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tv   Interview with Representative Stephanie Murphy  CSPAN  June 14, 2017 7:53pm-8:04pm EDT

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since the start of the 115th congress in january we've taken some time to get to know some of the new members. most recently florida democrat stephanie murphy. >> congresswoman stephanie murphy tell us how you got into politics and why you did. >> i got into this case i race four months before the november 2016 election. the reason i got into the
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campaign was was i'm at my heart a public servant and i just felt given the hateful rhetoric that was going on in the 2016 campaign and the dysfunction of government that was causing so much angst in the citizenship, it was -- the dysfunction of government was manifesting itself in many ways and later on on torp of that the pulse nightclub shooting happened in my district. i felt if you wanted to change washington you had to change the type of people your sending there and i decided to get into the race to run a four-month campaign against a 24-year incumbent. >> and with that running against a southbound opponent like that, who did you turn to for advice, for counsel, and did you feel a little daunted about this task you were about to undertake?
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>> sure. i have never run for anything in my life not even student government, so this was my first time into politics. i was very lucky to have staff that -- a campaign manager and other members of my staff that had been seasoned hands in politics and they help guide my campaign. >> so when you decided to make this run, then, you obviously won, you came to washington, what were your first thoughts on coming to d.c. and about the city itself or the district itself, but about the job you were about to undertake? >> i'm still somebody when i see the monuments and when i see the capitol i just feel such a sense of pride and that i get to be a part of the greatest country in the world. and so that's how i feel coming to washington and seeing those symbols of our democracy. and, you know, i'm excited to be here, honored to be here, and, you know, i'm particularly
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honored to be the first vietnamese-american woman to serve in congress because i believe in a democracy where we have a representative government that we should have people who represent the people that they are serving. and so i believe in a diverse government. >> tell us about your experience from vietnam to how got to the united states. >> sure. i was six months old, my brother was 8. when my parents got on to a boat to escape communist vietnam and we got out to sea and ran out of fuel. and here we are adrift in this vast china sea when a u.s. navy ship came upon our vessel. they refueled us and resupplied us which allowed us to make it to a malaysian refugee camp. and from there a lutheran church sponsored my family and relocated us to virginia. they helped my parents get jobs and my parents worked multiple jobs to ensure that they could make ends meet and allow my brother and i to focus on our
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education. but it's that moment of whether it's say ren dip pity or just providence that fuels my sense of patriotism. america was -- the u.s. navy was patrolling and ensuring freedom of navigation of the south china sea when they came upon our ship and they extended grace to desperate strangers. that's why i'm so committed to this country. >> you bring up the military influence on your early life. your previous background was in issues of intelligence and national security. what did you do? >> i worked at the department of defense for the secretary of defense on national security. >> which secretary? >> i worked for both rumsfeld and gates. >> what kind of work did you do? >> i worked on military to fill tear relation, sore security cooperations between our country and others. i worked on counterterrorism. i also helped work on strategic planning for the department. >> so now you serve on the armed services committee.
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what influence from your previous career do you think -- >> department of defense serving on the armed services committee because i understand how budgeting works, i understand how we focus on train man and equip, i understand the war plans that we are trying to resource for. so it gives me a background to immediately goat work adding value ensuring that we serve the men and women in uniform in the best way that we can. >> given your background to other committee members search you out for a little information, guidance? do you do the return as far as seeking them out and learning more about the position on the committee and the job of intelligence and the armed services zpl i love working with my colleagues on the house armed services committee. and, in fact, i just got back from a bilateral congressional delegation to the asia pacific region to explore our national security interests there. and that working relationship
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and the way that politics tends to end -- stop at the border's edge is something that i'm really grateful for on the committee. >> i read on your website you are registered not only as a democrat collusion but the blue dog colooigs litigation. why'd you do that. >> the blue dogs have been historically known for their fiscal responsibility as well as their smart and strong national security, and that fits very well with where i see myself. and i think it's a good opportunity to work together with like-minded people to advance some of the legislation in those areas. >> what's it like to are a moderate on capitol hill? >> well, it's difficult to be a moderate because you're liable to be hit from the left and from the right, but i think it's the right thing for this country. we, as a moderate we're really pragmatic and looking for ways to legislate and move this country forward. >> what's the best advice you've received since you've come to congress? >> the best advice that i've
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received. you know, i think it's to think in the power of what's possible, because there are so -- it can tend to feel like a lot of dysfunction up here and there's no point in being here if you wallow in that. you really have to look for what is possible and move forward in those areas. >> and let me ask you, what surprised you coming to d.c. and doing the job that you do? what'd you experience that you didn't expect? >> well, i didn't expect as much ka leaning e legion at as i've experienced here. we hear a lot about the battedles and fights, there are a lot of things that affect my constituents, small business, education, things like that where we are working in a bipartisan way moving things forward and i'm not sure that are always comes across. >> representative stephanie murphy of florida joining us for this profile of new house members. thank you for your time.
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>> thank you. this weekend on american history tv on c-span 3, saturday at 8:00 a.m. eastern on real america. >> general secretary gore bah chof, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the soviet union and eastern europe, if you seek liberal liezation, come here to this gate. mr. gorbachev, open this gate. mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. president ronald reagan's 1987 trip to berlin. then at 8:00 p.m. on lectures and history, hillsdale college professor paul moreno on the baby boom, civilization, and the emurjence of teen culture changed post world war ii society. >> again, advertisers are looking at this, young people
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begin to adopt their own styles of dress, the kind of music they listen to is very different, there's a kind of segregation, separation of youth culture from mainstream culture. >> and sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on the presidency. on the 45th anniversary of the watergate break in we offer an insider's view into nixon's white house and the watergate scandal that resulted in her husband h.r. bob holderman serving an eight-month prison sentence. >> the white house phone rings and i immediately assume it's that dreaded call from nixon. the conversation is surprisingly brief. the president wants john and me to chopper up to meet him at camp david at 1:30 today. when the white house phone rings again i fight to stay composed. that was ron zeigler press secretary bob says, he's at camp david too. president no, i feels very
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strongly that john and i should volunteer to resign. >> for our complete american history tv schedule go to the headline from roll call house majority whip steve scalise shot at baseball practice. the louisiana republican was shot in alexandria, virginia this morning along with four others. the gunman james hodgkinson later died. we'll bring you updates. on capitol hill congress continues to work on the 2018 white house budget proposal. veterans's affair secretary shulkin told a senate panel today that a program that offers veterans private sector healthcare will run out of money much sooner than expected. that hearing is next on c-span 3. then defense secretary james mattis testifies about pentagon budget priorities. later a strategic look at iran's political power in the


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