williams. i represent the 25th district of texas in the united states congress and also have coached the republican congressional baseball team. this morning as you know we were attacked by a gunman at our press conference.
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there will be those who will talk about what's wrong with america but in this case, officer griner and bailey, we saw what is right with america. we saw two people risk their lives to save the lives of others. we saw courage and n. tin the f death and we saw examples of why americans should be grateful every day for law enforcement officers around this country. there could have easily been 25 deaths or more today. i think we had 25 team players and about 15 staff. but officer griner and bailey prevented that and my family and i will be forever grateful. the thin blue line held today. and law enforcement officers everywhere should be proud. and americans everywhere should be thankful that this is still
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the kind of country that still produces these kinds of heroes. so i ask everybody to join me in praying for the victims and for their full recoveries before you go to bed tonight. i'll be happy to take some questions. i will briefly just tell you, my story. i was on the third base side hitting ground balls to frank kelly and ron desantos. little did i know that the perpetrator was probably 20 yards from me. i went around the first base side to hit congressman scalise ground balls. i did that. first one i hit him, the shots went off. i heard the first shot. i want sure, i thought maybe it was a backfiring of a car and then the second and third and
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everybody yelled he's got a gun! run for cover! and that's what i did. and i was on the first base side and emotions take over. i ran to the first base dugout which is in the ground about seven feet. and i literally dove into that dugout. i was diving into a swimming pool with no water. but i did. and in there were my other colleagues, some of my other colleagues, zach bart who works for me was shot while he was retrieving balls in the outfield. when i got into the dugout, it wasn't ten seconds and zach had come running in from the outfield and he literally we landed in each other's arms. i held me. i held him. jeff blake took his belt off and
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made a turn i cat around zach's leg to stop the bleeding. i remember and chuck fleishmann was on the phone to 911 screaming up to hurry up and get here. jack barton was in the dugout with us and we were all taking care of him. just trying to take care each other. there was a lot of heroes today among my friends. it's something i will not forget. it seemed like it went forever. the police say they got near about three or four minutes. i'm sure that's the case. it is a long time. they say 60 shots were fired. but without our capitol police who took literally took the step forward when they didn't have to, they could have stepped backward. they stepped forward. they saved all of us out there.
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there is no question about it. we had no arms. all we had was bats. and the shooter. but i'm praying for whip scalise, the policemen, mika and then my young man that works for us in our office, zach. he will be fine. so with that, i'll be glad to take some questions. yes, ma'am? >> what have you heard about scalise's condition? you have talked to him? >> i have not talked to him. i understand, all the reports that i get is he's doing well. out of surgery. i'm not a doctor. but all reports are that he's going to make a full recovery. yes, ma'am? >> you came in with crutches. the injury from today. >> yeah. >> were you the other congressman -- >> i forgot about that.
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i guess when i dove into the dugout i done something -- i've been to the hospital in
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all the time he was bleeding and we were under fire, he was texting. he was texting, letsing people know we were under fire and that we needed help. so he's doing great. vice president pence has spoken to him. i'm grateful for that, for his talking to zach. so he's on the road to recovery. yes, ma'am. >> congress, will the teams plan on having practice tomorrow morning? i know the game's still set to be on, but what about practice? >> some of us are on the injured reserve list right now but i think we were supposed to have breakfast tomorrow. that's been canceled, i believe, and i believe what we will is
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get there a little early tomorrow night, maybe have a little prayer service or something and then play baseball. and you're not sure which one i'll be, i'll be coaching third on crutches. ok. but we plan -- yeah. we're going to play. we need to play. this game has been going on for over a hundred years. it goes to charity and we need to play this baseball game, so i'm decided we've decided to too that. i talked to speaker about it today, told him i thought we should play. we all agree, we need to play baseball. >> follow through on that thought. why is it important to get out and play tomorrow? >> that's a great question. i think the people who want to destroy our lives and our lives in america, they win. america doesn't give out, america doesn't give in. we must play this baseball game. if we don't play this baseball game and we go home, then they
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win, so that's the reason. this is america, the greatest country in the world. if you punch us, we will punch back, and we're going to play baseball tomorrow. >> -- describe the situation here you said, quote, we were sitting ducks, the guns saved our lives. could you sigh what you were feeling? >> it took a second shot for me to understand what was happening and hear everybody. we were sitting ducks. we had no -- we had nothing to fight back with but bats, fit got to that. we were sitting ducks. i think he was not able to get on the field because the gate was locked on the other side. if he'd gotten on the field, it could have been a bad situation. but he wasn't able to do that. we were sitting ducks. i mean, you've got 40 people on a baseball stadium, on the
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field, at 7:00 in the morning. he just decided to shoot and so bishop was right when he said that. that was a good way to say it. in the back. >> i'm -- two questions. are you sure whether he was hit with that first bullet was shot. seemed like somebody was struck with that bullet. also, you were pretty emotional off the top when you were talking about offers kriner and daily. >> i haven't personally thanked him. i will be but i'm thanking him again right here. they saved everybody's life. they literally did that. and you know, i represent fort hood and they teach their military to take a step forward, not a step back when you're in combat. these guys and gals did it. of course it's emotional.
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it's an emotional day. you think about your family, you think about your friends. you think about being in that position, it's emotional. but -- >> was shot with that first -- >> i don't know. i've heard -- and i have no backup to this -- is that the first shot we all heard was actually shot at trent kelly at third base. and then trent ran, so i don't know which bullet got who. i don't know which one got zach or steve. yes, ma'am. >> congressman, how do you feel about your personal welfare after what happened today and what do you think should be changed around security? >> well, i frankly haven't thought about it. i know there have been a lot of conversations about whether we should have security as congress
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people. it's a job that you're very -- people are aware of you and where you are. i think we need to think about it, although i thought speaker gingrich put it well when he said today one of the good things about having elected government is you can talk to your elected officials. we represent about 800,000 people in our district. some voted for us, some didn't. but we represent all of them. it's a slice of america. i think it's going to be a dialogue we have that we want to be able to keep where we have open government. i will tell you, i'll be frank with you. i mean, here i am a congressman and every now and then you'd like to have a friend on one side of you. i haven't decided that. i believe in open government and i thought speaker gingrich really put it well today when he talked about that. yes, ma'am. >> are you concerned that the current political climate is
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encouraging violence and if so, what do you think americans should do about it? >> well, i don't know if i want to talk about that today. i don't know. this person evidently had an yib. i don't think it was a democrat-republican issue. i do think that our rhetoric in our country could be toned down a little bit. the tone could be turned down a little bit. but that's what we have to work on and continue to talk about it. yes, ma'am. >> you think security plans for the game tomorrow will be an increased amount of officers or will there -- [ inaudible ] >> well, i don't know what the plan was to begin with, but i would think that -- i'm hoping since it's a charity we'll have more people than we normally would have. we normally have 25,000 people at this game.
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maybe we'll have 50,000 there tomorrow. that was chenl security. but i don't know. i'm not worried about that because we have the best security people all over. everybody will be protected and to the extent they need to be. i don't worry about that. i hope we have a lot more people at the game. >> how is he doing? >> i've only heard. mike, a lovely man, a friend of all of ours. i think he was shot in the torso area and so i've heard that -- just through his family that his condition is improving and everybody's praying for mike, so -- >> mr. williams, back to the security. do you think in this particular
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instance anything could have been done recognizing that the hero was the capital police officers. let me ask you this because i've heard other members say this. would you feel safer if you had the ability to carry a gun, including on the capital premise? >> two things. first of all, i'm for the second amendment. i'm from texas. so yes, i'd felt a lot more comfortable if we were able to do that. so -- what was the other? >> on the security situation, do you -- while recognizing the heroic of the officers, do you think more could have been done or should have been? >> well, in repotro suspect and thought about this morning -- if you have 25 congressman in a very small group and you want to harm somebody, that's a pretty good way to do it. i'm not so sure that in the
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future at least if we have that situation again, we probably ought to take a look at our security on those that are there in big groups like that. think that might be important. look. we've been playing this game -- i've been in it now for six years, i guess. we practice every morning at 6:00 to 8:00 every morning. we have fun. no problem. and i thought the story that jeff duncan told -- i'm sure y'all have heard it already -- was very interesting, having this fellow coming up to you. jeff was leaving early. they said are those republicans or democrat and he said republicans and they began shooting. i think that should be addressed by law enforcement if we're going to have a big group of elected officials how we're going to manage it from a
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security standpoint. thank you very much. god bless you and thanks. . representedive roger williams of texas, injured this morning in that shooting incident in alexandra, virginia. he was not shot but his staff member, zach boris was shot and not seriously hurt fortunately but the game is on tomorrow. we fanned from joe barton and mark doyle, the baseball game will be played tomorrow despite
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this morning's shooting. the fbi will be holding an update briefing later, in about a half-hour. 5: 30 eastern time in alexandra, virginia, on this morning's shooting that wounded congressman steve scalise and five others. we'll have coverage of that fbi briefing on c-span at 5:30 eastern time. >> sunday night on after words, mike lee talks about forgotten historical figures who fought against big government in his book "written out of history." he's interviewed by acting solicitor general. >> like to say when you're on the lookout for them, they come to you gradually. i asked who should get more credit than they get.
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an indian chief lived for searchries before we were our oun country. i was intrigued by is that. it's not a name that most americans know anything about and yet he had a profound impact on our system of government. he's the guy who wanted benjamin flinn to learn about federalism. made his way into the articles of the confederation and then in a more perfect way into the constitution. >> watch on book tv. >> defense secretary james mattis and general joseph dumb forth were on capitol hill to brief the senate armed services committee on the 2008 budget proposal. this hearing runs just short of three hours.


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